8 thoughts on “25) Anatomy of a cover-up: G. Robert Blakey on how the CIA stonewalled the HSCA”

  1. It is too bad that Blakey did not stick around to listen to Pat Speer’s presentation at the same conference that demonstrated that Blakey’s own experts deceived him on the shot trajectory analysis.

  2. Justin Kaczoroski

    If memory serves me right, Mr. Blakey had a strong opinion towards the mafia and its role in the JFK assassination. But after finding out that Mr. Joannides was a CIA plant to stonewall the House committee, His suspicions turned towards the Cia and rightfully so.
    There intentional thwarting of its investigation and Joannides link with the DRE should of secured Joannides a seat on the witness stand, rather then a liason to the committee.

  3. In the oral argument tape from March 2018, at the 15:26 minute mark, a judge asks “what is the connection?” and then at 15:48 asks “How does that (the fact established that Joannides was the DRE case officer) tie into the Kennedy Assassination?”.

    Can the answer to these questions be amended/updated to also inform the Judge of the statements made by Blakey in the video. Blakey states that Joannides would have been a material witness in the JFK Assassination had he known the fact that he was the CIA’s case officer over the DRE. Blakey’s video adds significant context and additional evidence that could be used to answer the Judge’s questions.

  4. I completely agree with Bogman and want to thank the HSCA Team (Hardway, Blakey and Others) for not giving up on the investigation. The search for the Truth is not finished and much is still at stake for our country.

  5. Anyone interested in the truth of the JFKA would watch this and understand how much the CIA subverted justice and continues to.

    Blakey not only has the guts to admit he was wrong and that the CIA played him and the HSCA, he says no one can trust ANYTHING the agency has told ANY investigation about the case. And he concedes the official story call about a lone shooter is a crock.

    Can’t understand how his talk wasn’t front page news around the world.

    When you add Hardway’s talk at the same conference discusses how everyone involved in the anti-FPCC operation with LHO – Joannides, his superior and David Atlee Phillips – all got promotions before the JFKA. The outline of a plot begins to emerge – finally – for me.

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