QAnon is a psychedelic mushroom growing in the fertile manure of the Warren Commission

As the editor of the JFK Facts blog, I try not to spend a lot of time on stupid conspiracy theories, but given tge widespread ignorance and confusion on the subject, journalistic duty often calls.

Who killed JFK? The Federal Reserve? Nah. A Secret Service man? A hoax. Ted Cruz’s father? Pure B.S. George H.W. Bush?  Heavy breathing is not the same as credible evidence.  On a recent Black Vault podcast, the most common JFK question I heard was, “Was Kennedy assassinated because of his interest in UFO’s?” Um, no, he was not.


A chart of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Which brings me to QAnon, the imaginative conspiracy theorist now dominating the Internet, attracting followers of President Trump, and obsessing the Washington Post, which has has published four articles on QAnon in the past week. Like many conspiracy theories, the QAnon fever dream can be traced back to the assassination of JFK.

The QAnon conspiracy theory is a psychedelic mushroom growing in the fertile manure of the Warren Commission. This mind-altering proposition grows in the gloom of anonymous chat groups. It is then stimulated by the bright lights of social media. And finally it is harvested and ingested by Trump cultists eager to prolong the alt-reality buzz that commenced on January 20, 2017.

But it all began on November 22, 1963

Who is QAnon?

For the uninitiated, “Q” is the moniker of a person or group of persons who post to 4Chan, a popular image web site favored by the anonymous. Q’s “theory” (and I use the term generously) is that President Trump was persuaded by the military to smash a network of “deep state” pedophiles that has ruled America for decades. The president (it is said) is working with John F. Kennedy Jr. (who did not die in a plane crash). They will soon smash the perfidious plotters, according to QAnon, and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be dispatched to cells in Guantanamo.

You may think this is nutty stuff. Buzzfeed News speculates that QAnon is actually leftist goof on right-wing suckers. But read the respectful coverage of the pro-Trump Washington Times, where QAnon is described as a “mysterious figure” who has been “posting provocative questions about the government since October.” This stuff is taken seriously.

The historical subsoil of this garden of the preposterous, the ludicrous and the vile is the assassination of JFK. Only three U.S. presidents in modern history have not been not part of the evil cabal envisioned by Qanon, and that all of them were in great danger because of it.

From a December 2017 QAnon post about the history of Trump’s alleged enemies:

  • As a backup, they defined ‘conspiracy’ as crazy/mentally unstable and label anything ‘true’ as such.
  • This works given most of what they engage in is pure evil and simply unbelievable (hard to swallow).
  • The ‘fix’ has always been in – no matter which party won the election (-JFK (killed)/Reagan(shot)).

In a February post, QAnon claimed that Trump and his allies recite a daily prayer to JFK in the Oval Office.

Why do people believe this stuff?

Richard Helms

CIA director Richard Helms

One reason is that some of it is not nonsensical. The CIA has sought to demonize in order to cut off hard questions, in this April 1967 memo, launched a worldwide campaign to demonize critics of the Warren Commission as “conspiracy theorists.” Skepticism about official theory of JFK’s assassination, wrote one agency official with the approval of CIA director Richard Helms, “is of concern to the U.S. government including our organization.”

The agency distributed talking points for “friendly elite contacts,” including the bald-faced lie that accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was “an unknown quantity to any professional intelligence service.”In fact, CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton had monitored Oswald’s movements, politics, personal life and foreign contacts for four years before he supposedly killed JFK.

If the surveillance of Oswald had become known, the CIA would have a world of hurt on its hands. So the agency suggested the critics were tools of “communist propagandists,” while members of the Warren Commission were eminent men beyond reproach who embodied the government.

“efforts to impugn their rectitude and wisdom tend to cast doubt on the whole leadership of American society.”

The Commission’s critics, said the CIA talking points, “are enticed by a form of intellectual pride: they light on some theory and fall in love with it; they also scoff at the Commission because it did not always answer every question with a flat decision one way or another.” In other words, the CIA has defined belief in “conspiracy” as a symptom of the mentally unstable and patriotically unreliable.

In fact, the doubts about JFK were fact-based. Skepticism about the Warren Commission’s conclusions percolated among the Washington insiders (including Lyndon Johnson, Robert Kennedy, and Jackie Kennedy) and among foreign leaders (including Fidel Castro and Charles DeGaulle). All of them concluded privately that JFK had been killed by his enemies, not by a lone gunman.

Of course, the JFK backstory is just one of the factors contributing to the vogue of QAnon.

The echo chamber effects of social media encourage the credulous. So does a president enamored with “alternative facts” (aka “bullshit.”) The exhaustion of the American economic system, which no longer provides the majority with affordable education or upward mobility, leaves young people grasping for explanation of their plight.

But the U.S. government’s implausible account of JFK’s assassination–and the CIA’s self-serving defense–can always be cited by those who say “The government is lying.” So if you want to trace the roots of QAnon in American society, look to the Warren Commission and Langley. Please leave us JFK researchers out of it.

The Origins of JFK Theories

As I wrote in The Atlantic, the popular belief in a conspiracy was widespread within a week of Kennedy’s murder. Between November 25 and 29, 1963, University of Chicago pollsters asked more than 1,000 Americans whom they thought was responsible for the president’s death. By then, the chief suspect, Oswald — a leftist who had lived for a time in Soviet Union — had denied responsibility and been shot dead while in police custody by Jack Ruby, a local strip club owner with organized crime connections who hated Bobby Kennedy.

While the White House, the FBI, and the Dallas Police Department all insisted that Oswald had acted alone and no one should believe “rumors” to the contrary, 62 percent of respondents said they believed that more than one person was involved in JFK’s assassination. Only 24 percent thought Oswald had acted alone. Another poll taken in Dallas during the same week found 66 percent of city respondents believed that there had been a plot.

In short, the belief that Kennedy was killed by his enemies was not created by “conspiracy theorists” or Oliver Stone or the KGB. It was created by the circumstances of the crime and the assassination of Oswald.

The belief in conspiracy was nurtured the factual revelations that followed: The investigations of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in the late 1960s, the Church Committee investigation of 1975, the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1978, and the Assassination Records Review Board in the 1990s. The much-hyped release of the last of the JFK files in October 2017 and April 2018 was compromised by President Trump’s decision to allow the CIA and FBI to withhold more than 15,000 JFK files from public release until 2021.

The vastly expanded, though still-incomplete, historical record of JFK’s murder undermines the Warren Commissions’ findings and destroys the CIA’s cover stories. While we still don’t have a good explanation of who killed Kennedy, we do know the available facts do not corroborate the official theory.

As long as the government and major media organizations deny the JFK facts, they give credibility to those who cultivate pernicious fantasies. They water the psychedelic mushroom now altering the American consciousness.


  1. QAnon is clearly nonsense. I tried watching Jerome Corsi once, but he spent the first twenty minutes telling me who was tuning in. Click.

    What’s lacking in theJFK Assassination is good theory. It’s not enough to criticize the Warren Commission. What is needed is a good alternative theory; otherwise we are fighting a defensive war.

    Defensive wars are usually lost.

    A final note: If we who criticize the WC are conspiracy nuts, that puts us in good company with our Justice Department who every day of the week files charges against Americans for conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit fraud.

    I’m not ashamed to be called a conspiracist; I’m proud of it. I’m going after murderers.

  2. david thurman says:

    “As long as the government and major media organizations deny the JFK facts, they give credibility to those who cultivate pernicious fantasies. They water the psychedelic mushroom now altering the American consciousness.” I couldn’t agree more!

    I would recommend all JFK researchers from time to time to go back and listen to Harold Weisberg from 1991,, where he explains and elaborates on the facts > that there was never an honest investigation at the time of the assassination.

  3. Ger Ven says:

    ” The vastly expanded, though still-incomplete, historical record of JFK’s murder UNDERMINES the Warren Commissions’ findings and destroys the CIA’s cover stories. ”

    The Warren Commission’s credibility in all matters JFK was UNDERMINED upon the appointment of Allen Dulles to said “investigative” body;

    Geez, A.W.D. himself immediately identified the duplicity :

    “Dulles: If I can be of any help . . .
    and you’ve considered the work {effect]
    of my previous work and my previous job?”

  4. mariano says:

    Jeff you use very crude language to describe some of the theories proffered by some as to what led to the assassination. This is quite disrespectful to those who championed those theories with the best intention of finding the cause of the assassination. If the evidence put up in support wasn’t compelling enough to satisfy (or the investigative powers of the time refused to genuinely follow up the evidence trail) that doesn’t mean that the theory was pronounced in order to create a hoax. If there was no motivation or intention to create a hoax why describe the theory as such. You do a disservice to many of those who not dissimilar to the investigative community, would like to realise the truth about the assassination. You would do well to not offend those who would like to know the truth, who deserve to know the truth as much as anyone else. The primary reason there were/are so many theories of assassination is that the investigative branches of the government/intelligence/military to this day have withheld so much of the trail of evidence that would allow proper analysis. The fact that evidence has been withheld, compromised, and betrayed by the tyranny of time in relation to those theories does not completely dismiss some of those theories out of hand.
    Jeff, thanks for the admirable work you do in the important field.

  5. Brian Lynch says:

    IT’s ALL a pile of manure!

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