Seven Years Ago, We Launched a Blog Called JFK Facts. These Are 29 New Facts We Found

In the fall of 2012 my friend Rex Bradford and I bought the domain name “” and launched this web site. This post is about what we have learned since then.

Jefferson Morley
Jefferson Morley

I was an underemployed journalist. He was a high-tech wage slave. I had worked for the Washington Post and sued the CIA for certain JFK files. He had created, the premier online archive of the political assassinations of the 1960s.

Bradford and I shared the commonsensical conviction that people should know the real JFK story. We believed the assassination of President Kennedy on November 22, 1963 was a decisive turning point in the history of the United States of America. We wanted to tell people about it as best we could.

New Evidence

To tell the truth, Rex and I were feeling mordant. Looking ahead to November 2013, the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination, we anticipated an explosion of JFK coverage, along with a lot of under-informed, and over-the-top commentary from mainstream pundits like Chris Matthews and Dan Rather.

We expected, correctly, that this verbiage would assure the world (and the pundits themselves) that JFK’s assassination was not a politically motivated event. It was a tragedy for which no one was responsible. Rex reminded me of the comforting cliche we were sure to hear: a little man killed a big man for no reason.

Rex Bradford, programmer
Rex Bradford, creator of Mary Ferrell web site.

We decided to create an online platform that would broaden the popular discussion of JFK’s assassination. We had the old-fashioned idea that readers were tired of the many stupid JFK theories and the propaganda that surrounds them. We thought people would gravitate to new facts–new evidence–that had been concealed or ignored by the government and the pundits, or was totally unknown.

We called the site “JFK Facts” because we had no interest in prosecuting any particular “theory” of how President Kennedy came to be killed in broad daylight in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

We preferred to let the facts speak for themselves. Quaint concept, I know.

Rex called on Amanda Otter to design the site. He set up the hosting and created the backend. I taught myself how to use Word Press, and we were in business.

Hold The Theories, Please

 Love Field
JFK and Jackie arrive at Love Field, Nov. 22, 1963

I say “we” because it wasn’t just Rex and I that made JFK Facts popular with readers and credible with mainstream news organizations. Many people from all over the country and the world came forward with comments, photos, videos, documents, memories and tips that proved significant.

  • Scott and Andy Alderton. provided a revealing video interview with CG Harvey, widow of Bill Harvey, a prime suspect in the JFK’s assassination.
  • Larry Hancock shared the story of John Martino, a Havana casino security consultant who knew in advance of a plan to ambush the president in Dallas.
  • Bill Newman, the closest bystander to JFK’s limousine on November 22, talked about his memories of that fateful day.
  • “Gail Raven” related the thinking of her wanna-be boyfriend Jack Ruby, who killed Lee Oswald, the supposed assassin.
  • Rick Bauer shared a photo of his friend and fellow pilot David Ferrie.
  • Audio expert Ed Primeau analyzed a newly-discovered tape of Air Force One communications on the afternoon of November 22, 1963

There were many more. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this crowd-sourced JFK investigation.

Fact Pattern

Seven years, 2,172 posts, and 2,034,959 page views later, I want to share what we, collectively, found.

I should say that I met my share of emotionally needy people while running JFK Facts but they were far outnumbered by intelligent, open-minded people from across the political spectrum and around the world. It was a pleasure to learn and disagree and talk and ultimately to find lots of agreement, despite our many differences.

Another quaint concept, but it actually happened.

What JFK Facts generated between 2012 and 2019 is what lawyers call a “fact pattern.” In the lexicon of criminal law, a “fact pattern” is:

“all the occurrences or circumstances of a particular case, without any discussion of their consequences under the law. “

The Role of the CIA

In my opinion, the JFK fact pattern found in the pages of JFK Facts is inconsistent with the official anti-conspiracy theory that an alienated leftist, alone and unaided, killed President Kennedy for no discernible reason.

To the contrary, the JFK fact pattern indicates to me that enemies of Kennedy’s policies in the CIA and Pentagon covertly conspired to kill the president in such a way that blame for the crime would fall on Lee Harvey Oswald, the supposed “lone gunman.” The role of certain CIA officers in this story is a central focus of JFK Facts.

But don’t take my word for it. Read some or all of the 29 of the best stories published on JFK Facts over the last seven years. Decide for yourself who was responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.


TAKE ME TO JFK STORY #1: In which a top CIA counterintelligence officer opens a file on Lee Harvey Oswald in 1959.





  1. Clarence Carlson says:

    Thanks for the synopsis. I’m just old enough to have watched the whole story unfold in real time beginning 11/23/63. The information you share here was not known to the American people in the aftermath of Kennedy’s death. The fact that Oswald was actively monitored by the intelligence establishment (let alone all the other data points listed) would, I think, have been enough to have caused the public to demand a more thorough, transparent and complete investigation.

    It’s a telling observation that what we did learn from “The Establishment” from the first hours seemed carefully and meticulously crafted to lead us away from what we know today.

    • Justin R. Kaczoroski says:

      If the warren commission would of tried to uncover half of those 29 new facts found here.
      Then i believe we might have received an initial conclusion that was much more plausible then their, ‘The lone nut did it for reasons unknown’.

  2. Bogman says:

    I’ve been reading Mel Hyman’s new book “Burying the Lead” and did my own review of the broadcast coverage in the 48 hours after the assassination.

    It’s clear the “lone nut” fix was in early. While LHO’s televised murder by Ruby visibly shook on-camera newsmen like Harry Reasoner, they fell in line, never once asking the question if this could mean conspiracy.

    Mel does a good job of describing how the compliant media of the early 1960s got that way. If the authorities didn’t report it, neither did they.

    I assume everyone was still trying to be the good soldier and not alarm the American public. But at some point NOT raising alarm bells is also dangerous, and the media’s decision to not investigate the assassination beyond the WC’s conclusions (which was formed to validate the decision made by Hoover and LBJ the day LHO was killed to abandon any real investigation), was a huge disservice to the country.

    Just the fact that CIA asset Hal Hendrix of the Miami News was apparently the first to break the story that LHO belonged to the Fair Play for Cuba Committee should tell you everything about the game that was being played.

  3. Lance Payette says:

    The basic faulty syllogism of the entire conspiracy community is:
    1. Lots of powerful people and organizations despised JFK.
    2. Lots of powerful people and organizations stood to benefit from JFK’s death.
    3. Lots of powerful people and organizations had the means to carry out a sophisticated assassination conspiracy.
    4. It is unlikely and psychologically unsatisfying that a small-time nobody with a clunky rifle could have assassinated the leader of the free world in broad daylight.
    Ergo, the assassination involved a conspiracy of powerful people and organizations.
    Alas, the “ergo” doesn’t follow at all. Alas, the evidence of who Lee Harvey Oswald was and what took place in Dealey Plaza points to the conclusion that a small-time nobody with a clunky rifle did indeed assassinate the leader of the free world.
    It is the simplest exercise in the world to weave a plausible conspiracy theory, which is why there are 15, 25 or 50 such theories of varying degrees of plausibility. The stumbling blocks for all of them are (1) Lee Harvey Oswald and (2) Dealey Plaza.
    Sometimes – often – truth is stranger than fiction.

    • Richard Turnbull says:

      The evidence doesn’t even place Oswald on the sixth floor when shots were fired; it does not provide a chain-of-custody for Oswald and the alleged assassination weapon; the evidence shows consistent attempts to manufacture evidence connecting Oswald to both the JFK shooting and the Tippit homicide; and the “clunky rifle”, the Mannlicher-Carcano is only one of the several rifles found in the TSBD that day. And that’s the very short list of problems with superficial theories like yours. Try going to the extensive ARRB information online and get educated about the bogus medical evidence in the JFK assassination, for example.

    • Bertram Dobbins says:

      How blind can people be? There is at least twice as much evidence to contrary an more that people have not come forward with.

    • Gerry Simone says:

      Mr. Payette,

      Bullets 1. to 3. are true. Bullet 4. is true too, but for the psychological reasoning.

      The reason why people believe in a JFK murder conspiracy (and cover-up), is because the so-called evidence against Lee Harvey Oswald has been called into question.

      Furthermore, there’s a plethora of circumstantial evidence that supports two or more shooters, and that the weight of such evidence would probably amount to reasonable doubt as to Oswald’s alleged guilt.

      I can point you to evidentiary, fact-based books that establish the foregoing comments.

      As to the many conspiracy theories that seem to abound, I must point out (as I have with many WC defenders), that these various theories are NOT cumulative, but alternative, with some overlap if not more.

      Moreover, the cover-up is for the most part, distinct or a separate activity/event from the murder conspiracy (again, there might be some overlap, but probably very small).

      Lastly, many elements/persons in either the murder conspiracy or cover-up were on a need-to-know basis and/or just following orders.

      So for the aforementioned reasons, the number of conspiracy theories or criminal perpetrators are exaggerated or appear to be so.

    • Lance,
      You simply don’t know what you’re talking about. The ballistic evidence has shown and proven a conspiracy beyond ALL doubt! Nobody even shot from that tiny space on the sixth floor and calling a carbine a sniper’s rifle is absurd. It was made for cavalry riders! The number of bullets recovered and holes seen far exceeds anything an Oswald could or did ever shoot. Don’t waste your time on people who gave you a snow job!

      • Ed Nierstedt says:

        The best piece of evidence in this case would have been the limo that JFK was riding in. Blood splatter. Direction of the where the shots came from. Number of bullets that hit it? So much more but for some reason and on someone’s order all of that KEY evidence was destroyed in the parking lot of Parkland Hospital and beyond. That does not make much sense now does it??

        Read your comment and had to add my thoughts. It’s pretty scary that so many people think Oswald did this. NO way he did this shooting.

        • Patrick says:

          I agree with you Ed on the limo being the crime scene! Limo was taken away and not gone over. Why? Second autopsy 3 and half hours two separate places? Really? Lastly why were no photos of head shot shown to Warren Commission! They saw drawings and diagrams!

    • Paul Collacchi says:

      The basic syllogism is this: The government’s official case of a “lone gunman” absolutely relies on a theory of the evidence known as the Single Bullet Theory. However, the SBT is, at best, implausible, and, at worse, disproved by a myriad of ballistic and forensic facts of the case, and, hence, untrue. Therefore there must have been at least a 2nd gunman, hence a conspiracy.

      Conspiracy. QED.

      Now, you’re point about “if not Oswald, then who” is well made. Just because we know it’s a conspiracy doesn’t mean we know who conspired. And the “if not Oswald, then who” theories are better criticized by your points, though, frankly, your summary is a shallow cartoon and not terribly insightful.

      I had the opportunity to meet with one of the a respected buff researchers many years ago. I’ll remember that conversation forever because it accurately describes and predicts the historical pendulum of public opinion about the case as we swing between rejecting the official version and rejecting the alternatives. Here’s the conversation:

      ME: Paul, what do you think of the “single bullet theory?”
      Hoch: I think it’s the least implausible theory of the crime.
      Me: Least implausible?
      Hoch: Yes.
      Me: Do you think its plausible?
      Hoch: Of course it’s not plausible.

      So, yes, Lancy Payette, any attempt to answer the question “If not Oswald, then who” is arguably even less plausible than the SBT, but that does not logically make the SBT true. The truth is not determined by the “best myth.”

    • Alexander Hutchison says:

      Wrong, and fallacious.

      Inserting #4 is anomalous to a logical hypothesis.

  4. George Simmons says:

    Mr Morley, I would like to thank you and everyone else involved with creating such a brilliant site, JFKFACTS.
    Approx 5 years ago I was surfing the net, reading up on the JFK assassination, but was dismayed by the lack of quality and the wild theories and the disrespectful way people on opposite sides of the fence would speak to each other.
    Then I came across JFK facts and I have never looked back. I have learned so much from your site and I like the way you take a common sense approach and treat everyone fairly.
    Particularly, I have learned about George Joannides and your brave battle with the CIA to get his records released.
    Many hours I have spent reading your posts and the books that you have recommended and I am now much better informed.
    I am from England, so you can rest assured that JFK Facts has a world wide influence!!
    Thanks once again, and please never give up searching for the truth

  5. robert e williamson jr says:

    Ok so why did CIA lie about what they clearly knew at the time. If Oswald did it and CIA knew it why not just release everything?

    Lance if you intend to dance at this party you need a much stronger dancing legs. In this case siding with a very large group of known liars and killers will not get you much of anything in return.

    Keep up the great work Jeff.

    • Paul May says:

      Quite simply Robert, CIA is a clandestine services organization who do not, nor will they ever release information. POTUS’s come and go every 4-8 years. Intelligence and assets are forever.

      • Vanessa says:

        The Romans create a wasteland and call it peace.

        The CIA create a surveillance state and call it freedom.

    • Gerry Simone says:

      The CIA lied or covered up what they knew because it would probably reveal their ineptitude or negligence, if not invite more questions or investigations into their black operations, ties to organized crime and/or individuals or groups who had the means, motive and opportunity to eliminate JFK.

      Ditto your comment to Lance.

  6. ajaxwriter says:

    I was 11 when JFK was assassinated, and like many others of my generation I was glued to the television for days. I believe my interest in both JFK and his death led me to a career in journalism where I concentrated on crime, courts and investigative stories. This website has one of the best presentation of facts I have seen about the assassination. Today, if someone tells me there was no way a conspiracy existed, I politely suggest they visit this website and end my discussion.

  7. Jeff says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I hope things are going well. I was in Dallas this week and visited Dealey Plaza for the first time. An aspect that struck me was how well it has been preserved and remains intact, so that further analysis can occur. For example, certain basic questions still come to mind such as with the Willis photo. Was “Dogman” a shooter?

    The next JFK records release is just around the corner and set for 2021. I assume that you, Lesar, Bradford, Newman, Hardaway and others are ready to “ramp-up” the dialogue in the USA to focus once more on the search to know the Truth.
    Again, thanks for your patriotism and willingness to carry the Torch forward.

  8. Andrew Kreig says:

    Thank you very much for this synopsis and everything else that you and your colleagues have accomplished here, in court and elsewhere through the decades!

  9. Bogman says:

    The CIA knew the alleged assassin had interacted with its secretly funded propaganda agents of the DRE early on the night of the assassination, yet said nothing to authorities. That in and of itself was a dereliction of duty and a criminal if not a treasonous act. They had possession of material information that would’ve been critical in the investigation and refused to share it.

    And it wasn’t the lower-level people like Joannides who kept their mouths shut. It was Helms, essentially the third highest official at the agency at the time.

    And these guys deliberately obstructed justice for decades, with the agency’s as their accessory that continues to this day.

    If it wasn’t all documented, I wouldn’t believe that the country’s spy agency would cover up relevant information on the assassination of a POTUS for over 50 years.

    It’s almost too incredible to be true, but it is.

  10. robert e williamson jr says:

    Quite simply Paul JFK got elected just like every other president.

    Truman signed CIA into existence an later regretted it. Eisenhower feared the country was being taken over the by the military industrial complex. Both had very well founded reasons to be fearful.

    Now we have learned why those two presidents had very good reasons to be concerned.

    CIA became outlaw through actions and non-actions. CIA assumed the use of an authority never granted them and the neglected the responsibilities of their mission of national security, I might remind you. They became a rogue actor.

    Your claim does nothing to justify what the CIA was instrumental in doing. Instead it is the PERFECT illustration of why the agency needs to disband.

    Paul your half baked apology for those involved is not true. CIA does release information. All the time that they choose what WE know is the problem and it must be stopped.

    And those, apparently meaningless presidential elections you glossed over? You would prefer what a dictatorship I suppose?

    We are rumored to have something called the “rule of law” in the U.S.A. or had you forgotten.

    The forever intelligence and assets you speak of are nothing of the sort. CIA has left more bodies lying around that can be counted and the intel is often garbage.

    In fact in my opinion CIA has become a slave to the Deep State. They appear to me to be the go between, the link, the conduit to facilitate to subversion of the American government by manipulating the DOJ, congress and the military The recent behavior of CIA and top officials there does little to convince me other wise.

    Paul are your three lines a confession of sorts. Pleased feel free to read my response to Lance.

    Congrats to Jeff and Rex and everyone who still understand the difference between doing what is right and engaging in dreadful wrong doing.

  11. Duty says:

    I’ve laid out some of the second rifle being handed off to_____ and unpublished ignore the only time this has ever,EVER been told!

  12. David Christopher Lewis says:

    Today, Nov. 22, 2019, marks the 56th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. I am wondering has anyone looked into the belief that Israel’s Mossad was behind the shooting of JFK?

    David Christopher Lewis

    • Len Kurtz says:

      If that were the case, why does Israel still exist. You would think the that in 1963,the U.S. would have massively retaliated against a country with a population of less than 4 million and the size of Rhode Island. Why would the U.S. not retaliate; let me guess your answer.

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