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Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have been forced to modified the Comments Policy. You can read the new temporary policy here.

Comments on the comments policy are welcome, as are applications for the job of Comments Editor.


6 thoughts on “The site has a new comments policy”

  1. One of Mr. Salandria’s writings, from as early as November 2, 1964, provides key facts with a common sense thought process applied in order to form conclusions. (click the Link for the document)

    He also articulates how Arlen Spector’s contribution to the WC defies basic logic and good common sense .. the result is a fairy tale story about a bullett. It’s hard to understand how “We the People” have accepted such a fantasy. Are we all really that blind to the truth?

  2. Today, September 29, 2020, is the 56th anniversary of the release of the Warren Report.
    I also note that the last item posted on this site concerns the death of Vincent Salandria, the earliest critic of that report.
    When asked 50 years ago why he questioned the results of the Warren Commission, he said “just look at their own evidence which they relied upon; it doesn’t support their conclusions.”
    That is still true, 56 years later

    Tom S.

    May 26, 2016 at 10:35 pm

    Judgelrg, you’re entitled to your opinion. Your criticism includes commentors presenting with their names. You’ve submitted eighteen comments under the alias, “LRG” and your two most recent comments as Judgelrg. I know what I am getting when I approve a comment by either of the dueling Doctors. They’re real, maybe too real to read without being appalled. If you don’t mind my asking, which alias is appalled, today?

    Amen, Judgelrg! I wonder why Jeff took so long to roll out “2.0”.

  4. About time. I have stopped reviewing this site because the few times I made a comment I was blasted. The last time by the comments editor. Generally my comments called for civility.

  5. Good news that the site is progressing.
    Interesting position for the right person. Great growth potential.
    I’d recommend Bogman though he may be a still working stiff like me with not the time to consider applying.
    Maybe a young accolade of a top respected researcher or author?
    As a professor Emeritus does Dr. Scott still have GA’s?
    A worthy two year Graduate proposal?

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