7 JFK files the CIA still keeps secret

It is not a theory that the CIA is still keeping secrets about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963. It is a documented fact.

Here is what is known about seven key JFK files — containing more than 3,000 pages of material — that the CIA is still keeping out of public view until October 2017.

1) The files of William King Harvey,

Bill Harvey
Bill Harvey

Bill Harvey was one of the most highly regarded CIA officers of his generation. One colleague described him as “a man without sentiment, considerable stamina, great determination [and] high-skilled” and “a gun nut.” His contempt for President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy was not disguised.

When the CIA wanted to create an organization capable of carrying out assassinations in 1960, they gave it the code name of ZR-RIFLE and put Harvey in charge.

When Harvey’s CIA colleague John Whitten was asked by investigators why Harvey might have told his wife to destroy his papers after his death, Whitten replied, “He was too young to have assassinated McKinley and Lincoln. It could have been anything.”

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According to the National Archives online JFK data base, the CIA retains a 123-page file on Harvey’s operations.

David Phillips
David A. Phillips

2) David Atlee Phillips’s operational files.

David Phillips was a trust fund kid from Fort Worth, Texas, who was recruited into the CIA in the 1950s and won a medal for his clever work in the CIA’s overthrow of the government of Guatemala in 1954. With Howard Hunt, Phillips went on to play a leading role in the CIA’s failed effort to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs In April 1961.

Phillips had an interesting role in the JFK story. Working undercover in Mexico City in 1963, Phillips was involved in the pre-assassination surveillance of Oswald. There is also a credible but uncorroborated report from a Cuban who worked with the CIA in 1963 who said he saw Phillips in the company of Oswald in Dallas in September 1963.

Phillips went on to become the chief of CIA operations in Latin America. Upon his retirement in 1975, he established himself as one of the most prominent public defenders of the CIA. To defend the agency’s reputation, he founded an organization, the Association of Foreign Intelligence Officers, which still exists today.

When Congress re-opened the JFK investigation in 1976, Phillips’s inconsistent, inaccurate, and evasive answers to questions about Oswald prompted JFK investigator Gaeton Fonzi to allege that Phillips was guilty of perjury in the case of the murdered president.

Phillips denied it but he did say late in life that he thought JFK was killed by unnamed “rogue” CIA officers.

Phillips, who died in 1987, also knew how to arrange an assassination. In 1998, the non-profit National Security Archive obtained and posted CIA documents showing that Phillips, at the direction of CIA director Richard Helms and President Nixon, had worked with ultra-right-wing Chilean military officers responsible for an assassination in October 1970.

A search of the online JFK database of the National Archives shows that the CIA retains four files containing 606 pages of material on Phillips,

3) The files of Anne Goodpasture

Anne Goodpasture
Anne Goodpasture

Anne Goodpasture was a career CIA officer who served in 1963 as the top aide to Winston Scott, the longtime chief of the agency’s station in Mexico City. She also worked closely with David Phillips.

When the CIA’s photo and audio surveillance monitors picked up on the curious actions of a man identifying himself as “Lee Oswald” in September and October 1963, the reports were sent to Goodpasture. Thus Goodpasture became acquainted with Oswald’s political views, personal history and contacts seven weeks before JFK was killed.

When first questioned by JFK investigators in the 1970s, Goodpasture denied that the Mexico City station had tapes of Oswald’s phone calls. She later changed her story and admitted, under oath, her role in disseminating the tapes after the assassination.

According to the National Archives online JFK data base, the CIA has a 286-page file of Goodpasture’s operational activities that has never been made public.

4) Files on the interrogation of Yuri Nosenko

Yuri Nosenko, KGB
Yuri Nosenko

Yuri Nosenko was an officer in the Soviet KGB who defected to the United States in April 1964, shortly after the assassination of JFK. Nosenko said that he had seen the files that the KGB compiled on accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald in his two and a half year residence in the Soviet Union between 1959 and 1962. The Soviet intelligence service had not recruited or used him as an agent, Nosenko said.

Deputy CIA Director Richard Helms told Chief Justice Earl Warren that he could not vouch for the accuracy of Nosenko’s claims exculpating the KGB. This left open the possibility that Nosenko was a false defector sent by the Soviet Union to obscure its role in JFK’s assassination.

According to the CIA’ s website, Helm said, “It did strike me at the time that it would be a great mistake for the Warren Commission to shape its findings on the basis of a statement made by a man whose bona fides we could not establish.”

Yet what the CIA learned from its interrogation of Nosenko remains secret 50 years later.

According to the National Archives’ online JFK data base, the CIA has 36 files on the interrogation of Nosenko, amounting to 2,224 pages of material. None of these records have ever been made public.

Was Nosenko telling the truth? Or lying? The CIA doesn’t want you to know.

5) Howard Hunt’s operational files.

Howard Hunt
E. Howard Hunt

E. Howard Hunt was a career CIA officer known for his prolific prose and conservative politics. In 1961, he was a leader of the CIA’s failed effort to invade Cuba at the Bay of Pigs. Embittered by what he regarded as JFK’s failure to support the invasion, Hunt wrote a book “Give Us This Day,” which castigated JFK’s Cuba policy as “shame-faced.”

In 1963 he worked at CIA headquarters in Washington. He was close to David Phillips.

Hunt became famous in 1972 when he was arrested for running a burglary team breaking into the offices of the Democratic Party in the Watergate office complex in Washington. Hunt and the burglars were paid and apparently directed by President Richard Nixon and his aides. In the resulting scandal, Hunt all but blackmailed the CIA by threatening to talk in court about what he described as “numerous highly Illegal conspiracies” in which he had participated.

Later in life Hunt made cryptic remarks about a possible CIA plot to kill JFK in 1963 that he called “the Big Event.” Hunt’s comments can be seen and heard on YouTube, Hunt was convicted burglar and a scoundrel so his testimony has to be handled with care.

Was Hunt involved in a JFK conspiracy?

The question cannot be answered definitively because the CIA retains six files containing 332 pages of material on Hunt, according to the National Archives’ online JFK data base,

6) The files of David Sanchez Morales

David Morales
David Morales

David Morales was a career CIA officer who served as the chief of operations at the CIA’s Miami station in 1963 where he worked with David Phillips and Howard Hunt. He later served in Laos and Vietnam where he gained a reputation as a skillful and deadly soldier.

In retirement, Morales did not often speak of his CIA exploits but when a friend referred to Kennedy’s assassination, he reportedly said, “We took care of that son of a bitch, didn’t we?”

According to the National Archives’ online JFK data base, the CIA has a 61-page file on Morales that has never been made public.

7) The files of George Joannidess.

George Joannides
George Joannides

In 1963, Joannides, an undercover officer, worked for David Phillips and he worked with David Morales. His job title was chief of psychological warfare operations at the CIA’s Miami station; his job was running agents.

Joannides handled the CIA’s contacts with the Cuban Student Directorate, an anti-Castro exile group whose members tangled with Oswald in New Orleans in the summer of 1963. The group, responsive to CIA discipline, publicized Oswald’s pro-Castro ways before and after JFK was killed.

Yet, as the New York Times reported in 2009, the CIA did not tell the Warren Commission that the CIA, via Joannides, had a financial relationship with Oswald’s anti-Castro antagonists.

When Congress reopened the JFK investigation in 1978, the CIA called Joannides out of retirement to serve as liaison to investigators. He revealed nothing about what he knew of contacts between Oswald and his agents, which HSCA general counsel G. Robert Blakey said constituted obstruction of Congress. In 1981 Joannides received the Agency’s Career Intelligence Medal. He died in 1990.

In the course of my lawsuit seeking Joannides’s records, the CIA acknowledged that it retains more than 50 documents about Joannides’s actions in 1963 and 1978 that it will not make public — for reasons of “national security.”




Jefferson Morley’s new ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account yet of the JFK records that the CIA is still concealing in 2016 and why they should be made public in October 2017.


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  1. Our government was no Disney we did the same horrific acts as others. Trump refused to release the records while he perused the records. We have not learned from our history. Look at the mess this world is in. It is time to see the truth as we all know the lies.

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  3. Ramon F Herrera


    You should add Frank Sturgis to this list. He has about 900 hits. Only one is “NBR”. You are being misled by going after NBRs only. That approach made sense before, but the full database is available today. Check with Rex Bradford.

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      Folks: I just prepared a new master file with Record Numbers, dedicated to Frank Sturgis (aka Fiorini).


      In the NARA database there are:

      • 53 files that contain the word “Sturgis” or “Fiorini”, and are “POSTPONED IN FULL”. Total No. Pages: 981

      • 112 files that contain the word “Sturgis” or “Fiorini”, and are “RELEASED WITH DELETIONS”. Total No. Pages: 1,182

      You can use the Record Numbers to perform full searches in the NARA website (the record number goes in the “Enter Terms” field):


      or, in the extended database (the record number goes in the “RIF Record Number” field):


  4. The CIA is like the universe, you see a star or object far away, but in fact you see nothing because the light has traveled with a speed of miljons of lightyears, so you think you see something but it is not there anymore.

  5. One can easily guess, whose hand is behind this. However America says we are great & world police. But JFKs assanination is the concrete proof for their( USA) dual nature. Are politicians ( world wide) are cheep fellows, they will touch any one’s legs & licks —- for power.

  6. The focus on release of JFK related files is a “distraction” devised for the specific intent of diverting attention from looking at CIA activity on a global scale. This link (http://www.huppi.com/kangaroo/CIAtimeline.html)provides ample evidence of what the CIA wrought in the world in defense of its mission to “make the world safe for US Corportacracy” under what I term the “Dulles Principles.” The CIA was a “thug” organization that overthrew democratically elected governments in favor of right-wing dictatorships favorable to US corporate interests. JFK became a victim of these campaigns, in part, because of his (unreported) support of emerging third world nations/leaders.
    The organization responsible for “domestic affairs” was the FBI, the chief “non-investigative” body in the JFK murder. Both the CIA and FBI conspired to participate in the murder cover-up, more likely because the FBI figured out the CIA was also using Oswald (or his name) in covert intelligence operations (Remember Oswald asked to see FBI agent in New Orleans in summer of 1963 following his arrest for public disturbance with the CIA backed DRE). This inter-agency conflict probably got Oswald killed because he did know too much. DRE members suspected him of being an infiltrator and an intelligence asset of some US agency. Also, it was the FBI that initially concluded Oswald was the lone deranged assassin. Despite what “talking heads” say about Jack Ruby, he has enough mob connections that indicate the mob was assigned the hit on Oswald. (Remember also that the Mob and CIA [Roselli/Harvey] were conspirators in plots to assassinate Castro). The unspoken “underworld illegalities” of gun running, gambling, drugs, and prostitution, were part of the “activities” of many of the characters who emerge on the JFK assassination landscape. The CIA and FBI looked the other way when their agents/assets/contractors/informants were engaged in these activities. Nevertheless, this criminal element was a rich source of intelligence because this “subterranean umbrella” encompassed many persons with multiple connections to many right-wing organizations. One reporter wrote (based on info from high government official – JFK?)that, if a coup took place in the US, it would come from the CIA. Indeed, that coup did take place shortly after this article was published. Someone stated that we already know the truth about JFK’s murder…there is no paper trail; no “smoking gun” and no proof as to who approved and initiated the plot. This does not mean we don’t know. Common sense tells us that the CIA’s assets/clients were responsible. When you look at the extant record following the JFK coup, clearly the acts of the CIA in foreign countries reflects more executive approval to interfere in the affairs of foreign governments. 2017 will be an exercise in dispensing more CIA crumbs.

    1. Investigate medical

      The US was no different from other countries we took over other governments, we killed leaders, we are no Disney world. Trump used his power not to release the rest of those records while he perused them. Everyone involved is dead or too old. We have not learned from are history obviously because we are still killing our young people in wars across the world and maiming them physically and emotionally for life. Release the records. Maybe this President will. Like we were treated like babies about the virus not to have the information not to panic only millions dead a year later. Oh that makes perfect sense even for the non science believers I guess go dig up the millions of bodies like back in 1918 when there denial there too.

  7. Everything that I have read points to a conspiracy. However, regardless of what I have read that LBJ had no involvement, I still do not believe that to be true. LBJ controlled the investigation in some regards probably insisting America should not air its dirty laundry to the world. Unfortunately at 63 years of age, I may leave this earth never knowing the full truth, but regardless, every citizen in this Country needs to know the truth after all of these years.

  8. Michael Koller

    United States Citizens deserve to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about who and why, murdered JFK November 22 1963. I was only 9 years old then and it made a lasting impression on myself. After viewing The Magruder film many times, its quite obvious, the head shot to JFK came from the front not the back. You have to be blind to think otherwise.

    Why do they all keep lieing to us? It makes any one skeptical of our Government. Its a terrible terrible thing.

    1. I personally think the CIA was involved because they wanted to initiate Operation Northwoods, which involved false terrorist attacks against American citizens and blaming it on Cuba to start a war. President Kennedy didn’t agree and signed it off. Honestly I don’t think the CIA agreed with him

  9. I think Kennedy was killed by 2 people that day when he was shot. Lee Harvey Oswald lied about shooting he shot him once and in the building and the other person shot Kennedy in the grassy area. Kennedy did have secrets that he has in’t told his wife about like cheating with other women.

    1. I think you meant to say that Oswald shot him from the TSBD, but he was “killed” by a grassy-knoll shooter. I agree with you that there was more than one shooter, I just wanted to see if you could clarify what you said.

  10. “David Phillips was a trust fund kid from Fort Worth, Texas, who was recruited into the CIA in the 1950s”

    which reminds me of something Lyndon Johnson said:

    “The CIA is made up of boys whose families sent them to Princeton but wouldn’t let them into the family brokerage business.” – Lyndon Johnson

  11. If Enemy Agents killed JFK then it is going to be way after 2017 (that’s 50 plus 4 years) before all the documents are released.

    Does anyone know why the date was set at 2017?

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      [MDG:] “Does anyone know why the date was set at 2017?”

      The 100th. anniversary of Kennedy is May 29, 2017.

      Also, 2017 is the 25th. year after the JFK Records Act of 1992 was signed, reluctantly, by George The Elder.


      It stands to logic that the centennial was the real reason. There will be a heck of a lot of questions that year.


      1. Ramon, I might agree with the 100th yr anniversary theory had John Kennedy held his rightful place in ‘official’ American history and the anniversary was intended to have a psychological impact on our democracy. However, I tend to think those responsible for delaying the release of records would be more aligned with diminishing the legacy of President Kennedy. I agree with your second proposition, that 2017 holds significance because of the Records Act, presuming that after 25 year most politicians involved would have become either disinterested or less impassioned; or that by then their political careers would be exhausted. We can also consider the possibility that those who set the date were kicking the can down the road, confident that the next generation of ‘weak spined’ politicians would push out the date for “security” reasons. Time will tell, no?

        1. Ramon F Herrera

          “I tend to think those responsible for delaying the release of records would be more aligned with diminishing the legacy of President Kennedy.”

          Hi Leslie: Not everybody is into delaying. Keep in mind that among those in position of power (which is by definition partial/shared) there are some on our side. See for instance the blueprints of the TSBD which I requested. There are some people in the Dallas County who are obscurantists and others who want disclosure. I was advised to use the Texas FOIA equivalent (“Open Records Act”) in order to get the blueprints.


  12. I believe the files are being withheld because, contained in them, is information that the US government of that era had been compromised by agents of enemy governments during that period (USSR & Cuba. This becomes obvious with the success of Castro in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion; a success due to correct Intel flowing to Castro from his & the Soviet Union’s agents rooted deep inside the most secret & sensitive operations of the US Government.

    Similar to parents fearing to reveal their weaknesses to their offspring, the US government of 1963-1964 feared revealing to the American people that their Federal Government had been infiltrated by enemy agents that murdered their young President in a savage & brazen display of power.

    This, I believe, is what the unreleased JFK Records Act files will indicate when released & will stir up a firestorm of questions as to what happened to those former enemy agents & just how badly compromised is the US Government today?

  13. What has baffled me most about these seven unreleased JFK files is why there is a date attached to them. Perhaps I’m really uninformed but why is it okay to release them in 2017 but it wasn’t okay to release them in say, 1964 or 2013? And if it’s information concerning a cover up, why release them at all? If they were going for a cover-up, they could have destroyed any such files or information long ago. Is there a witness or someone involved who specified a date? Is there a particular policy they have?It’s really baffling to me. Is there something I’m missing, something that went over my head? Would appreciate enlightenment on the issue. Thank you.

  14. If the CIA is willing to release these files in October of 2017, they must not be that “earth shattering” concerning the JFK assassination. Perhaps other sensitive information is connected with these files? Does anyone know why a 2017 date was applied to the releasing of the files involved?? Are they keeping a promise to the Kennedy family or someone on a witness protection program? If they were keeping some cover-up information sealed, hidden from the public it seems to me they would keep it sealed as long as possible . Why would it be okay to release these files in 2017 and not today? What changes as of October, 2017??

  15. It’s going to take someone with experience wrestling with the entities stubbornly guarding the unreleased JFK records to get those records released. Someone like Jefferson Morley, his attorney & staff here at JFK Facts. I’m thinking along the lines of a special Presidential, Congressional or Senate appointment.

    The others involved simply failed to get the job done.

  16. It is quite clear that the CIA and FBI have deliberately cut off supply of information about LHO and JR to the Warren Commission; HSCA; Church Committee; ARRB; in a blatant attempt to suppress the truth, and disable proper attempts at investigation.
    Other factors relevant to any genuine investigation of events have met with similar negligence on the part of the above mentioned including presidents and administrations.
    How many more years and excuses must Americans tolerate before information is released in good faith and intention.
    Will 2017 see the release of files or will this travesty continue ?
    Can these over funded and law unto themselves bodies of so called national intelligence interest be relied upon to allow a proper investigation of JFK’s assassination ? I think not.
    The greatest treachery in this case has been committed by those organisations that continue to hide behind the facade of national interest, and the structures that allow this to continue.

  17. The CIA and FBI have a lot to answer for with respect to the deliberately scant amount of evidence presented to the Warren Commission about their own actions during the assassination; and their knowledge of and associations with Lee Harvey Oswald. Both organisations are fearful of the truth being revealed of their complicit treachery against the interests of their nation. For example, why are Lee Harvey Oswald’s tax records classified ? Are these records so sensitive to the intelligence community as to warrant non disclosure ?

  18. This post brings us to the question:

    What is the official position of the CIA toward Antonio Veciana? Do they acknowledge him in any way, shape or fashion? Anybody knows?

    1. [Joe Doe:]

      “The reason the documents haven’t been released is because one of the main players is still alive…”


      Mr. Doe: Recall that there were 2 conspiracies:

      • Murder
      • Coverup

      It is hard to believe that Bush the Elder was part of the former. He was more of a “useful fool”. The following public facts are very telling.

      (1) Barr McClellan was the first person close to LBJ (his lawyer, no less) who pointed his finger toward JFK’s successor, claiming that the 36th. had dispatched the 35th.

      (2) The son of Bush appointed the son of McClellan as his Press Secretary.



      Can you imagine some president appointing -say- the son of Jim Garrison as White House spokesperson? What would you conclude? With the appointments they are trying to tell us something.

  19. I wonder how much of all this verbiage would be on this page if everyone simply agreed, regarding the government, that “they’re all crooks and liars”?

  20. so, John, you’ve never seen or heard this tape; just hearsay, third hand knowledge of not just its existence but its content. Won’t work.

  21. John McAdams wrote:

    But a recording, made of a soap opera on TV so it could be listened to later, recorded the shot.

    have you heard the recording? Do you own it? Citation, please, for its place in your personal collection; or a link to the sound file.

  22. So as well as these CIA files, there is thought to be some NSA files that are relevant to JFK, as well as ONI files (Bill Kelly’s website has information on this). Have the FBI released all their files concerning the assassination of JFK?

    I read that the Russians gave Clinton KGB files on President Kennedy in the 1990s. Does anybody know if the Cubans have any intelligence files that might be relevant, for example reports on informants in the anti-Castro Cuban community in the USA? I have read that Escalante meet with researchers in the 1990s, and said that he had informants in this important group.

  23. Lets once and for all also find out what role George de Mohrenschildt really played leading up to the assassination.What was his real connection to the CIA.What was really the truth behind his death and who was involved ?? The cassette tape that recorded his supposed suicide has been destroyed or so I have been told by The Florida State Attorneys Office. “If one can believe such a thing”. On that crucial piece of evidence foot steps can be heard on the hard wood floors of the Nancy Tilton home then a gun shot.Strange thing though in the death scene photo’s de Mohrenschildt is sitting dead with no shoes on only socks and no shoes are next to his body or even in the room were this took place.Second strange thing. No exit wound to de Mohrenschildt’s head after he had supposedly place the 20 gauge shot gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.Third strange thing .No finger prints were ever found on the shot gun he supposedly used to kill himself.No prints none. Fourth strange thing .Six people were in the Tilton home or with feet of it on the outside and no one heard a shot no one heard or seen a thing.Something is very fishy concerning this case.

    1. Tommy,

      I’ll bite. First, thanks for your information. I’ve not heard this before. What is (are) your source (sources) of information?

      If no fingerprints were found on the shotgun, that’s a giveaway.

      No exit wound? The entire back of the head should have been blown off. Are you sure?

      Tommy, please give us your bona fides. Your information is pretty explosive.

      1. Jonathan, I have just read Destiny Betrayed (second edition) by Jim DiEugenio. He says that according to the crime scene and the autopsy there was not any exit wound to the rear of the skull. The shotgun was lying in a strange position on the ground, and there was an issue over whether the bathroom door was closed or not (page 337).

      2. Here is the coroner’s report on de Mohrenschildt’s death, with lots of details:


        The shotgun was loaded with small birdshot, which might explain the absence of an exit wound.

        The report attributes the absence of fingerprints to “the heavy concentration of blood on the barrel and stock of the weapon.”

        However, experts say the absence of prints on a weapon isn’t unusual. For instance, this article in a forensics journal says “very few identifiable latent prints are found on firearms.”


        1. Jean, the people in the house did not hear the shotgun going off. Was this because there was birdshot in the shotgun rather than a shell?

          1. Jean, I am not convinced that de Mohrenschildt was murdered. I read some things about his death, but your clarification was helpful in clearing up some of the circumstances surrounding his death.

    2. It’s been a while since I’ve read about the details but if I remember correctly the positioning of the gun found at the scene was indicative of him not firing it (or impossible to do so).

    3. Most of the things you are calling “strange” aren’t strange at all. That seems to be a very subjective judgment on your part.

      As for:

      no one heard a shot no one heard or seen a thing.

      But a recording, made of a soap opera on TV so it could be listened to later, recorded the shot.

      But you aren’t doubting that he was shot, are you?

      As for the tape being destroyed, please post a citation for that.

  24. S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

    In “Clay Shaw Unmasked: The Garrison Case Corroborated” (by Joan Mellen) we find…”There were two figures about whom (the) CIA was worried and decided to protect. One was marked the [Oswald file], and contained documents dating from April 1959, prior to Oswald’s departure for the Soviet Union. A period for which the CIA insisted it had no knowledge of him (LHO).

    (…OBSERVATION, the WC also promised in testimonies not to release letters between 1959-1963, which included letters between Lee and Marina and one Jim Martin).

    The other file (the) CIA concealed from the Curch committee had to do with [Jack Martin], who figured prominently in Jim Garrison’s investigation. The Office of Security revealed it had denied the Curch committee four sets of records from its “Vol.VI”. These files referred to a man named “Jack Martin” or “John G. Martin” or “Joseph James Martin”.

    Another CIA document refers to the Agencies use of the name “Jack Martin” as a [generic](alias), which was their term. As Louisiana HSCA Investigator L.J. Delsa, a former New Orleans homicide officer, explained to me, this is so you could never be certain you were dealing with the correct Jack Martin (or John, Joseph, James or Jim…any of which could also be J.Martin…my addition). Delsa concluded that Jack Martin was [hard core] CIA.”

    So here you have “generic” alias names Jack, John, Joseph, James (Jim) Martin being concealed from committee investigators. Then letters (pre-assassination letters) being witheld from the public (between a Jim Martin and Lee and Marina Oswald. And this is being done while a J. Martin visits Jack Ruby in jail and Marina is placed in protective custody of Jim Martin?

  25. Hello.

    This writer is, respectfully, at odds as to the relative importance of the above cited files, (as well as their subject personalities) vis-a-vis the identification the primum mobile behind the Kennedy assassination.

    Having expended some thousands of hours mired in the Horse Latitudes of the NARA JFK Database, I am convinced that the most important, i.e., potentially informative, JFK files are not even in CIA custody but are, for the most part, retained by the FBI who, after all, were tasked with carrying out the grunt-work of the JFK coverup (among so many others).

    These files remain, to employ the governments’ demure linguistics, “postponed in full.”

    The key questions then become: Who was/is the Bureau serving? And preserving?

    If tomorrow, we were to learn everything there is to know about the likes of Yuri Nosenko, George Joannidess, or even David Morales, the roles of whom are sideshows — at best — we would be no closer to identifying the forces (or faces) behind JFK’s murder!



    1. JQP, I tend to align with your proposition, and believe that the more pertinent question is who had/has the ability to withhold those files rather than what might or not be recorded in them, if that makes any sense. The files themselves most likely reveal footprints and little else; for example O’Neal’s handling of information that could have changed history. For that reason, the pursuit of the files makes sense. However, I put little energy into anticipating specifics. I expect that those on the front lines in pursuit of the files will be savvy enough to read between the lines, otherwise they may be sorely disappointed. I view the court challenge from a separate angle … it could well establish precedent, and for that reason, I’m in support of the effort. Meanwhile, I’m with you … what about the FBI keepers of the domestic keys. There was a character in New Orleans, Bartlett I think was the name, who at the time was acting liaison between FBI and CIA who might well have had the answers … how did information pass back and forth. The problem is, by the very nature of the recruitment practice, the inculcation, I think it was and is difficult for these people to break through the wall of silence imposed on them from the outset of their training.

  26. Is it possible to compile a list of all JFK-related files that remain classified?
    Shouldn’t someone sue for the release of all of these documents?
    For instance I believe the HSCA deposition of William Seymour is still classified.
    The refusal to release LHO’s tax returns is IMO telling. It would almost seem evident that he was receiving money from an agency of the U.S., or from someone acting on behalf of the U.S.

  27. most all the american people are cowards an sheep an just believe what their told i see more people are starting too believe the Posner government story an thats totally full of you know what….way too many witnesses ignored cause they would not conform too the bull the government wanted us too beleive…witnesess killed way to many shady CIA an mafia figures their around Dealy Plaza that day…yeah thats not strange…Oswald just strolled out to be killed very light security for the worlds most wanted man again not strange at all…what a scam an so many of you are falling for it

    1. Tony, you mention Posner. I read his “Case Closed”, and came away feeling that all he did was write why he felt it wasn’t a conspiracu; that is, doubting the conspiracy theorists. I didn’t see that he really thought it was Oswald alone.

  28. Oh certainly CIA is guarding. Our problem is that without blowing secrets we’ll never know, and blowing secret’s isn’t good. Of course I realize that we’re all to suppose that the Agency conveniently hides behind these euphemisms and ambiguities, but yes, there still are secrets that CIA must hide. I say this as one who concludes that CIA organized JFK’s public beheading, beside our lovely First Lady. I feel it’s idiotic to claim otherwise. But let CIA keep its more sensitive material, or else we’ll compound the terrible crime by inviting retributions against old people. And that’s not at all satisfactory.

  29. Jeff,

    In addition to your 7 key files, there may be another person to add whose has withheld files in the National Archives JFK database. The individual is Johnny Roselli.

    When searching the database for the Term “Roselli” and Restrictions “referred”, 66 records are listed. Many of these are currently categorized as Top Secret or Secret, Referred and Postponed in Full, which is more proof that key files need to be released. In addition, the listing of subjects included in these 66 files outlines topics such as William Harvey and anti-Castro groups.

  30. Lee Harvey Oswald murderd JFK by himself. No conspiracy. No evidence to prove otherwise. People have spent their lives looking for it. it’s not there because it does’nt exist.3 shots all from the depository.

    1. Then why lock away the files for so long?

      Why conduct other investigations after the WC?

      You can’t uphold the old official version if you’ve studied the case in full.

    2. Joseph, you don’t show us any proof that it was Oswald alone. As for “no evidence to prove otherwise”, a lot of that evidence was tampered with. The mark on the curb where Tague was injured, the number of shells at the “sniper’s nest” location, the fact that the Warren Commission ignored many witnesses who could provide conspiracy evidence, etc….

    3. Joseph, can you prove Oswald was the lone killer? There was no real investigation to consider it might have been someone else, which, to me, doesn’t show it was Oswald alone. Why was there no investigation to consider it might have been someone else? Because the FBI and the Johnson White House din’t want to have such an investigation.

    4. Well, since the Dallas police chief, Jesse Curry (who experienced a home invasion of three French thugs impersonating journalists, who were only interested in interrogating him on his knowledge of the assassination) said: we never placed Oswald with the weapon, or at the scene.

  31. They should open all files to the public besides the files belong to the tax payers what’s the secrets all about and if they don’t you know exactly where to point the finger and its in plain sight

  32. I think the more important and telling documents were destroyed long time ago. There is reason to believe that they have already destroyed others,right? “I think this record ought to be destroyed.”— Warren Commissioner Allen Dulles

    I guess they could of inadvertently left something that could lead to the truth someday.

  33. I post Boris Pash Job Bio because his work from !958 to June 1963 has been hidden from public and lied about at Church Committie He had every reason to monitor LHO and do what his charter at PB/7 allowed him to do
    After the war, Pash held a number of important staff jobs, beginning
    in 1946 as the Chief of the Foreign Liaison for General
    MacArthur in Tokyo. In March 1949 he was detailed to the Central
    Intelligence Agency’s Office of Policy Coordination where he oversaw
    programs in West Germany for three years.17 Pash then ran
    special forces planning with the U.S. Forces in Austria from 1952-
    1953. He became the Sixth Army Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
    from 1953-1956. In 1956 he joined the staff of the Assistant
    Secretary of Defense for Guided Missiles. Colonel Pash retired from
    the Army in 1957 but immediately embarked on a civilian career that
    would use his science and technology intelligence background. His
    first civilian job was Chief of the Eastern European and USSR Division,
    Quartermaster Technological Intelligence Agency. He transferred
    to the Army’s Foreign Science and Technology Center, retiring
    from the civil service in June 1963.

    1. The secret to White Russian Boris Pash is his last 5 years employment as Civilion Chief of Technological Intelligence for Eastern European and USSR 1958 to June 1963 He used all his skills and assets gained from 18 years of counter-intelligence. planning assassinasions and working with and recruiting war criminals. There was no one better to handle Lee Harvey Oswald
      My Rockefeller Scenario would be David talking to John McCloy or Lewis Strauss, “Kennedy has become a big problem you have to get rid of him” John or Lewis reply “I have perfect man, got rid of Stalin, Dag Hammarskjold and pulled off U-2 WITHOUT A HITCH, BORIS PASH” David replied “Good Man if he needs any help he can call on Nelson’s cousin TRACY BARNES.
      This was not first collaboration of Barnes and Pash in 1944 there goal was Nazi scientist Heisenberg. Barnes role as head of Clandestine Domestic Operations CIA and Pash role as Military Intelligence for USSR brought them together FOR LHO OVERSIGHT

      1. Colonol Boris T Pash committed Perjury At Church Committee Hearing and Senator Richard Schweiker by allowing Pash lies to go unchallenge sould be charged with obstruction of justice. It is not to late to get to truth and see Justise Served

  34. Pingback: JFKfacts » Ex-flame says Jack Ruby ‘had no choice’ but to kill Oswald

  35. all these documents are nice and great to get released. but go to jfk murders solved dot com and we need a real medical forensic investigation outside of the governemt because they lie and cannot be trusted.

    we need to kennedy’s body exhumed and examine the head and try to find the brain so it can be determined where the shots came from.

    our government was taken over that day and all of kennedy’s policies were reversed. we to implement his policies and get our country back and be the power that the world excpects us to be.

    if we don’t do any of that everything else is just talk and basically hogwash.

    there is something sinister about our government that is deep down and we the people need to weed it out.

    every president that wanted to debt free currency for our great republic has been killed. there would of been a fifth if the assassin’s gun hasn’t misfired on Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson got this coutnry out of debt and got rid of the central bank.

    why was mccoy the president or ceo or whatever of a BANK put on the warren commission that was suppose to be a murder investigaion.

    I want my country back and I personally think we don’t have our country anymore and it is being run by criminals.

    1. Exhume the body of JFK, yes I agree, just to confirm it is Kennedy. They stole the body once, who knows it could have happened again prior to burial.

    2. This case could come down to a combination of common-sense and facts. Didn’t Woodward and Bernstein use a lot of common sense thinking in their Watergate reporting?

  36. Steven S. Barrada

    Great site.
    Food for thought(if not already known by your readers)
    1)Lee Oswald”s W-2″s are still CLASSIFIED-this gray,mousey little nobody’s tax returns are a matter of national security.This fact alone speaks volumes about who LHO was,and his purpose.
    2)The CIA is still resisting the court ordered release of over
    1500 pages of documents relevant to the case.
    3)At the behest of Jackie Kennedy and the Kennedy family many
    documents were to be witheld from release and publication for SEVENTY years.It is a straight line from the Business plot of the 1930’s(orchestrated by-JP Morgan,Prescott Bush,Averill Harriman,George Herbert Walker et al to overthrow the president FDR)
    to Dealey Plaza w/ the same interests and players.A coup that was never rolled back.

    1. What documents are being withheld per the request of the Kennedys?
      I’ve never heard of this one before.
      Is that an additional classification component to federal law?

  37. Great job, Jeff. We all need this summary in our back pocket to demonstrate to others the depth and breadth of the CIA’s mystifying determination to keep half-century-old secrets. Without an educated, clamoring public, it seems, these secrets will never be released. Thanks, and keep shining the light into those dark corners of this supposedly transparent government.

  38. Gerald, your links don’t support your claims and seem to have nothing to do with your statements.Who was dag Hammarskj? If you can’t even take the effort to find out who the UN Secretary General was why should anybody believe your allegations? You obviously never caught my orthodox pun. Which reveals that you know little about Colonel Pash. Fortunately for the reputation of a dead patriot, I do.

  39. What reason a half century later would there still be JFK files kept from the public , who paid for them ? Ask yourself why ? Jeff this is a great insight , and really liked this thread.

  40. I would like to see files on assassination team” within CIA, headed by a certain Colonel Boris Pash who would have followed LHO Russia sojourn, his last Gov. job June 1963

    1. Nonsense. Read “Heisenberg’s War” if you want to learn about this exceptional man who had nothing to do with assassination.

          1. Revisionist or Ortodox i’m only interested in the truth.Under oath genuine super hero Boris stated he took early retirerment from Army because of total disability (bad back heart attacts and radiation poison. Leaving Army he took a civilion job as chief of Army Technical Intelligence for USSR AND EASTERN BLOCK.If boris was doing his job he would know LHO role in Russia. Pash has a long history assosiation with J Mccloy and A Dulles It would be strange if he did not know George de Mohrenschildt
            Boris Pash PB7 charter had assassination as part of there roll

          2. photon why did Pash LIE to Church Jan 7 1976 about his retirerment?
            photon why was Pash civilian Inteligence Job kept seacred even to a Senate commity?

      1. Thanks photon for the one-up on“Heisenberg’s War” now i know why Pash was fired from Manhattan Project,”On june 29,1943 Pash..wrote a memo to the Pentagon recommending that Oppenheimer be denied a security clearance and fired.” [p233, American Prometheus]. He agitated against Oppenheimer to such an extent that he was given an overseas assignment –AlSOS. AT ALSO HE HAD ORDERS TO STAY IN LONDON, If a loose cannon like Pash came into hands of Germans.

  41. S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

    Of particular interest would be why David Atlee Phillips was so worried about being identified (correctly or incorrectly) as Raul Salcedo.

  42. We should all support Mr Morley’s lawsuit seeking Joannide’s records. They are obviously JFK assassination related and as such are being illegally witheld by the CIA.

    It has been shown that the CIA have misled and lied to the WC and the HSCA. This is the murder of a president and such behaviour should not be allowed to continue.

      1. Prove what? That the CIA lied to and misled the WC and HSCA?
        I feel that the fact that neither the WC or the HSCA were informed of the CIA sponsorship of the DRE would prove that. And also putting forward George Joannides as liason to the HSCA without declaring his role in 1963 would also prove that.

      2. It has been shown that CIA has not let the Joannides documents be seen by the general public, and because they have not done so, many people have grown suspicious of CIA. THAT we can say with complete confidence.

      3. Even Robert Blakey says the CIA lied to him. The best book I’ve read documenting the various lies associated with the WC is Breach of Trust. It’s all there.

      4. Read this interview with Robert Blakey, especially toward the end:


        “CIA clearly did lie about the case. For example, Helms lied about the case. The CIA appear to have been not cooperative, to have put out false photographs of Oswald, to have claimed they had no photographs of Oswald. There were many cases where they seem to have tried to cover their tracks.

        We also now know that the Agency set up a process that could only have been designed to frustrate the ability of the committee in 1976-79 to obtain any information that might adversely affect the Agency.

        Many have told me that the culture of the Agency is one of prevarication and dissimulation and that you cannot trust it or its people. Period. End of story.

        I am now in that camp.”

      5. Photon,

        “Deception is a state of mind and the mind of the State.” ~James Jesus Angleton

        I think anyone who has made a serious study of CIA would find it ludicrous that anybody would balk at the idea that the ‘Agency’ would lie.

        Naivete is not innocence, it is dangerous ignorance.

      6. “Prove it?”

        Lol. Are you kidding Photon? Any reason why they call it the JFK Records Act?

        This is the long title FYI:

        An Act to provide for the expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

  43. I am more interested in the Army and Navy intellegence files related to the assasination. Although both deny any assasination files exist, there is ample evidence that files do exist and have not seen the light of day.

    1. Bill, that is an excellent point. There are extensive redactions in the already released JFK Assassination Records at the Archives, and these redactions must be released as well to have any approximation of full disclosure.

    2. Bill, Mine is pure speculation: could these files contain evidence of operations and/or styles of operations that are ongoing? Even if the redactions cover individuals who are now deceased, the entities with which they were associated could be fully functioning, albeit under new identities, and can still be tracked. Thousands and thousands of businessmen were seconded for intelligence operations after WWII based on their access to relatively unimpeded international travel with the blessing and often the collaboration of their employers. Could these entities’ names be among the redactions?

  44. A little typo up there on Phillips… He founded not the Association of Foreign Intelligence Officers, but the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.

    Of course, it’s wiser to take the “Former” with the same grain of salt as the idea that Hunt was working for Nixon (as opposed to working for Helms, AGAINST Nixon).

    As a history student, I have been having an internal debate the value of the Hunt confession; clearly the details are spurious, but I wonder if it can at least be taken as historical evidence of Hunt’s own involvement (probably on a greater scale than he admitted to). Aside from the dubious nature of the “Corsican gunman” element, my instinct on the conspiracy model Hunt presented was that he sought to divert attention from his mentor and benefactor Allen Dulles towards LBJ, even if it meant fingering his old friends Phillips and Morales.

  45. Then there are those we will never see in any form. Like the roughly 200 page debriefing file on Johnny Roselli from when his association with the CIA was terminated. That was heavily redacted with limited access even within the CIA. The officer reporting this said at that at a later date it wasn’t there anymore. From Flawed Patriot: Bill Harvey, written by a agent who worked for Harvey.

    1. Just re-reading old post’s. Thought this one relevant to a current discussion. I.E., what about that two day getaway with Rosseli on the ocean off Florida in April 63′?

      1. Even though he is not technically in the CIA, considering his Mafia role in the Castro assassination attempts make his file too important. Why was it destroyed by the CIA?

  46. Some WWI era documents were just released two years ago, after nearly a century. Based on that, it’s not particularly surprising that CIA docs from 50 years ago haven’t been declassified yet.

    1. I don’t know if you were making a moral judgement or just citing what you know, Bugle Boy, but CIA wasn’t around during WW1. For those arguing a negative (“Jimmy lied to his teacher so why shouldn’t I?”) doesn’t cut it. These files from 50 years ago hold nothing of importance, security-wise, as almost everyone directly related in them is dead. The only threat they pose today is to the CIA’s historical legacy. From the information that people like Senator Frank Church got out over 35 years ago however, I think we all know that CIA has done some pretty heinous things. And from what we know of what former President Harry Truman wrote about the Agency going way beyond what he wanted when he oversaw their creation, in 1947, I think a good case could be made for trimming and slimming down CIA’s power, particularly its covert operations. Here is a link to Harry Truman’s OP/ED, entitled: “Limit CIA Role to Intelligence), which Allen Dulles tried to persuade the former President to not publish:

      1. The files could contain information that may implicate people who are currently still living. Perhaps that is why they haven’t been released yet.

        1. Does current U.S. legal doctrine not include a suspension of limitation period for cause of action that was/is fraudulently concealed…?

        2. If you read “Family of Secrets” by Russ Baker, it is obvious who is still alive who he believes could be implicated, if not convicted, by the release of too many CIA files. I imagine after Poppy shuffles of this mortal coil, more information will come out.

  47. Good post. Albert Osborne is another one who has several files in the NARA database referred and postponed in full and he’s been dead for years. Also there are many files on the Paines that are still withheld – their tax returns for example, but also some referring to Oswald and his contacts. Why?

  48. Why not release all of the CIA files from 1960-1968?
    I am sure that there is some mention of JFK and his assassination in many of them, the Agency had to look into all possible intel associations plus the ramifications of change in intel strategy as LBJ took over-the first being termination of attempts to kill Castro.
    You can forget about the files of Nosenko as they involve specific interrogation techniques and information that can never be made public. In addition, the whole affair was a fiasco because of Angleton’s obsession with moles and double agents; the Agency is not one for hanging out dirty laundry.
    You forget that all of these files contain sensitive national security data totally unrelated in any way to JFK or his assassination.

    1. I would be for that. What could be that sensitive after 50 years and a totally changed geopolitical situation? The Russians already no doubt know virtually all of it anyway. The main people in the dark are the domestic population (which is true for most currently classified materials).

    2. The current executive order requires automatic declassification at 50 years unless a special plea is made for longer secrecy. In response to the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act, CIA ultimtely decided to place all the OSS records in the Archives where they are open to public inspection- double agents and all. This will eventually happen with CIA and other intelligence records as well- it is only a matter of the timing.

      1. Yes, time like many things, reveal the truth. With time, we learned the truth of many events that shaped the future of our country and of others throughout these last few decades. Stories, that if told at that moment, would’ve prevented all kinds of terrible things to happen. But it is outrageous that for years we have to live in fear and mystery because of events that were provoked in circumstances that in the end hurt the general population. JFK was a great symbol of the duty everyone has as a citizen in seeking always the good of the people. Many leaders at that time, had very different priorities, the French being angry at the weakening of their grip, and the other parties in the US having yet other plans to lead the nation because of the lack of honesty in the nation. And this, is why many people, search for these answers despite the fact that JFK was no saint, he made merits to earn the respect of the people. Hence, it is only fair if it is revealed to us at least what had actually happened to him. Which is why I support this research made on his assassination. Lack of information, situational information, is dangerous and people should try searching the truth to protect themselves as a whole. I find it unfair that for every crime, we need to wait 25 years for a crime to be wronged. Things done in selfishness for political agendas.

    3. After 50 years, the “National Security” excuse is lame.

      The Cold War ended over 20 years ago. The US has normal relations with Vietnam. Most of the details about the plots to kill Castro have been declassified. With regard to files from 50 years ago, what National Security risk exists today?

      1. I think “National Security” can be translated to mean “So I don’t get caught”(when we think of that phrase being used relative to the JFK Asassination files.)

    4. I have said this before, that after 50 years, even the Nosenko files should be released. Most people already can find information on his being held down near York, VA for interrogation. If you look at the timeframe of JFK’s assassination, it was 22 years after Pearl Harbor was attacked. I believe all of the intelligence concerning that attack, including prior to and the aftermath of it, is now publicly available, and has been for about 20 years at least. Using those standards, all CIA files concerning JFK that Morley is trying to get public access to should be released. Period.

      If you get too hung up with “police state” security you conceivably could keep facts and files in the can, sealed up from the Civil War, even going back to the War of 1812—-and that’s ridiculous. JFK’s assassination is of historic importance. If CIA won’t release the files, we should press Congress to force the issue. Whose country is it anyway?

    5. S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

      “the Agency is not one for hanging out dirty laundry.”

      By dirty laundry, do you mean like illegally forging the documents and history of Nazi Scientists from the Nazi Military Industrial Complex? Forging the documents so that these Nazi’s could be secretly shuffled into the USA? Nazi’s like General Walker maybe? An industrial complex that JFK was attempting to put a leash on? The same Military Industrial complex that took us into Vietnam after JFK’s assassination?

      And you wonder why people question the CIA witholding their records…can’t imagine.

      1. Probably even more damning, no doubt, would be a complete forensic audit of the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI (and the Federal Reserve). With all the embezzlement over the years at the CIA, countless monies spewed forth on disinformation about the JFK, MLK and RFK assassinations, I believe many heads would literally roll and rivers of blood would form after such were made public.

        That former CIA type, Baer (or something like that), documents one ripoff by CIA people in one of his books, assuming that’s rare since this was the first one he was aware of — not rare, simply the first one a field operator stumbled upon!

    6. Jay sutherland

      Since you seem to defend the powers that be at every turn …explain the utter incompetence of the cia and fbi with respect to the 9-11 hijackers whom they could not find , after being tipped off ….even tnough some where listed in US phone books prior to 9-11?

      1. Actually, if you read the congressional after action reports on the CIA and FBI and NSA, you will find that the CIA was tracking them, partially through the NSA so they were also aware of them, right up until the hijackers took those airliners on 9/11/01.

    7. We just want these seven. An independent board like the ARRB can cherry pick the info relevant to the JFK assassination and leave out interrogation techniques and the such for the sake of current national security.

    8. “….the Agency is not one for hanging out dirty laundry.
      You forget that all of these files contain sensitive national security data totally unrelated in any way to JFK or his assassination.”

      The American people have ordered the CIA to hang out its 52 year old dirty laundry. The American people have judged that, on balance, the benefit of revealing these documents outweighs the risk to National Security. Is the CIA willing to cede to the will of the people?

  49. I applaud your efforts to get classified JFK related files released to the public. After 50 years, what legit reason could be given for keeping that stuff classified?

    On the other hand, I’m not expecting the release of these files to settle many questions about the Kennedy assassination. There might be some valuable information in those files but I doubt they contain a smoking gun relating to the JFK assassination. Any loose ends leading back to the CIA would most likely be severed by now. Any incriminating official documents would have been destroyed.

  50. I am an LN,but support Jeff’s valiant efforts to shed light on various matters.
    As for Hunt’s “deathbed confession” to his son, though – it just does not ring true.
    Any reference to the Corsican theory is nonsense: Steve Rivele will not discuss it now. I believe that’s due to fear – not for his safety,but the understandable fear of looking like a very sloppy and rather gullible researcher.

    1. One of the purveyors of the Corsican thread, and naysayers of Jean Souetre, appears to be rightwinger, Brad O’Leary, whose book, Triangle of Death, where he is supposed to have interviewed French OAS former assassin, Jean Souetre, the subject of the expulsion order (which as far as anyone still knows, came from the CIA (???), at least their’s is the only document mentioning it.

      Now, others thought of interviewing Souetre, but were warned against it as he was a most dangerous man, having been involved in an attempt on President de Gaulle’s life, and was involved in major number of killings in Algeria with the Red Hand of the OAS, also referred to as the “ultras” for their number of kills.

      Now when I first heard of Souetre, I was aghast so many appeared to have ignored him, but kept reading/hearing about Michel Mertz, and the suggestion it was Mertz impersonating Souetre that day.

      So where did this information on Mertz originate? From Brad O’Leary’s supposed interview of Jean Souetre, straight from Souetre’s mouth.

      Now, supposing that interview actually took place, just what kind of reliable source is an already proven presidential assassin? Souetre was a deserter from the French army, belonged to a fascist paramilitary organization, the OAS, involved with illegal murders and running of drugs, etc.

      This is a reliable source about Mertz? Who appears to be an alias, a creation, of either Souetre, French intelligence or Moise Maschkivitzan, another assassin from Europe (specifically a Belgian of Russian-Jewish descent).

      Could find birth records on Maschkivitzan, but Mertz’s records correspond to a death at age six, no further paperwork on Michel Victor Mertz.

      And Bradley O’Leary is one of the promoters of the Corsican mob connection (first the CIA gave us the anti-Castro Cubans, then the pro-Castro Cubans, then the KGB, then the Italian mob, and when French names first appeared, the Corsican mob (the Union Corse or Corsican Brotherhood).

      Always, always steering away from the obvious: those CIA declassified documents indicating a meet with Jean Souetre in Lisbon months before the JFK assassination, then Pfc. Eugene Dinkin’s intercept (while stationed at an NSA site in Metz, France) of several cables between CIA station in Italy (where William Harvey was chief) to an OAS site he’d been monitoring, which reveal that the hit on President Kennedy will take place in Dallas between 11/22 to 11/28; then three weeks prior to the murder, Allen Dulles and William Harvey journey to Dallas, then the expulsion order on Jean Souetre.

      The obvious should be stuck with, especially since so many appear hellbent to derail it?

      And people wonder how that expulsion order made it through the FOIA process to Mary Ferrell’s group at the foundation?

      Because 1), it was barely legible, a bad copy; and, 2) it was 1977, when Stansfield Turner took a mighty axe and was riffing as many of the CIA people as he could, while at the same time CIA people were turning up dead right and left just after they were called to testify before the HSCA.

  51. All of these files should be released by the 50th anniversary. And there should be investigation of other missing files, such as the Domestic Contact files from New Orleans that were reported to have been loaded in a U-Haul trailer and driven to CIA Headquarters, and never seen again.

    1. The Information council of the Americas files were moved out of New Orleans during Garrison’s investigation to California. Bannister’s files were immediately taken from his office on 544 camp street and all that was left was some fair play for Cuba leaflets like the ones Oswald passed out to build up his “pro-castro” cover before he went to Dallas.

      1. Everyone knows that E. Howard Hunt was involved with the Watergate Scandal as well as what I just read but does anyone know about G. Gordon Liddy? He was Hunt’s partner in Watergate.

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