9) November 11, 1963: right-wing racist talked about how JFK would be shot

There were warnings in the fall of 1963 that President Kennedy’s life was in danger. JFK was hated by the political right for his increasingly forthright defense of peace and civil rights.

An undercover policer officer in Florida was canvassing his sources when he heard talk of a plot. And the details were specific.


“13 days before that dark day in Dallas, Somersett elicited a chilling, police tape-recorded threat from a right-wing racist who talked of how the President would soon be shot ‘from an office building with a high-powered rifle’ and how ‘they’ll pick up somebody within hours after … just to throw the public off.’”

via A Miami police informant, a prophetic racist and fresh questions about JFK’s death | Broward Bulldog.

The story is worth a read.

These days the merest suggestion that organized right-wing forces in America might have secretly organized a plot to kill liberal president John F. Kennedy 50 years ago is scoffed at in most televised discussions of JFK’s assassination.

Conservative pundits such George Will, Bill O’Reilly, and Charles Krauthammer indignantly scoff at the idea. Liberals commentators from Doris Kearns Goodwin to Chris Matthews disdain the “conspiracy theorists” who say such things.

Yet on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination it is an inescapable fact that JFK’s enemies on the right did talk about killing him in late 1963, and doing so in a way that the blame would fall on others.

The story of Joseph Milteer, as recounted here by ace investigative reporter Dan Christiansen of the aptly name Broward Bulldog, illuminates the murderous thinking of JFK’s enemies on the right-wing fringe in the days and weeks before he was assassinated.

The Milteer story is well documented and not much disputed by JFK scholars.

Don Adams, the former FBI agent quoted in the story, is a credible law enforcement source.

To be sure, the Milteer tape is not proof of a right-wing racist plot to kill JFK. But it is proof that killing Kennedy was talked about in right-wing circles in Miami in November 1963.

Thanks to the Mary Ferrell Foundation, you can listen to the Joseph Milteer tape and read the entire transcript by clicking here.


And after JFK was shot dead in Dealey Plaza, his right-wing foes celebrated in Miami.

Milteer was jubilant about Kennedy’s death, Somersett told the Miami Police.

“He said, ‘Well, I told you so. It happened like I told you, didn’t it?’” Somersett said, according to one report.

“I said, ‘That’s right. I don’t know whether you were guessing or not, but you hit it on the head pretty good.’

He said, ‘Well, that is the way it was supposed to be done, and that is the way it was done.’”

COME BACK TOMORROW FOR JFK STORY #10; A former Havana casino pit boss named John Martino also knew about a plot to kill JFK. And he talked.




12 thoughts on “9) November 11, 1963: right-wing racist talked about how JFK would be shot”

  1. The story that “organized right-wing forces” killed JFK is a nonsense. This is like the story that Israel killed JFK because of the nukes. The “organized right-wing forces” would not write a crap like Warren Report to cover up their killings. If Israel had any nukes then it would use them a long time ago. Both “organized right-wing forces” and Israel are run by the same nutcases. Both JFK assassination and Warren Report were part of a ritual. JFK killers were communists. Today we call them globalists. They used “organized right-wing forces”, Cubans, or some Miami informants, as dupes by feeding them information that would confuse the masses. JFK assassination was planned during the 1950s, long before “organized right-wing forces” or Israel knew anything about JFK.

  2. Milteer’s prescience about JFK’s pending assassination did not go unrequited; in fact, the assassination event and the post-assassination patsy followed Milteer’s scenario. Ironically, even JFK knew his protection was vulnerable to sniper fire from a tall building. The cities most notable for JFK assassination attempts (Giancana-Chicago, IL; Trafficante-Tampa/Miami, Florida; Marcello-New Orleans, LA & Dallas,TX), were the criminal fiefdoms of CIA sanctioned participants in the Castro assassination plots. These Mafia titans independently sponsored violent right-wing anti-Castro Cuban groups. Santo Trafficante, Florida’s Mob chieftan, was deeply invested in Cuban gambling, drugs, and prostitution. Trafficante was jailed in Trescornia, by Castro. Ruby made several visits to Cuba during that time frame. Ruby’s phone records reflect heightened contacts with associates of Giancana, Trafficante, Marcello, and Hoffa, immediately prior to JFK assassination. Oswald, Ferrie, Bannister, Clay Shaw, and Ruby, all connect to Marcello associates AND the CIA/FBI. In fact, the symbiotic relationships between the CIA, the Mob, Anti-Castro Cubans, and Right Wing Groups at times were indistinguishable (i.e., CIA-Bayo-Pawley (Operation TILT); Clair Booth Luce sponsorship of Anti-Castro Cubans; and, Mob sponsored projects of Interpen, Alpha 66, and Tony Verona) the head of CIA’s ZR|RIFLE, an Executive Action assassination capability, was William Harvey. CIA’s Harvey and Mafia’s Johnnie Rosselli (instrumental in CIA-Mob plots against Castro) remained closely associated, even dinning together in June of 1963. It is ironic that the FBI (Milteer tape, Mob wiretapes, and informants) and FIDEL CASTRO (through Rolando Cubella [AMLASH] & other G2 double agents] knew that JFK would be assassinated. Much has been conjectured about Castro’s statement issued at the Brazilian Embassy, Sept. 7, 1963, “United States leaders should think that if they are aiding terrorist plans to eliminate Cuban leaders, they themselves will not be safe.” The CIA had contacted Cubella (Sept. 7, 1963) about killing Castro. Castro later explained his statement: “So, I said something like those plots start to set a very bad precedent, a very serious one – [and] that that could become a boomerang against the authors of those actions. But I did not mean to threaten by that . . . I did not mean by that, that we were going to take measures – similar measures – like a retaliation for that.” Most of the world’s people and press saw JFK’s assassination as a domestic plot perpetrated by President Kennedy’s enemies. When you look at the millieu of JFK’s enemies, you’ll notice the most vociferous, violent, and virulently anti-communist and anti-segregationist, were Southern racists and right-wing anti-communist extremists. People from the CIA, the Secret Service, the FBI the Mob, the Southern Oil moguls, the military, Anti-Castro Cubans; and, key people within the City of Dallas. I believe New Orleans’ Lt. Fruge when he related to the HSCA, the words of Melba Christine Marcades (aka:Rose Cheramie):”She said she was going to, number one, pick up some money, pick up her baby, and to kill Kennedy.” (p. 9 of Fruge’s 4/18/78 HSCA deposition; https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/rose-cheramie-how-she-predicted-the-jfk-assassination; https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/Rose_Cherami.html).

    Other articles for this post: https://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2018/02/24/fidel-castro-cia-mafia-plot-216977 http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/coldwar/kennedy_cuban_missile_01.shtml https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/mob-havana-cuba-culture-music-book-tj-english-cultural-travel-180960610/

  3. I did hear and read about this but disregarded it at the time. It wasn’t from a tabloid but from a book by someone researching the assassination. I don’t recognize the name Milteer. What I read was that someone who knew the Oswald family knew that their heritage, their link to the Robert E Lee family was very important to them. He said he wondered why this hadn’t seemed worthy of looking into. LHO’s father had the name, Robert E Lee Oswald, followed by his son, Robert E Lee Oswald Jr., and then the name Lee was given to the next son. I also read that LHO did ask a family member, perhaps an aunt, about the family background. The person telling the story did say it was important to them and that he thought it was racist in nature. Almost like the south will rise again.

  4. The JFK assassination bears remarkable resemblance to a coup d’etat in Guatemala engineered by the CIA under the direction of Allen Dulles during the Eisenhower administration in the 1950s, contends WND senior writer Jerome Corsi, author of the newly released “Who Really Killed Kennedy? 50 Years Later: Stunning New Revelations about the JFK Assassination.”

    The CIA plan was to shoot and kill the Guatemalan head-of-state and place the blame for the assassination on a “patsy,” a person innocent of the crime, who in turn would be murdered to frustrate any subsequent criminal investigation or trial.

    Both assassins, as Corsi points out, were ex-military who left the service expressing distinct sympathies for communist Russia.

    Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/11/cia-hit-in-1950s-mirrors-jfk-assassination/#ich7XjiyVByx78dJ.99

  5. Milteer may have gotten some details wrong in his predictions but ultimately his story combined with the chatter among anti-Castro Cubans, the Rose Cheramie prediction, and other examples of foreknowledge of Kennedy’s assassination is not so different from the chatter that goes on between Jihadists groups before a major terror attack. People who may not be directly involved in the plot may be aware of them and will often talk to others about the imminence of such plots.

  6. Defenders of the official story will say that Milteer was just a blowhard shooting his mouth off, he didn’t really know anything, the man in the photo in Dealey Plaza is not Milteer, etc.

    Personally, I think Milteer did get wind of the plot through the right-wing underground grapevine. And Somersett would later hear from his sources about the plot to kill Martin Luther King.

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