Allen Dulles and the aftermath of JFK’s assassination.

Devil's ChessboardIn an wide-ranging interview with the German publication, Heise, David Talbot talks about his biography of CIA director Allen Dulles, “The Devil’s Chessboard,” which has just been published in German.

Q. Among the most incredible aspects of the Kennedy assassination is the fact that Dulles and his friends were called to investigate in the Warren Commission (1963), as well as Rockefeller Commission (1975). Was Dulles correct in his assessment, that the American people do not read?

David Talbot: No, Dulles proved to be wrong in his patronizing attitude toward the American people. Much to his dismay, the Warren Report was greeted with growing skepticism by the public, and early Kennedy conspiracy books such as Mark Lane’s “Rush to Judgment” and Edward Jay Epstein’s “Inquest” became big bestsellers. As I write in my book, Dulles tried hard to manipulate media coverage of the assassination and to discredit critics of the Warren Report, such as Lane and New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison.

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CIA & JFKFrom a 5-Star Amazon review of Jefferson Morley’s new ebook, CIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files.

The crown jewel of Mr. Morley’s work details his discovery that a retired CIA officer named George Joannides was called back to Washington to stall a re-investigation of the assassination by the House of Representatives in the late 1970s.

As editor of JFK Facts, Morley is the leader of JFK investigative journalism. He

–broke the story of Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly’s JFK lie, which CNN picked up.

–broke the story of the 1,100 JFK files that the CIA has never made public. Politico followed his lead.

–successfully sued the CIA for long-secret JFK files–and the New York Times paid attention.

Morley’s latest investigationCIA and JFK: The Secret Assassination Files, available on Amazon, provides the fullest account of the role of CIA operations officers in the events leading to the death of JFK.

Morley reveals what’s in the thousands of long-suppressed JFK files scheduled to be declassified in October 2017.


10 thoughts on “Allen Dulles and the aftermath of JFK’s assassination.”

  1. When we look behind the foreign coups fomented, funded, and staged by the CIA, what we ultimately find are a confluence of interests arrayed against the target of the coup. These behind-the-scene-forces (subterranean, if you will) usually are “business” interests aligned with US military/intelligence forces. This precise formulaic rendition of ‘national security’ was a winner during the Cold War, and stemmed from the US victory in WWII and possessor of the world’s largest, most deadliest nuclear arsenal. Allen Dulles was the personification of this symbiotic relationship between business and the military/intelligence nexus. The other bit players (used as needed) were the press, organized crime, unions, anti-Castro Cubans, right-wing extremist/religious groups, and individual business men/women and, of course, politicians and academics. So infused was the CIA into the fabric of American business, that whole industries were corrupted and usurped by the CIA, simply because of the unilaterally pervasive anti-communist mindset, propagandized to maximum effect by the Cold Warrior set. These assassinations, ultimately, were falsely blamed on the Communists. In fact, the Kennedy Assassination was not unique in this aspect and this “blame” reveals who the real plotters are; or, at least reveals their mindsets: anti-communist.

  2. You bought at least three home runs. I think the Lifton version of his confrontation of Dulles is available on line, or it Used to be at least. Some things found there in years past are not.
    Nobody KNOWS what Dulles did 100% for sure immediately before or after the Assassination. Mr. Talbot has shown us so much that it begs the question, why not FREETHEFILES and allow the Citizens of the United States the opportunity to review and evaluate for themselves what is in them?

  3. In my review of David’s book I bring out some of the German connections, especially Talbot’s references to Dulles and Bancroft and their roles in the Valkyrie plan to kill Hitler.

    I also found it interesting that at the time of the assassination the Joint Chiefs of Staff were meeting with their German counterparts in the Pentagon, including one who was involved in the Valkyrie plan. Further research and Pentagon and CIA records indicates to me that the Valkyrie plan was adapted to be used against Castro and that plan was turned on JFK at Dealey Plaza.


    1. Was the participant in the Valkyrie plot who was meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time of the JFK assassination by any chance Gen. Hans Speidel, who had just retired from the post of commander of NATO ground forces in Central Europe? He was played as a sympathetic character by Richard Boone in the Hollywood movie The Desert Fox.

  4. I bought Devil’s Chessboard last night along with Hit List, Last Word, and the Oliver Stone Untold U.S. History book.

    It’s amazing FDR would have tried the Dulles brothers for treason and Truman does nothing to them. I can’t wait to dig into this book.

    One thing I’d like to see or hear is the exchange between David Lifton and Dulles. Why is he shaken by the medical evidence if it was just two bullets and one lone nut? We need the files on Dulles, what was his role in Dallas? Did he make the call to eliminate JFK or was that Phillips, Helms or Angleton? We all know Dulles’ role post 11-22-63 in the cover-up.

    Dealey Plaza seemed to be crawling with CIA agents and assets (including several mafia assets), what has been the explanation for that? Was Bush there? Was Morales there? Was Hunt there? Philips? Harvey? We know Mac Wallace was there on the 6th floor and we can be reasonably sure Roscoe White was behind the fence otherwise the FBI has no reason to abscond with his diary. all of this, absolutely ALL of this should be answered by the agencies by Oct 2017. If they’ve got any sense of duty to the American public and to the flag they need to open up and tell the truth, we need just one patriot from one of these agencies. Not more Benedict Arnolds. Not more lies. But since they lie to their own people (eyewash) I have little faith they’ll come clean unless or until we force them to via congress or the president telling them “national security” is no longer a valid excuse in a 53-year old case.

    You’re doing incredible work Jefferson, along the lines of Mark Lane, Jim Garrison, Robert Groden and Jim Marrs.

    1. Hey Dan! That’s an awesome book you just picked up. I read it earlier this year and while a lot of the info has been revealed before, this book puts it all into incredible focus. It should be required reading for all Americans…

  5. Lyndon Baines Johnson picked all the members of the Warren Commission and J.Edgar Hoover as the principle agency for processing all evidence. Live with the B/S outcome!!!!!!!!!

    1. Timeline of LBJ’s Coup d’état
      August 2 and 4 1964 Gulf of Tokin Incident
      August 7, 1964 Gulf of Tokin Resolution passes both house of congress
      September 24, 1964 Warren Commission Report delivered to President Lyndon Baines Johnson
      June 8. 1967 a unprovoked terrorist attack on a United State Navy Ship the USS Liberty 34 Americans murdered no investigation
      Was the Gulf of Tokin Incident and Gulf of Tokin Resolution mutually exclusive or in the anticipation of the release of the Warren Commission Report ?
      Now we know for a historical fact that 34 American sailors on the USS Liberty were murdered by a terrorist attack and there was no substantial investigation into this terrorist attack. At face value one would think this is the first of what will be many leveraged Blackmail payments by this terrorist group.

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