DIdn’t Do It: The Fed

Was JFK killed because of his Fed policy, asks Tom Woods?

The answer is no.

The long answer is that JFK was most likely killed by people opposed to his national security and foreign policies. He might also have been killed by a psychopath who had come to the attention of certain people at the top of the Central Intelligence Agency.

But my Paulite friends can breathe easy: the 35th prez was not killed because of his policies on government banking.

Woods mentions Nelson Rockfeller’s role in the investigation of JFK. Rockefeller was governor of New York and Vice President of the United States, as well as being fabulously wealthy.

You can skip the conspiratorial heavy breathing about Rockefeller.

The true story of Rockefeller’s role in the government’s second JFK investigation in 1975 is interesting and important. You can a good summary of Rockefeller’s extraordinarily interesting (and now forgotten) career at the Education Forum.

(The Forum is not always a reliable source of JFK information but the summary of Rockefeller here is accurate.)

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