A new clue about the CIA’s Mexico City operations

An eagle-eyed reader, responding to my last post about covert operators in Mexico City, notes that there is a slightly less redacted version of Ann Goodpasture’s Feb. 1977 memo. This version provides a clue.


MEXI covert

The clue is the word “Asst.” In other words, the unidentified officer was an assistant to David Phillips.

Other readers have proposed Robert T. Shaw and Gunnar Beckman as plausible candidates. Both were career officers assigned to the Mexico City station in 1963.

This clue actually makes me less suspicious of the redaction. In all likelihood this was not an operations officer who was calling the shots at the time the station had Oswald under surveillance.

2 thoughts on “A new clue about the CIA’s Mexico City operations”

  1. Let’s hope more crowd-sourcing and wannabe sleuths discover more in the recently released files.

    (Your website is a great way to share info)

  2. good example how even the smallest detail may prove or disprove a theory about who did what and when they did it…

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