How did Gen. Maxwell Taylor, JCS chairman, react to the death of JFK?

Gen. Maxwell Taylor
Gen. Maxwell Taylor with Defense Secretary Robert McNamara, left, and JFK. (Credit: Robert Knudsen/JFK  Library)


I ask because I don’t know the answer. In a crisis like a presidential assassination, the role of the nation’s top soldier is worth understanding. But I don’t know how Taylor responded Can any help me out here?

I known Taylor testified to the Church Committee but only about the plots to kill Castro.

Taylor was known in CIA traffic as GPPHOTO, perhaps in recognition of his manly photogenic style. Robert Kennedy named one of his sons after him, a measure of the personal affection the Kennedys had for the general.


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  1. Here’s another account of Taylor’s reaction on Nov. 22, referencing his meeting with a German military delegation at the time of the assassination: Seems credible, written by General Andrew Goodpaster, then an assistant to Taylor: Link:
    Book citation: November 22, 1963: Ordinary and Extraordinary People Recall Their Reactions When They Heard the News… by Laura Hansen, Jodie Elliott Hansen

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