Oswald mural stirs controversy in his old neighborhood

“Oswald is part of Oak Cliff history. That is the only reason we did it. We didn’t do it to offend anyone or anything like that,” Avanti told KXAS-TV (NBC5).

Source: Lee Harvey Oswald mural stirring controversy in Oak Cliff | Dallas Morning News


From a 5-Star Amazon review of Jefferson Morley’s new ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files,

Suspicions about the CIA’s involvement in the JFK assassination have been circulating for decades, but Jeff Morley has more than suspicions. He has dug through countless sheaves of once-secret documents and interviewed so many spooks I’m surprised he’s not haunted.

As editor of JFK Facts, Morley is the leader of JFK investigative journalism. He

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–successfully sued the CIA for long-secret JFK files–and the New York Times paid attention.

Morley’s  new ebook CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account of the role of certain CIA operations officers in the events leading to the death of JFK.

Morley also reports what is known about the long-suppressed JFK files scheduled to be declassified in October 2017.


15 thoughts on “Oswald mural stirs controversy in his old neighborhood”

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  2. What’s next — John Wilkes Booth on a storefront near Ford’s Theater? Advice to Oak Cliff: get that damned thing off!

  3. Is there any other modern historical figure that remains such an enigma? Somewhere Oswald learned how to have an unreadable countenance. Nothing adds up with that guy. Norman Mailer wrote a book about him and ended up with the same opinion.

  4. Maybe the Oswald image shows that some people see Oswald as something of a folk hero, like Bonnie and Clyde were. There is a long tradition of popular veneration of outlaws in the West. Or maybe the owner is just trying to attract more customers.

  5. Meaning what John? If you’re referring to LHO being the killer then wake up!

    I’m a huge fan of JFK and his killing was and still is a huge tragedy but the second tragedy was that LHO was pinned up as this crazy lone assassin when I believe he didn’t fire a single shot that day!

  6. I think the image is in poor taste – it’s not like people have forgotten what happened in Dallas and who did it – well at least some of us remember who did it.

    1. Poor taste? Possibly. But the Assassination itself was pretty ugly. Regarding who did it: Even the City of Dallas slipped and allowed that word “alleged” assassin on the Historical Marker on the side of the Sixth Floor Oswald did it museum.
      It is a poor reproduction of Ozzie at the time, he looks older and fatter to start with. Maybe they were going for “if the cop’s had stopped Ruby this is how he would have looked after he was exonerated look”.

        1. I guess he’s in poor taste too per the City of Dallas, in spite of 82 unfounded, illegal attempts at harassment. If there was an edit function…(this would all be one post).

  7. The image is very penetrating and powerful in projecting one of the evocative images of the time.

    I think it serves not only as a historic signature of the location, but also can serve to remind us of the need to learn more about this enigma of JFK’s assassination.

    Why is the CIA and so on covering up so much information about LHO if he was as the narrative follows, a “lone nut gunmen” …

  8. Pretty cool painting however, I understand why it offends some people.

    Perhaps something honoring JFK and JD Tippit should be added to provide balance.

    For better or worse, Lee Harvey Oswald will forever be part of that neighborhood’s history so I see nothing wrong with some businesses acknowledging him

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