JFK Expert: Lone Gunman Theory Is Still BS

Wecht’s latest book, “The JFK Assassination Dissected” (Exposit Books), summarizes his six decades of research into the subject, and pokes holes in the conclusion made by the seven-man Warren Commission that Oswald, without any help, shot and killed Kennedy when his motorcade drove past the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963.“Young people are still being taught that the 35th president was murdered by a lone gunman, and that is simply bulls–t,” Wecht boomed during an interview at his modest office in downtown Pittsburgh last month.

Source: JFK assassination expert: Lone gunman theory is still ‘bulls–t’

5 thoughts on “JFK Expert: Lone Gunman Theory Is Still BS”

  1. When Nicolas Katzenback wrote that memo which led to the formation of the Warren Commission, we look back and realize something was wrong. In effect, he said that there is no real proof that Oswald alone did it, but we must make the American public think he did it. Something quite wrong about that, that’s for sure.

  2. Clarence Carlson

    I’ve always appreciated Dr Wecht’s thoughts on this case. He’s not a lightweight in the field of forensic pathology.

    Many Warren Commission critics get bogged down in the granular details of the case. The fatal flaw of the “Single Bullet Theory” lies in the fact that no bullet can pass through the posterior aspect of the human neck and exit the center/front without hitting bone. It’s amazingly easy to confirm this: using google find examples of axial CT images of the cervical spine. There is very little soft tissue surrounding this bony structure. David Mantik has pointed this out in his writings on the subject.

    1. Anthony Bartlett

      I’ve always thought the bullet that struck Connolly may’ve come from a triangulation shooter. Nothing has ever been said about the rifle cartridge sabot that was found on the roof of the Daltex building? Anyone have any info. on this I’d like to read it.

  3. Jeff, thank you for this First Amendment forum. Not sure how much longer we will possess this liberty. And we wonder, what is wrong with the United States of America? When Cyril Wecht shouts “BS!” When Dr. Robert McClelland points to a location near his right temple. When G.W. Hicks describes a specially modified car with a hole in the floor board for accessing sewer drains. When Wayne Haynes listens to Frank O’Neill confess that he was forced to lie about his observations at the Bethesda autopsy on 11/22/63. All information made available at this site. May all who call this nation home seek and demand justice for John F. Kennedy, the Kennedy family and we who have served to preserve this experiment in self-confidence. Please continue the quest for truth, liberty and justice. Thank you!

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