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CIA & JFKMy ebook, CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files is based on thousands of pages of newly-declassified records and scores of interviews with former CIA officers.

In telling the story of my JFK research over twenty years, I lay bare the role of CIA employees involved in the events of 1963.

These are the men and women whose secretive actions related to the breakdown of presidential security on Nov. 22, 1963 were never explained by the U.S. government.

They include:

  • CIA officers who knew about the travels, politics and contacts of Lee Oswald before November 22, 1963. They included William J. Hood, Tom Karamessines, Jane Roman, David Phillips and others.
  • CIA officers known to have participated in assassination operations, including William Harvey and David Phillips.
  • CIA officers who, by their statement, implicated themselves in the JFK’s murder, such as Howard Hunt and David Morales.
  • CIA officers who perjured themselves or obstructed justice after the fact, such as George Joannides and James Angleton.

In the constellation of stories recounted in CIA & JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, you will see how the evidence adds up to a fact pattern.

2 thoughts on “The CIA & JFK on your Kindle”

  1. Yes, and the fact that Helms obstructed and perjured himself on Joannides and the DRE, makes it even clearer this case is far from ‘closed.’

    Just compare what Helms knows about the DRE in this internal CIA memo from Oct 1962: :

    To his statements under oath to the HSCA here:

    MR DODD:

    Are there other things that you can recall that might have had relevancy–things of importance, to the Warren Commission’s investigation of the assassination of an American President.

    Mr. HELMS – Well, I don’t know of any others. I can’t think of what they might have been, but then we might have been guilty of some other errors of omission, I don’t know. None come readily to mind. This didn’t come readily to mind at the time.


    Former head of the CIA, and second-in-command at the time of the assassination, is lying his arse off to Congress about what he knows.

    If you take into account that the WC didn’t know about the CIA subterfuge outlined above or the mob/CIA Castro assassination plots, and never investigated Ruby’s mob ties, you can throw out the Warren Report, IMO. It’s done serving as any kind of reality-based conclusion about the assassination.

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