2) WATCH: ‘Oswald was known to a dozen senior CIA officials’

I make a strong claim about the CIA and Lee Harvey Oswald in this video. I think the new JFK files corroborate my observation. But I’d like to get independent verification, preferably from a reputable fact-checking service like Snopes.

Betty Egerter
Betty Egerter: she controlled access to CIA’s Oswald file

To assist in the fact checking process, I’d like to identify a baker’s dozen (plus one) of senior CIA officials who knew about Lee Harvey Oswald before John F. Kennedy was killed.

When I say Oswald was “known” to them, I mean that  the new JFK files in the National Archives show that these CIA employees had read Oswald’s CIA file(s) before November 22, 1963. Thus they were presumptively knowledgeable about the contents of those files, which documented Oswald’s biography, his foreign travels, his political views and his personal life.

They were:

  1. James Angleton, counterintelligence chief
  2. Birch O’Neal, chief of the Special Investigations Group (C/SIG)
  3. Jane Roman, counterintelligence liaison officer (CI/L)
  4. Ann Egerter, SIG file chief
  5. William J. Hood, chief of operations, Western Hemisphere division
  6. Thomas Karamessines, assistant deputy director of plans
  7. Anita Potocki, chief of Foreign Intelligence, Staff D (FI/D)
  8. Will Potocki, officer, Counterintelligence Operations (CI/OPS)
  9. Charlotte Bustos-Videla, file chief, Mexico Desk (WH-3)
  10. Bill Bright, counterespionage officer, Soviet Russia division (SR/CE)
  11. Stephan Roll, counterintelligence officer, Soviet Russia division (SR/CI/RED)
  12. Win Scott, chief of station, Mexico City
  13. Ann Goodpasture, Scott’s deputy
  14. David Phillips, chief of Cuban operations
Anne Goodpasture
Anne Goodpasture, CIA officer

Note: Scott, Goodpasture, and Phillips did not have access to Oswald’s headquarters file but they received a summary of its contents on October 10, 1963. They had personal knowledge of Oswald’s contacts with presumed foreign intelligence officers in Mexico City.

The above links are only part of the documentation for my statement. Other CIA records to confirm the knowledge of each officials. Sometimes, these documents require context to understand.

If fact checkers have any questions about the sources for my claims, please drop me a line.


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