MKULTRA mystery: the CIA and Jack Ruby  

This incredible story of MKULTRA and Jack Ruby is, alas, well-documented.

Was the CIA manipulating Ruby mentally before or after he killed Oswald? It’s not a crazy question. Given what we now know, it’s a necessary question.

From Glomar Disclosure, a tale from the CIA’s own crypts.

one of the doctors that treated Jack Ruby was none other than Dr. Louis Jolyon West, equally infamous for both killing an elephant with LSD and other drugs and for his work in MKULTRA, CIA’s interrogation, hypnosis and mind control program.

Source: Doctor Wanted to Continue MKULTRA Research for CIA While Treating Jack Ruby – Glomar Disclosure


Jack Ruby


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  1. By his own admission, over the entire assassination weekend Jack Ruby had been taking a prescription medicine called Preludin, generic name phenmetrazine, an appetite suppressant. Chemically, phenmetrazine is a substituted amphetamine with a morpholine ring.
    Ruby explained to interrogators that Preludin made him feel euphoric, confident and capable.

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