28) After Trump’s broken promise, 15,834 JFK files remain secret

On October 26, 2017, President Trump was a happy tweeter:

5 thoughts on “28) After Trump’s broken promise, 15,834 JFK files remain secret”

  1. Mr Morley.
    I believe that Kennedy’s brain was taken by RFK and buried. Not at the Arlington gravesite, but the bottom of the Atlantic ocean. The declassified report showing that Kennedy’s coffin was dropped in the ocean in 1966 was the clincher. The man loved the sea. What better place for the man’s intellect and soul then out at sea. In my opinion, RFK ensured his brothers brain and the other missing tissue samples were inside that coffin when the Navy dropped it in the ocean. This would also ensure that it would never be discovered.

  2. david drewelow

    if i were a spy trying to capture nuclear or weapons programs information from los alamos, i would be much more cautious if a knew that the cia had a location in nearby santa fe. i would make sure i met with contacts away from that city. somehow i think that the cia has been given waivers on many limitations placed on them. a new generation of file-release approvers will gain stature in their personnel review reports by showing a tough,retentive side in post-snowden reaction days.

  3. All I know is in the brief excepts above. That said:

    My impression is that secret here is specific offices under Moore’s control.

    Likewise, “secret” above is that Phillips was Chief of Station in the DR immediately after Trujillo’s death.

    In contrast, continued sensitivity about photo coverage is interesting. Joint project with Mexico?

  4. As long as Sylvia Duran is alive, the CIA, for whom Duran was an asset, will withhold their final records and not embarrass the Mexican government. However, this is just an excuse to shield the CIA’s knowledge of Oswald’s time in Mexico City.

  5. Jeff,

    I can see why the CIA doesn’t want anyone asking questions about Zambarnardi. On the other hand do you think Trump even knows who he is or what his role was? If Trump doesn’t know of him then why does he also not want anyone asking questions about him?

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