Lost evidence: the original Orville Nix film

Orville Nix, a native of Dallas, took this film of JFK’s assassination. But as his granddaughter Gayle Nix Jackson explains on her website, this is NOT the camera original copy of the film. This is a copy of the film Nix gave to the FBI. The original of the film has never surfaced. It if it did, it might contain new visual information about the crime scene — or it might not. The loss of the original shows the lack of seriousness on the part of the FBI in investigating Kennedy’s death.


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  1. I am, again, reminded on the brevity of life. I just wasted 12 plus minutes watching this film, and another 15 reading the discussion of the authenticity. Mr. Nix captured an amazing sequence of events with his camera. It shows what it shows from the place he was standing. Nothing more or less. Everyone should walk away with this important thought. The alleged ‘shape at the corner of the retaining wall. There was NO PLACE to hide there. Those 3 men ran up those steps within a second or two of the last shot. They didn’t confront a man on his knee…getting up…holding a rifle. Nothing. To that point…they didn’t encounter Gordon Arnold’s man with a sniper rifle making him give him a camera and then his film. Nothing. Nobody ever confronts the stories of what they saw back there in the 5 seconds after the last shot. Now we have to read about the limo stopping. Nonsense. The Queen Mary slowed down to avoid hitting Mr. Hill (or, at best, the body of a possibly falling Jackie Kennedy off the back of the limo). Imagine if that horror were to happen.

    Every last person visits this website and just expands on a certain nano-second of time with theory after theory. There was no place to fire and stay hidden on that knoll. There was no way on God’s Green Earth that a human being stuck his head, let alone a rifle w/o being seen by DOZENS of people. The area is so tiny people. A human head/torso takes up 6 PICKETS of space (20 inches). When we see these amazing photos, especially the one taken by Mr. Nix, in conjunction with the Moorman Photo, one can clearly see no such person is back there. To insist that there is a shooter lurking there is just conspiracy mongering at it’s most sensational.

    I’d like to have people look at the Elsie Doorman film (taken from the TSBD). While it does not show the Assassination, what it does show is a man reacting to a sudden stimulus (a shot I’d argue) which occurs in the last 2 seconds at just about the time Oswald (or someone else) would have fired. Watch this mans head dramatically lurch left and upward. EOS.

    1. You’ve based your theory on nothing more than observing a film and making up a story you like. You say there is no space, people would have seen him. Do you not think people would have noticed Oswald? Do you not think people were looking at the President so why would they be staring at the grassy knoll? Dozens of people have discredited the 6th floor Oswald theory on the physical and technical requirements and restrictions so your theory just seems closed minded and determined to believe your own narrative.

  2. “The loss of the original shows the lack of seriousness on the part of the FBI in investigating Kennedy’s death.” Well, you could argue that they simply aren’t serious about anything. But arguing this loss could be explained by a lack of seriousness is a stretch, here, in my opinion. It’s not hard to differentiate between conspiracy, disdainful malfeasance, and shallowness. There’s no question this should have meant the world to the FBI.

    1. Did LBJ fire Hoover? Did Hoover offer his resignation? I don’t think it meant the world to Hoover to “Investigate”(The I part of FBI)the truth.

  3. John Kornfeind

    Look at when it shows the close-up of Jackie. It shows JFK’s head going to the right not the left!!!!

  4. Look at Mary Moorman’s shoes in the Nix film – or try to. You can’t see them because as she said, she had stepped off the south curb and was standing on Elm St., and not on the grass. But the Zapruder film shows her with oddly shaped “shoes” and apparently standing on the grass, not on the street.
    Which film is authentic?

    1. Repost:

      Frame-by-frame, the Nix film shows Mary Moorman on Elm Street when she snapped her famous photo.

      You can see the tops or the back of her shoes in Nix. And a strip of Elm Street behind her shoes. Those are facts.

      The extant Nix film is at odds with the extant Z-film, which shows Mary Moorman on the grass.

      There’s a lie here. A lie that undermines the Warren Report.

  5. Thank you so much Jeff in posting this. I so hope it helps shine a spotlight on how important it is to find the camera original Nix film and highlights again, how horribly important evidence was treated in the investigations.

    With respect and thanks,

    Gayle Nix-Jackson

    1. anyone looking at all the evidence today,and still believes there was no conspiracy is either blind or brainwashed.With all missing documents and testimonies and obvious alterations to the zapruder film,i firmly believe that the original films of zapruder and nix could never have been kept for anyone to see or study.But i encourage you to keep fighting.I don’t believe the car came to a full stop,but it’s clear the car came to a near stop.The brake lights came on(shown in the nix film)and the follow-up car almost ran into the president’s limo.Clint hill had no problem reaching the limo because it was almost stopped.Only when reaching the limo did it actually speed up,causing him to slip .Good luck Gayle.

    2. Gayle, I’d say the evidence tampering ITSELF was the conspiracy. But this is not to ignore the many questions unanswered, such as was LHO really up there on the 6th floor, why were Secret Servicemen waved off of JFK’s Limo as it left Love Field, did LBJ duck as the Veep limo approached the TSBD because he knew there would be a shooting, etc…etc…etc….

  6. Some who have studied the Nix and Zapruder films maintain Nix is at odds with Zapruder. There are two points of contention: (1) Whether Nix shows Jackie’s arm futher back along the trunk than Zapruder. (2) Whether Nix shows Clint Hill interacting more forcibly with Jackie on the trunk, as Hill has said he did, than does Zapruder, which shows scant physical interaction.

    I can buy into assertion (2). But only as a student of the case, not as a lawyer.

    As a lawyer, I’d move to exclude both films from a prosecution of Oswald or anyone else. Nix is suspect because of the FBI’s long initial custody and lack of camera-original authentication. The extant Zapruder is suspect on numerous grounds. As a lawyer, I’d call various witnesses regarding Zapruder, including some who consistently said they didn’t see a head snap but who saw distinct JFK flinches (the living witnesses to an original Zapruder viewing include Dan Rather).

    1. Several visuals analysts have reported Orville Nix’s film is missing scenes on Elm Street witnesses reported occurring during & after the attack. These include DPD motorcycle officer Chaney riding ahead of the stricken Presidential car to inform Chief Jesse Curry JFK had been shot, the parade car stopping during the attack & Clint Hill placing his body in a prone position across the top of JFK’s seat before the car entered the triple underpass. SS ‘Queen Mary’ driver Samuel Kinney reported the latter scene in his 30 Nov 1963 SS statement. Mr. Nix informed Mark Lane in his filmed 1966 interview that his film had been tampered with (frames missing). One today surely wonders why the last moments of President Kennedy on Elm Street were treated in such a cruel manner by early investigators & news organizations.

    2. Exactly WHO said that the original is missing? What proof is there to confirm this allegation? Mr Nix died 40 years ago- how much did he discuss this with his granddaughter ?
      The website is pushing a new book. Enough said.

      1. Photon?

        Feel free to email me and I will give you my phone number to talk to you personally. It is common knowledge that the Nix film has been missing. If you were familiar with the case, you would know that I’ve been asking for help in finding it since 1990. I had no book written then. Please try to be more open-minded and not think everyone is out to make a buck! The WHO that says it is missing is myself, the Sixth Floor Museum and many, many others.

        Gayle Nix Jackson

    3. “Some who have studied the Nix and Zapruder films maintain Nix is at odds with Zapruder.”~Jonathan

      I have studied all of the three main films, the Nix, Muchmore, and the Zapruder films.

      I find them all consistant in every way but the separate POVs in which they were shot.

      If you notice in the Nix film there is a shift to the red, causing the grass to look brownish compared to the green of the other films.
      This is due to the processing, the fact that it is a dupe, plus the likelihood it was a dupe made to the same daylight film as the original. This type of color/contrast anomaly is the same that one would see in the Z-film if it were a counterfeit — and one of the many points that go to prove that the Z-film is in fact the extant camera original.

  7. Clarence Carlson

    According to the Gayle Nix website, her grandfather didn’t have the film developed until a week later. On November 24th Mr Tolson of the FBI published a memo that spoke of preparing a memorandum “showing that Oswald is responsible for the shooting that killed the President”. The Katzenbach memo was released November 25.
    By this time the Nix film was available there was officially little interest in pursuing other avenues of investigation.

  8. When one adds the Nix film to the list of suspected butchering of most, if not all, of the other ambush films the moral becomes clear: never part with your original & make plenty of back-up copies for safe keeping, no matter how appealing the big bucks seem at the moment. Also, the people one thinks they are helping investigate just might be involved in committing it or covering up for the perpetrators that did. What a terrible legacy early investigators left for Gayle Nix.

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