Gayle Nix Jackson to talk about her grandfather’s JFK film

Orville Nix was a bystander with a movie camera in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. He gave his film of JFK’s assassination to the FBI. The Bureau later gave him back a second-generation copy of the film. The original is still missing.

Nix’s grandaughter, author Gayle Nix Jackson, will speak about her quest to recover the original Nix film–and what it might tell us–at the Book Warehouse in the Tanger Outlet Mall in Fort Worth, Texas on Friday, March 2 from 6-8 pm.

4 thoughts on “Gayle Nix Jackson to talk about her grandfather’s JFK film”

  1. First we should all thank Orville Nix for taking the film and Gayle for attempting to retrieve the original. I doubt that a shooter will be seen on the Grassy Knoll on the film but it would be nice to have it to analyze it thoroughly. Now as to why some in the research community are not excited about this it is quite a simple answer. Even if we do find the original there are those who will immediately question its authenticity as they have for almost every piece of hard evidence that is out there. Despite the fact that the Nix, Zapruder and Muchmore films all show the same events occurring at the same time from three different angles, some stubbornly refuse to believe that they are seeing the actual events on the film. It is easier for them to fabricate their own ridiculous theories about what transpired. Proof of conspiracy is on the films as well as the acoustic evidence.

  2. Thanks so much Jeff for being supportive of my quest to find the camera original. There’s a huge part of me who wants to vent, as I don’t understand why more people in the community aren’t concerned with finding this film. Why? Don’t people understand that finding the original would allow me to have it analyzed? We could put an end to one of the oldest of theories and beliefs: There were shooters on the knoll. Then again, it may prove that there was no one there. That would be good to know too wouldn’t it? Anyway, I do thank you for posting this but the appearance will be to sign my new book: Pieces of the Puzzle, which can be purchased on Amazon in Ebook and paperback as well as hardcover from me. The reviews I have received are outstanding in this is totally NEW research including interviews with Larrie Schmidt, Father Machann, Bernard Weissman and the sons of Robert Surrey. I do hope your members read it. I also hope that when we discuss missing evidence in the future, we add the Missing Nix film to the list. Thanks again!

    1. Gayle,
      Been a while since we were in contact. I was in Dallas Sept. 20-22,
      I would have liked to see and talk with you at that time but couldn’t
      find any any info about how to do it (until now).

      In any case perhaps we can somehow meet in the future.
      Though I’m still waiting for my copy of your book and, if you still have it, the original copy of the letter I sent to you about 2 or 3 years ago.:-)

      Best to you,


  3. P.S. This is not some “pet theory” that I have. This entire matter of Groden’s behavior (and the issue of “missing films”) is discussed –in detail, and at great length–in letters that I wrote to Jeremy Gunn during his tenure at the ARRB, and in connection with preparation being done when Groden was subpoenaed to answer questions about the Z film and other films. (My key letter on this subject is probably available at NARA). Groden’s deposition can be read, and any reader can form his own opinion about his behavior. Also, the issue is dealt with at some length in “Pig on a Leash.” Yes, Groden has gotten well deserved plaudits for “surfacing” the Zapruder film, but there is a very dark side to his character, that anyone who has studied the subject is well aware of.

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