Meet Roger Stone, Trump’s JFK conspiracy guru

Roger Stone
Roger Stone, Trump adviser and JFK theoretician

The next president has at least one thing in common with his predecessor, John F. Kennedy: a taste for the conquest of women.

In JFK’s day this was regarded, by men and women alike, as inevitable, permissible, and no one’s business, at least among wealthy white males. Kennedy came to the White House in 1960 exercising the droit de seigneur of the French aristocratic court. The king could have any woman he pleased and she should be pleased to be gotten. We can be sure that JFK spoke often of grabbing them by the you know what.

After a couple of sexual revolutions, driven by feminism and gay pride, alpha males are not so insulated from social pressure and female rebuke. What was once accepted, no longer is. The rules have changed. President’s Trump’s treatment of women in the White House will get closer scrutiny than JFK’s. First Lady Melania will see to that.

The Politics of JFK

My friend Marie Fonzi said she was sorry I took this blog took a position in the presidential election. Me too. In an election year, with a lot at stake, I tried to separate the mission of the blog and my personal political opinions. At the end, partisan passion may have gotten the better of me. But this is my blog, so I expressed myself. Forgive me.

Roger Stone
Roger Stone,

Now the voters have spoken. I respect the results and the views of my friends and readers (and brother) who favored Trump.

Another reader, Brent, chides me for believing Hillary Clinton would have been good for JFK disclosure. He says that Clinton would have continued JFK secrecy. Brent is surely correct. If I had only voted for the purpose of advancing full JFK disclosure in October 2017, I would have voted Trump, not Clinton.

That’s my only consolation on this dismal day. On the issues that motivate this blog, President Trump might be good. I’m not talking about “a silver lining” to Trump’s victory. There is none.

I’m talking about what happens in October 2017 when all JFK assassination records are scheduled to be declassified in their entirety.

Trump’s record

Trump’s record on the JFK story includes the usual dosage of hateful BS.

Trump smeared his rival Ted Cruz with a baseless JFK conspiracy theory. Trump insinuated, based on a lightly-sourced story in the National Enquirer, that Cruz’s father had something to do with patsy/lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald. There was no evidence to support his claim.

Roger Stone; Man who killed JFKTrump’s adviser Roger Stone is often described critically as a “JFK conspiracy theorist.” I always thought Stone’s views should be taken seriously, if only because he was the rare JFK author who had actually worked in the White House. As a hard-right political consultant, Stone bonded with dirty trickster President Richard Nixon in the 1970s.

Stone believes that President Lyndon Johnson was responsible for JFK’s murder, which is unproven but not so implausible as I once supposed. When I met him for a meal a few years ago, the impeccably coifed Stone used his “LBJ done it”  conspiracy theory as a cudgel to batter Lyndon Johnson and belittle liberalism in general.

Stone is a power player, not a scholar. He understands, the JFK assassination myth as a tool, as a way to address a broad American audience, as a way to establish populist credibility and undermine liberal authority.

Mainstream news commentators sniff at his tactics but he has a point. And now he may well get an office in the White House.

Towards October 2017 

What will Roger Stone advise President Trump to do when it comes to full JFK disclosure in October 2017?

Will Trump be like Hillary Clinton and reflexively support the national security agencies? Or will he do the right thing?

I don’t know but I will repeat myself:  If I had been voting solely for the purposes of advancing full JFK disclosure in October 2017, I would have voted Trump, not Clinton.


What happens in October 2017?

7 JFK files the CIA still keeps secret


From a 5-Star Amazon review of Jefferson Morley’s CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files,

“Can’t imagine a more meticulous take down of the CIA’s decades-long subterfuge surrounding the assassination.”

Jefferson Morley’s new ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account of the role of CIA operations officers in the events leading to the death of JFK, with a guide to what will be declassified in October 2017.













12 thoughts on “Meet Roger Stone, Trump’s JFK conspiracy guru”

  1. Yes, Sir, with all due respect and appreciation for all you do and have done in the pursuit of truth, LBJ was a Public champion of liberal values and civil rights.
    I defer to Ms. Mellen. Faustian Bargains, pg. 183.
    ‘As a boy he delighted in throwing rocks to drive black children out of the local swimming hole. Rattle snake…black station attendant…check my spare tire in the trunk… you should have seen that big buck jump. At a meeting about civil rights at the White House attended by…Alabama Governor George Wallace, Katzenbach, and Moyers Johnson burst out I am G-damned tired of hearing ’bout those G-damned niggers on the G-damned news. As an elected official he voted against the poll tax, against president Truman’s bill gains lynching.”
    “Among those who came to doubt him was Martin Luther King Jr.”

    1. So let us weigh the evidence. On the one hand, as a young undeducated unknown boy, LBJ engaged in racist activities. As a young elected officials he went along the pervasive racism of the Jim Crow South. As President of the United States he presided over the Second Reconstruction which liberated tens of millions of African-Americans from second class citizenship. Which is the best measure of whether he was a liberal?

      1. What a fairy tale! LBJ was a pragmatic politician first and foremost. Read some stuff on LBJ Jeff. He drank 2 fifths of cutty sark a night and then ran around the white house yelling nigger at the black servants. He fucked all his secretaries as president including his lone black one. He exposed his cock, Jumbo, almost everywhere to men and women alike. Stop with the “liberal” label stuff. So History Channel. So romantic. The guy was an animal. As Goodwin and Moyers found out when they went to 2 separate shrinks in DC and described their boss. They came back with the ame diagnosis: bipolar, alcoholic, sex-addicted, megolmaniac, pathological liar. The measure of a liberal? Gimme a break. Keep u the good fight against the CIA though.

  2. “Stone used his “LBJ done it”  conspiracy theory as a cudgel to batter Lyndon Johnson and belittle liberalism in general.”

    LBJ was not a liberal. He was what those who funded him were, conservatives. Oil men, Brown & Root. He was a Democrat because Texas had not elected a Republican since they were forced on them during reconstruction after the civil war. His “great society” was a farce on behalf of re-election and his legacy.

    1. LBJ singlehandedly insured passage of the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Act, which elevated millions of African-Americans from second-class citizenship, something no president since Lincoln had even attempted. To say he was not a champion of liberal values on civil rights is silly and unsupportable.

  3. I like Oliver Stone, not Roger Stone. No relation, I hope.


    Just because someone says the government is lying does not mean they are telling the truth.
    — John Judge, Coalition on Political Assassinations

    If the organizing principle is that the government lies, but there’s no organizing principle to how you get to the truth, then anything is possibly the truth. People will organize around disinformation just as easily as information. The way covert operations do effective disinformation is they give the truth to the people who are discredited and they give the lie to the people who have great credibility – the way they disinform from both ends and confuse people. They put out stories – as we know from the assassinations – that will lead us down false paths, that will lead us to false sponsorships.
    — John Judge, Coalition on Political Assassinations, conference on the 37th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, June 5, 2005

  4. You of all people Jefferson Morley should understand exactly who and what Roger Stone is and you should also understand your personal responsibility to educate the facts of who and what he is .
    Those facts would include who funded him since the 70s and how he manipulated our political elections for those who funded him for decades .
    Those facts would include his work with Richard Scaife and The Heritage Foundation which was Reagan’s Brain Trust .
    Those facts would include his use of cut outs and new trained ratfuckers that he trained in the same manner that Murray Chotiner and Roy Cohn trained him .
    Cut outs like your first commenter here Robert Morrow who has worked with Roger Stone to discredit the legacy of John Kennedy for years now .
    After Stone’s lifetime career of sabotage . dirty tricks and lobbying on behalf of the wealthy interests you claim to call attention to you are now suggesting that he will encourage transparency for this research?
    After Roger Stone spent his life and used all of your social media forums to rewrite the facts of Watergate and joined with the hatchet men of that administration like Colson and Magruder to move forward and create the political arm of the Christian Right that just completed their goal of destroying both political parties you suggest that he will be on your side?
    I used to respect your work Jefferson and thought you knew better .

  5. President Trump should not dignify the crazy accusation that LBJ was involved in the assassination but hopefully he will push for release of the all of the remaining records……

  6. President Trump needs to hold a press conference and state that he thinks Lyndon Johnson and the CIA were behind the JFK assassination. Trump previously has stated that he thought Oswald alone did it and this needs to be tossed out the window from the presidential podium.

    Pressure needs to be brought to bear on Trump to do this. Because if he ever does – BOOM! – it will give everyone person in a position of stature the green light to start telling the truth on the JFK assassination.

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