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  1. Joe w. Heyer says:

    I have followed the case since the beginning. There is one piece of
    evidence that I believe has been mostly overlooked by most of the
    material. That is the ammunition clip. Can anyone give me an
    account of where it was found, where purchased, why no
    fingerprints. This is part of the question of why I can find
    no employee who saw Oswald bring anything into the building
    that day.

    • You can bet that any finger prints on the clip would be good ones but i doubt the Dallas lawmen wanted to check. All the cartridges–fired or unfired–should also have a prints on them.

      If anyone has a M-C rifle they could load it normally and shoot it like LHO was supposed to have done. Then dust the rifle–including clips and cartridges–and see how good the prints show up in a dusting. –d phillips

  2. Mitch says:

    Just discovered your site, looks fantastic and I can’t wait to spend some time going through it.

    I have one question/comment on the JFK shooting that has puzzled me since I first began studying it years ago. It never made sense to me that the Kennedy family did not seem to aggressively pursue answers in JFK’s assassination. RFK, although obviously devastated by his brother’s death, was still the Attorney General and the Kennedy family was still the most powerful family in the country. Is it possible that the book Ultimate Sacrifice answers that question in that RFK instinctively knew what had happened immediately and that there was no reason to investigate what he already knew?

    I would be curious what other people on your site think of the accuracy of this particular conclusion from the book. Thank you.

    • Mitch says:

      There is some conflicting data on what the family tried to find out, but it is obvious that nothing was done publicly.
      RFK may have known on the weekend of the assassination that there were others involved that could be connected back to the war against Castro that he himself was involved in.
      With LBJ as his boss, and Hoover as the man who ran the investigation, RFK had much less power than we sometimes think. Add to that the paralyzing effect of the grief.

    • Interesting question.

      RFK Jr is on record saying something like he found WC shoddy piece of work.

      Bobby, who was on a crusade against organized crime, suspected New Orleans crime boss Carlos Marcello.

      My guess is that knowing a thorough investigation would reveal embarrassing stuff like JFKs liason with mafia kingpin Sam Giancanas girlfriend Judy Campbell Exner amongst other things.

    • chuck says:

      See the book “Legacy of Secrets” it has all the answers and to me is the final book. I have about 15 books, numerous magazine articles, the zapruder film, 26 slides, the acoustic recordings, and I’ll stand by Lamar Waldron & Thom Hartmans book.

  3. Curt Jester says:

    As a researcher I find the JFK Conspiracy Community, full of vigor and still in disarray. People like Fetzer have proven the Z Film revamped, and still worry about who they think they might see in a doorway. There can be no solidarity with people going in so many different directions. I believe the JFK conspiracy along with others involves this Secret Team that loves to control money, power, agendas; and will stop at nothing for murder or cover up to get in their way. That doesn’t preclude a Mafia, a Dallas Oligarchy, CIA recruits, FBI brass, to any right-wing soldier that could be recruited and adapted for a single purpose; in this case the offing of JFK, who plainly in another thread’s worth got in their way. I love a Beverly Oliver to a Lisa Pease to a Madeleine Brown. They all spoke truth. I love a Jim Fetzer, a Penn Jones, John Armstrong, Jefferson Morley. They all spoke truth. Can I say James Files didn’t kill JFK? No. Is it really important? No. What’s important is that a segement of society, a powerful segment got away with the murder of JFK, and after proving the bare necessaries of Dealey Plaza evidence, the solidarity should go or have gone to the real machinery and purpose of the crime. It’s probably too late for convictions, but I do think all the trudging’s have made the clarity of understanding much better. Where that goes, I don’t know. I do know there is growing mistrust and awareness of The Secret Team, and a lot of that started with JFK and made other subsequent conspiracies easier to take a look at.

    • Fred Roberts says:

      As I recall according to the book Riding the Tiger’s Back, Robert Clayton Buick was told by Oswald in Mexico that JFK was going to be assasinated. Buick said he reported this conversation.

    • scearfo says:

      ‘. . . Secret Team’ There was no ‘secret team.’ Substitute Wall Street and its trimmings (NSA CIA, etal., in other words the ruling class government) and voila! — there you are. There is no secret here, except perhaps for the actual shooters: it was a mutiny designed to forestall and eventually completely demolish any vestiges of democratic oversight, and that demolition is, I contend, perfectly obvious in September, 2016.

  4. Paul Ellenbogen says:

    After reading ultimate sacrifice, I think that is the most plausible explanation. Although there have been many theories, the mafia revenge scenario for Robert Kennedy as ag very vigorously pursued the prosecution of top mafia figures. Oswald to this day remains an enigma. How he spent his time in Russia, was he a double agent? These questions will probably remained unanswered. When he was brought into the Dallas police station he said he expected someone from the government to stepforward on his behalf, of course no one did. The scenario discussed in the book is that I believe 2 hit men were brought in from Europe through Canada the grassy knoll scenario. They stayed in a safe house for a week paid in nontraceable drugs not cash and spirited out the same way they came in. Jack Ruby is totally discredited because of his mafia connections going way back to Chicago. I believe the Warren Commission findings were superficial. Again according to the book the CIA was in bed with the mafia in relation to try and oust Castro from Cuba and was responsible for the overthrow of other governments in the Caribbean in the 1950’s and 1960’s and in watergate. There is a long history of secret government covert spying now with NSA phone bugging. Like with the now long ago disappearance if Judge Crater one of the hit men’s widow’s just before she died told what really happened. All the people involved with the JFK assassination r probably all gone also. My take away is and I hate to say it can we trust the government?

  5. Lefty says:

    I met a man who knew Ruby and told me he thought Ruby killed Kennedy. In his WC testimony amid a lot of incoherent statements Ruby admitted it. There also was an affadavit from Julie
    Ann Mercer who said she saw Ruby unloading a rifle near the overpass .

    • Derryn johnson says:

      I seriously doubt it was jack ruby as he killed Oswald for either killing the president or to keep him quiet, why else would he kill Oswald ? So either way he was going to prison for a long time anyway so he would of been better off admitting he killed JFK and just got locked up for the one murder rather than possibly getting caught for two. Or am I wrong.

    • Brian Burden says:

      As I recall, it was an Oswald lookalike who unloaded the rifle. Ruby was “slumped over the (steering) wheel”. Jack got around quite a lot that day. He was observed by Seth Kantor at Parkland, and, according to Texas Theater Witness George Applin, he was there, in the audience, watching LHO’s arrest. Mercer, Kantor and Applin all strike me as reliable witnesses.

  6. Perry says:

    All files have been sealed till the year 2017, done by George Bush during his presidency. Citing for the purpose of national security. What could be more important to national security today, to thoroughly investigate the JFK murder and reinforce to the American public the goodness and integrity of their government. By not opening this investigation only reinforces the corrupt CIA, the mistruths of the Warren commission, while the real murderers go free or die first living a full life. That is something JFK was denied!


    • Derryn johnson says:

      George bush was at the scene of the crime even though he said
      ” he can’t where he was” and he was in the CIA wasn’t he?

  7. Anthony Martin says:

    First, I want to thank all the researchers all their hard work. Something happened 50 years ago, and I’m just beginning to get enlightened. What does the CIA have to hide except complicity or legitimacy? The reasons the public should have access to the historical record:

    It is my opinion, that in order to put the JFK assassination in perspective, the current state of governance in the USA should be considered. E.G. It is my opinion that the USA has four branches, an executive, a legislative, a judicial, and an independent security bureaucracy. Perhaps my assessment is incorrect. However though, one might choose to describe the USA in 2014, it is fair to ask: How did this country arrive to the place where it has arrived? Is is the result of a ‘natural’ evolutionary occurrence or was this condition precipitated from a deliberate effort. And it is fair to ask: Did the JFK assassination have any influence in this trajectory? And it’s imperative to inquire about the nature of that possible influence. In a representative government, in theory, the people governed have a right and a responsibility to manage their governance. And the people have a right to know the manner in which they are governed in order to assure themselves that they are governed well. The corollary is that any government that refuses transparency does so because the exposure of the true nature of things would bring the legitimacy of a government that calls itself representative into question. At that point, the people would know that they are governed fraudulently, not representatively.

    Along this line of reasoning and by using an analogy, it is fair to ask: 1) Is a coup d’etat possible in 2014 in the USA? 2) Who would be able to effect a coup d’etat? 3) What would be their motives? 4) How would they accomplish this? 5) Who is responsible for protecting the USA from such a situation and how do they achieve this? And even thought the circumstances and answers would be different, it is just as fair, even if from a theoretical standpoint and simply to achieve better understanding of the way things work, to ask the same questions regarding 1963. The question to ask: Can the USA government be changed or has it been changed by a method which is not a constitutional process? E.G. An unfortunate political assassination can cause a ‘vacuum’ which allows unintended consequences to happen or a political assassination can be deliberately manufactured to cause intended consequences. In both cases there are : 1) An objective: 2) A plan; 3) An action, 4) an actor or actors involved. In the the case of a coup d’etat: 4) the cooperation and coordination of individuals and actions, 5) the aftermath and 6) the outcomes of the event , all of which might be carefully considered in advance. In one case, only the removal of a political leader, an individual, might be considered, in the other, not only the removal of a leader and the replacement thereof is taken into account , but also the potential changes to the system of government that might result. All this to ask: What is the nature of the government of the USA in 2014 and how does it differ from 1963? Is the government representative and Constitutional or is it something else?

    Open the files!

  8. vasilis says:

    I would add a nineth point. To avoid misunderstandings and prevent misbehaviour everyone should use their real name, instead of hiding behind pseudonyms that allows them to smear others.

  9. Joel Rackley says:

    Just been looking into this for about a year.
    my question is this?
    I have not yet evaluated this one, but what are the best sites that contain proven facts? Not conjecture and opinion.

    Thank You,


    • Oh probably the merryfarrell one is the best of the sort and the one of it’s kind. I think it is over at

    • Derryn johnson says:

      Well I been looking into for about year quite intently and the best sites are probably none of them as they are based on the writers opinion alone, if any site could give complete accurate information they case would be closed, Facebook has a JFK assassination bureau they call themselves claiming to be open to suggestions and everybody’s opinion is valid, well it works out you opinion is valid as long as it fits in with there’s, a man named mick Dougherty is kind of head man and dismisses any opinion that doesn’t fit in with there’s. I believe they know the truth and wouldn’t mind betting they read this with great interest. Check out the Facebook page and disagree with an opinion and see the response you get from people who say they have read books, that’s not opinions.

      • Gerry Simone says:

        JFK Facts deals with facts.

        Also, check out Kennedy and King (formerly CTKA site)

        Professor John McAdams who doesn’t believe it was a conspiracy, has debunked some wacko theories (The Kennedy Assassination page).

        The writings of Michael T. Griffith on the internet is based on good research.

        There are other sites like Clint Bradford’s site.

        Someone else said Mary Ferrel Foundation Site, which is a good one.

        Then of course, there’s the website.

  10. William R. Foster says:

    Look at the interview of Mrs. Aquilla Clemmons by Mark Lane, which was conducted in 1966. She describes TWO MEN at the scene of the Tippet killing one, of which, was reloading a gun. This man, according to her, was ” chunky ” and ” kind of heavy “, etc. The other was ” tall and thin “. People who would describe the same individual would probably use different, some the same, descriptive words. I don’t believe that anyone would ever describe Oswald as ” chunky ” or ” heavy “. Killer of Tippet, one man???? She was, shall we say, ” cautioned ” about what she’d seen. I’m convinced,though speculating, that the WC knew of her existence, which is why she was never called, because of what she would reveal! J Lee Rankin once remarked,in effect:” At this stage,we’re trying to close doors, not open them “.

  11. Mark de Valk says:

    Hi Jeff, how long is the ‘Marquette Pontificator’ going to be allowed to skewer, ad nauseum, serious research dialogue and analysis? It was lovely to see him enjoying the Wecht Conference in Pittsburgh quietly and respectfully in the back corner of the auditorium; perhaps the same courtesy can be demonstrated on this forum. Thank you.

  12. Alex S says:

    Is it just me or is this policy being implemented more rigidly and restrictively lately?

    Are criticisms of stylistic/discursive elements of the way JFKfacts stories are presented out of the bounds of civil discussion, as defined by the moderators?

    Are words like “crap” or “vapid” strictly off-limits as uncivil?

    Is the 500 word limit applied with any consistency?

  13. j herbert says:

    can some 1 tell me how long did the head shot from the front of his car to the first shot in the back of his head i counted about 12 seconds the first shot jack k had about 6 second to hit the floor like connely n his wife did surley he heard connely tell him to hit the floor y did he not do it rest in peace jack n jacky we love u both koori from australia sorry about my spelling hehehh thoses who orgaisned this killing whne they meet there maker n stand in front of him they will say can i go into heaven he reply u were first in that world with ur lies, decert, cover ups, u will b last in my kingdom there maker will say get out

  14. Judy says:

    Although I am very interested in the JFK assassination, I am a novice. I have read books, reveiwed websites, etc.

    My question has to deal with JFK:The Upspeakable book by James Douglas-a powerful read. This book was the first time I became acquainted with the Abraham Bolden- SS Agent-story. Who- exactly- was told about the Chicago assassination attempt? Did the President know? The White House Secret Service? Dallas officils? I’m not clear about the people that were notified.

  15. Britt Nelson says:

    Joe DiMaggio and Frank Sinatra conspired together to put out a hit on President Kennedy using their Mafia contacts, who in turn recruited Lee Harvey Oswald to carry out the assassination. Both DiMaggio and Sinatra had personal motives for wanting Kennedy dead and both men had the means and contacts to carry it out. DiMaggio’s motive was Marilyn Monroe. Sinatra’s motive also involved Monroe, but also Kennedy’s snub of Sinatra, which is well documented in Bill O’Reilly’s book Killing Kennedy. DiMaggio believed Kennedy was involved in the death of Monroe in August 1962. Fifteen months later Kennedy is dead. Sinatra introduced Kennedy and Monroe, who then had an affair. But Kennedy never did pay Sinatra back with personal visits to Sinatra’s home in California which Kennedy had promised. Also, the Mafia wanted Kennedy dead or out of the way due to the President’s brother and Attorney General Robert Kennedy’s endless pursuit of top Mafia figures. The Mafia handpicked Oswald because he was unstable and fanatical, and had ties to shadowy Cubans and the Soviet Union. Oswald wanted to do something big and he did. More than likely there was a second shooter as back up if Oswald failed. There are clues to this DiMaggio-Sinatra-Mafia theory in two movies – “The Misfits” with Monroe and Clark Gable, and “The Manchurian Candidate” starring Sinatra.

  16. Robin Haines says:

    The JFK assassination was a massive black op and a major national security event. It is a covered, above the law,clandestime operation of the US Government. Oswald will be innocent no matter what he did or didn’t do at Dealy Plaza. No one else will be guilty. It comes under the statute “Government Sponsored Targeted Killing” rather than Conspiracy to commit murder. The kind of cover the government has on this is called a “”Blanket Cover”. We need to figure out a way to overcome it or have it removed in order to get any further with this investigation.

  17. John Farrell says:

    what is being held out of the open door in LBJs security detail car in the motorcade and what is its signifigance

  18. Shannon says:

    ….Well I just wanted to say that I am George Warren Hickey Jr’s granddaughter….and I know for a FACT that anyone who claims that the secret service agent killed JFK has not researched all of the facts….I hope you keep searching because for those that believe he did kill JFK your reasoning is flaud…He would have had to have his gun pulled out and angled at a certain position which pictures prove that his gun was nowhere near the position needed for him to make the shot that killed Kennedy…

  19. Dr. M. D. Witt says:

    My comments take the form of a testimonial. I would like to congratulate Jeff and colleagues for assembling a dignified platform that is serving two purposes: 1) the advancement of systematic inquiry into the implications of the national security event of 1963; and 2) the locus of more-or-less sober 1st amendment (I think ….) discourse. The latter, freely expressed and informed opinion, can, should, and indeed does animate and advance the former, methodical research.

    In separating desultory and often defamatory conjecture from reasoned argument and possible inference, and insisting on an accurate chain of informational authority, they reveal a mastery of their craft.

    This website is, by far, the best repository of assassination investigation reflection and realia. Hats off to the journalists.

  20. At

    you can check all on the genealogy of George de Mohrenschildt from Mozyrz and his brother from Hlusk, with Polish roots and German Baltic nobility from Estonia – Jogisoo and Keila.

  21. I’m really sorry that this documentary, “JFK-The Smoking Gun” will eventually end your revenue stream. This is case closed! I guess “physical evidence” doesn’t mean anything to you! No he’s not a historian with 10,000 hours… he’s just a great cop with decades of experience! Oh ya… and the facts! You guys are iidiots!

    • Justin Kaczoroski says:

      Ive watched the smoking gun and respect his opinion and the evidence he does show. But you have to look at the JFK case in all aspects.
      Just because one proves or shows that all the shots had come from the back and the evidence links Oswald as the probable shooter, It doesn’t however prove that there wasn’t a conspiracy to kill JFK, Not by any means. It’s almost impossible to rule that out and theres alot of evidence and facts that show the contrary. Remember the meaning of a plot or conspiracy only has to number more then one. So any detective or researcher looking into this case cannot really say for sure if Oswald was involved in a plot or not. I would say the more informed ones would consider the plot more factual then the lone nut.
      Consider some of these facts and one could see why.
      #1 The warren commission actually couldn’t give a valid & conclusive reason on why Oswald killed JFK, Most of Lee’s family & friends say he actually like jfk.
      #2 The FBI & CIA went into a pretty disturbing cover-up mode. Mostly involving there actual knowledge of Oswald and his movements. Oswald’s Mexico City trip is still unresolved as is his supposed phone call recording and the mystery man photo, Add this to the oswald fbi note and its toilet bowl resting place and anyone could see something sinister was going on here. Dont get me started on the files and it’s 55+ year blockade.
      #3 If Oswald was just a lone-nut shooter with no knowledge of anything else, why in the world would Ruby risk the electric chair, not to mention shooting a cop handcuffed to Oswald, just to spare Jackie a trial, Get real if you believe that, I have xray glasses for sale too then.
      #4(last but not least)The 1970s HSCA conducted a thorough investigation on this topic and there ultimate conclusion was “That JFK was most likely assassinated as the result of a conspiracy”

  22. I am very concerned about the murder of President Kennedy, which I have studied off and on for over 52 years. He was murdered by the Establishment – the Pentagon, the CIA, Oil Interests, LBJ, and others. The murder by multiple shooters was blamed on Oswald. A BAD scene, our politicians won’t even let us know who took away our democracy by killing our president. And our media won’t even honestly discuss this. My website related to this: My petition to honestly investigate the President Kennedy murder and its cover-up: . Please sign my petition!

  23. Rusty Ringer says:

    Max Holland makes a very intelligent analysis of the JFK assassination using the Zapruder film as a clock. However, when the Z film emerged from seclusion after 12 years, we Muppets who used to read glossy mags were told that LIFE had snipped out a few frames (too gory or whatever).
    Recently YouTube features a revised version that the film was flown to Rochester and crude alterations made to a few frames
    Surely the missing frames represent the missing milliseconds to allow a mediocre marksman to make a competent shot.
    As a control — How many frames/feet did one get for their money in 1963?

  24. Marco says:

    A hypothetical; if, let’s just say, an individual had what is ‘smoking gun ‘ evidence in the JFK assassination case,………… that a valuable commodity? Would someone, possibly a wealthy individual or the owner of a media outlet, be willing to pay for ‘smoking gun’ evidence? It’s known that information that’s very important is a dangerous thing to have, but is it also a valuable thing to have? If that type of evidence was in someone’s possession,…..what’s their best option with regard to getting it into the public domain while remaining as safe as possible? I ponder these things because someday this will be the case. Perhaps someone has ‘smoking gun’ evidence right now, but is afraid to disclose it or doesn’t know who to contact……….that would be a shame but it has occurred to me that this is a distinct possibility. We all know that a number of people that ‘knew something’ and/or were going to testify met with ‘accidents’ before they could reveal what they knew……..

  25. The biggest problem in solving the Kennedy murder has been due to the President, Director of the FBI and ex-director of the CIA covering up, destroying,evidence, and even eliminating witnesses that were a threat! I must say they did a hell of a job! Common sense overwhelms on who were guilty but alone it is nothing without evidence beyond a reasonable doubt.

  26. Dan says:

    The conspiracy is easy to prove for yourself.Look at the many photos of Kennedy’s limo when it just turns on to Elm.The windshield is clean and undamaged.Many photos show this.After passing the sbd and the knoll there is a flaw just above the rearview mirror on the left (drivers) side.At Parkland hospital several people, including a Dallas policeman noticed a bullet hole coming from the front of the limo to the back.The policeman noted admantaly it was a bullet hole big enough for a pencil to go through.As the crowd gathered and a Secret Service agent became alarmed at this revelation he attempted to explain it away by saying the bullet hole was there from before and moved the limo. Before whee or before where.The Secret Service allows the presidential limo to drive around with a bullet hole in the windshield?Look at the motorcade photos for yourself,read the statements made by Dallas police personal and many other witness at the scene.These facts alone solve the conspiracy question.All three bullets accounted for,then where did the one through the windshield come from.Please don’t trust me,look for yourselves,there are plenty of photos showing the hole.There was just to much evidence generated to fast for the secret service to cover up so quickly. If you investigate this for yourself,even superficially you will see there had to be a not only a conspiracy but a cover-up as well.You can google JFK limo windshield and the photos and eye-witness accounts will come right up.Like I said,don’t trust me look for yourself with your own eyes.

  27. Mike says:

    First of all, everything I have ever heard about you “conspiracy theorist” is true: every single one of you are KOOKS IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD!!! You are, in the words of the late, great historian William Manchester (boy, do you people need to read Mr Manchester’s book Death of a President; it’ll change your nature) looking for bones in polyps. And it doesn’t surprise me one white that you’ve not found any. I laugh at you un-believers, and I feel so sorry for you!!! But to paraphrase the great Saint Paul, when you believe in nothing, and refuse to truly learn from history… You fall for anything and everything!!!

    • ed connor says:

      Since you mention William Manchester and St. Paul (two great writers), let me quote another: the late Christopher Hitchens:

      “What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence.”

      The name of this website is “JFK Facts.” Your comment is devoid of any facts.

  28. Me Again says:

    That’s a BIG, FAT LIE!!! Read Case Closed by Gerald Posner, and quit listening to Jim Garrison and Oliver Stone!!!

  29. John F. Davies says:

    I recently was watching online a classic TV Cop comedy from the early ’60s which was one of my favorites when I was a kid- Car 54, Where are You? My family always loved watching it, and the comedy team of Joe E Ross and Fred Gwynne, ( Who later went on to fame as Herman Munster.), were a classic.

    Why I’m mentioning this is that I saw an episode which viewed today is ironic in the extreme.

    The title is “Hail to the Chief” and guest stars veteran tough guy actor Simon Oakland as a Secret Service Agent. The 53rd Precinct has been given the honor of driving the President from the airport to the UN, and Fred Gwynne’s character comes apart with anxiety when he hears that he’ll be meeting the man who is his personal hero. While the plot is hilarious, the underlying theme of providing the President with security in a motorcade, an impaired driver, and a number of other amazing coincidences are incredible, including that the episode was aired early in 1963.

    After 22 November of that same year, this particular episode was pulled from the air, and was never shown on any of the syndicated reruns for over four decades. I myself once again saw this episode yesterday for the first time in over 57 years.

    Again, the unbelievable irony of it all.

    Car 54 – ” Hail to the Chief”,is available online via Youtube and other sites.

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