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  1. Jeff, those that do photo & film analysis might find this of interest along with the Orville Nix story you wrote:

    Notice in the Robert Croft color photo that begins Jeff’s story the 3 people that are sitting at the corner of the white retaining wall. Notice that their feet appear to be a tad shy of touching the top of the shrubs.

    When I went to Dealey Plaza & sat in that exact same location, my feet extended well past the shrubs & almost to the ground. In fact, I had to position my feet behind the shrubs because of the interference.

    I’m 5’9″. The people in that Croft photo would have to be very small in order for that photo to be authentic. Almost like midgets.

    Try it yourself the next time you visit Dealey Plaza.

  2. If you read the original assassination story in the New York Times, it quotes secret service agents as saying automatic weapons were used.

  3. First time I’ve ever re watched and stopped it in full screen but starting at about the 8:00 mark it makes me wonder. Not behind the fence but behind the corner or the retaining wall there is something. Then there is “something”, dirt on the film, a flash of light (?) against the wall below whatever is above. Look for yourself and tell me.

      1. Hi Ronnie,

        I’m not sure what you mean.

        As far as something at the end of the retaining wall, or below the supposed location of Black Dog Man, it could be a shadow of tree branches or what have you, that is cast on the end of that retaining wall which faces Nix’ camera lens.

  4. It’s interesting that the (Robert) Groden VHS is clearer and more revealing than the “enhanced” versions at many points.

  5. At the time the shots were fired did you look at the book depository building? No. Did you think the shots came from the book depository building. No.

  6. 4;16 Agent John Ready, on the right front running board starts to react but is called back by Agent (In Charge, in the right front seat of the follow up car) Emory Roberts.

    1. Both, never question by the WC stated they were 25′ behind JFK’s limo going 25 mph when in Fact they were 5-10′ behind going about 12 mph (Survivor’s Guilt, Vince Palamera).

  7. With only 9 comments I’m guessing not many people have actually watched this video. Initially important to me is Mr. Nix, at the time stating that he thought the shot(s) came from behind the fence, and, that his friend, head of the Secret Service Dallas office, that suggested he film from where he did, also thought the shot(s)came from behind the fence.

  8. While we all like to see our comments posted the speed in which it is done can leave one lost. I appreciate the effort Tom has done to make this happen but when a few commenters from either side post so frequently it’s difficult to keep up with what’s going on. For example someone posted about something that made me think of the back yard photographs. In the few minutes it took me to google what I remembered about the Jack White aspect of them I lost track of the post.





    Strange the video is no longer available through amazon or youtube but a long dissing of it by DVP is on the last source and of course on mcadams website. It was a detailed analysis while still available.

    1. Ronnie,

      Submit a comment with a brief description and request for a link to a comment you can recall recently reading but lost track of, and I can search through a page or two of the text of all of the comments I’ve approved since you first saw something that caught your interest.

      1. If you could greatly increase the number of “Recent Comments” displayed on the sidebar at left, that would help that issue.

        It is very good that you turn comments around so quickly.

  9. If the Z film is not ever enough to prove the back and to the left movement of the head shot, this should also be definite proof as well. No jet effect…no neuro-muscular spasm..just a shot from the front slamming him backward.

    1. That thought came to my mind as well (about the backward head or body movement).

      Another observation of mine is that the Presidential limo slowed down.

      It isn’t discernible in the Zapruder film.

      That aside, a possible explanation for the slowing down of the limo is that Greer might have done so to allow Hill or that other agent to jump on board. (I do recall Greer looking back at JFK in the Z film).

    2. Jeremy Gilbert

      “If the Z film is not ever enough to prove the back and to the left movement of the head shot, this should also be definite proof as well.”

      The backwards head movement is not consistent with a bullet strike. Elemental physics means a bullet weighing ~200 grains would, if a complete transfer of momentum occurred, move the head about 1, 1 1/2 inches. We actually see a forward movement of this amount Z312-3. A movement of about 8-10 inches backwards and to the left as seen in the film, if caused by an object striking, would imply a bullet large enough to completely destroy the president’s skull and likely take out Jackie in the process. But we don’t see this.

      Therefore his movement HAS to be explained otherwise, either by a neurological reaction, or by a person pulling him, or by a sudden forward movement of the car.

  10. I truly hope Gayle gets her grandfather’s film back.

    If you don’t mind, TomS, I would also like to use this post to try a simple thought experiment:

    What if Oswald was a modern-day jihadist – how would the reaction of the government before the terror event play with the American people? Such as:

    o Former US Marine who spends his spare time studying radical Islamic thought and learns the Afghan language, travels to Afghanistan (with a lie about taking care of his mother) and offers his secret US military knowledge to help the Taliban.

    o After a couple of years, he decides he decides he wants to come home and does – with no investigation or charges brought against him.

    o He next becomes best friends with an anti-Taliban CIA asset who starts the relationship based on a nod from the CIA and debriefs the CIA in DC about the Marine before getting an easy oil deal courtesy of the US govt.

    o In the meantime, our ex-Marine starts street protests in a major US city in support of the Taliban govt and publicly tangles with Afghan exiles funded by the CIA fighting against the Taliban

    o These CIA assets write and distribute a press release saying the ex-Marine is a danger to America and demand a federal investigation

    o The Marine meanwhile requests and gets a private conversation with FBI in his jail cell.

    o A few weeks later, the ex-Marine travels to an Afghan embassy in a foreign nation heavily monitored by the CIA. There he speaks with the head of terrorist operations in the Western hemisphere for Al Qaida.

    o The CIA station tells HQ about the ex-Marine. HQ responds that he’s matured since coming back from Afghanistan and there is nothing to worry about.

    o The ex-Marine returns to the US unimpeded and six weeks later commits his act of terror.

    o The feds declare the ex-Marine committed the act of terror unassisted within a day of the crime. A film of the act is taken but never seen or accurately described for the public until years later.

    What would the reaction of the American people be? What would YOUR reaction be?

    1. I am not with the program. Corporate media and the two major political parties are lobbyists/facilitators for MIC profiteers….

      In 1963, the verdict was rendered almost immediately.:

      Since November 24, 1963, Has Jimmy Breslin Been Writing A Script
      Started by Guest_Tom Scully_* , Dec 14 2009
      A Death in Emergency Room One
      By Jimmy Breslin
      New York Herald Tribune
      November 24, 1963
      ……..The windows on the first three floors are covered by closed venetian blinds, but the windows on the other floors are bare. Bare and dust-streaked and high. Factory-window high. The ugly kind of factory window. Particularly at the corner window on the sixth floor, the one where this Oswald and his scrambled egg of a mind stood with the rifle so he could kill the President.

      You stood and memorized the spot. It is just another roadway in a city, but now it joins Ford’s Theatre in the history….

      In 2015, “things” are kept tightly and predictably scripted.

      On Intent, Mental Health, and Terrorism
      Published December 15, 2015 | By emptywheel
      …..Let me be clear: I don’t doubt that Goldberg is incompetent to stand trial. You’d sort of have to be, to voice support for all these contradictory issues.

      That said, I suspect it was a lot easier for the criminal justice system to find him incompetent than it would be to find the long list of young Muslim men with mental illnesses who get caught in stings.

      That’s true, in part, because people are going to believe that bluster from a Jewish guy advocating attacks targeting Jews lacks real intent, whereas bluster from a Muslim harbors intent. It’s all bluster, often spurred by mental illness, but we believe the Muslims meant it….

      Yes, Calling Only Muslims Terrorists Does Result in Disparate Treatment of Muslims
      Published December 5, 2015

      Meanwhile, there are just three cases I know of where non-Muslims did get charged with bomb-related terrorism charges — and to some degree, these exceptions prove the rule (I’m not treating ACTA “animal terrorism” cases, which introduce another order of magnitude of absurdity into the issue).
      The only case I know of that is parallel to the way many Muslims get treated is that of the Occupy Cleveland participants whose discussion of vandalism got inflamed — and focused on a target that might merit federal charges — by an informant who also plied them with jobs and other enticements. After pressing buttons they thought would detonate a bomb, they got charged as terrorists. The judge thought the punishments requested by the government “grotesque” and sentenced them much more lightly (though still to upwards from 6 years).

      I say the Occupy Cleveland case is parallel because for the overwhelming number of cases charged as Islamic terrorism, the FBI supplies the bomb and often picks the target for a “wayward knucklehead” who then gets charged with terrorism (though judges almost never consider those charges “grotesque”). There were hundreds of them already by 2011……

  11. So….the assassination recorded and the footage like so many other items, thousands in fact still withheld from the public and why exactly? We all know LHO was the lone shooter as do the government (tongue in cheek), so why the need to STILL withhold ANYTHING 52 years on? This is a question specifically for those Criminal intelligence agency guys photon and mcadams.

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