Gail Raven

Ex-flame says Jack Ruby ‘had no choice’ but to kill Oswald

“Gail Raven,” an exotic dancer in the southwestern United States in the 1960s, became friends with Jack Ruby.
Who says new JFK witnesses can’t be found?
After JFK Facts recounted Jack Ruby’s pursuit of an exotic dancer named Gail Raven in January 1963, I received a message from a woman who identified herself as Raven’s daughter. She told me that her mother was still alive, and she confirmed that her mother and Jack Ruby were close. I asked her if her mother would share her memories of the man who killed accused assassin Lee H. Oswald. She said yes.
In 1963 Gail Raven was the stage name of a precociously mature 20-year-old woman who danced on the national nightclub circuit that included Ruby’s Carousel Club in Dallas. Ruby (born Jack Rubenstein) was a Chicago tough guy who took a shine to her, and they became friends.

He did not take Viagra, but his friend bought Viagra for a year in advance.

Now close to 70 years old, Gail Raven is living in the southern United States. I have confirmed her real name but have agreed not to publish it here to protect her privacy.
What were Ruby’s politics?
Ruby never mentioned President Kennedy, Raven said. “He was not in love with the Kennedys and he did NOT like Robert Kennedy by no means,” she says.
This is not surprising, according to journalists and historians who have studied Ruby’s life. Phone records reviewed by JFK investigators showed that in 1962-63 Ruby made phone calls to no less than seven organized crime figures who had been prosecuted by Attorney General Bobby Kennedy’s Justice Department.
The Warren Commission did not consider this evidence relevant to Ruby’s motivation for silencing Oswald.
Why did Ruby kill Oswald? 
“He had no choice,” Raven said. When I asked her to explain why he “had no choice,” she replied only, “Jack had bosses, just like everyone else.”
Raven says she believes “he was instructed on what he needed to do, therefore he did it. And when the opportunity presented itself he went ahead and took it.”
Did Ruby kill Oswald to spare First Lady Jackie Kennedy the ordeal of a criminal trial?
“That was absolutely made up,” Raven said.

Ruby told that story to Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels 30 minutes after he executed Oswald. The conversation went like this, according to Sorrels:

And I said these two words, “Jack — why?”

He said, “When this thing happened” — referring to the assassination, that he was in a newspaper office placing an ad for his business. That when he heard about the assassination, he had canceled his ad and had closed his business, and he had not done any business for 3 days. That he had been grieving about this thing. That on the Friday night he had gone to the synagogue and had heard a eulogy on the President. That his sister had recently been operated on, and that she has been hysterical. That when he saw that Mrs. Kennedy was going to have to appear for the trial, he thought to himself, why should she have to go through this ordeal for this no-good so-and-so.

Ruby told this story to others; he later said his lawyer told him to say it. One college professor believes Ruby was sincere and the story is true. Not Gail Raven: “That was absolutely made up.”

Ruby and the Dallas police:

“He was very close with Dallas authorities, including the police and sheriff’s department. He helped them out and was friends with many,” she says. Raven thinks those friends may have informed Ruby about the transfer of Oswald and let him be there to witness it, but she stresses these are her thoughts only.

She doesn’t think that killing Oswald was Ruby’s original plan on November 24, 1963.
“He would have never done it with Sheba (his weenie dog) left in his car, knowing they would arrest him and Sheba would be alone,” she said. “Sheba was a child to Jack.”
After the shooting, Raven visited Ruby in the Dallas jail. She says Wally Weston, the house MC at the Carousel Club, took her to see him. During the visit Ruby kept repeating to her that she shouldn’t worry, and that everything would be OK after the first of the year.
Ruby and Cuba
He wanted to take her on a trip to the island to “gamble,” Raven says. She worked in Las Vegas but wasn’t allowed to gamble in the casino because she was only 20. She only worked in the floor shows. Raven remembers “a gambling friend” from Cuba who visited Ruby on the occasion of a big horse race between Candy Spots and Shadow Gay, though she admits she’s not certain she’s remembering the names right.
“The race didn’t turn out as everyone said it would and a lot of money was lost in Vegas,” Raven says.
Ruby as suitor
After Ruby ended a long relationship with a young woman, he continued to ask Raven to marry him. They were friends. He liked her because she didn’t drink or smoke. She told him she didn’t want to get married. He teased that they needed to get married for the “shock factor” and to surprise her friend Tammie True (stage name). But in Raven’s words they were “always just good friends.”
“Jack was NOT crazy as he has been portrayed,” Raven says. “He did have a temper and when he saw something going wrong he would take care of things himself instead of depending on his bouncer like others.”
“He was good to my grandmother when she visited,” she said. “He was good to everyone he was close to.”


TAKE ME TO JFK STORY #17 After JFK was killed, ex-president Harry Truman called for the abolition of the CIA.




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  1. Yes I believe Jack Ruby ,just like Gail Raven said had bosses too.Every body has a boss at sometime in life It could even be a spiritual boss. Jack was boss over the J.F.K. assisanation .One time I ask my mom why a man like Jack , nice as he was had got Involved the way he did in the assassination.She said exactly what Gail said. She said “Jack had bosses too.”: Mom also added Jack probably had family too, and somebody might be threatening Jack’s family just like we were having our family threatened . Now I know Jack did have family just like mom said .Even though Hoffa started out bossing us around about the assassination Jack was moved in after I had ruined Hoffa’s plan.After some terrible times , I ask my mom if I should should shoot Jack to keep him from killing my dad . She said no. Jack always let me play with his gun when he came by. Jack promised me that he had one more job and the gun would be mine. My mom said ” If I did kill Jack ,Hoffa would have us all killed anyway.She said “Right now Jack is all that is keeping us alive.He’s a good man just do what he says,and it will all be over with soon anyway. Jack was always good to me. I wish Jack had lived longer so we could talk about old times. I liked Jack so well I dont think I could have pulled the trigger if I had really wanted to, any way. I always wondered why he sometimes wore a little round cap over the back of his head. Then I thought he must be a religious man .I finally figured out what that little round cap was ( He was Jewish ) Jack bought me an electric train one time .I still thank about Jack helped out my family and I. Writen by G.W.Hicks

  2. Correction::::In the above article I wrote the JFK assassin died was 1997 he actually lived until 2004 ,I got dates of him and another relative mixed up

  3. As far as I can tell nobody mentioned the bankers whom
    JFK had annoyed. If the motive for the assassination
    came from the rich and powerful including politicians
    or big time crooks then it seems that it could not have been
    Oswald that fired the shots.

  4. Gail was right jack had bosses too although he wasn’t as low ranking mafia as has been written about him. Jack came by my family home before the assassination,had 2 of my relatives with him. Jack bought us a televisions few weeks before the assassination because we were dirt poor and never had one. My mom sewed hers and my sisters dresses out of potato sacks.anyway the three of them came by the house to make sure my mom had me in front of the TV when it went down, so I would remember it. They had a car with a BIG HOLE cut in the floorboard. 1 man drove the car another sat on the front passenger side and Jack sat in the back behind the shooter with his gun to make sure he never backed out.they called when they got outside Dallas and said it was still going down. Jack knew a lot of city workers and had new sewer pipes put in,big enough to crawl thru. They parked the car beside the road away from the crowd and security over a manhole,pulled the manhole lid up inside the car. Then the passenger jumped down in sewer hole with a gun with the first factory made silencer on it.jimmy jaffa had acquired the silencer thru the union.Jack told the shooter if he didn’t crawl all the way thru the pipe and kill Kennedy he wouldn’t let him back in the car.Jack had men he knew on the other end of the pipe to help keep the shooter from being seen. The signal to shoot was when kennedy rounded the corner, the first time he raised his hand to shoot. The shooter was in the sewerpipeline
    for eleven hours,he caught infections but he couldn’t go to a doctor,he almost died but didn’t. He died in 1997 of cancer. I know it must have been hard for Jack to leave his dog in the car but he knew if he didn’t kill Oswald,Oswald would snitch on a lot of people. Jack knew he was going to shoot Oswald on live tv. He had my mom to put me in front of the tv so I could watch him shoot Oswald too. The WHO was given a song to sing,it said they couldn’t stop Jack and they want stop me.well I’m me. The song WHO ARE YOU was talking about the shooter,he was was in the sewer hole for 11 hours and the girl,his love he said was dead at 21 was his daughter. She was killed in a terrorist attack in Rome Italy in 1973. Oswald was picked for the patsy mainly because he tried to help the KBG. He didn’t even work for the mafia,although he wanted to.

  5. Lee harvey Oswald Interrogation:
    Cpt Fritz:I asked Him what part of the Building TsBd
    he was in at the time of JFK was Shot and He said ,That he was having lunch about that time on the 1st floor. Fritz notes & like Bookout Report. Reads striking similar in following order. 2Nd floor Coke when DPD came in.1St floor had lunch,out front with Bill Shelley,Left Work. (all the exact order as cpt fritz notes). Shelley: it was 10-15 min before `12`.Ball:Where?Shelley:on the 1stFloor over near the telephone.Ball:Did you see him again?Shelley:At DPD when they brought him in.(Notice that no question was asked if LHO was Front TSBD watch motorcade?)
    Bugliosi version .?Point is was Lho in Tsbd Doorway?

  6. Justin Kaczoroski

    I would think anyone that is stupid enough to commit capital murder on live TV and risk a visit from old sparky(electric chair) themselves; Would have indeed been persuaded & pressured from other outside sources. Ruby had no other choice but to carry out the hit, This is just common sense and doesn’t take a “Rocket Scientist” to figure that out.
    Add the common sense factor with the testimony of a parking garage attendant(Albbas garage?) Hearing Ruby talking on the payphone about his knowledge of Oswald’s next-day transfer and Ruby stating he wouldn’t miss this transfer for nothing in the world.

  7. I am an engineer I try to temper my thinking with facts. Why would a police station let a guy like Ruby in the place to shoot Oswald when his guy supposedly killed the president of United States. A gut shot is also not the to kill someone. There is more to the assassination than we know.

  8. The purpose of the Warren Omission was not to find out who plotted the assassination, but to satisfy the public that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin without conspirators at large. Johnson and Hoover plotted to shut down both Texas and Washington investigations in favor of their “approved” Commission members. The fact that the Warren Omission shirked it’s responsibility to investigate JFK’s murder, in favor of relying on FBI, CIA, Secret Service, Military and other government agency reports shows that the Commission took part in the government apparatus cover-up of the crime – also by the sheer composition of the Commission (all Washington insiders). Like so many of the foreign coups instigated at the highest levels of US business/government/military circles (at times, in collusion with other governments), the coup against JFK was sponsored and supported by his domestic enemies and that is why there is so much confusion surrounding this case. In murder cases, the suspects are first family, lovers, business partners, enemies. As POTUS, it always comes down to enemies first, and those closest enemies should receive the most scrutiny – Johnson and Hoover and their known associations with mobsters and crooked businessmen, as well as their political and official influence; and, what they stood to lose and gain. Did they have the motive, means, and opportunity to plan, execute, and cover-up the crime? Hoover certainly did…

  9. Ruby’s Strippers. I’m surprised some researcher hasn’t done an article or book on them. There was this one, Jada, then Candy Barr who he never got. The one from Fort Worth who timed her calls for money perfectly to provide an alibi on 11/24 to put Ruby at Western Union then kill Oswald. The one he spent an hour with along with her cop boyfriend discussing the assassination in the wee hours between 11/22-11/23. The one who hung herself with her toreador pants in the Dallas jail. One of these named Tami True?
    Then there was former stripper Melba Mercades (?) AKA…

  10. When we received news of JFK’s assassination I was in a class of a dozen or so new Flight Service Specialists training at Jacksonville, Florida’s FAA facility. The instructor declared: “I’m glad they finally got that S.O.B.” Can you believe such a statement by a gov’t employee? We were appalled! After a break he addressed us and apologized for saying that. None of us really ever forgave the bigot.

  11. I qualified as a “sharpshooter”in basic training in the USAF in 1955. I could have made “expert” but used a different weapon (M-1 carbine)each day. This with open sights, no scope. Our T.I. (tactical instructor) encouraged us to swing our sights to a poorer-shooting fellow airman’s target to help him pass the course. Someone being so assisted would have the official rating just as we would get. Point being: Who knows what LHO’s actual record really was?

  12. Jack Ruby and Kenneth MacDiarmid Sr (Jacks silent partner at the club and Libby Ann’s husband) were both crack shots with various types of weapons. Now Jack, Ken and Libby Ann (also a singer in Jacks club) all had full body cancer from the ground where Jack and Ken had the weapons storage (approx 15 miles) N. N/W of Dallas, ground was polluted with ? Libby Ann died in 2004 from body cancer, Ken Sr. died in 1981 from body cancer. Ken was a low level flunky with the mob but still was getting lots of money from? which he put into the club. After the JFK shooting was done Libby Ann moved to Calif with Kens Sr. second son, 1st died at birth from chemical poisoning . Ken moved to Fla. Jack had to shoot Oswald to keep the whole incident quiet. Oswald was going to talk and agreed to a set amount of money and departure from the US. That is where he was being taken to when Jack shot him. According to what I read in Libby Ann’s paperwork before she died.

  13. Ruby wasn’t the flaky little nobody wannabe that the official version makes him out to be. He was a trusted associate of Giancana and Trafficante back to their days in the Havana casino racket. He was a valuable fixer because of his contacts with the Dallas Police Department. If you wanted to arrange a hit using a police officer he was your man. Only problem was, once the officer got whacked by the target he had to be personally involved in the backup plan.

    Raven’s story seems a little contradictory. If his doggie in the car was an indicator that he didn’t intend to kill Oswald, then what were the orders that he was there to carry out?

  14. “In May 1959, he scored 191: one mark above the minimum for a ‘marksman’. In other words LHO was a poor shot. He could not have possibly carried out the assassination with that rifle. The scope was bent. Even after fixing the scope, the best sharpshooters in America couldn’t match the feat claimed by Warren Report. They lied to America and even on this comments board, minions are lying about the fact. Just google Lee Harvey Oswald expert marksman?

  15. The JFK assassination was unfortunate. It’s also unfortunate that people succumb to their imaginations. There may have been a conspiracy, but not a high level one. If Oswald didn’t act alone, then possibly one or two people like him were involved. Ruby may have had a tangental link to organized crime, yet it’s doubtful that they had much interest in him. I believe the assassination theories are ludicrous! I don’t believe the assassination was master minded. It didn’t require a genius. I don’t believe that any government or other type of organization would take such a risk. If a plot was discovered, that could start a public crusade against them. Unfortunately, that could also start a witch hunt involving innocent people.

    1. So what are your thoughts from Oliver Stone’s JFK film ?
      So you believe in the Warren Commission magic bullet theory? Do you think Erik M. Lehnsherr aka Magneto had anything to do with this so called magic bullet theory? So there is no such thing as corruption in your book, huh? Lot’s to learn young padawan.

  16. One thing I always wanted to know. Was there a vertical bruise on one of L.H.O. shoulders. The shoulder which countered the recoil of his rifle ?
    I would always get a bad bruise every-time I shot a Winchester .270 model 70 which I think is a smaller caliber and lighter bullet. Such a bruise, if in post mortem photos, may prove his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

  17. This interview NEVER answers the question. Was Oswald walking towards Ruby’s apartment before his encounter with Tippet?

    What address was Ruby living at?

  18. I was home from high school sick watching TV when Kennedy was shot. My Dad a cop and expert marksman who worked nights yelled,” Damn Castro” in the other room. He said later it was not impossible with LHO skills to hit a moving targt from ‘high ground’.

  19. Ruby was a gangster who knew he’d be killed or spend life in jail. Far to selfish and mean to really care about Jackie. It was kill or be killed to cover the truth. Best reports the gut was not that noble.

  20. I was at a Family Friend’s Wedding Party around 1970 and we know for a fact that these are MAFIA People. I thought I overheard there was a Woman used to lure JFK into the open so they could kill Him since JFK was a known Womanizer. After that I heard that after JFK was dead that the Heavy Pressure the Kennedy Brothers were putting on the MAFIA was dramatically reduced.

  21. Good evening gentleman, whatever happened to the idea of obtaining the bullet fragments(all)from governor Connelly body? Were there ever any of those fragments ever compared to the so called magic bullet? After Connelly,s death were they in fact removed before his burial,and would his wife been given those? This corrupt shadow government of ours will never let the true facts come to light? And as a recently retired law enforcement officer, I will always be sickened about this injustice. Thank you.

    1. The bullets ( in good condition) were taken and are still held by the government. as they DO NOT match the gun that was setup at the window.

  22. Gerry Simone

    How on earth can anyone believe that a hoodlum like Jack Ruby was ‘sincere’ about his incredible excuse for killing JFK?

    He had a business to run. Why would he jeopardize that by his absence in custody or in jail unless he was coerced by people in higher places (as he later referred to)?

    I believe that Gail Raven is sincere.

      1. Ruby was stalking Oswald all weekend at police headquarters, including impersonating as a reporter at the midnight press conference. Unlike the WC, the HSCA concluded Ruby had extensive ties to organized crime figures.

        The House Select Committee on Assassinations in its 1979 Final Report opined:

        “…Ruby’s shooting of Oswald was not a spontaneous act, in that it involved at least some premeditation. Similarly, the committee believed it was less likely that Ruby entered the police basement without assistance, even though the assistance may have been provided with no knowledge of Ruby’s intentions… The committee was troubled by the apparently unlocked doors along the stairway route and the removal of security guards from the area of the garage nearest the stairway shortly before the shooting… There is also evidence that the Dallas Police Department withheld relevant information from the Warren Commission concerning Ruby’s entry to the scene of the Oswald transfer.”

        1. Yup, that’s exactly right.

          Ruby killed Oswald.

          Oswald is suspected of assassinating JFK.

          And as I said, Jack Ruby never was a suspect in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

          Gary Simone asked why anyone would suspect Jack Ruby of assassinating President Kennedy.

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    The book is co-authored by a former USSS agent, who’s not afraid to say what he really believes. The book is informative, entertaining, provocative and respectful of those who continue to search for the truth…

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  25. Ruby’s slaying of Oswald bears all the hallmarks of a mob hit. Or perhaps not. It may have been a case of, damned if you do, or damned if you don’t. I am positive that his motive about sparing Mrs. Kennedy the stress of a trial is a complete fabrication, because therefore it would go down as one of the greatest cases of human altruism in history. Added to the fact that it has been reported that his defence lawyer told him to say that. Then his other so called motive of wanting to show the world that Jews have guts, makes no sense either. When does one have to commit murder to show that you have guts. When Ruby shot and killed Oswald he signed his very own death warrant. He was willing to burn in the “CHAIR” by shooting a man who had not yet even been to trial. And by viewing the TV footage of him shooting Oswald it looks like he was going to empty his revolver. If on the other hand as people who knew him have said words to the effect, that he wanted to be somebody, then there are plenty of ways to be somebody without having a death wish. Or in this case, automatically fried. So either Jack Ruby was a complete lunatic, which does not seem to be the case,
    given the fact that he never murdered any individual before and had only an arrest history for much less minor offences. Or it was a case of damned if you do, or damned if you don’t on orders from figures from the underworld.

  26. The race she is remembering was Candy Spots and “Chateaugay.” The part about the dog is interesting. She thinks he killed Oswald on the spur of the moment or was forced to accelerate his plans because of some logisitcal changes by the Dallas PD. I wonder what was supposed to happen after the first of the year? Ruby was certainly a JFK conspirator and worked with Oswald and Shaw in New Orleans. Some saw him hand a pistol to LHO outside the TSBD minutes after the massacre. Don’t forget that Ruby was known in Washington and had done some work for one Richard Milhous Nixon.

  27. I’m sorry, but this article is absolutely worthless. Nothing, unequivocally and without doubt, nothing in it can be used as evidence in any court of law. This former stripper “believes” Ruby was instructed to kill Oswald, and she “thinks” law enforcement officers gave him information about Oswald’s whereabouts on the day Ruby killed him. I have a friend who is a Scientologist who “believes” in an evil intergalactic warlord named Xenu, and who “thinks” something called a body thetan is the cause of diseases that afflict humans. His beliefs and thoughts, however sincere, do not amount to fact; neither do this woman’s.

  28. Look Into The Dogs

    Jack Ruby had two (2) dogs and treated them as children. And the fact there was only one (1) dog left in the car. You have your answer as to why Ruby killed Oswald. The other dog would have been chopped up and sent to Ruby in pieces.

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  30. Billy 'the truth' Steel

    Pook made the simple assessment ‘The simple matter is LHO was the murderer…’ Pook, could you please tell me WHO killed LHO? Fact: Jack Rubenstein (aka: Jack Ruby) was a MOBSTER and a nightclub owner (the Carousel) and as such was undoubtedly well known by both Cuban and American mobsters who (along with the CIA) wanted Kennedy out of the presidency. These are well known facts! And to myself, that’s a pretty good motive. What were LHO’s motives? Fame and Fortune! Hardly. My simple assessment: Jack Ruby was the murderer!

    1. My reading on organized crime reveals that the “Mob” would not hire a hit man, to kill the most important witness in arguably the most important murder in American history, who was mentally unbalanced, who was a police informant, who was a loud, obnoxious, insecure blowhard, who had no weapons training or experience, and who had no record of having killled anyone previously. Logically, the “Mob” would hire a professional assasin or hitman who had some experience in these matters. And it certainly would not have him wiring money at a Western Union office to a stripper only minutes before Oswald was escorted into the basement of the Dallas police department, and thus arriving at the scene to kill Oswald only seconds before Oswald would have been in a car and safely removed from the station. Surely the “Mob” is capable of doing better than that.

      1. That is creepy. In all my years this is the fist time That has been brought to my attention. They left him totally exposed on that corner and clear up to when hecwas shot. Thanks for posting this video.

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  32. S.R."Dusty" Rohde

    “Ruby had bosses”….. that might explain Jim Martins jail visit with Ruby. After Rubies arrest he stated that Jim Martin had killed his good friend Leon Cook and is why he changed his middle name to Leon… but that Martin had gotten away with the killing due to his connections. If true, why would Ruby want the killer of his longtime friend visiting him in jail? Or was this a mob connection. (killing took place wile Ruby worked for the Union in Chicago.

  33. Read JFK:Smoking Gun. As a long time believer in the conspiracy theories, I found the argument in this book compelling. The kill shot came from the secret service guy in the follow up car by accident.
    Who rushed the body out of Texas, the secret service
    Who grabbed photos and evidence at the autopsy? The secret service.
    Watching the CBS streaming in real time, noticed a couple of things, when asked who was in the room during Oswald’s first interogation Friday night, the chief of police said, “our head detecive, an FBI agent and a man from the secret service”. Why would the secret service be there, they are not an investigation organization. Right after Oswald was shot, a reporter asked a bystander who had been standing next to Ruby if he knew the man. His answer was “I thought he was secret service”. About 40 minutes later a CBS reporter said it definately was not a secret service man. Makes you wonder if it was something repeated by more than just that one guy. Makes you wonder why the guy thought Ruby was secret service. Just pondering.
    Another interview I thought was interesting was with Gov Connally’s doctor. He said, while the gov was still in surgury, that the bullet was still in the gov’s left thigh. When asked about that the doc said the thigh wound was minor and they were working on the wrist at that moment and would remove the bullet when they addressed that wound last. Ok, so wouldn’t the doc be aware of the chain of evidence in a shooting and package and label the bullet upon removing it? Where did that bullet go and how did one wind up on a gurney?
    If there wasn’t so much cover up going on, there never would have been a conspiracy suggested. Personally I think the secret service closed ranks to protect themselves. The had to control evidence, they had to be sure there would be no trial.
    Oswald? He shot twice, missed once, made the “magic bullet” shot, and before he could get a third shot off, saw the presidents head blow up. He knew that wasn’t his shot. Probably paniced, thought he’d stumbled on to someone elses plot for which he would be made the patsy. Just conjecture.

    1. I like the thought process- Yes something happened that blew the plan to hell and your idea is a good one- LHO must have been part of the assassination and he probably brought a weapon to the building ( although the carcano rifle couldnt be broken down to be able to cup under his arm pit)- I had a hard time thinking he was a shooter but nothing else makes sense- Maybe he believed his role was shoot at JFK with near misses that would still perform the desired result to get Castro overthrown. He was a CIA asset (Military trained russian speaker- Worked at the most sensitive military base in the world- Threatened to tell the Russians everything about the most clandentine spy program in history. Comes back after defecting and does so on the Governments dime- Is repatriated without a blink- Works every angle of the Castro movement in New Orleans- Has some complicity in the creation of the immense chain of evidence that makes him look like a communist sponsered assassin) The plan would have been for him take his missed shots, meet his folks and dissapear but when he saw JFKs head explode he quickly realized that meeting up with his folks was going to be bad for his health. If LHO was a pure patsy he would have been dead and gone by noon time- I believe the study of the JFK killing has to move past poking holes in the nonsensical WCR which is shooting fish in a barrel and begin to create a realistic picture of what really happened. We live in a time where every single Network TV show receits bald face lies about this crime with impunity and gives the premise that Aliens killed JFK equal footing with plausable conspiracy content- The machine of Government is re writing history and the absurd recontructions of Posner- Bugliosi which were laughed at 10-20 years ago are now being treated as historical fact.

    2. I saw the Doctor making the claim that the bullet was still in his leg as well. While it was later claimed that Connally carried fragments in his femur, I’ve never seen an assessment of the mass of those fragments.
      Personally, I believe that LHO may very well have been acting on behalf of the Agency investigating gun-running and Mail Order firearms delivery.
      What I find surprising is his classification as a disgruntled loner seems to overwhelm the fact that nearly every person he knew or was involved with was somehow related to an Intelligence agency of some kind.

      1. ce 399 was fired into cotton wadding so that it would preserve the barrel markings and could be easily traced to LHO’s Carcano Rifle- No person who is not making a lot of money by writing bad books could possibly believe that ce 399 was not planted for purposes of framing LHO- The lead that was left in Connally’s wrist was significant and there is clear testimony that a large fragment was found in his thigh- Refuting the Magic bullet gives credibility to the absurd- What is critical is to understand what LHO knew of the Plot and why he was still alive at 12.30 PM and where did things go wrong so that poor Ruby was coerced into cleaning up the mess-

        1. The doc said “the bullet is still in the Governor’s left thigh” and would be removed when they dealt with that injury. Where is that bullet?
          By the way Secret Service agent Sorrels went up to the jail right behind Ruby, after the Oswald shooting before Oswald was even removed. That makes him one of the first people to talk to Ruby after the shooting. He reported that Ruby told him about entering the garage by going down the ramp. The secret serve agent was the first person to state that publically. This is from his wc testimony. Seems like the secret service had their hands on everything.

          1. About the role of the Secret Service in the asassination, I’m still trying to piece together the actions of Clint Hill. I know his main job was to protect Jackie Kennedy, but wasn’t Jackie’s husband JFK himself? An asassination researcher called Hill “a true American hero”, and I wonder if that is because his actions proved a conspiracy.

        2. Nonsense. The Carcano bullet (CE 399) was examined and found to be missing approximately 2 grains of lead from its core. Less than 2 grains of lead was recovered from the body of Connally and Kennedy. The lead recovered and the lead from the bullet were subjected to neutron activation testing and were determined to be from the same batch of 6.5 mm carcao ammunition used by Oswald and manufactured by Western Cartridge Company. For someone to have planted the bullet, they would have to know, in advance, that the bullet would lose 2 grains of lead from its core, and they would have to plant those lead fragments in Connally’s body. They would also have to know that the bullet would not leave any trace or grains of its copper jacketing, but instead would leave only minute lead fragments behind. And that would be absolutely impossible to know.

  34. The night before he killed Oswald, Ruby had dinner with Joe Campisi, local Mafia boss under the control of Carlos Marcello in New Orleans. Cmpisi also visited Ruby in jail afterhis arrest. That tells me all I need to know.

    1. The action initiated by Marcella (and Trafficante) had to be coordinated, per mob policy, through Civello who was the mob boss of Dallas at the time.

  35. Stumbled across the “rush to”judgement” documentary of Mark Lane on utube, all nay Sayers say ruby didn’t know Oswald , in fact a huge cornerstone of bugliosi’s tome. Yet in that documentary they show a clip of Ruby at the press conference and after Ruby kills Oswald there is a press conference where the Dallas pr guy states Ruby asked a question then is corrected that he answered a question. What question could he answer about Oswald if he didn’t know him? It’s long been believed that he corrected them on the “fair play for Cuba” group that Oswald was the sole member of in New Orleans. One heck of a guess on Ruby’s part if that’s the question he corrected them on, you would think there would be notes or tape on the first press conference that could confirm this and if it did, would sure throw water on all the anti-conspiracy people.

    1. Also important to realize that Ruby also knew Tippit, and most of DPD, through his special “cop nights” at the Carousel Club.

  36. Having been to Dallas in the early 90’s, visiting TBSD & DP, if JFK was shot from behind…. then why did he have a small entrance wound in his face and half of skull blown out at the back of his head. Doesn’t the latter prove he was shot from the front?
    I don’t know anything about guns, except that the exit wound it usually bigger than the entrance wound!

  37. I’m not a big follower of everything tied to JFK and the assassination, but why is it that no one has ever pointed out that the Dallas Federal Building/ Old Post office sits In plain sight across the streets from the book depository. When I enlisted in 2001 I looked out of the window of MEPS my stomach dropped. You can see the X from the window, you could definitely get a full vantage point if you were on the roof as a true shooter would be. Look on a google map of the Dallas Federal Building, and then mark where JFK had been shot, the direction that his head kicked back on the final shot. At most it was a 300 yard shot, well within range of any trained sharp shooter, all they would have to do is wait for the motorcade to clear the trees, slow moving target would allow for minimal leading. That federal building/ post office houses several agencies. Just my opinion, and being a former military sharp shooter I can tell you that we used to refer to it as an “L” shaped ambush.

  38. I think that there was a conspiracy to kill the president. I believe it was either mob driven or by Castro in Cuba. Ruby acted on orders from someone for sure. Oswald bought the guns that killed the police officer and Kennedy in Chicago. Ruby was from Chicago: We will never know who was responsible, but I know it goes much deeper than what we know.

  39. Just noted on CNN, James Tague stated that none of the assassination witnesses are to be present today, Nov. 22, 2013 in Dealey Plaza for the 50 year commemoration.

  40. All this talk about Oswald getting a job at the TSBD as a prelude to assassination is ludicrous. He applied at many places prior to getting the job at the TSBD.
    In fact, there was not supposed to be any motorcade at all and there was no planned route for any such motorcade prior at the time Oswald was hired.
    Gov. Connally tried everything possible to not have a motorcade for the President’s visit to Dallas.
    The motorcade idea was ‘pushed’ by people in Texas, not the White House or Washington.
    Claiming that Oswald knew about, and planned the killing during the motorcade is sheer fantasy.

  41. During that time it does prove that the C.I.A and the mob tried to kill Castro. So there is a connection between the F.B.I. I. The movie Mississippi burning when the scene of the rather large African American pulls a razor out and makes the K.K.K speak about the 3 missing civil rights men. Well some of that is true, but the real person that pulled out the razor to make the K.K.K man speak was Gregory Scarpa who was Mafia man and was selling secrets to the F.B.I and carried out murders while he was an informant.

  42. Oswald could have easily made the shots, even with the cheap surplus rifle that was found on the 6th floor.. How he would have not left fingerprints on it and tested negative for gunpowder residue is constantly ignored as is the Mauser rifle that was first found nearby.. The detective that found and identified the Mauser was also a weekend employ of Ray’s Hardware which sold more firearms than any other business in Dallas County.. As for Oswald’s proficiency with the rifle, he was seen at a shooting range on West Davis by Dr. Sterling Wood and his father who also a doctor earlier in 1963.. They said he was very accurate with the cheap rifle and even let Sterling fire it… They had see Oswald there twice and both times had given him a ride back to a corner close to where he lived… Oswald was very well trained by the USMC and qualified as a Sharpshooter at Edson Range while in Boot Camp… It was later while overseas that he qualified as a Marksman, just a few points shy of a score of Marksman. In my training platoon of over 80 recruits, only 2 or 3 guys shot Expert….

    1. Mr. DeWolf, if Oswald was such a good marksman (which is debatable with conflicting testimony), how did he miss a stationary target in Edwin Walker, but pull off 3 shots in 6-8 seconds on a moving target? The single bullet theory is nonsense, and three members on the WC concurred with that assesment.

  43. I am considered Young. And my generation is wondering around aimlessly with no purpose. BUT I have always had a obsession with JFK. I think that his way with words and people. Even if you weren’t for the same things he was you couldn’t help but be captivated by his presence. I would to have loved to been there in that era to be able to feel the hope and pride that so many must have felt. I know that there will never be a time like the Kennedy era again. It is a subject that still captures so many and will continue until every detail and report is brought to light. I hope that in 2029 I am one of the first in line at the national archives to view them. I feel that there are too many holes in the reports and information we were allotted to have. I’m not sure who fired the shots, but I hope one day we will all know.

    1. Me also I’m not from that generation also buy for some reason I have to know the truth and obsessed with the J.F.K assasination. I have been to the sixth floor and looked down and an cold chill went down my spine because it just looked to easy of a shot, not to mention I went behind the grassy knoll and anther chill went down my s

      1. Spin and thought this was to perfect. I can help but think the assasination of J.F.K and R.F.K and M.L.K are some how connected. Oswald, Sirhan, and Ray were these looney guys that all acted alone.

    2. Thank you for your commitment from some of us who might not be here by that time. With pursuit the Truth will be found in time. It is important for all generations. That’s why it’s important for an older generation to FREE THE FILES NOW!
      That we may pass on the truth to our children and grandchildren.

  44. The facts are more intresting, in my opinion , i can shoot very good and and oswald was not a trained shooter and only short before he had ordered a rifle by mail. To shoot 3 times,reload , ame and hit twice you must be a remarcable shootist to hit a moving target twice on 150 meters. An 35 hrs later a maffia type man shot then oswald for a unclear reason. My ordinary brain says that the reality is totally different then what they want us to believe.

  45. For those who believe it would’ve taken great skill to kill Kennedy from the 6th floor window. My 9 year old grandson could make those shots!
    I was 11 when Kennedy was killed and always believed it had to have been a incredible marksman to hit those two shots! Until, that is, I visited the 6th floor museum last July. While you can’t get up to the actual window Oswald shot him from, ( cordoned off with plexiglass) you can look out the windows immediately to the right! Going by the two white x’s on the pavement Kennedy’s car was moving strait away from Oswald, making Kennedy a stationary target! The street angles away from the building! Making a perfect situation for Oswald! Had to have taken a lot of planning to get a shooter in this most perfect of spots!

    1. If you want to see a perfect “fish in a barrel” shot that would have caused his brains to splatter to his left rear go behind the fence on the grassy knoll, about 10-15 West of the corner and look at the second X. Oh yeah, sorry, the city of dallas paved over the X for the anniversary.

    2. Gerry Simone

      Read my reply way above and educate yourself with links to Michael T. Griffith’s detailed articles.

    3. That’s the most ridiculous bunch of horse pucky I ever heard. Neither you or your grandson could have made those shots. You either have no shooting experience or you don’t understand the angles involved, especially with a right hand shooter using a crappy rifle that was rusted to hell.

      You have no clue what you’re talking about. None. I’m not even gonna bother to explain it. Grab a broom and stand next to your window. Notice anything? Like your shoulder pressed against it?

  46. John U. Fitzgerald

    I watched a TV programme, 15th Nov 13 “The Day Kennedy Died”, screened by ITV (UK) 14th Nov 13 at 10.35pm. What alarmed me on this programme, apart from the obvious of course, was the expression on L B Johnson’s face at the press conference in Forth Worth just a few hours before the assassination. Here, LBJ appeared to have a forced smile and gave JFK a look that he knew something – he knew he would be dead in a few hours time. I am no face reader, but this look appeared to say plenty! It would be interesting for a face reading expert to give their opinion on this! However, you don’t have to be a face reader, it was in LBJ’s eyes and the eyes don’t and can’t lie!
    Note: I am not a conspiracy theorist, in fact I suffer from information overload on this subject now and don’t know what to believe; however, LHO being in the Book Depository and acquiring this job just one month before JKF’s motorcade was to pass bye the very department in which he worked, is difficult to believe was mere coincidence! This assassination took some planning; surely LHO didn’t just decide to do this on the spare of the moment with a few days of planning? When was the trip to Dallas actually planned; how many weeks – more than four?
    I’ve recently heard a new theory that it was actually a secret service agent in the following car that shot J F K, but accidentally! I understand that LB Johnson was in this car; is that true? Whatever, whoever was in the car must have witnessed the gun go off if it happened that way, therefore, there must be many witnesses! So why have they kept quite if this is the case – has the incident been covered up and if so, is it because of simple embarrassment, or is it due to something more sinister – was he the real assassin, making sure JFK died knowing full well that there was a Patsy; knowing LHO would take the blame?

    RIP John Fitzgerald Kennedy – Regards to your family.

    1. LBJ insisted in taking the Presidential oath before he left Dallas. He was being a jerk to the Kennedy family. The Presidential oath could have waited. LBJ and others were rubbing Bobby’s face in this.

    2. Wow John –you have just pointed out my very same thought I also had the exact same thought as you in that his look on his face is a dead give-away..He has a very sinister look as he knows what fate is in store for JFK and this was the very first time i saw that photo you referred to

    3. Twice my comments regarding the reaction of John U Fitzgerald have been rejected. All i am trying to put down in writing is that i also came to same conclusion that LBJ face has look of what is about to take place.Now this was my own independent conclusion before i read Johns post Now if we both have gotten the same reaction to look on his face is that not one more valid item to at lest judge the possibility of his involvement???I feel i have a valid point of concern do i not???

  47. Thomas Mulholland

    Very recently I watched the NOVA program THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE about the life (and death) of John F. Kennedy. I had forgotten what an extraordinarily beautiful family they were. Not only Americans but people around the world were inspired by them. It wasn’t simply that John Kennedy’s life was taken from him and his family. He was taken from us. Part of the ensuing pain and sadness was who followed was so ugly and tiresome.
    In a certain way I think the forensic particulars are a red herring; which is to say that bullets, trajectories, etc. aren’t the essential point. Who orchestrated the assassination? That’s the important question. The lameness of Ruby’s motivation for killing Oswald and the “serendipity” surrounding the hiring of Oswald at the Book Depository are too absurd to be believed. I hope the real perpetrators will be revealed someday. They obviously are very powerful…but their treachery and jealousy make them very small.

  48. It would most definately be a different country we live in today, if John F. Kennedy was NOT killed. However, evrything happens for a reason.

    Ref. – Search youtube: “JFK secret service stand down”.
    There’s NO audio, but if a picture tells a thousand words, a video tells all.

    I find it particularly very odd that the secret service agent who was suppose to be posted directly behind JFK was told to get out of the way, and stand down. <<>>

  49. Logistics Don’t Lie: Why would the Texas Book Depository shooter wait until the President’s car was 265 feet away and accelerating away from him before taking his shots. His best shot was earlier when the motorcade was 95 feet in front of him, slowing to make a turn and President Kennedy was square to the shooter. The only reason to wait is ‘TRIANGULATION’. Where the president was shot was exactly in the execution zone made up of the Texas Book Depository, the grassy knoll and the Dal-Tex building (where rifle shell casings were found year later on the roof).

    1. Yes, I do think that someone from the Dal-Tex bldg. was one of the shooters-the view provided a straight line to JFK’s back and the back of his head(where two of the shots landed).

    2. Brian, you are correct. The throat shot came from the Dal-Tex building. Also, both budings were owned by the same partners (Ex-Army Air Corps and CIA operatives.) The CIA was infiltrated and is still managed by the Mob.

      1. Psychoderelict01

        I believe Charles Nicoletti fired the shots from Dal-Tex building. He gained access through Clint Murchinson’s flunky Eugene Blading who was arrested in the Dal-Tex building shortly after the shooting. Blading was released after giving a phony name.

  50. Amazing reading on here. Not that I believe everything some are portraying as conclusive evidence of conspiracy. On the other hand, some things that are proven to have happened surrounding the murder of the president are simply too hard to just push into the sheer coincidence pile. I stumbled onto this site while watching JFK the movie, grew up around New Orleans, and have heard the mob ordered hit theory quite a bit. I was only 2 years old in 1963 so I have no real recall of that awful day.

  51. Good grief people. You leftists try to blame Bush fir everything. Get over yourselves. Oswald was a Communist wannabe and that was his motive. period. If you don’t think Communism is something to worry about you need to wake up. Marxism goes by many names. Today those principles are called Progressive. Beware

      1. you wnat to talk ballastics ?????it was shot from a 223 hollow point gun that mr hickey in the car behind hasd ,the secret service man accidently shot him and then THEY covered it up in alot of ways and one is by brianwashing all you people into thinking everyone on the planet did it but mr hickey their man

        1. Why did L.B.J hire Allen Dulles head of the Warren Commision even though he was fired from the C.I.A for the bay of pigs. George Joannides was funding the DRE anti Castro group which was one of the largest groups of that time. In 1975 Joannides was the liaison for the C.I.A. and the House select committee on assasinations and never mentioned that he over saw the DRE also never told the Warren Commision and the Assasination Records Review Board in 1994-98 and the C.I.A has not released his flies yet. It is proven that Oswald had a meeting with the DRE and Joannides being the overseer of the group would have known because Oswald got into a fight with a member named Carlos Bringoier. Not to mention that Sam Giancan talked to none other than Allen Dulles to plot to kill Castro. Old Sam and John both had an affair with Judith Campell. The mob also had motive to kill Castro after he took over he threw them out.

          1. Even when Oswald allegedly shot a General Walker a neighbor said she saw two men leave in separate cars and drive real fast away. Robert Surrey of General Walker said he saw two men out side walkers house acting suspiciously two days before the shooting and
            neither of th were able to give the police an accurate discription of who the shooters were.

          1. The fact that Bobby Kennedy was killed is too coincidental. Some people did notcwant another Kennedy in office. Is this why Teddy never ran for President?

  52. Okay. I have a question that is horrible to think about, but it has always bothered me. If President Kennedy was shot from behind wouldn’t the pieces of his skull etc. have been blown out forward of him? I say this because whenever anyone speaks to the reasoning behind Jackie climbing onto the trunk of the car, they say she was trying to get the pieces of his head. If this is true, why would the pieces be behind him if the shot CAME from behind?

    1. Not only that, Loreli, but you have that Secret Serviceman Hargis(riding along side), who got splattered with blood. His partner, Clint Hill(whose actions I’ve questioned for a long time)saw it all come out the back, too.

  53. I do not believe in coincidence, especially not to the degree that we are expected to believe they happened. What are the odds that someone who wanted to kill the president, a lone gun-man, would just happen to move to the very city where the president would be going to, AND that a month beforehand, the shooter would land a job in the exact place he needed to be to kill the president? Couldn’t happen.

    1. The fact that LHO just happens to move back to Dallas, and just happens to get a job right where he needed to be is proof enough that he had to have inside information at the very least, and was part of something bigger. He may not have known who else was involved, but he was placed in the book depository job on purpose. Ask yourself the following; There just happened to be a job opening? The opening just happened to be on the parade route? The lone freak that wants to kill the president just happened to be so lucky that he offhandedly finds out about a job opening at the depository? And he just happens to be the person they hire? WOW!! How stupid do they think people are? It is so preposterous and ridiculous, I can’t believe anyone would believe such events could just occur unless they had been meticulously planned.

      1. Finally – someone with critical thinking skills posts such a simple logical question!! I’ve often asked that very question to others as to the odds that someone gets a job in the right place to assassinate such a high level figure. Same deal with Sirhan Sirhan who killed RFK? Placing people in the ‘right spots’ to do these horrible acts are the specialty of the CIA (and some other nations intelligence/assassination organizations).

        1. Ruth Paine found out about the TSBD job vacancy from Buell Frazier’s sister (Buell being the guy who drove LHO into work from Irvine). Strange thing is that at the same time, the Employment Office such as it was rang Paine to say they had a job for Lee as a cargo handler at the airport with higher pay, but Ruth neglects to tell Lee, or the opportunity slips by.

          Ruth Paine, as is widely known, was handled by George de Mohrenschildt, who was a known CIA alongsider. And of course, the TSBD was owned by D H Byrd, a Suite 8F member with big oil connections. Possibly (a) Ruth was on the lookout for such this particular vacancy, and (b) let the Fraziers know. The connections between Paine and the company are many

      2. Oswald began work at the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) in mid-October, more than a month before President Kennedy was to visit Dallas. The parade route was not finalized until November 18th, when the decision was taken to divert the motorcade so that it would pass beneath the TSBD. If Oswald’s employment at the TSBD was part of a conspiracy to murder the President, the conspirators would necessarily have been privy to the motorcade’s route – and in control of it – from its earliest planning stages. (That JFK would visit Dallas was decided upon in September.)

        As unlikely as this must seem, the alternative makes even less sense. That it is to say, if Oswald’s employment at the TSBD was truly “serendipitous,” then the decision to shoot the President must have been impulsive – a carpe diem decision taken three days before the parade in a quest for notoriety. The problem with this scenario, however, is that if Oswald shot Kennedy to become “famous,” he would hardly have insisted that he was innocent and “a patsy.” If he were seeking fame (or infamy), he would have taken credit for the shooting.

        1. The plan became hot when the attempt on JFK’s life in Chicago on 1st November was messed up big time by CPD intelligence officers Pressures of timing forced the pace – this was possibly the last day that LBJ’s pressing problems could be relieved.

          Jim, how about the Sionics silencer and it’s notable affect on people standing in front of it mentioned in Spooks; The Haunting of America?

      3. Loreli, I’m with you all the way. One thing to add is that the owner of the TSBD knew LBJ and Mac Wallace(LBJ’s hitman, who I do believe fired a couple shots from the 6th floor on 11-22-63). Byrd was the owner’s name, I think. DH Byrd.

      4. Absolutely makes no sense. As does Ruby killing LHO out of his sorrow for Jackie.

        Here’s another one: LHO was not a great shot and there was no record of him practicing at ranges in the area. So if you have a choice between a dead shot, coming right at you on a flat surface, or… a shot going away from you, going downhill, through trees, what shot are you going to take? It was a triangle of shooting. Maybe a quadrangle?

        I do think LHO was involved (perhaps unknowingly) in some capacity as his behavior the night before and in the morning was peculiar, but he did not shoot JFK.

      5. Really? Because I’m pretty sure no one knew the exact route of the motorcade that day. And changes were made at the last minute. So for Oswald to get a job for that is nonsense. Plus the job came up out of the blue from the lady his wife was staying with.

    2. And he got that job VERY EASILY, Loreli. It was like someone told the interviewer, “just ask him a couple questions after he fills out the application, then hire him”. I wonder what was on that application?

  54. I will give this comment only as a referral to photographic evidence. The website known as has many photos. The Altgens file has a photo called Alt7crop.jpg which shows a man on the triple overpass holding a radio to his right ear and looking at his watch. He is 4th from left, has a flattop/crewcut, and even the antenna. is visible. Look for yourself, because seeing is believing.

    1. He could have been secret service and the photo could have been taken AFTER President Kennedy was shot, or even if it was before he was shot he could have been perfectly innocent, talking to other agents who were actually trying to protect the President.

  55. Mr. Charles Kennedy; You have expressed my exact words, feelings, and knowledge of this case, and nearly to the exact letter. Evidence was planted, altered, destroyed. Testimonies were altered, ignored, coerced. Witnesses were threatened, killed, etc. There is little more that needs to be said, because, to use that old phrase, this proves true because it walks / talks / quacks like the duck that it is.

  56. Charles Kennedy

    I find this forum most civil and open to fact, speculation and informed conjecture. Bravo!
    My slant of the JFK assassination is that it was a coup d’état, ladies and gentlemen. I submit for your consideration the following facts which prove it was a coup (overthrow of the current regime):
    1. JFK moved towards detente with both the USSR and Cuba
    2. JFK realized we could assist Vietnam, but could not win a ground war; after all, it was a civil war.
    3. JFK sought to make CIVIL RIGHTS a centerpiece of his 1964 re-election campaign
    4. JFK defied the National Security Apparatus; he deferred attacking (using nuclear warheads) Russia; he deferred invading Cuba (during Cuban Missile Crisis)
    5. He fired Dulles, Bissell, and Cabell (brother of Dallas Mayor) after Bay of Pigs
    6. He intended to dump Johnson (investigated for graft and connections to Sol Estes, and Bobby Baker) from his 64 re-election ticket, favoring Senator Sanford of Connecticut, or Smathers of
    7. JFK sought to withdraw from Vietnam by 1965. He also sought to dismantle the Cold War, Atmospheric Nuclear Testing, and the Arms Race “MAD” (Mutually Assured Destruction) stock piling of nuclear weapons by USA and USSR.
    8. Both His Newspaper Association Speech and his American University Commencement Speech signaled a change towards peaceful conflict resolution as opposed to sending in the US forces to force resolution to conflict
    9. Both the JCS, the Pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, and Naval Intelligence, the Mob, Anti-Castro Cuban, Big Oil, Banking, and Steel (and so many more groups) opposed Kennedy’s military, intelligence, civil rights, business, and foreign relation policies
    10. Had JFK won re-election, his powerful opponents feared a Kennedy Dynasty (8 years of Bobby, followed by 8 years of Ted)
    11. Secret Service Agent Holden exposed the Chicago Plot; Racist Milteer exposed the Dallas plot and conspiracy to “pick someone up to throw off the public.” The Chicago hit was called off when FBI and Secret Service where “informed” of the pending hit. Chicago (cancelled), Tampa/Miami, and Dallas were the Major cities Kennedy would travel in November ’63.
    12. The coup planners carefully manipulated events behind the scenes. Johnson controlled Texas politics (Big Oil controlled Johnson), Texas was the Oil Capital of the USA. Oil changed the dynamic of power nationally from the North to the South. Bell Helicopter was Headquartered in Texas. The major defense contractors were in Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby were in Texas. Dallas police were in Texas, and the FBI was in Texas. Hover and Johnson, two top controllers of the cover-up and D.C. neighbors, were in danger of being dumped or retired by Kennedy.
    13. Joint Chiefs vehemently opposed Kennedy.
    14. In 1963, the “fabric” of American Society was dictated to by an integrated Military, Financial, Industry, Intelligence, Political, Mobster, News, Religion, and Educational hierarchy – what Peter Dale Scot calls “Deep Politics.” A former slave (Fredrick Douglass) stated that “Power concedes nothing without a demand.”
    15. After Kennedy was slaughtered, Johnson was on hand to usurp the Presidency. Oswald was on hand to be apprehended. Ruby was on hand to silence the patsy. Enter the Warren Commission, fully sponsored by enemies of John F Kennedy to further protect their (Rockefeller/Bush/Hughes/Johnson/Hoover/Dulles/Military-CIA/Oil/Banking) interests.
    16. Detente with Russia ended, Vietnam escalated, and detente with Cuba ended. Assassination as a political solution took Malcolm X(civil rights, anti-war), Medgar Evers (civil rights), Martin L King (civil rights, anti-war), Bobby Kennedy (civil rights, anti-war) and a host of uncompromising world leaders over the years. Martin Luther King, opposing the Vietnam escalation, declared shortly before he was killed that “the biggest murderer in the world is my own government.
    A coup d’état is not a mystery, but is has become a great American parlor game. Who stands to profit from war, assassination, and power shifts? It is the elite classes. Power in American is NOT in the hands of the people, but the rich and powerful. We vote or remove politicians from office – predictable! The elites and the powerful start and stop industries, wars, movements, news, and trends. We are but sheep under their directions. Kennedy was an uncompromising world leader who challenged the power elites status quo arrangement of interlocking levels of powerful people across vast domains and countries. We think country (USA); power elites think global. Kennedy thought globally and he presented a threat to global status quo interests – the elites. Kennedy had to die so that the elites could continue to enjoy their privileged positions and world hegemony. Communism has never been a threat to America, but it was cleverly used as a shield to carry out arms build-up, rogue investigations, to topple leaders from power, coup d’état of foreign leaders by the elites (using the CIA).
    I rest my case.

    1. in light of what you stated yr all wrong its not some big anti regime conspriacy , people need to look at it for what it was and nothing more a anti american communist loving nut shot 2 times one bounced and missed but hit a guys leg down by the bridge the other hit kennedys throat and the gov and the head shot as per evidence shows a hollow point 223 bullet from secret agent hickeys gun ,read the witness accounts their is only 2 guns put on site ,oswalds and hickeys , if any top secret enterprizes wnated kennedy dead they would not have used some patsy and an old fing gun they would have made it either look like some accident or used a bomb such as the nutt who also wnated him dead yrs ealier but with held because his wife and kids were there . People need to let this sheet go it wasnt lbj it wasnt the cia it wasnt the fbi it wasnt the mob it wasnt fidel or the russians , it was one nutt who had a 50/50 chance out of 2 shots and then head shot was a friggin accident from some hung over drunk agent who acciodently fired his gun

      1. If Oswald was an “anti-American communist loving nut” why did he return to the United States? If he was really an anti-American communist loving nut he would have stayed in the Soviet Union. The circumstances make much more sense if they’re explained as him being involved in a government defector program to the Soviet Union and then being brought home with his State Department funded-loan because he hated it in the Soviet Union and wanted to come home.

        1. He like many people who espouse communist thinking become disillusioned when they have to actual live it in real life. LHO had visions of grandeur. He thought he was someone special and could not understand why others could not see that. When he went to Russia he thought he would be a hero but when he got there he soon realized that he was just a worker bee.

      2. After reading Mortal Error I closed the book and realized how the whole thing went down. I am not sure if it was LHO who fired from the TSBD but I have never found anything else that has been able to convince me it wasn’t. What i don’t understand is why people are so convinced about other theories. This one explains logically almost everything that happened.

    2. The Kennedy family was a huge part of this power center you speak of. JFK was certainly not a stranger to organized crime…Joe kennedy made the family fortune running liquor during prohibition.
      It is also widely rumored that Joe Sr. bought the Chicago vote which just barely turned the election into a Kennedy victory. So it is no wonder that JFK got whacked by the mob – my guess is it was payback for a Joe Sr. “job.”
      The Kennedy family got exactly what it deserved I’m sad to say. What’s really troubling is that the next two presidents were mobsters, too!!

      1. …exploring ALL possibilities, that could have transpired, but there is a lot of ground that has been uncovered that makes your theory questionable at best, Lucky.

        We are way less naive than in 1963 and cyberspace has made investigating coups like this so much easier. If what you state is factual, the books would have been open a long time ago, not closed as they are now. That is the biggest hint that there is “something rotten in Denmark”…

    3. How did you get a hold of the manuscript for my book Blue bloods?
      I’ve not shown it to anyone.
      Seriously, thank you for putting that all together.
      In conjunction with your statement I have pointed out to a few people the Kennedy’s were new money from the 1920’s-30’s. Between that, being Irish and Catholic they were not well accepted by some of the old money establishment.
      Also, I have asked the question who did the Dulles brothers work for on Wall Street. Who did they still associate with at the time of the assassination?
      The CIA and even JFK’s administration were well populated with Blue bloods.

      1. Oop’s, sorry about the they. I think Secretary of State for Eisenhower/Nixon, John Foster Dulles had passed by 63′. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

    4. You are correct. It was Coupe D’etat. But the U.S. Government still controls a ton of records on this case and they will never release anything that supports this conclusion.

    5. This makes sense. It was obvious there was a cover up, and,still is. The truth will never be told. Today we are seeing the powers that control our government upset by Trump running for President. The GOP was working to get Jebito Bush elected. We don’t need another Bush presidency. Look how similar the Dems and Republicans are.
      This country is no longer a republic, it is an Oligarchy and the citizens are so complacent.

    6. Excellent reporting ! I have used the coup d’etat among several other issues during the Cold War, such as the World Anti Communist League and the Moon Sect in league with the Korean CIA to influence politics in Washington for a book I am writing is almost finished now and ready for interested publishers.
      What still puzzles me after the shooting festival in Dallas is at what stage officer Tippitt was chosen as the second patsy in order to frame Oswald. Sam Giancana claimed that Roscoe White killed him point blank, the only thing gone wrong that day.
      Who ordered Lee to go to the theatre, was there a gun fight before his arrest and why was Tippitt ordered to bring Lee to Red Bird Airport, like Giancana claimed. This is hardly believable don’t you agree ? Since Lee had knowledge about the big event, why did not he stay home that day. That is also very strange and stupid for an experienced intelligence agent. Anyway, if you have any tips or suggestions about publishers I should contact, please do not hesitate. I am also on facebook and you can contact me by email. Have a nice day.

    7. Agree…with the exception that the “arm” that they all used was the anxious, willing and grossly aggrieved professional experts of “Murder Inc.” already collaborators from the “Cuba operations,” to actually do the deed and provide the perfect smoke screen.

  57. From reading various accounts over the years, it’s my understanding that Ruby killed Oswald to get a mob hit off of himself. The mob was going to kill him over some issue but cut a deal with him…do this thing for them and they would be even. They told him that not only would he get to live, he would probably only spend a little time in prison because he would be a national hero. Of course he spent the rest of his life in jail. He couldn’t go public with the truth because the mob could still get him at any time…but there were people who knew the truth.

    1. That seems highly unlikely, it being that the mob had ample opportunity to hit Ruby before they saw his value as a triggerman. He was their bagman and fixer with the Dallas Police Department.

  58. Do you really believe the Kennedy clan with all their wealth and power wouldn’t have hunted the suspects down like dogs with the mafia and IRA and God knows who else behind them? You know how fast you would spill the beans if you would have put the so called perpetrators and their families in frightening harm. There is so much behind this that I urge all you fools to put away your keyboards and go fishing and tell us facts we DON’T know.

    1. I can’t tell you where, but several recent accounts in the news around the 50th anniversary have reported that RFK asked LBJ “Why did you kill my brother” or words to that affect. Bobbie was powerless two seconds after his brother was murdered. Jackie also believed LBJ was involved according to recent reports. Bobby may have hired investigators but what would he do with the information? This thread proves LBJ’s cover-up worked and is still working. They must have thought they needed to let let it go.

    2. Gerry Simone

      You must be joking.

      There was no more power after JFK was killed.

      Even RFK said words to the effect (just prior to his death):

      “I now fully realize that only the powers of the presidency will reveal the secrets of my brother’s death.”

    3. I am sure the mafia offered to find the suspects for the Kennedys. Since it was basically the mafia who did this, they would come back to the Kennedys and tell them that they FOUND the suspect. It was a dead man by the name of Oswald.

  59. Ramon F Herrera

    Jack Ruby was a vain man, who dressed sharply, hair perfectly combed and AVOIDED wearing glasses (I checked all the pictures available). He was after all in entertainment, always surrounded by girls.

    However, it seems that he decided to make an exception: glasses would be useful every time he was in the same room as Oswald. During the Friday night press conference he wore his glasses, stayed in the last row AND physically crouched.

    One could theorize that he didn’t want Lee to say to him, in the best Texan tradition: “Howdy! How is it goin’, partdner?”.

  60. I recall reading a JFK assassination book excerpt about a high end party which was held at Clint Murchison Jr.’s home. Clint was a powerful and influential Texas oil man, millionaire and then owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Murchison’s party held at his home on the eve of the assassination on 11/21/13 in Dallas or near Dallas, was attended by many of the alledged JFK assassination conspirators and co-conspirators, including; LBJ, Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, etc.

    Was that party just a coincidence or a purposeful final celebration AND confirmation that the operation was “A GO” for the assembled mastermind conspirators of the JFK assassination?

    Look it up and verify this event for yourself. The facts are all around if you just look for them.

    1. Read “LBJ and the Kennedy Killing” by injured witness and Dallas area researcher James Tague. It is redundant in places and incorrect in it’s analysis of who ultimately “pulled the strings”. But it does contribute significantly on LBJ’s role and details this party. And why the author chose to leave it in his book in spite of prior criticism of the story.

    2. You don’t need a million people to step on an ant. In an assassination of this nature, the fewer people that are involved, the better off you are. How would someone like L.B.J. trust J.Edgar Hoover or Murchison not to spill the beans on him? When you have a party, you invite your friends, which is exactly what Murchison did.

  61. I don’t care what is written, what the investigation said, etc. I will alway believe it was a conspiracy and that it involved the mafia, union and Lyndon B. Johnson. I will never forget the moment I saw him being sworn in, I immediately said to my mom, I think Johnson had something to do with it. There was just something I saw on his face when he was sworn in and my sixth sense immediately kicked in. I think Oswald and Ruby were both given orders that they had to follow through with in silence or that harm would come to their families. Just my personal opinion of course.

    1. LBJ actually looked genuinely pleased, either with what he accomplished or the situation he found himself in. Either way, given the situation, you’d be hard pressed to find too many people with such a reaction.

      How come, no one else in the motorcade thought they might be next, only prior knowledge would give that sense of security.

    2. Living here in Texas, lots of people said they thought LBj had it done. I was in the fifth grade and listened intently and have been obsessed since then. I’ve always believed LBaj and mob.

  62. No one here seems to have mentioned Judyth Vary Baker, Lee’s girlfriend who’s come forward after a silence of close to 40 years. Her book “Me and Lee” answers a LOT of questions.

  63. Jack Ruby was an interesting gentleman. Somehow even though many put him in the ceter of thing’s he doesn’t seem to be to me. We will probably never know the truth of the matter on this side of the veil, but I kind of think Raven is close to the real deal with jack Ruby… he did protect his girls ad was’t afraid to face danger or touble in his club.. I do think he was forced somehow to do what he did. Interesting, I have never heard him comment on the Garrison investigation before he died..

  64. Have you noticed how Captain Fritz who is supposed to guard Oswald from the front suddenly walks ahead leaving space between him and Oswald? This gives Ruby the opening needed. Do you think it was deliberate or just a coincidence?

    1. Wasn’t Fritz the one who appeared to be waving his hands, as if to say “nothing to see here, move on”(well, he probably wasn’t saying THAT, but when I saw a film of the killing, it sure looked that way).

    2. Because the big van wouldn’t fit into the garage they were going to use Fritz’ personnel car for transport. That left more room and a view. He was headed to the car.

  65. Excellent find! My own speculation is that Ruby was ordered to kill Oswald, but didn’t want to do it. At about 6pm Friday night, he tried to go into the Homicide office. He had to know he would have been stopped. But he could go back to whoever ordered him to do and say he tried. At Oswald’s midnight press conference, he had his gun with him, but didn’t do it. He later said he was scared he might hit someone else. He could tell that, too, to whoever ordered him to do it. I’ve heard the theory Ruby would not have left his dog, Sheba, in his car, if he was going to kill Oswald on Sunday. But, IMO, he WOULD have if he thought Oswald had already been transferred. My speculation is Ruby was going to show up late so he tell whoever ordered him to do, that, “Sorry, I got there too late. Oswald was already gone.” That would explain why he was late…the transfer was supposed to have been at 10am, but didn’t happen until 11:15am. Ruby, IMO, walked in, saw Oswald there and realized he had no choice. If he didn’t get him this time, and if whoever ordered him to kill Oswald found out Jack was there, he was a dead man. He had to do it. But, I think, Ruby had planned to get there late so he could have an excuse for not killing Oswald. And that’s why he had Sheba with him. Ruby didn’t expect Oswald to be there over an hour after he was supposed to have been transferred. Just my speculation.

    1. “He later said he was scared he might hit someone else.”

      That dovetails with my speculation that Ruby called out “Oswald” to alert the officers and others around – notice the recoil of Leavell in the photo.

      Who do you think gave Ruby the orders? He was with Lawrence Meyers (among others) the evening before he shot Oswald. Meyers’ brother was affiliated with Pepsi which was holding a convention at the Cabana over that weekend. You probably know all of this.

      1. Leslie, two questions. 1)-Wasn’t Nixon at that Pepsi conference? 2)-I don’t know who gave Ruby the order to silence LHO, but that order had to be made after Tippitt failed to silence him first, right?

      2. Leslie-I’m wondering exactly when did Ruby call “OSWALD”. In listening to CBS’ Ike Pappas broadcast of the Oswald transfer and assassination-it’s hard to hear Ruby. What I hear on the Pappas report is Pappas asking LHO “Do you have anything to say in your defen….” and then…POW. Maybr the OSWALD came at the same time as Pappas’ question.

      3. I talked to Leavel myself at church. We were asking questions. He said in that split second he saw Ruby out of the corner of his eye. He, like most of the police officers, knew Ruby. He was shocked. He said he had his hand in Oswald’s pants waist to hold him steady as they walked to keep him close. When Ruby fired, he grabbed the gun and his hand (the webbed area between the finger and thumb) stopped the gun from going off again as Ruby tried to shoot again. It really hurt.

    2. Obviously Ruby HAD to kill Oswald because if he didn’t, Oswald would tell the authorities that it was Ruby who hired him to kill Kennedy. Ruby was just waiting for the proper time to do it.

    3. Speculation, but I think you are ” right on ” I agree 100%, but 2 questions are still in limbo…… Ruby could not have been so dumb to think ” Hey Im here to shut up Oswald to prevent him from talking, but who is behind me to shut me up ? Come on, Ruby was in with the mob, and he knew the solution to keep co-conspirators quiet. Regardless of who that person might be. Secondly, There almost had to have been someone else there to make sure Ruby took care of business. You do not plan to kill the president, kill him, and then leave a critical point to chance !! Just saying

  66. No one asked her if Ruby knew Oswald?…I can’t believe it. As much else as she knew surely she would have known that. She was directly tied to Ruby and an admission from her that they knew each other would have been huge.

    1. Interesting how important quesrtions don’t get asked. Or they get asked but not reproduced. Little Lynn Carlin (Davidson) would have been one to try and question, although she’d have been reluctant to talk I think. She showed up at a deposition or hearing in Dallas carrying a gun because ashe was so scared someone was going to shoot her. She apparently told a Secret Service man (maybe a Dallas cop too) that she was under the impression that Oswald, Ruby and others were in a plot to kill JFK. I don’t believe anyone followed up on that, or if they did they didn’t publish it. She’s dead now – passed away a couple of years ago. Lived in an obscure little town in Michigan. As did Larry Crafard. Her family name appears to have been Davidson.

    2. Now if you were planning to hire someone to kill the President of The United States, would you introduce that person to your girlfriend? Would you even utter his name in your girlfriend’s presence?

  67. Ruby’s movements on 11/24 are well documented. Oswald’s transfer was delayed some 79 minutes from the original time. How would authorities have notified Ruby of the exact time of the transfer? We know Ruby was in the Western Union office until approximately 11:17 AM.

      1. shane, good one, but in the time of pretext, fooling around with the transport vehicle while waiting for ruby to get there. what seemed highly improbable was extremely easy. it is like the math problem with the three guys who split the price of the hotel room, tipped the porter 1 dollar and the math didnt work out. it is the trick presentation and most cant figure it out.

        1. Where was the Western Union office in relation to the DPD Garage and the armored car that was to be used to transport Oswald..?

          It’s entirely possible that Ruby stalled until the armored car arrived, and that he was told by phone of the approximate time of transfer.

    1. Seth Kantor does a decent time and motion study in WHO WAS JACK RUBY? It revolves around a short period of time when Officer Harrison had access to a pay phone out of sight of the rest of his colleagues, and Jack Ruby receiving a phone call at his apartment on Sunday morning.

    2. If you listen, before Ruby shoots Oswald, a car honks when Oswald is coming out. Then a second honk right before he shoots him.

  68. Great story. I believe her. Except for one thing. Ruby was gay. Lived with George Senator who has been described as a “Queen” in a relationship of sorts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Ruby never had sex or hit on any of the strippers. Kept asking anyone who would listen, “Do I seem effeminate to you.” Over and over. See testimony of Larry Crafard for Warren Commission. Crafard, I believe, was a male hustler, but that’s just a hunch.

  69. I think there are people alive TODAY in the year 2013 who played a role in the JFK assassination. For example, I think that CIA George Herbert Walker Bush is a very legitimate suspect in the JFK assassination due to his comments on the subject (does not know where he was, his ridiculous statement that we should believe the Warren Report because of the word of Jerry Ford), his hysterical reaction after reading Nixon’s “smoking gun” tape transcripts with all its mentions of the “whole Bay of Pigs thing” (Nixon’s code phrase for the JFK assassination). Not to mention what CIA Pegasus agent Trenton Parker told Rodney Stich. Another marker is GHW Bush’s close ties to anti-Castro Cuban radicals, his long history with them and the McBride memo revelation about GHW Bush.

    Not only that, I think that some of the CIA and anti-Castro Cuban operatives who actually did the field operations in the murder of John Kennedy are STILL alive today – in their mid 80’s, maybe early 90’s.

    I think a handful of the murderers of John Kennedy are alive today.

    And beyond that, I think there are many, many people alive today who can give us critical information on the 1963 Coup d’Etat and how it went down. For example, Mary Margaret Valenti, the most important LBJ mistress, is alive today and around age 80 or so. No telling what LBJ told her. Bobby Baker is alive today. Billie Sol Estes is alive today. I have no doubt there are many other people who have critical pieces to the story who are alive today.

    Connie Kritzberg who interviewed the Parkland doctors on 11/22/63 and who the FBI edited her column adding a sentence that night, is still alive today.

    1. I think at the very least George Herbert Walker Bush can tell us exactly who murdered John Kennedy (LBJ, CIA, military intelligence, anti-Castro Cuban operatives). And at the most he (GHW Bush) was one of the inner circle plotters in the JFK assassination.

    2. You are exactly correct! My dad has always told me that they are pushing back the date for releasing the documents until they know that all the key players are dead. I tend to believe him because he worked in the IRS organized crime task force. I can’t ever get him to tell me more about it.

    3. Many of those people, if not all, could be quite crucial to investigate. Kritzberg especially, who I think knew something odd was going on the minute she learned what the FBI did to her column. Also, how about some of the witnesses. For instance, Arnold Rowland, who would be just 68 this year. Well, to be sure I don;t know for a fact he’s still alive.

    4. George Herbert Walker Bush MY GOD!!!! How could you possibly come up with THIS name? He would be about the LEAST likely person I can think of to be involved in a Presidential assassination. Bush was a nice guy. Bush was also a wimp. Bush was rich and happy. He would never risk his wonderful life style to pull off something so extreme. Also, Billie Sol Estes was fifty three cards short of a deck, so nobody in his or her right mind would trust him with details of an assassination plot.

      1. Bush Sr. Was not a good man, just came across as one. He was in Dallas on the day of the assignation. Want to see the extent of corruption by Bush, check out how he has political leaders killed in a Panama and his corrupt agenda in other Central American countries.

        1. Like any good mystery/ thriller always look to the person/persons who have the most to gain! Certainly not George Bush, who was not in any way on a path to be president In addition, both Bush and Kennedy were in the Navy during WW2, both ended up in the water, tell me there wasn’t a kinship in their pasts. Again, stick with the theory both Kennedy brothers were victims of the Mob. You don’t cross the mob, especially after their help in winning the election. And, who else would have the contacts to bring in the right people to take out the president ? I will venture a guess that the shooters didn’t live very long afterwords, just ask Oswald, and Ruby! Oh right, they are dead

  70. JK: My apologies. I think I must have clicked the wrong ‘reply.’

    My response was related to the exchange between LeCloux and McBryde regarding the “professional examination” of Ruby by West and Stubblefield.

    Sorry for any confusion.

  71. After all these words and all of these years, does anyone here feel confident that Oswald and Ruby were personally affiliated? I have yet to see persuasive evidence that they knew each other.

    1. One problem here is that Jack Ruby was often seen with a young guy he had recently employed at the Carousel, Curtis LaVerne ‘Larry’ Crafard, who looked a lot like LHO (Ruth Paine certainly thought so). They had breakfast together at the B&B Restaurant early on Friday morning, 22nd. This might explain a lot of double LHO sightings

    2. Gerry Simone

      Ask Beverly Oliver.

      Ruby answered ‘Fair Play for Cuba Committee’ at a press conference inside the police station. Did he read about that in the paper, or did he already know the answer from personal experience?

      Didn’t Roger Craig or someone see Ruby in Dealey Plaza or at the rear of the TSBD, or in an automobile with Oswald? (I could be wrong on this point about being seen with Oswald).

          1. There is a photo of Ruby in front of the Texas School Book Depository right after the shooting. He had been cropped out when the Warren Commission said that Ruby was miles away at the time of the assassination. Later the original negative was found and in fact Ruby can be identified. He was probably going to shoot Oswald right there in front of the depository.

      1. Diane Roberts Powell

        I know, that was so CREEPY, right? Ruby was actually in the police station, on the night of the assassination, and corrected Henry Wade at the press conference. Wade said, “We have information that Oswald was with the Free Cuba Movement.” Ruby yelled out, “It’s the Fair Play For Cuba Committee.”

      2. You are right about this, and there have also been many other sightings. Ruby hired Oswald to kill Kennedy, at the request of his boss, Sam Giancanna. Then, Ruby killed Oswald because every mafia operative knows that dead men don’t talk.

    3. YES!! It made the papers about ten-fifteen years ago (way in the back pages in a tiny article). The Dallas police were cleaning out some safes (that was their story, anyway) and found documents about Ruby and Oswald knowing each other. I was still naive enough to think I would then hear about it on the 6:00 news.

      Besides, look at how many people who worked in that club said that they had seen Oswald in the club with Ruby. Honestly, just because a woman worked as a topless dancer, or a man bar-tended, or MC’d in a nightclub, doesn’t mean that they had poor eyesight, or were too stupid to recognize someone.

      1. Spot on! Something that is plain as day is supposedly “debunked.” The police let Ruby walk up and just kill Oswald on the spot and there is nothing fishy about that? How did Ruby know the details of the transfer? Why would Ruby have a need to know for anything involving police operations? Are we are supposed to believe the party line just because a few people lay out their “perceptions?” Any theory that has Oswald killing Kennedy can be correct. There is no evidence and never will be evidence that can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the mafia or some other organization had nothing to do with JFK’s assassination. Too many things had to come together to cause the assassination of a President and severe injuries to a governor with Secret Service all around them. Only to have the assassin killed shortly afterward.

  72. Eric Hollingsworth

    It’s hard for me to reconcile descriptions of Ruby before the assassination with his babblings afterwards.

    The Carousel Club seems as if it was the perfect venue for gathering compromising materials on people.

    1. 1.) John Martino visited Dallas shrtly before JFK assanitaion. 2.) John Martino was a horse racing handicapper. 3.) John Martino told his son Edward Martino to go listen to the radio from early morning on Nov. 22 and to let him know as soon as he heard anything news about JFK. 4.) Florence Martino stated she was told by her husband John Martino; “Flo, they´re gong to kill him when he gets to Dallas”. 5.) John Martino was an insider at the CAPRI Casino in Habana Cuba, and was in prison for three years in Cuba, shortly after Fidel Castro came to power.

    2. JFK’s campaign was funded by his dad’s good buddy, mob boss Sam Giancana, and later JFK repaid Giancana by stealing his girlfriend, Judith Exner. Sam wanted revenge, so he hired his associate, Jack Ruby, to recruit an assassin for the job. Ruby recruited his friend Lee Harvey Oswald. After the assassination, Giancana was afraid Oswald would talk, so he paid Ruby to personally kill Oswald. When Ruby was in prison, Giancana arranged to have Ruby poisoned so that Ruby would not be able to talk either. There is an old mafia saying. “Dead men don’t talk.”

      1. Bull crap. That’s just stupid nonsense. You think Sam Giancana would kill a President over a girl? Please. And Oswald didn’t have anything to do with shooting the President.

        Ben Gurion had JFK killed because he wouldn’t let up on inspecting the Dimona plant. I can tell you exactly where all 3 shooters were. And none of them were Oswald.

        1. We know because Mordecai Vanunu, a Mossad agent, wrevealed that Ben Gurion ordered the assassination of JFK. It was because JFK opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons.

          Quote: “In the summer of 1963, David Ben Gurion said: “You know We will have to kill Kennedy, we have to. I am tired of him of threatening us with Dimona. It’s none of his friggin business. I don’t want to hear any more from Kennedy. You kill him.”

          He gave that order to Mossad, then resigned so that he couldn’t be held responsible for it. Mossad then went to Angleton.

          The Kennedy assassination was not a CIA job but it was greased by the CIA only because Angleton was there with his buddies from Mossad. And he was the one that greased everything from the skids that happened in Dealey Plaza, including the escape.

          There were Corsican sharp shooters there, hired by Mossad. They pulled off the whole thing and everybody says: Oh, they think the mob killed Kennedy, or maybe Johnson did, or you know, Castro.

          It wasn’t. It was Israel! And the reason they did it is because David Ben Gurion didn’t want any more inspections of Dimona. And that’s all.”

          If you read the letter exchanges between JFK and his cabinet and Israel, you’ll see the tension. One letter even threatened violence and a break with Israel if Kennedy didn’t disengage from his plans, ASAP.

          The Mossad agent was present for the order. He heard it. Israel used the whole Cuba crisis to their advantage to distance their role. Not long after, they attacked us in efforts to frame Egypt for Liberty attack.

          And they did 9/11, which, as nutty yahoo said, was great for Israel.

          1. Psychoderelict01

            While it’s possible there was an Mossad element involved in the assassination, there is no way no how they could enter the United States, murder a sitting president, and order the CIA and FBI to cover up their crime. Mossad could not have coordinated parade route changes, when/where Oswald would be transferred, could not have order Ruby to quiet Oswald, could not have influenced the Warren Commission, and on and on. While it’s possible Mossad may have had an interest and even a level of participation, there is absolutely no way they could have “ordered” the killing and executed in the way it was done. Simply not possible.

      2. There was a lot more to it than that! His brother Bobby then announced he immediately that he was going after organized crime in this country, and the FBI trailed Sam incessantly for over 2 years EVERYWHERE he went. Read FBI files On Sam Giancagna, Joey AIuppa, Murray Humphries, all top Chicago Outfit Bosses during Kennedy’s Administration it’s all available free online. Further more when Castro took over power on Cuba he threw the mob off the island who owned (covertly) several hotels and casinos costing Chicago ( Giancagna) and Miami ( Trafficante) absurd gambling profits. There is a lot more to it still, but bottom line everyone wanted the Kennedy’s OUT! The CIA, the former CIA who Kennedy just fired, major corporations who’s oil and banking empires were being affected by the JFK admin, and the major defense contractors many of which were located in Texas. Kennedy was getting out of Vietnam and as soon as he was killed Johnson amped up that war. The motives were everywhere and from many powerful factors and they were all aware and/or involved of the HIT on JFK. It’s all available now days, it just takes 100’s of hours of work, intelligence, common sense, and reading comprehension and the conclusions I just gave you “ in short “ mind you, are all clear as day.

    3. michael t sullivan

      The horse racing story is accurate for timing. Candy Spots lost to Chateaugy in the Derby and Belmont but won at the Preakness all in the spring of 1963

    4. Samina Pitrello

      I’m not so sure that Jack was following any orders. My father was an entertainer booked in the club, just around the corner from the Carousel, and was good friends with Jack Ruby. He hung out with Ruby nearly every night in his club, after hours…. First off, my dad tells a different story on how Ruby felt about President Kennedy. He absolutely loved him, and always commented on how he had class, and was our savior. Whenever Kennedy would be on TV, Jack would tell everyone not to disturb him, and he would lock himself away in his office. Jack never spoke about his political views on the President, just how he had class… There is something that not many people knew. Ruby had lung cancer long before he shot Oswald, and one night during one of the late night hang outs with my dad, he told him that he was not a well man, and that he had been working so hard to make a name for himself, and was worried that no one would remember him, when he died. If Ruby hated the President, like Gail Raven said, then why was he seen crying in the printing office, when the announcement came over the radio? But Raven was right about one thing. Ruby loved his dogs. He said to my father that they were his only true friends, so if he were planning to kill Oswald, then he would not have had one of them in the car, while he was in Western Union wiring one of his dancers some money. I believe that what he told his brother, and rabbi was the truth. He said that it was the smirk on Oswalds face that set him off, and that just couldn’t bear the thought of it, and he did what any American would do. He also told officer Leavelle, who had been handcuffed to Oswald, when Ruby shot him, that all he wanted to do was be a hero, but that he had really fowled things up good… Jack always had a gun on him, and saw an opportunity, then took it. So anyway, with what I know, my conclusion is that Ruby killed Oswald not on order, but on principal.

      1. He “did what any American would do” is stretch. Most Americans wouldn’t commit murder. Also note that Gail Raven didn’t say anything about Ruby’s feelings about JFK. She said he hated Robert Kennedy.

        1. Samina Pitrello

          Raven said the Ruby was not in love with the Kennedy’s, but in fact he did love JFK. As for the comment of doing what any American would do, stretch or not, that is what Ruby was thinking. He was a very emotional, and quick tempered man, who knew he was dying, and wanted to be a hero.

          1. Samina:

            Did you ever hang out at strip clubs in the early 1960″s?
            They were fronts for prostitution. If you owned one and did not cooperate with the Mob, you were toast. The evidence (tbis is JFK FACTS, you know) shows that Ruby took thousands of calls from the mob; ran guns and money to Cuba: and, as a youngster, worked for Al Capone. The source is RFK’s book, “The Enemy Within.”

          2. Samina Pitrello

            In response to Ed Connor… I actually grew up in nightclubs, and strip clubs, as my father was an entertainer, which is how he became friends with Ruby. In an interview with the FBI, my dad told them that Ruby would not tolerate any prostitution in his club. Yes, Ruby did work for Capone, but was beat up and run out of Chicago by the mob, which is how he wound up in Dallas. He came there to help his sister run her club. Regardless, Jack Ruby new he didn’t have long to live, and would not have brought his dog in the car, if he was planning to shoot Oswald.

        2. 1st of all the mafias soldiers were lots more wanted the job to kill Robert Kennedy.and they had a lot of soldiers were union members that wanted to kill kim also over how Robert treated Marilyn faras John Kennedy and MLK those soldiers had to be drafted.When you are drafted at war you have to carry out the job whether you like the person or or not.If you did you got paid good ,If would a sure death,that’s not counting family either


          1. Correction. The last sentence on the last post should have read;;::If you didn’t it would mean a sure death…

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