The JFK Facts Pattern: 29 True Stories

Black Dealy Plaza
Dealey Plaza, November 22, 1963

Introduction: 7 Years Ago We Launched a Blog Called JFK Fact.

Birch O’Neal: the CIA’s unknown Oswald expert: In which a top counterintelligence officer opens a file on Lee Harvey Oswald in 1959.

Lee Harvey Oswald,
Lee Harvey Oswald, Marine and defector

WATCH: ‘Oswald was known to a dozen senior CIA officers” In this video I explain how the supposed assassin was monitored and manipulated by CIA counterintelligence officers from 1959 to 1963.

What was Operation Northwoods? Was it connected to JFK’s assassination? A corrupt and cynical Pentagon plan sought to stage a spectacular crime in 1963 and blame it on Cuba.

Pentagon history documents hostility to JFK in 1963. In the last year of his presidency, JFK was at war with his ultra-right-wing generals.

LISTEN: Oswald talks about Cuba. The CIA’s propaganda assets converged on the unwitting Oswald in the summer of 1963.

October 10, 1963: Six top CIA officers talk about Lee Harvey Oswald among themselves When Oswald traveled to Mexico City in September 1963, CIA counterintelligence was paying close attention.

CIA officers who knew about Oswald while JFK was alive.
Here are the names and positions of senior CIA officers who were informed about Lee Harvey Oswald’s travels, politics, and contacts while JFK was alive.

LISTEN: What Jane Roman said. One retired counterintelligence officer gave a candid assessment of the agency’s interest in Oswald.

LISTEN: November 5, 1963, JFK considers secret talks with Cuba. The idea was anathema to the Joint Chiefs and top CIA officers.

November 11, 1963: Right-wing racist talked about how JFK would be shot. From an office building, the informant said, and a patsy would be picked up.

If there was a JFK conspiracy, wouldn’t somebody have talked? A former Havana casino pit boss named John Martino did talk. His story told straight.

CIA spyhunters knew Oswald was in Dallas days before JFK’s assassination. Counterintelligence chief James Angleton was notified that Oswald was in Dallas on November 15, 1963.

21 cops who heard a grassy knoll shot What federal law enforcement officers and Dallas cops observed when the gunfire laced JFK’s limousine.

Bill and Gayle Newman in Dealey Plaza on Nov. 22, 1963

What Bill Newman, eyewitness, said. This hard-working plumber was less than 15 feet away when the fatal shot hit.

Newly discovered Air Force One tape captures a top general’s response to JFK’s murder. Gen. Curtis LeMay, a Kennedy hater hastened to attend JFK’s autopsy.

What’s the most important piece of new JFK assassination evidence? An audio expert talks about how the Air Force One tape of November 22 was edited.

Ex-flame says Ruby had ‘no choice’ but to kill Oswald. The never-before-told story from a woman who knew Jack Ruby well.

Truman v CIA
Harry Truman’s complaint

A month after JFK was killed, ex-president Harry Truman called for abolition of CIA. A telling response to the ambush in Dallas from the man who created the CIA.

December 24, 1963: Top CIA official seeking to investigate Oswald is ‘sandbagged’ by his bosses, The JFK cover-up began at the top of the agency.

Angleton ‘waits out’ the Warren Commission. The counterintelligence chief had something to hide.

“I was naive to say the least” about CIA, says Warren Commission investigator. Another candid interview.

Six Washington insiders who suspected a JFK plot: First Lady Jackie Kennedy on who killed her husband.

Plausible Suspect: William K. Harvey: One of the agency’s premier operatives was a very dangerous man, according to colleagues.

WATCH: Bill Harvey’s widow talks about her husband. And his hatred of the Kennedys.

Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy’s private thoughts. (Credit: Andy Warhol)

The Man Who Asked Too Many JFK Questions: The tragic story of an honest diplomat Charles Thomas.

WATCH Anatomy of a cover-up. Robert Blakey on how the CIA stonewalled Congress on JFK. A former prosecutor tells all.

Who was George Joannides? The CIA disavows any knowledge of this Miami-based undercover officer in November 1963.

A medal for stonewalling: One JFK secret the CIA plans to keep. How the JFK cover-up continues in 2019

After Trump’s broken promise, 15,834 JFK files remain secret. Will Congress and the next president act to uphold the law?

RIP Rep. Walter Jones, congressman who called for full JFK disclosure: Honorable man with an honorable cause.


TAKE ME TO JFK STORY #1: In which a top counterintelligence officer opens a file on Lee Harvey Oswald in November 1959.




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