Lost in Silence

Jacobin magazine astutely assesses the JFK story in 2022, starting with Oliver Stone’s JFK Revisited.

While the original 1991 movie was met with a full-on media pushback at the time, the response in 2021 to the documentary has been far more fitting for our era: ignored or waved away as pure conspiracizing and fake news. For months after it came out, the closest thing to a politically minded legacy media outlet in the United States that actually reviewed the film was the Daily Beast; the country’s major establishment news outlets simply pretended it didn’t exist. It has fared better across the Atlantic, where it got positive reviews from the Financial Times and Telegraph, and negative ones from the Irish Times, Guardian, and the London Times.

Source: Oliver Stone’s JFK Assassination Documentary Shouldn’t Be Dismissed

6 thoughts on “Lost in Silence”

  1. Exactly, My mom knowed exactly what happened,because Jack Ruby was a friend. She died in late 2007 at 83 If she had lived till late 2017 she would have been 93 .She had a great memory.If she had lived till 2017 ,with her help this whole thing would have already been wrapped up..

    1. Jeff. with all due respect ,could you tell me why my comments on 2/14/22 put on the wrong topic section. It was put in on the topic of (lost in silence) .Was this done intentionally. I ment for my comments to apply to what Tom French wrote on Dorthy Killagan on Jack Ruby. What I wrote was not necessary my wiew on the lost in silence article. Especially not “exactly.” I guess it could have been my mistake..Thank you very much G.W.Hicks

  2. This is a really superb analytical article I’ve already forwarded to several friends. The fact that it’s published in a tier-3 periodical says a lot about the state of US media today. Foreign media have received JFK Revisited warmly and seriously; US media has given it the big brush-off. Although the author doesn’t mention it, I think it’s important to remember that the legacy of JFK assassination research factors in one European country (UK) to a critical extent.

    Had it not been for Lord (Bertrand) Russell giving Mark Lane a place to write for as long as he needed it, we might never have had “Rush to Judgment,” which, whatever its flaws, pioneered a tradtition of constructive criticism of the Warren Commission’s methodology. I think it helps us as Americans to imagine how other nations look at us with regard to the assassination, as it’s my sense that most of them view us as exhibiting a form of collective insanity in simply acquiescing to the Warren Report and subsequent government secrecy on the grounds of “national security.” They are right to do so.

  3. Dan Helpingstine

    The fact the mainstream media has ignored the Stone documentary is far from shocking. It is only showing the bias it has had for nearly sixty years. I can’t think of one major media figure who will even consider there was any conspiracy to kill President Kennedy. They can’t do it. They have their careers to think of, and they are not going to risk those careers for the sake of history. Instead, they try to shove the Lee Oswald did it alone theory down our throats with condescending insults and claims that Oswald was a Castro-lover. Now, if Posner did another book, that would get attention.

  4. In a way, I would argue that JFK denialism is now a form of greenwash, a systemic condition of misappropriation and denial. The truth about what happened to all of us through the weapon of that day is now one of the toxins being dumped in secret on future generations.

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