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Six of out of seven Oswald mock trials ended without convictions

Larry Schnapf is an attorney in New York who is a leading legal effors to secure release of the last of the secret JFK files in October 2021, as mandated by the JFK Records Act of 1992. I’ll be reportin more on those efforts in coming weeks.)

Meanwhile, Schnapf adds some important about mock trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, the supposed assassin of Kennedy, that I did not know.

RIP: Trevor Moore, Satirist of Assassination

Comedian Trevor Moore has died at age 41. As this bit shows, Moore was a satirist of assassination, depicting ominous events as buffoonery, to make fun of the powerful and our media obsessions.

Moore is correct that George H.W. Bush was social friends with the family of John Hinckley, the man who shot and wounded President Ronald Reagan in 1981. As Moore says in one of this thought bubbles, “Awkward!”

Moore makes one factual mistake. George H. Bush was in Dallas on November 22, 1963 and he had a friendly cooperative relationship with the CIA. But it’s not accurate to say Bush was “working for the CIA” that day. He was not employed by the CIA at the time.

Also: there’s no evidence that Bush was complicit or involved in Kennedy’s assassination.

I’m interviewed in the new Fox Nation series on JFK

“We still have JFK records being held secret by U.S. government agencies.”

That’s what I told Fox Nation in an extensive interview earlier this year. Now the four-part series is out and I get to see the whole thing. I’m looking forward to it.

To view the 20-25 minute episodes, you will have to sign up and spend at least 99 cents.

Before agreeing to the interview, I asked myself a question:

Would Oswald have been convicted at trial?

Jefferson Morley and Dr. Bill Kanasky talk about JFK’s assassination and how to understand it.

I especially enjoyed my recent two-part conversation with Dr. Bill Kanasy, host Litigation Psychology podcast because his audience is trial lawyers, a tough and knowledgable crowd.

I also enjoyed it because Bill kindly said I was “the number one JFK researcher in the world.”

Motorcade 63

This is well done, so I’ll let creator Mark Tyler explain.

“Motorcade 63” is an animated reconstruction of the events surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy. It is based on photos, films, and corroborated witness testimony with the aim of being as faithful as possible to the facts. By synchronizing all of the evidence I avoid falling into the trap of cherry-picking to suit a specific theory….”

Check it out here.

Oliver Stone on Trump and JFK

Oliver Stone on the still-secret JFK files that are supposed to be released in October 2021:

Stone believes that no US president since Kennedy died has been “able to go up against this militarised sector of our economy”. Even Trump “backed down at the last second” and declined to release all the relevant documents relating to the assassination. “He announced, ‘I’m going to free it up, blah blah blah, big talk, and then a few hours before, he caved to CIA National Security again.”

Stone is absolutely correct on this point. Read here.

Source: Oliver Stone interview: ‘There’s still a presence out there reminding people not to speak about JFK’s killing’ | The Independent

Why CIA Ties Were Omitted from Obituaries of Priscilla Johnson McMillan

My fellow JFK researchers note lugubriously that the New York Times and Washington Post obituaries of the late Priscilla Johnson McMillan, prominent defender of the official theory of JFK’s assassination, made no mention of her documented relationship with the CIA.

Too true! Newly declassified records reveal what McMillan (and the newspapers of record) did not care to share publicly. At the time McMillan wrote an influential biography of supposed assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, she was a “witting collaborator” with the clandestine service.

Before I go on, let me just say, tediously, no, I do not think McMillan was part of a plot to kill JFK. No, I am not citing her CIA ties to justify any theory of JFK’s death. No, I’m not speaking ill of the dead; citing a relationship that she herself cultivated cannot be considered derogatory.

Oliver Stone’s Coming JFK Documentary

Oliver Stone's JFK

Oliver Stone has done what, curiously enough, no major new organization or documentary filmmaker has done: try to make sense of the totality of information about the assassination of JFK made public since the 1990s. A huge amount of new material has come into the public record but no one has attempted to put the new information in the context of the old, a basic journalistic function taken up by Hollywood director.

Oliver interviewed me for this documentary, which I have not seen. It was an intense session with a knowledgable interrogator. I spoke in detail about what I learned about CIA operations around Lee Harvey Oswald, while writing my books, Our Man in Mexico, The Ghost, and Morley v. CIA

Using the records released since the 1990s, my books show Oswald as he appeared in the eyes of senior CIA officers like Mexico City Station chief Win Scott and Counterintelligence chief Jim Angleon. These files show how Oswald became a person of interest to CIA mole hunters in a secret office known as the Special Investigations group; how he was monitored in Dallas by the Agency’s Domestic Contacts Division, and how he was publicly linked to the Castro government by CIA agents in a psychological warfare program known as AMSPELL.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Oliver incorporates these revelations into his narrative. 

Morley v. CIA in Review

James DiEugenio has published a lucid review of my ebook, Morley v. CIA. It starts like this:

Recognizing the significant contributions to JFK research made by mainstream journalist Jefferson Morley, Jim DiEugenio reviews his recent e-book, Morley v. CIA: My Unfinished JFK Investigation, and traces the history of George Joannides involvement with the CIA and the DRE dating back to the time of the JFK assassination and beyond.

Kennedys and King

DiEugenio picks up on a couple of points that I think are key to the JFK story in 2021.

RIP Richard Stolley, the Man Who Bought Abraham Zapruder’s Film

Sitzman and Zapruder
As seen in the movie “JFK,” secretary Marilyn Sitzman stood behind dressmaker Abraham Zapruder as he filmed the presidential motorcade on Nov. 22, 1963.

The recent passing of magazine editor Richard Stolley is occasion to remember how perhaps the single the most important piece of evidence in the assassination of President Kennedy came to be held, out of public view, by a publishing giant. Stolley, an editor at Life magazine, played a key role.

JFK Facts editor Peter Voskamp interviewed Richard Stolley for this site in 2014.

Here’s their conversation.

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