Countdown to October 2017: a call to action

In collaboration with the Assassination Archives and Research Center, the Mary Ferrell Foundation, and JFK Facts, there is a new online resource for all who wish to stay informed about relevant developments as we approach the scheduled declassification and release of our government’s JFK assassination files:

NARA has put U. S. government agencies on notice that the withheld material is going to be released in 2017 unless they appeal to the President to prevent it.

The people of the United States must anticipate now that:

  • U.S. agencies, including the CIA, will appeal for postponing the release of some JFK Files
  • Without significant public pressure the president will assume that Americans are not interested in upholding the terms of the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act, and will agree to delaying JFK material

Over the course of the next twenty-five months citizens concerned about the possible continued withholding of these assassination records must:

  • Stay informed about the JFK Records Act;
  • Organize in ways to increase and share awareness
  • Contact elected representatives and 2016 presidential hopefuls see where they stand on full JFK disclosure in October 2017.

Join with us to ensure that our elected officials will uphold and enforce the terms of the President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act. Let them know that these records belong to the American people.

Read S.3006 – President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 Summary: S.3006 102nd Congress (1991-1992)

For more information and to sign up for future updates and notifications, please visit

We are entitled to the truth.

3 thoughts on “Countdown to October 2017: a call to action”

  1. I agree with Ronnie … “Wow” – however as of today, I see only one comment so far regarding Alan’s excellent approach and grass-root initiative toward the Truth, via “Countdown to 2017”. Everyone that has access to this Jefferson Morley website must realize that October 2017 is a significant opportunity to finally turn the tide regarding the Secret State within the USA … What do you say?

  2. Wow. Outstanding site. While I can’t claim to truly be a researcher myself I’ve never seen such a gathering of relevant information/links in one place. Being able to access MFF, JFKfacts, Lancer, CTKA and more from one page is wow, again.
    I’ve never listened to Alan Dale’s JFJ conversations and look forward to hours of enlightenment.

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