Didn’t do It: George H.W. Bush was not involved in JFK’s assassination

George H. W. Bush, CIA director
George H. W. Bush, CIA director and future president

(This piece was posted, in different form in March 2016)

It is true that former president George H.W. Bush was in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963. It is true that Bush became director of the CIA in 1976. But, rest assured, G H.W. Bush did not supervise gunmen in Dealey Plaza.

John Hankey’s popular Youtube video claims Bush was was directly involved. I address his claim not because its credible but because some of the 100,000 people who have viewed it may think it is credible. Hankey also has some imaginative 9/11 theories, which I won’t get into here; suffice it to say they do not enhance his credibility.

When it comes to JFK’s murder, Hankey has crafted a fine Hollywood scenario–the future American Vice President as commander of an assassination team.This is spine-tingling stuff and it may convince people who think “Mission Impossible” accurately depicts U.S. intelligence work.

The “Bush done it” theory  is emotionally satisfying to some because it links a modern liberal villain (the Bush family) with an ancient crime (JFK’s murder.)

Unfortunately, Hankey’s scenario is not based much knowledge about how CIA personnel actually carried out political assassinations in the 1960s.  They certainly didn’t rely on an up and coming oil man from Houston for gunplay. The elder Bush did other service to the agency, including serving as director for one year in 1976, when the CIA was under investigation for a possible role. Bush covered up but he did not supervise gunmen.

For more on the many problems with the “Bush did it” theory, see Jim DiEugenio’s review of Russ Bakers’ Family of Secrets.



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  1. The jfk files trump declassified convicted Bush for his part in the assaination of jfk. He was put to death for treason. Given a traitors flag on his casket (wrinkled flags are for disgraced traitors)

  2. Spook who knows

    There is a major problem though. I’d grant you that George Bush might not be the guy in the photo outside the school book depository. However, there is other evidence that will truly conclude that George Bush was indeed in Dallas, TX that day on 11/22/63. There is a the Parrott Memo from George Bush to D.C. on that day. He was staying at the Sheraton Hotel in Dallas.
    George de Mohrenschildt, friend of Oswald, and the one who got him the job at school book depository. He was a CIA agent… and has George Bush’s personal name and address in his addressbook… He was found shot with a shotgun the day before he was summoned to a congressional hearing in the 70’s. Why does he have George Bush’s personal information? Cause my friend… He was a placer man… put Oswald in there, helped the CIA cover up the story in interviews, and was a person who knew too much… so he had to die. Oswald was mentioned to be working with an assassination team with Frank Sturgis, E Howard Hunt, witnessed with maps and briefings. George ran for US Senate in 1964, and lost. But what should be clear, is that his part in the conspiracy, was a major step into politics. He publicly denies later, where he was.. and mysteriously forgets what he was doing on that day. Claims he was in Tyler, TX. But too many clues show that he was in Dallas that day. He also left TX for DC the day after the assassination because of the Hoover Memo, indicating his CIA involvement in the Bay of Pigs 2. He is definitely involved.

  3. Joseph C Lausier

    I was stationed in Germany on November 22, 1963. My unit, a nuclear missile unit, was alerted at 1830 hours to go to our emergency alert position approximately 2 miles from our barracks, obtain our missile and wait for further orders. 1830 German time corresponds to 1130 Dallas time. This was 1 hour before the assassination. At 1930, after setting up the perimeter defense, I was walking pass the communication truck and I heard and read the teletype alarm (five dings) flash “Shots fired in Dallas”. We had a practice alert 3 weeks earlier at the same time at 1830 Nov 2.

  4. D. E. Mitchell

    “…P.S…is it deep? You’re damned right it is! Most people hate “deep politics,” but all conspiracies are deep when the have to do with politics,especially the “Big Event”! At the end of the day, I fear American History will have to be re-written from WWII to the present…or, until the republic is completely dissolved or destroyed! Things have not, and are not as they seem…by a long sight; nor, shall they ever be i’m afraid!”-DM

  5. D. E. Mitchell

    “…there is the possibility that George H. W. Bush had some supervisory role in the assassination. It is unfortunate that I myself, have come to the conclusion that the prepostureous is not so prepostureous! George Bush Sr. had to “make his bones” in order to move up the ladder. Bush Sr.’s rise on the road to power had to come at a price! J. Edger Hoover named George Bush in several memos. This was for Mr. Hoover’s own protection, as well as to make record indirectly, of the players involved. Howard Hughes was also from Houston. Richard Nixon was Hughes “boy”: bought-and-paid-for! Prescott Bush also helped the young Congressman from California, into the White House, riding on the coat tails of Dwight D. Eisenhower, as his Vice President! We know by Robert Maheu’s own testimony, that he was Hughes’s “alter ego” as well! So much so, that when you”spoke to Maheu,you were speaking to Hughes,” and Vs vs. Please, give this some thought people: Hughes, Maheu…Nixon, Bush? Are there connections? You bet! And a hell of a lot more! The agency, aka CIA, has been used, and continues to be used, by the “private sector!” Even President Clinton said that “the Agency” would be used for american business purposes!An so it has…so it has! Nefarious or not, these people are all connected to the “Big Event” and to each other on the road to power and greater wealth. Do some homework!”-DM

  6. Sir,I have all the facts concerning what happend in Dealey Plaza. For instance did you know that Mrs kennedy did not stand up in the presidential limousine to retrieve something that came off the back of the presidents head. She stud up to defend her husband from an assassin who approached the car on foot.I know this because I have the pictures. Anyone can have these pictures for the right price.The evidence in these photographs is irefutable. I will also enclude my full written report of the events in Dealey Plaza and a further comment on what took place in the autopsy room. I will also try to answer any questions you might have.

  7. Ira Jesse Hemingway

    No he just drove the assassination team to and from Dallas on 11/22/1963. JFK had Senator Prescott Bush in his cross hairs by late 1963 from the evidence developed from JFK’s Stockpile Investigation started on 1/31/62 at presidential news conference #22.

          1. Ira’s first post does make sense. But to be honest I’ve never heard of the stock pile investigation. A link would be nice.

          2. Ira Jesse Hemingway

            Here you go now start the murder investigation from this point.


            President Kennedy’s News Conferences

            News Conference 22, January 31, 1962

            Thirdly, I have an important announcement to make about the national stockpiling program.

            The purpose of this program over a period of several years has been to store for future use those strategic materials which might be essential to the Nation in the event of an emergency.

            After a review of this program, upon assuming the responsibilities of Office, I was astonished to find that the total stockpile now amounts to some 7.7 billion dollars’ worth of materials, an amount that exceeds the CCC’s total inventory of farm products; and of more importance, an amount that exceeded our emergency requirements as presently determined by nearly 3.4 billion dollars. In some cases, the government had acquired more than seven times the amount that could possibly be used. For example, the value of the aluminum in this stockpile exceeds the amounts we would need for three years, in the event of war, by 347 million dollars. The excess supply of nickel is 103 million dollars.

            This Administration has taken steps to halt any new acquisitions to the stockpile with the exception of three items, still critically short, and on which we have spent less than 2 million dollars. Unfortunately, the surplus of other materials is still growing, as the result of contracts negotiated prior to this Administration’s taking office.

            It was apparent to me that this excessive storage of costly materials was a questionable burden on public funds, and in addition a potential source of excessive and unconscionable profits

    1. I think that the Stockpile issue and other ‘issues’ such as the Oil Depletion Allowance, the “eminent domain” frauds and others all played a part in what happened on November 22, 1963.

      The facts uncovered in the Stockpile matters would have revealed even greater frauds committed by even greater entities, and the matter seems to be ignored to a good degree.

      1. I also firmly believe that the Clay Shaw-Trade-Mart-Permindex-Nagy-CIA-Gladio-etc. aspects are sadly overlooked as well….

  8. Steve Cearfoss

    As far as I can determine, the so-called quote in which GHWB said that he was ‘somewhere in Texas’ has no source and is simply repetitive hearsay. In fact, he was in Tyler, Texas making a speech to the Kiwanis Club when the news of JFK’s murder was imparted to him. Now, Tyler was a small town and Bush was in the middle of his senatorial run, and if he was indeed later asked if he could remember specifically where he was, his answer would seem innocent enough. I am not trying to absolve Bush of his otherwise iniquitous behaviour and to me, his obviously covert complicity in the act and cover-up of the murder, I am simply stating that to repeat scuttlebut with no solid attribution is counterproductive to the cause.

    1. This is the problem with much of the JFK research out there….sloppy attribution, outright lies, silly theories and endless repetition of the same research facts without any resolution. That said: there’s been enough dots connected over the years that show some kind of conspiracy was afoot.

      As has been pointed out many times: JFK researchers, not all, but a good number of them, have been their own worst enemies.

    2. Ira Jesse Hemingway

      Didn’t the bush punk make a little money in the Bay Pigs scam; you know another vintage Allan Dulles operation.

  9. I don’t think that Bush did anything outside of his purview as an agent of the CIA in the murder of JFK, and I do believe that he was involved directly and indirectly with the CIA even prior to 1963 despite any claims to the contrary.

    His CIA involvement simply went from “dark” to more visible, or at least as visible as we were allowed to see.

    From Iran-Contra, the Mena Airport matters, the Call-Boys in the WH scandal, and the many other sordid events and actualities provide me with more than ample reason to see that the entire Bush family legacy is a very dark one as a whole.

    A legacy that goes back all the way to his father, and continues right through to his son.

  10. Why can’t someone with any sense of setting history straight start an investigation into what really happened on 11-22-63. I was 19 when JFK was “murdered”.I can tell you exactly where I was and what I was doing. Why can’t GHWB? I’m just a regular retired 73 year old man and have no way of seeking the true facts of what really happened. I never believed the Warren report, LBJ, “Tricky Dicky” Nixon or anyone else who said Oswald did it alone. Too many people that were in Dallas on that day also had connections to Watergate. How come! I always wondered what was in the 18 minute gap in the Nixon tapes and what was the reason these thugs broke into the Watergate office. Who benefited from JFK’s death. LBJ, Nixon, Bush, Hoover, CIA, FBI. It just goes on and on and gets more murky as time goes on. Can someone with the means of finding the truth help?
    I would like to go to my grave knowing what really happened to the President I loved so much.

  11. An important link to GWH Bush comes from an allegation made by Fabian Escalante, head of Cuban Intelligence. He claims that in 1959, Richard Nixon, in his capacity as Vice President and head of Eisenhower’s National Security Council, selected Bush and Jack Crichton to coordinate private fundraising for Operation 40.

    Many people know about Bush, but few know of Crichton. Lt Col John Alston (Jack) Crichton was a successful oil man, and was also the leader of the Dallas-based 488th Reserve Military Intelligence Detachment. He was OSS during the war, thereafter worked for Everette De Golyer for a while, and at one point participated in the discovery of the largest oil field in the world (at that time), in Kuwait. He was business partners with George de Mohrenschildt, at one point they were involved in a Caribbean venture together, buying up drilling rights in the islands (like Haiti). Crichton was instrumental in putting together the Cuban Venezuelan Oil Trust, which was one of the hottest stocks on Wall Street at one point, they’d negotiated 15 million acres of drilling rights in Cuba, before Castro suddenly limited foreign operations to 20,000 acres – and a whole bunch of wealthy investors from the Dallas oil community lost a whole lot of money, and none of them were happy about it.

    The 488th was originally called the 488th Strategic Intelligence Detachment, and its original mission was to keep the president apprised of foreign countries’ interest in and usage of oil. Gradually, from 1956 when it started, the focus of the 488th began to shift away from petroleum and towards “subversives”. In 1961 Jack Crichton became involved in several high-profile Civil Defense initiatives in the Dallas area, including one called Know Your Enemy, and around this time the 488th brought on a crew of several dozen Dallas police officers to be its eyes and ears. In 1963 Crichton became the head of the Dallas Emergency Operations Center, at the same time Boise B Smith was its DPD liaison (as indicated in the Batchelor exhibit).

    William Westbrook was a member of the 488th, as was Jack Revill, as was Capt Gannaway. At one point Crichton claimed that the entire intelligence division of the DPD was working for the 488th.

    So, if Mr. Escalante’s allegation is true, it would seem to implicate both Crichton and Bush in the planning of the Kennedy assassination. (Neither one of them would have had to be on scene, although both of them apparently were). Crichton would have been closer to the ground, though – he was business partners with DH Byrd and Clint Murchison, and he was a member of the Dallas Petroleum Club of which David Atlee Phillips was also a member. Crichton is one of the few individuals who connects “all” of the major players in the assassination.

    And Bush… well… there is Col Trenton Parker and his allegation regarding the conspiratorial phone calls, in which he names Dulles, Hoover, Johnson, Nixon, Rockefeller, and George HW Bush. In that group, you have intelligence and justice, the heads of both political parties, big money and big oil, and… George HW Bush. Why him? He’s the odd man out in that group, isn’t he? Well, one possible role is as a cutout, communicating the deniable strategy to the man on the ground Jack Crichton.

    Nixon owed his entire political career to Prescott Bush. It would make sense that when the time came, Nixon would be more than happy to find Prescott’s son a decent job.

  12. It seems most interesting that the Bushes always claim or pretend doofusness anytime they’re backed into corners of guilt. . .Prescott, Herbert, or our own Dumbya – ALL offer dumb innocence as an explanation whenever their nefarious schemes see the light of day. Anyone with sn IQ over 130 would easily surmise this tactic is likely the cornerstone of the Skull & Bones Society’s methodology of maintaining the collective power exerted by its membership. We can see it in clever adolescents at that critical age where they either turn to truth or lies as the way to escape or respond to accusations of guilt or wrongdoing.
    I would more expect the sun to explode tomorrow than to expect ANY Bush to offer ANY confession involving truth, unless it is offered as a tool to distract, confuse or deceive.
    These cats specialize in one thing, and one thing only: Lies
    They require positions either directly or indirectly involved in positions of power – in other words – positions REQUIRING high ethical standards are avoided at all costs: ex. surgeon, physician, scientist – any position where direct evidence of unethical conduct or prevarication are easily obtained are avoided like death.
    The Bush women may be teachers, etc., but not the men. . .too risky, and frankly just too damn difficult a job, so you see lying is central to their very being. . .
    Did GHWB kill JFK?
    No. Too much chance of being caught lying.
    Was GHWB directly involved in death of JFK AND RFK?
    Yes, with zero possibility of error. Did he, gramps, and baby brat do worse?

  13. I wonder if the 41st POTUS will make some kind of death-bed” statement that will become famous, as was that of E.Howard Hunt.

  14. How about this ask ANYONE that was alive when JFK was assassinated and they will tell you EXACTLY what they were doing when they found out. Even if they were children at the time they will tell you exactly what they were doing. It was on literally every news station, television show, teachers and principles in school stopped to announce that the president of the United States was assassinated all over the nation. How can you defend someone who was an actual adult at the time of the JFK assassination stating to not “remember” of his whereabouts at the time he found out something so huge in America’s history. Unless you lived under a rock, I’m sure you remember what you were doing the day of 9/11.

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  16. Is there any proof out there that on 11-22-1963 that George H.W. Bush was actually in Dallas TX when JFK was killed and was there actually a Picture of Him taken in Dallas on 11-22-1963? I have seen on the internet that Bush said He did not remember where He was when President Kennedy was killed. Is that True also?

    1. Bob, this FBI memo seems to confirm Bush’s presence in Dallas that day http://www.internetpirate.com/bush.JPG

      On Nov. 29, 1963, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover drafted a memo titled “Assassination of President John F. Kennedy” to Roger Hilsman, the director of the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. In it, Hoover stated, “information was furnished to Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency.” This has piqued the interest of researchers because George H.W. Bush wasn’t officially affiliated with the CIA until he was named director in 1976.

      1. On that day in Dallas R.E. Vaughn arrested a man running out of the Dal-Tex building who said he was an “independent oil operator from Houston”. He was detained for questioning but the DPD never recorded his details. After questioning he was ecorted out by two policemen and driven away in a police car. “Oil operator from Texas” was GHWB’s CIA cover.
        On that day at 1.45 pm GHWB (president of Zapata Drilling Company, Houston) called the FBI to report hearing that a James Parrot (his Republican Party sign painter) talked about killing the President when he comes to Houston. GHWB claimed to be phoning from Tyler, Texas, and that he was proceeding to Dallas, Texas and would remain at the Sheraton-Dallas Hotel. These details appear in a FBI memo dated 22.11.1963, from a Graham W. Kitchel.
        That GHWB claimed not to remember where he was when JFK was assassinated is somewhat curious.
        There is a photogragh that claims to show a 17 year old GWB (junior) walking in Dealey Plaza on that same day.
        My curious question would be: where was GHWB and GWB on that day at the time JFK was assassinated?
        The more you delve into the connections between CIA operations and GHWB the more interesting it becomes.
        Ask what was the code name of the Bay Of Pigs invasion?
        Ask what were the new names given to the two repainted navy ships recruited to the invasion?
        Ask who was the major recruiter and organizer for the invasion?
        Ask what the J.E. Hoover FBI memo seven days after JFK’s assassination (discovered by John McBride in 1988) reveals about GHWB’s involvement with the CIA in 1963?

        1. Sorry, I meant on the 22nd GHWB telephoned the FBI.
          Did he call from Tyler, or actually from Dallas?

  17. When a country and its leading citizens, overlooks, allows or pretends not to know about the insidious involvement of a politically active figure with the assassination of a US President, when a country fails to censure, stop or otherwise prevent such a person from accessing sensitive government positions subsequent to such an event, and when a country fails to or refuses to investigate such obvious involvements–then that country, in fact, licenses such an individual for even more heinous and bold crime. 9/11, Invasion of Iraq I & II are the end result.

  18. Per the Kitchel (FBI)memo: “BUSH stated that he proceeding to Dallas, Texas, would remain in the Sheraton-Dallas hotel and return to his residence on 11-23-63” The key word here is “remain”. GHWB spent Thursday night in Dallas and claimed to be calling 75 minutes after the assassination from Tyler, Texas which is 98 miles from Dealey Plaza. So according to Bush, he stayed the night before and the night after the assassination in a hotel 1 mile from the shooting, but was a hundred miles away “during” the shooting. The call to the FBI sure sounds more like an attempted alibi than a helpful tip.

    1. Interesting point. Was George Bush among the who’s-who of power elite attending the alleged Thursday night party at Clint Murchison Jr’s house?

      The fact that Bush knew De Morenschildt (Oswald’s ‘father figure’ friend), who knew Jackie Kennedy, is just another bizarre coincidence to this sordid case.

  19. My review of the k book was hardly inadequate. I went through every major point he made about the Texas National Guard, Watergate and the JFK case. Plus many more. The first part about the Guard, I praised. It was good. I did not accept the next two since they simply did not have the amount of objective evidence as the first. And I was specific as to why not.

    My review has been universally rejected by the research community? The review was also accepted at Bob Parry’s site, Consortium News, one of the very best alternative journals we have.

    Jeff could have also linked to Seamus Coogan’s fabulous review of John Hankey’s video. Or my follow up to it.

    Bush may or may not have been involved in the JFK murder. What my argument was and is, the evidence adduced by Hankey and Baker is simply not profuse enough or solid enough to establish that as a fact. Except for researchers like Jim Fetzer.

    1. Mr. D, Jim if I may as I respect your work. I’m not sure who or what post yours was directed at. I found your review informative and quite to the point. Enough so it PO’d the author. The book certainly did not address the family secrets in full (I.E. Prescott, Jeb’s involvement in the Savings and Loan fiasco in Colorado in particular). But for a neophyte reader, not a researcher, like me, it was quite revealing. I wish he would expand it into another volume or two. Especially in light of the looming possibility of another Bush or two’s run for POTUS.
      As for the research community’s opinion I can’t say, but it’s a tragedy this is not MSM news.

      1. Ronnie, I’m not stalking you, but it was Neil – namesake of Dresser Industries Prez W. Neil Mallon, founder of the Dallas World Affairs Council – not Jeb in the Silverado S&L scandal. It’s good we’re keeping one another on our toes.

        1. Actually thanks. There’s so much info out there on these topics it’s difficult to keep it all straight without re-checking before I post many times. I’d rather be corrected than mistaken.

  20. Apparently, George DeMohrenschildt was knowledgeable about many things, both CIA and Oswald. To befriend someone as skillfully as G. DeM did Oswald, while feeding info back to CIA given in confidence, is telling. When Oswald allegedly shot at Gen. Walker, G deM, fearing CIA blow-back against his foreign business dealings, took up residence in the islands. Nice cover, if you can get it. Oswald was nothing more to G deM. than a means to an end – more business through CIA contacts. Perhaps Marina’s close proximity to Oswald worked more favorably for G deM.,than did his alleged ‘friendship’ with LHO. After all, was not G deM. of Russian nobility and shared a national bond with another native Russian, Marina? It is amazing that, in the last year of his life, LHO was constantly surrounded by CIA assets and hounded by the FBI. If one needed a motive to shoot the head of a government that is hostile to you, would that be reason enough?

  21. there was a comment about JFK in effect saying “come and get me” to anyone wanting to shoot him. This I believe had to do with the fact he was riding in an open car. I’ve read that the “bubbletop”(which would have been used in the event of rain, of course)wasn’t bulletproof, and also that its physical appearance would have made it difficult to target JFK in an assassination attempt. So it’s a “neither here nor there” kind of thing, with regard to the limousine.

  22. I still view the photo I’ve seen on the internet of Bush in Dealy Plaza with skepticism. In this day of photoshop? To my knowledge it turned up from a supposed reliable -but- undocumented source.
    Then again. He did speak at a oil related function the night before and spent the night in Dallas. He did have cia connections through his role in operation 40 and his father’s relationship with the dulles brothers. He apparently had some use of east coast establishment Ulmer’s plane on 1/22.
    This and more make me wonder. JFK was shot at 12:30. Red Bird Airport is 10 minutes away. Walter Cronkite announced the Presidents death on TV at 1:38(?). Bush’s campaign speech opening remarks were interrupted by this news in Tyler. He called the FBI at 1:45. To establish his presence there at the time? (implicating Parrot is a crock). It’s 98 miles from Dallas to Tyler by car. Could a WWII fighter pilot make it in time as the crow flies?

    1. Ronnie Wayne, “He apparently had some use of east coast establishment Ulmer’s plane on 1/22.”

      I thought that Bush was in Joe Zeppa’s plane on the 22nd? Ulmer was in Tyler where Zeppa lived (Ulmer’s relatives lived there as well, but I’ve not read that Al Ulmer had a plane at his disposal let alone offering it to George Bush? I’m not sure I would call Ulmer “east coast establishment” unless I’ve missed something in his biography? I would very much like to pursue that if you have any sources to recommend. I thought that he was born in Jacksonville, FL?

      1. Thank you for catching my mistake Leslie. It was Zepp”O”‘s plane according to Baker in Family of Secrets.
        Barbara misspelled it in her account as well.
        Maybe a mistake too. Since her account of the day is somewhat questionable.
        Zeppa was originally from the east coast establishment.

        1. Ronnie, I would be interested to know more about the Zeppa, east coast establishment claim. He was an emigrant from Russia.

          I too have wondered about Barbara’s ‘letter’ published decades after the assassination, and why the misspelling? They appear to have been good friend’s. I only stumbled on to the name at the state library/who’s who books, looking for Zeppo, found Zeppa and put two and two together. It has been a strange trail since that day because I had been researching Lone Star Steel for a year or so, knew the players, and from there that portion of the story began to unfold. Military contracts, interconnected bankers and oil men related to other military contractors in the lead up to the Vietnam war.

          1. Leslie, if I recall right this was from Reclaiming Parkland. I don’t have it at hand at the moment but will tomorrow and will check. What I recall is as an immigrant he went to work for an establishment family, eventually on Wall Street, rose to mid level prominence, then went or was sent to Texas to help gain control of oil interests and established an oil relate business.

          2. Thanks Ronnie, and the operative word is “sent,’ an astute observation. I contend that George HW was also “sent” to the state in order to assist with the movement to turn Texas red.

            I assign East Coast establishment to those born into generations of ‘blue bloods,’ however I can see how Zeppa might be considered part of the establishment given their adoption of him most likely based on his intellect? Or might it have involved his Russian background. I’ll not go further with that pure speculation except to say that Fred Koch who settled in Texas was from Russia.

            Re. an appearance that Zeppa might have been adopted by the power brokers in the oil industry, he works with Clint Murchison and Jack Crichton in 1954 in Franco’s Spain, and he sits on the board of “Petroleum Resources” which appears to me to be some kind of quango housed at 630 Fifth Ave., Rockefeller Center where Allen Dulles took up residences when he was fired by Kennedy as DCI.

          3. Leslie, with the knowledge you have demonstrated I wonder if your not teasing me. The info is from Family of Secrets. Starting on page 57, ” Joe Zeppa was an Italian immigrant”…founded Delta Drilling…world’s largest contract oil drillers…emigrated…age of twelve… New York…older brother…wife..maid…Mrs. George Church, Mr, Church…Wall Street law firm….Rockefeller…stock boy… accountant… announced republican…baptized…Calvary Baptist…a favorite of the Rockefeller’s…Zeppa owned and lived in the Blackstone Hotel, the site of Bush Kiwanis speech.”

          4. The thsa article you linked also says he immigrated from Italy. three of his original partners were Russian Jews. The Church’s had no children and unofficially adopted him. Mr. Church got him the job in the stockroom where he worked, for the Rockefellers.
            I can’t follow Mr. Bakers sourcing in Family of secrets. This info is from the chapter “Where Was Poppy”. The source/end notes are numbered there but there are no corresponding numbers in the text. Some are easy to identify by the context but I couldn’t figure out which one or more may relate to Mr. Zeppa. Maybe you could contact him through his website or if he sees or hears of this he might respond.

          5. Ronnie, not at all and I didn’t intend to leave that impression. To be clear, (with one exception relating to Delta Drilling and the Murchison operation in Franco’s Spain) my research does not come from Russ Baker’s book although after his came out, I compared it with what I had found. I believe (perhaps because of space) he left out a number of aspects of Zeppa’s career that I know to be highly relevant. I also respect that anything that did not focus on the Bush family would have been ancillary to Baker’s mission for the book, and yet I contend it is Zeppa and Ulmer who should be under very close scrutiny.

            I think we’re dealing in semantics re. “East Coast Establishment.” Zeppa’s relationship to same was via adoption and not generations of ‘blue blood.’ but I can see how the Church’s and the Rockefeller connections would lead one to call him establishment because in essence he benefited from their support, without a doubt. I apologize because it’s a frivolous distraction. All of this explains the presence at 630 Fifth Ave. of an ‘independent’ oil guy from sleepy little East Texas.

            You bring up another interesting issue … I’ve come across at least a half dozen independent oil guys who clearly have deep roots with Standard (and Gulf). I’m not familiar with the practical workings of the industry, but I suspect the independents were somewhat like remoras. Thanks Ronnie.

          6. Ronnie, you are so right, Zeppa was Italian heritage. I’m working from memory here, so I need to be more cautious.

            I don’t know very much about current publishing standards and procedures, but I agree, footnoting can either be on the nose, or it can be very sloppy. Whether or not the author is responsible, I have no idea. I did notice several instances where page numbers didn’t align with information in the index of FOS which as you say can be very frustrating. And I’m guessing more so for the author than anyone else. If I put thousands and thousands of hours into the project, I would want an editor / publisher to bring their skills to the party.

            I’ll let you contact Russ directly if you want to. I think his site offers a confidential email and/or direct through to him. He’s fully aware of my issues relating to FOS.

    2. Ronnie, I too attempted to calculate the timing … he leaves Tyler, flies to Ft. Worth with Zeppa, Zeppa sends his plane with the Bush’s still on board back to Love Field in time to connect with a commercial flight to Houston. However, they have to circle Love Field because AF Two is preparing to take off. I’ve talked to small aircraft pilots who say it could be done, but what about the time it took for Bush to collect Barbara at the hair dressers, get to the Tyler airport, land in Ft. Worth long enough to leave Zeppa off, then taxi, take off and make it to Dallas by 3:32 (I think that’s the time that AF Two took off. I may be mistaken in some of this detail. It is still an interesting aspect of Barbara’s claim.)

    3. Ronnie and leslie,

      I believe the question of whether GHW Bush was in Dallas on 11-22-63 is a distraction. It doesn’t matter to history IMO.

      Whether Bush was a CIA agent when working for Zapata Oil is a major question. I think he was, based on the total record.

      I also think, based on his established record, he’s a proven liar.

      1. I’m tired and have a busy day at work tomorrow. But, while a distraction from the many other aspects of the assassination it is important to history as GHWB did come to us as POTUS through the CIA. He spent the night in Dallas 11/21/63, he was in Tyler about 1:40ish on 11/22. In between is a mystery. He had established CIA connections at the time (operation 40, the Hoover briefing memo, etc,). IF he was in Dealy Plaza at 12:30 I don’t believe it was as a shooter, operations director or coordinator. But as a forward observer for say Angleton or Dulles that would be important to history. Speculation? Yes, but not without basis.

        1. Ronnie, two interesting aspects. Forward observer could explain the demeanor of the man in the photo in front of the TSBD. (he looks far to confident and casual to have just witnessed what others did). I have no fixed opinion of that person being George HW, but it is interesting that the man so closely resembles him.

          The other aspect: here we are, 50 years later speculating about a Bush involvement. Might this be a distraction, and not in the sense that Jonathan has posed, but in a planned sense. I argue that the Bush family are front line actors and willing or at least groomed from an early age to be positioned on the stage at any cost to their own personhood, knowing they are so valuable for that exact purpose that they will be provided plausible deniability in every situation they find themselves.

      2. Jonathan, my argument is not about whether Bush was or was not in Dallas … the question is, with whom was he traveling on 11.22.63. Baker’s analysis focused on the “Bush ” Dynasty; my research had revealed far deeper and far more shadowy characters than Sam Bush c. early 1900’s.

        You recently brought up the history of the Franklin scandal and someone challenged ‘how does that relate to the assassination.’ I think anyone that has studied that sordid story knows that politics and blackmail were involved. The Bushes are symbols of American propriety and have served as the face of the conservative right in our country for decades. George HW was sent to Dallas under the umbrella of Dresser Industries to participate in the conversion of Texas to a Republican Red State.

        How better to keep him under control at the height of his political career than entrap him in a highly distasteful drama. I concluded long ago that the Moonie cult was somehow behind the compromise of George HW Bush – a fool with an incredibly sad history that made him fodder for those in the shadows; I also traveled to Omaha, twice to pursue this story; for some reason I was protected from meeting face to face with deCamp.

    4. Ronnie, I don’t recall where I read something about the issue of Bush’s whereabouts on November 22nd, 1963, but is it possible that he was in CYA mode to isolate himself from any others that he thought might have been engaged in the assassination? IOW, even if he was a patriotic CIA operative, he did nothing wrong but wanted to prevent being ‘guilty-by-association’?

      Ergo the establishment of any alibi, or denial later in years of even being associated with the CIA in an unofficial capacity?

      1. Just my opinion but yes it looks like an alibi. He called an FBI agent he was acquainted with knowing a record of the call would be made if memory serves me correct. The investigation of Parrot turned up absolutely nothing indicating any statement of hatred of JFK or plans to kill him. In addition just about everybody in Texas knew JFK had been in Houston the day before.

  23. I’m not one to jump to conclusions about photos “resembling” someone as in the 3 tramps photos but I’d like to know for the record has the man that looks like a younger George Bush in Dealey Plaza been identified?

          1. D. Olmens, I’m disappointed that you would endorse and or resort to such shenanigans. Where is your critical analysis of the man in the photo, taken outside the TSBD who resembles George H. W. Bush? If you had been in Dallas that day, I venture to guess that this man would have seemed out of place to you … more East Coast in dress and demeanor … in short, where was his “cowboy hat,” metaphorically speaking?

          2. Sorry, should have appended a 🙂 in the interests of clarity.

            I was simply replying to Thomas, who upon reading the Wiki page would realise Photon was joking.

          3. D. Olmens, well then, I suppose you are forgiven.

            Who would have ever have anticipated that in their lifetime they would be forced to revert to these idiotic symbols as a form of communication?

            what happened to “ha ha ha?”

        1. Photon’s pulling your leg. D.B. Cooper is the nom de guerre of a guy who hi-jacked a Boeing 727 in the Northwest U.S in the U.S. in the early 1970s and escaped by parachuting from the plane with a bunch of ransom money.

          D.B. Cooper sightings are second probably only to Elvis sightings.

          1. A joke every now and then isn’t a bad thing although some are more amusing than others. Back to the topic it sounds like the man has never been identified.

          2. Thomas, I agree .. we sometimes forget humor, a trait Kennedy epitomized. However, Photon was mocking you/us; I doubt seriously that there was any humor intended. Back to the man outside the TSBD … I would be interested to hear from people that lived in Dallas in 1963 … does anyone recognize this man, does he appear to be local? Personally I think there is something strange about his stance given that the president had just been shot.

          3. After the discussion being sidetracked it looks like the conclusion is the man who bears a resemblance to a young George Bush has never been identified and therefore the issue remains open.

  24. I think that Russ Baker made an enormous contribution with his book by breaking through the fear of confronting a particular political dynasty in the country while they still have the capacity to yield power. Where I fault his book, and I have shared this with him, is that it stops far short of the full story because the “Bush” family is but one thread in the intricate tapestry they were woven into over generations; theirs as a collective is a unique scene but the larger, the whole tapestry originates with British colonialism serving imperialism and enslavement – a force that an intrepid Irishman, John Kennedy was confronting on a global scale. Many of those collectives have yet to be named in one complete, contemporary and intellectually accessible volume to inform the public writ large. I respect that Baker asserts there is just so much you can put between two covers … tell that to Gerard Colby and Charlotte Dennett, co-creators of the seminal work, “Thy Will Be Done.” However in fairness to Russ, I think times have changed, publishers are less brave; evidently even Colby and Dennett faced some extremely destructive forces. Their courage continues to astound me.

    My hope is that a group of researchers and journalists can muster the funds and the resources to pursue the topic and further elaborate on how it relates to 11.22.63.

  25. there seems to be more animus than evidence here about GHWB and JFK assassination. People should exercise discretion when accusing someone of murder–much less involvement in an assassination of a president. This is the same man who refused to go to Baghad in 1991. He is not a murderer. Shame on you who accuse anyone of such a deed on such paltry “evidence”.

    1. Larry the evidence and the facts are all there I voted for Mr Bush and W. and am a long time moderate republican. I can tell you what I’ve learned over the last year or so about the Bush family is pretty scary. You sir need to do some research and you will see what I did then we can have an honest discussion.

        1. Read Russ Baker’s Family of Secrets.

          You can also watch JFK II (perhaps a little too conspiratorial even for me, but it does point out conflicting information using documents and known or plausible connections).

          Maybe these will shed some light on you Photon (pun intended ha ha – have a nice day).

    2. Larry, when GHWB eulogized President Ford during Ford’s funeral service, he made a quick reference to the JFK Assassination and SMILED as he did so. Something isn’t right about that. You have one former President smiling in reference to the assassination of another former President, at the funeral service for yet ANOTHER former President. Not good.

      1. Not to defend GHWB per se, but I think that smile meant that he felt the ‘delusional conspiracy theorists (or theories)’ were silly.

    3. Larry Schnapf,

      The trail of the Bush patriarchs is a history of 20th Century U.S. history.

      GHW Bush has a trail. Let’s begin with Zapata Oil. Leap forward to the Nixon White House. To the CIA Director. To Vice President. To President, one-term.

      History says GHW Bush was a great guy. Just had memory lapses.

      Research says something else. He lied about being a CIA officer in 1963. He was at the bathroom during the discussion of Iran-Contra. As president, he thwarted the ARRB.

      I’ll cut it off here.

        1. .John, that memo by Hoover to the CIA’s Deputy-Director about a George Bush of the CIA (who called to praise anti-Castro Cubans living in Miami and deflect suspicion) sure sounds like evidence to me.

          1. The ARRB tried to find “George Bush of the CIA,” and could not.

            The context makes it clear that this “George Bush” would be a desk officer. George H.W. Bush clearly wasn’t a desk officer.

            In theory, he might have been a contact, or an asset, or such. But he wasn’t an employee of the CIA.

            He was in the oil business.

          2. John McAdams, and you consider the oil business and the intelligence agency of the US to be mutually exclusive? Ask historians who have written about James Hardesty Critchfield if the CIA worked in close concert with the oil industry?

            Isn’t it time that history reveals precisely the symbiotic relationship between the Central Intelligence Agency and private and semi-private concerns. Who do we actually think that intelligence is serving? Freedom? Or capitalism and expansionism.

          3. John McAdams, and you consider the oil business and the intelligence agency of the US to be mutually exclusive?

            Being in the oil business and being a desk officer, an employee of the CIA, are mutually exclusive.

            Remember, during the Cole War, all kinds of people cooperated with the CIA in all kinds of ways, but this “George Bush of the CIA” was an actual CIA employee, not an asset or informant.

            I would like to see some evidence of George H.W. Bush having had any connection with the CIA in 1963. You folks haven’t provided any.

        2. John, with due respect, I’ve seen two comments of yours where you make your point, with no evidence to back it up. For instance, anyone can simply ssy LHO shot JFK, and leave it at that, as you did. You forgot to tell us what makes you think that. And now you ask for evidence from someone????

          1. I don’t get the point of your comment. Are you saying that I somehow have to prove that Bush was not a CIA official in 1963?

            That’s not how it works. You need to produce evidence.

        3. Give me a trial court with GHW Bush as a defendant charged with, say, perjury and I and a bunch of others will do what’s needed to come up with what will be admissible as evidence against Bush on the issue of whether he was working for the CIA in 1963.

          No problem. I’d lay the facts of Zapata Oil in front of the jury. Also the memo to which Gerry Simeone refers. I’d show the jury how GHW Bush became CIA Director allegedly without any prior intelligence training and show how unusual that was (that’s called circumstantial evidence). Again, no problem.

          1. “So what are the facts about Zapata Oil?” asks John McAdams

            One glaring fact is the name “Zapata” which was one of the code names of the Cuban exile operations, related to ZR Rifle, and Operation Mongoose.

            I have read the majority of the discussion on this tread and I have seen no mention of Webster Tarpley’s ‘The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush’, a fully documented and footnoted work that is exceedingly damning to the entire Bush Family, as it reaches back to the days of Nazi intrigue of Brown Brothers, Harriman. It also goes into some detail into the Order of Skull & Bones, detailing the family interconnections of Harriman, Prescott Bush, and William Huntington Russell, founder of Skull and Bones at Yale University.
            Russell made his fortune in the Opium Trade, supplying the Chinese.

    4. There is no doubt he’s a murder we just have no definate proof he was involved in this murder I believe he was.he’s a evil human being

  26. He not only thwarted the investigation he brought in George Joaniddes and the two of them brought the investigation to a screeching halt!!!
    Oh and TLR funny thing is DeMorenchildt received a card from Gaeton Fonzi asking to speak with him and guess what happend he shot himself with a Shotgun! Instead of one of the five pistols he had locked up he chose a shotgun??? I don’t believe it either……

    1. “Oh and TLR funny thing is DeMorenchildt received a card from Gaeton Fonzi asking to speak with him and guess what happend he shot himself with a Shotgun! Instead of one of the five pistols he had locked up he chose a shotgun??? I don’t believe it either……”

      Who knows? Perhaps because he thought it would be more effective? Are you suggesting someone on the verge of suicide will always act calmly and logically?

      “a funny thing”, “guess what happened”… Why cloak your claims in this kind of language? If you think there is more to it than mere coincidence, why not just say so?

      Putting aside any questions of mental stability, stress, paranoia, and so on as potential contributing factors, if de Mohrenschildt was indeed murdered, the question becomes: Who killed him and why? Do you have a reasonable explanation?

      1. D. Olmens,

        Brian H. makes a point about the pistols. I’m not a specialist in suicidal behavior. Are you? I’m guessing not. So I suggest we not guess as to George’s state of mind on the fateful day.

        My take away is that the shotgun blast is a powerful statement to third parties. Much more powerful than a discrete pistol shot into the mouth. Both do the job. One is bloodier and more dramatic.

        My guess: a depressed, disoriented person looking to kill himself isn’t looking to make a statement; just is looking to end his life. George D. took a far different exit. I’d pass over him, and I’m a JFK student, if he’d put a pistol in his mouth.

        1. Why is de M.’s state of mind not worth considering? That is surely a factor anyone investigating his death would attempt to discern when trying to evaluate whether it was murder or suicide?

          Fact: de M. had a recent history of mental illness, to be more precise: depression. He was hospitalised for treatment.

          That seems a point worth considering. Before jumping straight to the most sinister explanation it’s useful to consider other explanations and see if they can be conclusively ruled out first.

          This doesn’t really sound like any kind of statement. Compare and contrast with the murder of Sam Giancana for example.

          “One is bloodier and more dramatic.”

          One of them also offers virtual certainty.

          1. D. Olmens, again I’m surprised that you would revert to “de M. had a recent history of mental illness, to be more precise: depression. He was hospitalised for treatment.”

            Can you or anyone provide the medical records to substantiate these claims. Being hospitalized is not a diagnosis. I’ve read the same story, but will you cite the precise circumstances, the admission records, the psychiatrist’s signatures?

            The standard of ‘evidence’ must apply across the board.

            I can name three women married to oil executives who may well have had information relating to the assassination and were committed to psychiatric hospitals in the period leading to and immediately after 11.22.63, two of whom were married to board members of said psychiatric hospitals.

          2. “Can you or anyone provide the medical records to substantiate these claims. Being hospitalized is not a diagnosis. I’ve read the same story, but will you cite the precise circumstances, the admission records, the psychiatrist’s signatures?”

            That’s not an unreasonable request. I’ve done some digging around, but to date haven’t come up with anything that provides further illumination. I will continue to look for more information. I’ve read reports that de M. underwent electro-shock therapy, but the details are of a similarly general nature.

            I think it’s also worth keeping in mind the four previous suicide attempts mentioned in the police investigation into his suicide. Taken together, these details, whilst needing further elaboration, do not paint a rosy picture of de M.’s state of mind.

            “I can name three women married to oil executives who may well have had information relating to the assassination and were committed to psychiatric hospitals in the period leading to and immediately after 11.22.63, two of whom were married to board members of said psychiatric hospitals.”

            That’s an intriguing claim. Now I’m curious. Just to be clear, do you mean that two of the oil executives were also board members of the psych hospitals? I have three questions. Firstly, without asking you to name names, when you say these women “may well” have had information, what does that mean? Secondly, how did they obtain this information? Thirdly, and pethaps most importantly, are you suggesting that the possession of that information was the reason for their admission to these hospitals?

          3. Thanks D. Olmens, and I appreciate your looking for that information. I understand how the history of deMohrenschildt’s previous attempts could persuade you to think he finally succeeded. I on the other hand (and I suspect you are anticipating this response) would argue it may well have established the modus operandi for his murder. I’m struck by the rapid, thorough investigation into the possibility of foul play. Six days if I’m reading the report correctly.

            1) I contend that the assassination was in the wind 2) One of the women was in the Southeast, the other in the South/Midwest, married to oil men. That is all I will say specifically. 3) yes

          4. It’s a fair point. If these records can be obtained they may prove to be extremely helpful in providing additional insights into de M.’s health and state of mind at the time.

            If it could be shown that the rapidity and length of the investigation were unusual or anomalous amongst similar probes carried out by the same department during that period, then that would raise some questions, I agree. However, six days doesn’t seem an unreasonable duration for the investigation when I read the report.

            Thanks for answering my questions regarding the women. I’m intrigued and would be curious to know more, but at the same time I understand your reluctance to comment further. This is not really the place for such a discussion. Interesting.

          5. D. Olmens, I regret having brought up the subject except that it seems pertinent to my contention that the assassination was “in the wind,” and a number of people may have been silenced, some in criminal ways.

  27. I read Russ Baker’s book and was amazed at the connections he found between George Bush and the JFK assassination. They are not easily dismissed and although a direct connection cannot be proven there is ample reason to keep an open mind.

  28. I would argue that, when Bush became C.I.A. director and asked the the agencies JFK files, he did so because he was now in a position to thwart any Congressional (or otherwise) inquiries, based on his knowledge of the case (meaning he did know who killed JFK, and why).

    That scenario, although speculative like Jeff’s, makes much more sense.

    1. The scenario is further supported by his Operation 40 procurement/recruiting activities in 1960/61(?). Along with Daddy and his affiliation with the Dulles brothers.

    2. That scenario does indeed make sense, as that is exactly what LBJ did right after JFK was assassinated. LBJ took MANY secrets to his grave, as it well appears GHWB will do.

  29. I don’t know whether GHWB was involved in the JFK assassination, but it is significant that George de Mohrenschildt turned to him for help when Bush was CIA Director.

    1. Why?

      In making this claim you fail to acknowledge the actual content of de Mohrenschildt’s letter, which includes the following:

      “My wife and I find ourselves surrounded by some vigilantes; our phone bugged; and we are being followed everywhere. Either FBI is involved in this or they do not want to accept my complaints. We are driven to insanity by the situation.”

      Suspicions of vigilantes, phone taps, being followed. Rampant paranoia.

      “Could you do something to remove the net around us? This will be my last request for help and I will not annoy you any more.”

      Bush has confirmed they were acquainted. de Mohrenschildt thinks he’s being followed, bugged, and so on, thus he writes to someone he has met previously who he thinks can fix the problem, the CIA Director.

      If the letter had some substantive content other than paranoid ramblings it might be significant in the manner you claim. As it stands, the letter is illustrative of de Mohrenschildt’s state of mind at the time, but little else. Two months later de Mohrenschildt’s wife committed him to a mental institution.

      1. D. Olmens, surely you’te not arguing that a man’s sanity should be determined by his wife having had him committed? Mrs. deM was not the paragon of stability, and it may well be that she was “saving her own skin” as it were. I find deM as one of the more tragic figures, albeit complicit, in this drama. There are some additional characters floating around the scene in Florida including a young woman by the name of “Loomis,” not to mention the Tilton (Pierson) family of New England. These were not simply folk. And if deM was suicidal, why had he made plans to travel that Spring to Santa Fe, NM to visit his old friend Sam Ballen, to whom he had introduced Lee Harvey Oswald as a potential employee. And sometime in 1964, Priscilla McMillan brought Marina Oswald to New Mexico for a month long sabbatical from the events of November, 1963, staying with her relatives the Davenports, close friends of the Ballens. I do not believe that George deMohrenschildt killed himself.

      2. Paranoid ramblings? With the HSCA hearings going on, and increasing attention focused on GdM, he had every reason to feel paranoid.

        1. The question of “who” killed deM is a non-starter; deM’s death was immediately reported as a suicide so authorities had no reason to go in search of his murderer(s). Sounds like a familiar pattern, doesn’t it.

          The answer to “why can only be found by searching deM’s past thoroughly, and it is a somewhat naive question to ask unless of course it is intended to ridicule or diminish the suspicions surrounding his death. deM knew where the skeletons were buried, in so many different areas since WWII; as far as dot-connecting goes, he would have been a master at the art and would be able to fill in a number of missing links.

          1. ” thoroughly investigated the death.”

            Date 03-30-77

            49. Time 1300 hours

            50. Medical History
            of Deceased Victim had history of mental
            depression. On 11-09-76, his wife
            had him committed to a mental
            institution and listed four previous
            suicide attempts in a notarized

            As of the evening of 3-31-77, the undersigned investigator has not additional information in regards to this case, other than that received through the reporting process of other detectives assigned various parts of the investigation. This report will be added as a supplemental to the existing reports.


            This report transcribed from tape: On 4 April, 1977 by Linda E.
            Reporting Deputy(writer): Det. Thomas Neighbors/lea
            Deputy No. 5104
            Case Number: 77-11753
            Date: 3-29-77

          2. What I am implying is that the multi-paged report appears to encompass the record of an investigation that lasted all of six days unless I am misreading: THIS CASE IS EXCEPTIONALLY CLEARED ….This report transcribed from tape: On 4 April, 1977

          3. Here’s a more representative excerpt:

            “This writers investigation has failed to produce any evidence which would tend to indicate that the victim met his death by any means other than by his own hand. All of the facts indicate that he was a disturbed man, who, at the time of his death, was suffering from the same overwhelming mental pressures which must have surely prompted his four prior suicide attempts, in Texas, in 1976. This death investigation is, therefore, declared to be a suicide and is hereby EXCEPTIONALLY CLEARED.”


            Leslie Sharp: “What I am implying is that the multi-paged report appears to encompass the record of an investigation that lasted all of six days unless I am misreading: THIS CASE IS EXCEPTIONALLY CLEARED ….This report transcribed from tape: On 4 April, 1977”

            Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your point Leslie. Are you familiar with the meaning of the terminology “exceptionally cleared” in this context?

            I also don’t follow why the duration of the investigation is a concern. Sure, if they’d spent a day on it that might give the appearance of being a bit hasty. But the timeline doesn’t seem unreasonable when you read the report.

            Note also the mention of “…his four prior suicide attempts, in Texas, in 1976.”

          4. D. Olmens, yes I am familiar with the term as it is applied in this report.

            I think if you are looking for evidence of a suicide then four or five days are sufficient. If you are suspicious of foul play, I think that investigation requires a bit more time and digging.

            an example: (this is a poor horse I am currently beating, but it seems to continue to be lost in the shuffle.) On December 16, 1963, the Warren Commission convened, apparently to discuss procedures and ‘get acquainted.’ Allen Dulles chose to pass around a ‘small book’ on ‘7 attempts against the President,” and said something to the effect that all but one fit the lone assassin profile. (see a Dec. 16, 2013 thread on this site for more detail.) This meeting took place just 24 days after the assassination and 22 days after Ruby’s murder of Oswald in the presence of a phalanx of law enforcement officers. Do you think that Allen Dulles allowed sufficient time for a thorough investigation to ensue, or did he at that very moment shift the train into full throttle to indict Oswald posthumously. He was a master of counter-intelligence, Don’t you think he knew what he was doing?

            Returning to Mr. deMohrenschildt, did authorities look at his medical record (a metaphor for Dulles’ little book on assassination) head in that direction and solve the case in less than a week?

  30. “Fun fact: When Bush became director of the CIA in 1976 the very first thing he asked for was the agency’s JFK files. He too wanted to know who killed 35th president.”

    Is there documentation of which specific files were brought to him for examination?

  31. The first time I ever heard of a Bush/JFK connection was in response to a rather feisty message board debate at go.com during the 2000 election campaigns. Someone was posting a lot of old Prescott Bush info, and that got me researching Thyssen and Krupps, etc. In the course of this research, I found a link to an FBI FOIA document on a Lyndon LaRouche webpage that listed a George Bush of Zapata Oil telephoning the FBI ON THE AFTERNOON OF Nov. 22, 1963 to inform FBI of someone he suspected might be involved in the JFK assassination (James Parrot). I don’t know what other George Bush of Zapata Oil that could have been.

    SO, George Bush, who actually calls the FBI on the day of the shooting to report a SUSPECT, has no recollection of where he WAS? Incredible.

    At the time, I did not know GHWB was claiming he could not recall where he was, but I was intrigued that this enterprising little wildcatter who starts his own oil company, has some rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, dutifully calls FBI with a tip when tragedy strikes his country, grows up to one day head the CIA and then become President of the United States! Admittedly, I wasn’t connecting the dots too well, but I don’t generally think on the dark side.

    Fast forward to 9/11/2001 – another day that rocked my world (as did 11/22/63). I couldn’t understand how, with all our sophisticated intelligence, we could have possibly missed that one, so I began contributing to Paul Thompson’s Terror Timeline (since has been published into a book). The book does not claim to “solve” anything, but it contains so pretty damning information.

    Summer of last year, I picked up “Double Cross” by Sam & Chuck Giancana (copyright 1992) in a thrift store. I bought it because it is written by relatives of a mobster who wrote very poignantly on the page before the author’s note, “Until 1969, our family was held captive by the legacy of Chicago Mob boss Sam Giancana. At the time, we mistakenly thought that by changing our last name, we could escape the very real stigma attached to being related to a notorious ‘gansgter'”. I was intrigued and felt empathy for them by their paragraph, so I decided to read their biography of their brother and uncle. It is chilling, to say the least. But their story makes a lot more sense than the idiotic lone nut commie gunman firing three shots with a cheap rifle . . .

    More importantly, there were two names that came up that I knew I had seen before – Frank Fiorini (aka Frank Sturgis) and Robert Mayhue. I knew it had something to do with Watergate. I still had a collection of Watergate books on my bookshelf, so I started rifling through the indexes to find these guys. How is it these same people keep popping up? They’re all over Bay of Pigs, JFK, Watergate – what gives??? Then I remembered the FBI memo re: Mr. George Bush of Zapata Oil . . . no flippin’ way! But how does an oil guy become a Senator become Director of CIA, without ever having been a spook? No flippin’ way!

    WAY!!! Bay of Pigs – Zapata – oil rigs – plots to kill Castro . . . he didn’t just “walk into” the job of Director of CIA, he had been an asset for years. Good Lord, what have we done? What have we done? We can’t give Caroline her father back, but we owe it to our children and all future children to change the way we do things. This sort of manipulative intrigue is unacceptable and barbaric. People deserve to hear the truth, not in screaming, paranoid terms, but poignant, factual terms, so they might join together to prevent this madness from continuing.

      1. John, is it a factoid that Oswald alone killed JFK, since Oswald was never proven guilty of that in a court of law?

    1. It’s not a crime to be a CIA agent or asset. I know a lecturing researcher up here who was visited by a CIA agent after Oliver Stone’s movie. The exchanged info. The gent from Virginia befriended him, although he never admitted he was an agent. Maintaining discretion and secrecy is part of the job.

  32. I am a 66 year old Canadian. I was 16 on when President Kennedy was murdered. Although my memory isn’t so great these days, I still remember clearly exactly where I was and what I was doing and how I learned that President Kennedy had been assassinated.

    If I remember that day so clearly, a non-American who was far more removed from this tragic event than Mr. Bush was to this matter, and so I find it less than credible that Mr. Bush could not remember where he was on that day.

    I had heard that there was evidence that he was in Dallas on that day, though I don’t know how credible that evidence is or what it consists of, but I have never heard anything from anyone at any time that George HW Bush was actually in Dealy Plaza, much less that a photograph exists that clearly places him there on that day.

    If true, this should be a major story!

    1. “I am a 66 year old Canadian. I was 16 on when President Kennedy was murdered. Although my memory isn’t so great these days, I still remember clearly exactly where I was and what I was doing and how I learned that President Kennedy had been assassinated.”


      “If I remember that day so clearly, a non-American who was far more removed from this tragic event than Mr. Bush was to this matter, and so I find it less than credible that Mr. Bush could not remember where he was on that day.”

      Why? Might it be because you suspect his involvement and thus are inclined to interpret his claim in a sinister light?

      “I had heard that there was evidence…”

      Could you point me in the direction of that evidence? “I had heard” doesn’t really sound too persuasive.

      1. I’m Canadian too lol.

        The common question is who are the only three people who didn’t remember where they were on November 22, 1963?

        Richard M. Nixon (although he later corrected himself).

        E. Howard Hunt (his explanation didn’t hold water in court).

        George H.W. Bush*

        *I remember a movie about Aliens with Chad Everett playing a military brass character. He told someone who asked if he was lying or had to lie – “we don’t lie – we deny”. I chuckled at this but thought it had real life application.

        Papa Bush may have denied where he was to thwart further questions which might have linked him to his patriotic duty (I don’t mean that sarcastically folks) back during the Cold War, wherein he may have been a CIA operative under contract. The later-discovered FBI memos or reports raises some questions.

        Nixon or Bush’s denials don’t necessarily mean that they were involved in the assassination of the President Kennedy, of course.

        But I wonder if they had some kind of knowledge after-the-fact.

        God knows.

        1. The common question is who are the only three people who didn’t remember where they were on November 22, 1963?

          Richard M. Nixon (although he later corrected himself).

          No, he gave a mostly consistent account of his riding back from the airport in Queens in a taxi when somebody on the street came up and told him and the driver.

          There are two versions: in one a man tells them, and in the other a woman.

          That has to be sinister!

          E. Howard Hunt (his explanation didn’t hold water in court).

          You are taking the word of Mark Lane on that. You should not.


          Plenty of evidence puts Hunt in DC.


          But don’t expect Mark Lane to tell you that.

          George H.W. Bush*

          Yet another factoid.


          1. My only problem with Mark Lane is his strong statement that Lee Harvey Oswald was the man Roger Craig saw running into that Rambler for a getaway. It COULD have been LHO, it also could have been one of the assassins.

          2. I’ve heard or read two different stories (he wasn’t consistent).

            .John, the jury didn’t believe Hunt’s story or his alibi.

            I recall after the movie JFK, a reporter asked Bush Sr. where he was and he said he didn’t recall. He either forgot what he said in that letter that you linked, or maybe he didn’t want to answer the reporter’s question).

            But isn’t the real issue that George Bush denied that he was the Bush alluded to in those FBI memos?

            Perhaps, if one is a CIA asset working in secrecy, you must deny?

          3. What’s sinister about Nixon is the gap and that ‘Cuba thing’ he alluded to. What were his burglars really looking for? Perhaps knowledge about certain things after the fact that might have slipped out of his mouth? Maybe it’s all about negative perception, and that can ruin a campaign, even if there’s no wrong doing?

          4. .John, the jury didn’t believe Hunt’s story or his alibi.

            You only have Mark Lane’s word on that.

            I got several independent sources, and they show that the jury didn’t pay much attention to the conspiracy stuff. The issue was libel.


            He either forgot what he said in that letter that you linked, or maybe he didn’t want to answer the reporter’s question).

            Or you saw some bogus report, or misremember what you saw.

            But isn’t the real issue that George Bush denied that he was the Bush alluded to in those FBI memos?

            But it wasn’t George H.W. Bush. Context made it clear it was a CIA employee. Not a contact or asset, but an employee.

        2. GOD YES try before the murdering fact DURING the murdering back shooting fact not to mention THE BUTCHERING AUTOPSY FACT jesus its plane as day lets unite march on these traitors take our pride of and a time of Camelot America back to americans

      1. It’s a striking similarity. It’s not absolute proof, but there are many more dots to join in this mystery.

  33. There is no question that George H,W. Bush was involved with the Kennedy Assassination. First of all, J.E. Hoover created a paper trail with a memorandum entitled: “Assassination of President John Kennedy” in which George H.W. Bush is called out as a CIA operative connected with the CIA’s “misguided anti-Castro Cubans”. Hoover was no friend of Kennedy, but he was also no friend of Nazis either. Hoover also busted the father Prescott Bush for his role in Union Bank (that had provided funding to Hitler) under the Trading with Enemies Act. Bush’s connections with anti-Castro “Bay of Pigs” operatives run deep, and several of these individuals were involved in the both Watergate, and the Iran-Contra scandals. As CIA Director, Bush played a key role in thwarting and covering-up the House Select Committee Investigation by denying access to files. Finally, photographs show Bush in Dealey Plaza at the time of the shooting, and yet Bush publicly has stated he doesn’t know where he was. This is a powerful CIA ring-leader, who was so powerful that Ronald Reagan was forced to pick him as VP against, and whose bumbling, inarticulate son was elevated to the position of President of the United States. There is no question Bush was involved with these (“Bay of Pigs”) individuals and the CIA, and was deeply involved. He’s one of them!

      1. Eric Saunders

        It would seem that this commenter is out of his depth:

        “The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.

        His business dealings, which continued until his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy.

        The evidence has also prompted one former US Nazi war crimes prosecutor to argue that the late senator’s action should have been grounds for prosecution for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”


        1. Again John McAdams to the rescue! You can always tell when someone uncovers the Truth because that’s when Mr McAdams shows up and posts a link to a low level uninformed debunking site set up by yet another govt sponsored apologist who posts outright “FACTIODS” that Mr McAdams can refer to and say see here’s a link so that makes what I say true.
          Sorry John but the info about the Bush.s is all there in its shameful glory!
          And don’t bother mentioning the Kennedy award for G.W. they gave him the award for comprising with the Dems to raise taxes only to get voted out of office lol!!!!
          Read my lips they know what you did George!

        2. The article is unclear as to whether there were any real business dealings after WWII started.

          Remember, if there were some assets sitting around, they would sit there until the U.S. government seized them.

          The Bush bankers could not take them, and they could not be sent back to Germany.

          Then there is the fact that the German industrialist whom they represented had a falling out with Hitler, and was in no way a supporter at any point after the war in Europe began.

          I’ll go with the Anti-Defamation League. I trust them to condemn anybody who is really cooperating with the Nazis.

      2. While I agree with your point about Bush I have to question your usage of the word “factoid”

        There are two distinct meanings of the word and they are actually contrary to each other.

        As per the Merriam Webster dictionary.http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/factoid

        Here is another article regarding this.

        I am sure you are referring to the first definition popularized by Norman Mailer but be careful as you could also be understood to be admitting that the above fact is true.

        I am sure you mean to use the word in a derogatory since but that derogatory meaning is losing momentum and you are going to be understood by a younger generation as admitting many “assassination factoids” as true.

        1. Heather thank you for the clarification lol I use the term “Factiod” simply because that’s the word our resident apologist uses any time someone posts something legit.
          You are correct in assuming I used it in a derogatory sense but was I simply making a point.

          1. When I am told by John McAdams or Photon that I made a “factoid”, I resent it, because I never “invent facts” about the JFK Asassination. While I wasn’t witness to that terrible tragedy, I have come to the conclusion that there are many things pertaining to it that you just can’t make up. For instance, several writers who believe there was a conspiracy to assassinate JFK back up their facts from portions of the Warren Commission report itself.

  34. I am astounded that George Herbert Walker Bush would actually admit/say/declare that he did not know where he was on November 22, 1963!!! It is no secret on Capitol Hill that GHW Bush ran the Reagan White House when it became clear that there were some symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease were already manifest. GHW Bush would have been thrown to the wolves if there was any mental or amnesiac problems with his mind and sense of time and space.






    Father and son seem to have great lapses of serious memory malfunction. I still don’t get it but I continue looking, researching , cross referencing until I get answers that seem not to come from my respected government sources as hoped for.
    I doubt this will be allowed to publish because of the uncertainty it promulgates!

  35. I do think GHW Bush was involved in the JFK assassination for many reasons. #1 reason is he says he does not remember where he was on 11/22/63 – “somewhere down in Texas” Bush once said. I take that as an admission of participation in the JFK assassination.

    I suggest googling “Did the Bushes help to kill JFK?” – http://jfkmurdersolved.com/bush.htm

    GHW Bush has extremely close ties to anti-Castro Cuban radicals such as Felix Rodriguez. GHW Bush commuted the sentence of terrorist Orlando Bosch, another suspect in the JFK assassination.

    Bush is mentioned in the McBride memo. Fletcher Prouty recalls delivering 3 ships to a Mr. George Bush of Houston for the Bay of Pigs invasion. Bush was deeply involved in the Bay of Pigs – and you will be hearing more about that in the upcoming years.

    CIA-military rage over Cuba policy was a major factor in the JFK assassination.

    There are many other points to make about GHW Bush, but I will stop at that.

    1. “I do think GHW Bush was involved in the JFK assassination for many reasons. #1 reason is he says he does not remember where he was on 11/22/63 – “somewhere down in Texas” Bush once said. I take that as an admission of participation in the JFK assassination.”

      That’s it? I really struggle to understand how this could be considered sufficient grounds to make claims about GHW’s involvement. Extremely unpersuasive.

      1. How can GHW Bush be the only person in America who can’t remember exactly where he was and what he was doing upon hearing the news of the President being shot? Especially after admitting that he was “somewhere in Texas” at the time??

        1. The “only” person in America? Don’t you think that’s over-stating it just a bit? What do you base that claim on?

          Can you provide a quote and citation for Bush having said these words? Additionally, can you provide any evidence that would clarify Bush’s exact whereabouts that day?

          Robert Morrow’s claim is deeply odd. What kind of logic is? Someone claims they can’t recollect something and that this equates to an “admission of participation”? This approach is illogical and irrational. I suspect that if Bush were to specify his exact location Morrow would claim he’s not telling the truth and that would also an admission of involvement. This is nonsense. Spurious claims the one Morrow makes here have no place in any serious discussion of the assassination.

          1. D. Olmens, I agree to the extent that Bush’s memory is irrelevant to the issue at hand. What is relevant is where he was that day and with whom he was traveling. The memory issue is odd and may well be apocryphal or the lapse may have occurred during that dinner with the Chinese … who knows? As it suggests, and I emphasize “suggests” a certain casual and dismissive response to a question serious in the minds of many … where were you when …., I think he should have been called to task. And having said all of that, it is very odd, imv, that Barbara determined to set the record straight in the 1990’s. Why bother? The other slack I am cutting George H.W. Bush (can’t believe I am) is why didn’t he meddle in the files of the assassination while serving as Director? Or did he? Why wait to ask for the files a decade or so later? (or am I messing up the timeline?)

          2. Leslie, Is the memory issue apocryphal? I wonder about that. I see a lot of discussion here but not much in the way of direct quotes one way or the other. I grant you it seems a little unusual. However, as with other aspects of the case, I think a high degree of caution should be exercised before attributing ulterior motives when there may be other explanations. One way of looking at it, as you say, might be to perceive a certain carelesness or flippancy. However, there may be a reluctance on Bush’s part to answer more definitively for a number of reasons. One of which could be not wanting to be seen responding to speculation, or on the other hand feeding speculation. If I was Bush I wouldn’t want to engage with or give any publicity to claims such as those made by Morrow. Having said all that it doesn’t seem like a particularly hard question to answer. The question is whether people such as Morrow would accept any answer provided, or whether that in turn might lead to more speculation. Seems like a bit of a no-win situation.

          3. I believe he presented his opinion of Bush’s failure to recall his location of the day in question “IS” one of many considerations that led to his conclusions.
            I too find it suspicious. I also feel no need to trash John Hankey’s work. I wouldn’t necessarily agree that Bush was a “trigger man,” But i think Bush was in on it and much of Hankey’s work in “Dark legacy” is worthy to contemplate.
            I also think his work on Romney, although at first glance appears sketchy, may hold some reverence to the Mormon as well. His refusal to show his Federal Income taxes speak volumes whereas many supporters often dismiss it especially if they’ve had bad experiences with the IRS. To me, he has something to hide and he’s aware top notch investigative journalist will connect the dots and discover really embarrassing evidence that he doesn’t want to come to light.
            I’ve heard over the years that they (Mormons)are sought for recruitment in Govt. agencies for they rarely question the motives and tactics of their superiors. Just sayin…

          4. I was 13 years old, growing up in Washington, DC in 1963. I remember EXACTLY every detail of that whole weekend. I find it impossible to believe anyone of sentient age couldn’t do the same.

          5. “…hmm! Well, if my memory serves me, both Richard Nixon and E. Howard Hunt also had “lapses of memory” as to their own whereabouts on 22 Nov.! I think that’s really funny, because Nixon’s story of “how” he found out about the killing changed dramatically over the years! Amazing though: Nixon had left Love field in Dallas on a flight to New York, just a few hours prior to the Presidents arrival. Just one of those “lapses” I guess! Kinda like those 18.5 minutes on his/our “tapes!” What can you say? As for Hunt? Well, your guess is as good as mine…but please try to remember everyone…it isn’t “what you know, it’s what you can prove in court!” We’ve been dealing with people…people who believe that “anything” is legal..unless you get caught! People who, “operate” within the U.S. as though they were working for the “company” outside of it! These people think that everything they do, is just one big operation, and that “whatever” they do is o.k….because they are above the law! They have taken the “Agency,” and have used the advantage of its information and, all our endless…free tax dollars;this”cash cow” so to speak, and use it however, whenever, and for whatever they wish! what’s more; they think they are above the law!
            Frankly; someone needs to treat them as “enemies of the state”; or as, “foreign agents” operating in another country, and deal with them on the same level! It is “the only way” they can be dealt with! Take Mrs. Ruth “Whoever!” Van drives by her house, “wherever” and pull a “snatch and grab!” Tie her in a lawn chair, give her 3ccs of sodium ammathol, and “put her to the question!” Record it on Go Pro/video; submit her to both voice stress and a polygraph…after a while…”however long awhile,” and then, let her go! Truth’s now known! Of coarse,”i’m only kidding!”But, just for the record…who gave all these lizards…these parasites, the right to violate all our rights…break all our laws…crap all over the rule of law…steal taxpayers money and create shell and dummy corporations…in their own names no less…make millions of dollars…keep “get out of jail free cards,”conduct “their own” foreign policy from those of our elected officials…pretty much do “whatever” the feel like, “whenever”, and “however” without fear of reprisals? Everything these clowns do abroad, is illegal…that makes them criminals! “whatever” they do od the same ilk in this country makes them not only “criminals,” but “traitors” as well!” No doubt, they over trew our Govt. some fifty plus years ago…the only thing I can imagine they have in store for all of us “when the time comes,” and it’s comming; is turn us all into soap and lampshades! They’re all just a bunch of modern Nazis!”-DM

          6. Virginia Arlington

            I was three years old when the President was assassinated. I sat in a small rocking chair while my mother and aunt wept in front of the TV. My memory of the event is so clear. I cannot imagine how a highly intelligent and accomplished oilman like GHW Bush could not recall where he was when he heard that JFK was shot.

          7. Douglas E Colley

            Why was Zapata Drilling Co, holding a conference in Dallas that week (the night before) a few blocks from Dealy Plaza? I should note that Zapata Drilling was owned by GHW Bush. Of course he was in Dallas.

        2. D. Olmens, Barbara Bush’s letter fairly well established where her husband was on 11.22.63.

          But as to your query, would anyone convinced that Bush feigned his memory loss about 11.22 then be willing to accept his personal testimony establishing his whereabouts? Are you suggesting that some people want to frame George H. W.Bush?

          That seems to me to be a win-win situation.

          1. I don’t know where Barbara Bush said George was that day, but we know for sure he was in Dealey Plaza because there are very many pictures of events that day with his body in them. If anyone can tell us a good believeable reason for him being there, but denying that he was there, then there will be something to talk about

          2. If you’ve ever tried to verity photo identification, you know that the claim George H.W. Bush was in Dealey Plaza is impossible to verify. The claim that the man who looks (sort of) like Bush was in fact, George Bush, the oil man, is subjective. It is just as valid (or invalid) as the claim that the man is NOT Bush. Positive photo identification requires a photograph of the person at the same time and measurements of facial features. To my knowledge this has never been done. So, in my opinion, we do not “know for sure” that Bush was there.

        3. By saying “somewhere in Texas”(with reference to where he was on 11-22-63), he may have been making fun of the death of the 35th POTUS. He did admit he was in Texas, but the “somewhere” was unnecessary.

        4. I remember where I was when Kennedy was killed and I was only five.I was in kindergarten at the time so it was half days. I was taking a nap with my father when my mother came in to tell him . My sister who was seven remembers being told in school. But Bush can’t remember.

      2. My mother was 5 years old when she saw it on media and she will NEVER forget exactly what she did that day, never, ever.

        1. Thanks for sharing that anecdote, but this is completely irrelevant. We’re not talking about the capacity of people with no connection whatsoever to the case to recall where they were and what they were doing when they heard the news. We’re specifically discussing George Bush Snr. Please try and keep your responses on topic.

          1. D. Olmens,

            You appear to be a defender of GHW Bush.

            You know this:

            Bush was CEO of Zapata Oil.

            Bush was head of the CIA.

            Bush was in the White House during Watergate and Iran-Contra.

            Bush said he must have gone to the bath room when Iran-Contra was discussed.

            Bush oversaw drug operations in the U.S. during a period when drug importations to the the U.S. increased.

            D. Olmens, tell us this:

            Did GHW Bush participate in the Franklin Bank Scandal? You know the one. Tell us about it. All about it. Please.

          2. Jonathan, you are indeed bold and brave by broaching this topic. I venture to guess there are few, if any that will step up and air this issue. Even Russ Baker avoided the story, and perhaps there was a reason … perhaps the Omaha scandal was fabricated or perhaps it is simply too difficult to document. I drove there on two separate occasions to research the facts. I remain convinced that there’s something there.

          3. “You appear to be a defender of GHW Bush.”

            Nope. Wrong again Jonathan. Please re-read my comments.

            “D. Olmens, tell us this:

            Did GHW Bush participate in the Franklin Bank Scandal? You know the one. Tell us about it. All about it. Please.”

            And the connection between that and the JFK assassination is what exactly?

          4. Reply to D. Olmens re GHWB and Franklin Bank scandal:

            If as some have alleged GHWB was a participant in the events collectively called the Franklin Bank scandal, his character and believability are impeached.

            If his believability is impeached (I believe it is, based just on the known record), why should anyone give credence to his statements that he never worked for the CIA prior to becoming its director?

      3. Jackie Nicholsen

        Did you not read this entire post? People like YOU Olmens, are the third rate enablers of the world.

        Like all political operatives, you leap onto the softest part of the post, despicably distracting from the whole.

        Very low-minded stuff there D. .

      1. Prouty is emblematic of the JFK Assassination Industry, former nobodies who rose to prominence by making largely unsubstantiated claims and baseless inferences. The existence of this industry is one reason there will never be a consensus regarding this tragedy.

        If someone were to produce DEFINITIVE evidence that there was no conspiracy, and everyone from Stone to Posner agreed that it was in fact “case closed,” Industry members would simply say, “you see, even THEY are in on it!” They have too much invested to acknowledge and accept the facts of the case.

        1. leslie sharp

          JBirks, maybe you too could offer your summation in 1,000 words or less describing what unfolded on 112263? Rather than debunking the messengers, why don’t you address the discrepancies and contradictions in the official version without referring to experts, and record your version of what you think happened in Dallas. Rather than serving as a mouthpiece for anyone, be they advocates that Oswald was a lone assassin or those that insist there was a conspiracy, offer your own argument based on your unique research. I challenge you to not serve as a mouthpiece for anyone, otherwise that is all you are … a mouthpiece. As an astute observer/commenter on this site said to me last year … “use your mind.”

        2. “Prouty is emblematic of the JFK Assassination Industry, former nobodies who rose to prominence by making largely unsubstantiated claims and baseless inferences.” ~JBirks

          Prouty a “nobody”? What utter nonsense. You have no idea of what your are talking about. Prouty was the liaison between the military services and the CIA, aside from his long military service, from the ‘horse drawn’ days of the cavalry to the days of the Army-Air Force, being separated into a distinct services and creating the “US Air Force”.

          Guys like you want to defame writers as part of a “JFK Assassination Industry” – but you want to leave out authors like Posner and Bugliosi and say they are legitimate.

          Consensus is a fairytale. It is momentary and morphs within moments.

      2. What’s wrong with the citing of Prouty as a reliable source, John? Does he get too close to the truth, which would obvously make lone-nutters nervous?

      3. John, I haven’t yet seen your website, but is there anything in there from conspiracy theorists that ,may actually be true? I wonder If so, do you turn them into “factoids” by spinning the truths to suit the “Oswald did it alone” idea?

    2. Robert, how about Bush chuckling in reference to the assassination during his eulogy of Gerald Ford(at Ford’s funeral)? That scene bothered me. What brought on that chuckling, is what I want to know.

    3. The CIA code name for Bay of Pigs was Zapata. The name of GHW Bush’s energy company. One of the boats used was BARBARA (just like the names he gave the 2 Avenger planes he lost in WWII. You cannot make this stuff up. There have also been different reports about George Bush in Dallas on 11/22/1963. One as a CIA report release after many years via the FOIA that said “Mr. George Bush” was advised about some status regarding the assassination. George HW Bush said he did not work for the CIA until he was appointed director during Ford’s presidency. The pundits all say there was another George Bush at the CIA. Apparently, the other George Bush was eventuallylocated and he said he did not get such a report and there would be no.reason for him to do so, as he did not start working for CIA until 1964, and he was a low level clerk. One of my favorite story is that The GEORGE BUSH called the FBI and claimed he had been in Dallas but left on the 21st and that he had information about someone who had made threatening remarks about shooting JFK. I am reading the Unauthorized bio of GHW Bush and it begins to make some sense.

  36. My book has no connection with any video or any other reporting or theories that may exist, and to lump it in with any other is to do readers a major disservice by drawing connections and inferences where none should be drawn.

    Second of all, to try and diminish my work by posting a link to a singularly awful and inadequate “review” that ignores the substance of the material, a “review” that has been almost unanimously rejected by other researchers, is another disservice. The book speaks for itself–five copious chapters of documented evidence on the JFK/Bush matter, more than a thousand footnotes, broad acclaim, bestseller status.

    To try and distract people from a TON of documented, footnoted evidence on HW Bush’s covert work in Dallas with CIA circa 11/22 by falsely suggesting that I–or anyone–is stupid enough to believe that Bush would be an actual triggerman, well, that’s just beyond the pale. I see you want the comments to be “civil”– but there’s nothing civil about such tactics. They reek of a most uncivil agenda.

    For a website that seeks to cast itself as a thoughtful place, as the ultimate arbiter of JFK assassination material, you’re off to a very, very bad start.

      1. There’s alot of still photo’s as well as video on sites such as you tube that show identifiable people in the vicinity of TSBD shortly after the crime. I’ve seen still frames on a video from the railyard area that identifies bush 41 or his twin holding conference with bystanders in that vicinity. If anyone wants to check on that, I think you will agree.I personally don’t really need any proof as many would agree that he is one of the most corrupted people anywhere on earth.

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