Mystery solved: Gunnar Beckman, the Mexico City covert operator

The efficient miracle of crowdsourcing has answered my question: who was running covert operations in the CIA’s Mexico City station in 1963?

MEXI covertFirst, one reader found a less redacted version of the document, revealing the person in question was an “Asst.” with 14 characters in his/her name. Speculation ran to a CIA officer name Gunnar Beckman.

Then another reader found an even less redacted version of the same document, which confirmed the speculation.

Gunnar Beckman

Beckman, whose name was unknown to me, was a former journalist turned spook. He was never interviewed by JFK investigators, as far I know, which is odd. He might have been able to shed light on the actions of David Phillips around Oswald’s visit.

Beckman died in 1999, which begs the question, why was his name redacted in 2018?



5 thoughts on “Mystery solved: Gunnar Beckman, the Mexico City covert operator”

  1. a gunnar w (woods) beckman born 1911 is reported in as having graduated with honors from antioch college.later reported, same website, as attending journalism school in cleveland. only read summaries, did not access the online historic news archive for altoona journal. probably a foto included, but only read thumbnail blurb. sign-up will give full access.

  2. This is all great detective work and I would suppose the next step would be to locate Mr. Beckman’s operational files. So my next question would be have those been made available or why not?

  3. There is a Gunnar W. Beckman buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Same birth date and date of death as per above. Listed as US Army, LTC (lieutenant colonel).

  4. The fact that Beckman was never interviewed by anyone involved in JFK investigations is not surprising. It would appear that many people with significant information-like the witnesses in Dealy Plaza-were never interrogated. I believe this is a consistent and non-coincidental action by those who did not want the actual details of the assasination to be exposed to the light of day.

    1. The Warren Commission never performed an open ended investigation. It gathered information only to support its pre- ordained conclusion. LBJ’s blackmail like threats of war to recruit Warren is an admission of this.

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