JFK authors, investigators call for release of secret assassination files

jfk-2017-artA diverse group of JFK authors and investigators have called on the Obama and Trump administrations to order the CIA and other federal agencies to declassify all secret JFK files in their entirely by October 2017.

[Click Here for Open Letter on JFK Records]

The JFK records will pose an early test of the open government policies of Donald Trump. The president-elect has espoused the baseless and debunked conspiracy theory that the father of Senator Ted Cruz was somehow involved in JFK’s assassination.

As the JFK authors and investigators told Obama White House Counsel Neil Eggleston:

After 53 years, continued JFK secrecy would provoke unnecessary suspicion and flout Congress’s clear preference for full disclosure within 25 years. And it would deny the American people access to portions of our history.

The signatories include:

–former JFK investigators G. Robert Blakey, former counsel of the House Select Committee on Assassinations; HSCA investigators Dan Hardway and Ed Lopez; and Howard Willens, assistant counsel to the Warren Commission.

–best-selling JFK authors David Talbot, Anthony Summers, Larry Sabato and Gerald Posner;

–Pentagon whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, former CIA Cuba analyst Brian Latell, an director Oliver Stone.

What’s in the files?

Most researchers believe it is unlikely that the last JFK files contain any kind of proverbial “smoking gun” proof of a conspiracy. Based on what is known about these records from the JFK records data base, they will shed new light on many JFK-related issues including:

–U.S. assassination operations run by senior CIA officers, Bill Harvey and David Phillips, who were known for their disdain of JFK’s policies;

–the monitoring of Lee Harvey Oswald between 1959 and 1963 by counterintelligence chief James Angleton as well as Angleton’s still-secret testimony to the Church Committee which investigated the CIA abuses of power.

Heavily redacted passages from FBI investigation of the handling of Oswald’s return to the United States in1962-63.

–At least twenty six documents generated by the Church Committee.

Click here to download the JFK Records letter

What happens in 2017?

For more information about JFK developments in 2016-2017, visit the 2017JFK Web site. 



10 thoughts on “JFK authors, investigators call for release of secret assassination files”

  1. Honorable President Barack Obama.
    Sir, you once posted on this website regarding transparency, “let’s do this”. Though the post was quickly removed I was assured by Mr. Morley it was not a hoax or a hack.
    I do not pretend to know the intricacies or the law regarding the files Mr. Morley has sued Our Government for. I do understand that without Presidential intervention they are due for release in October 2017, after you have left office.
    On this historic day in U.S. History as a Citizen in good standing I respectfully request on behalf of the 60-70-80% of other United States Citizens who do not accept the official conclusions of the Warren Commission that while you are still in office you do everything within your power to ensure that these files are released. Whether that be a Presidential Order for immediate release or public support.
    Please, FREETHEFILES. Per prior legislation as I understand it they legally belong to We The People, including You and I.

    Again, Respectfully,

    Ronald Wayne

  2. It’s amazing to what lengths the government has tried to cover up… something… everywhere you look.

    Case in point, I once tried to figure out what happened to Oswald’s radio and was taken down another rabbit hole of twists and turns. The final story? It could’ve and probably likely was used to decode messages from Cuba or elsewhere. But when the researcher was finally able to view the radio, the FBI had destroyed it to such a point it was impossible to tell.

    The usual story of evidence tampering by the feds whenever it appears there’s a deeper story underlying the assassination.

  3. Great point David. Hopefully president Obama considers the situation and opens the JFK files and orders a review as well of the evidence RFK Jr. presented to Holder.

    Also MLK? How could the public swallow 3 of our greatest leaders assassinated, each by “lone” actors (though the majority of us are incredulous of those fictions) and sit back and allow these lies to perpetuate?

    Edit: my prior post I meant to say “JFK, RFK and MLK”

  4. Donald Trump is never going to release secret files on JFK assaination. But, thanks for reminding me to go and buy a lottery ticket, the odds are about the same. The only chance we have is if President Obama orders all the files that are to be released in 2017 are dumped immediately. If that’s possible with and exeuctive order. The same people who have been covering this up are about to be put back in power, they are not about to realease anything that would jepardize there control on power. A White House petition is the only chance now, it you can’t get President Obama to release 2017 files it’s game over. We will never see those files ever.

    1. The files are supposed to be released BY October 2017. There wasn’t and there isn’t anything that prevents the prez from ordering their release before October 2017. I’m not a fan of Trump and I certainly did not vote for him but a release of the files may be more likely with him as prez than if his opponent had won and more likely than the current prez releasing them given his strong support for the CIA which includes his saying, “The CIA gets what it wants.”

      Whatever the case may be I don’t think the files being released will disclose who was responsible but they may tell us something about the cover up.

  5. I’ve read several comments to the affect of “there will be no smoking gun” in the files. It’s incredibly disconcerting to me because the physical evidence (autopsy photos and x-rays don’t match, parkland doctors disagree with Bethesda, bullet found on south side of elm, apparent bullet hole in stemmons sign, and on and on) indicates a larger plot. Obviously there won’t be much in the way of written orders from Dulles, or Phillips, Harvey et al but at some point doesn’t congress have a right to re-open the investigation and crack down on the agencies based on: FBI agent Farris absconding with Roscoe White’s diary…well where the hell is it and why was it confiscated? Produce or we assume you have withheld and destroyed evidence and must be charged. What about Atonio Veciana’s account of Phillips and LHO? Open the files on Phillips and Joannides unredacted so we can determine what they may have been working ((sheepdipping seems obvious)…if the files aren’t opened the director must be put under oath and questioned and congress should an end run on him anyway and write a new act that the files be opened with no consideration toward the agencies concerns. What about the secret service destroying their notes on the protection plans for the fall of 63 in the mid-90’s when the arrb was after them? That’s obstruction of justice and tantamount to being part of the crime isn’t it? The agent or agent’s who ordered that destruction and those who carried it out must be charged.

    It’s well past time to end this charade and bring the gd house down on these immoral scumbags.

    And at the end of the day if they won’t be forthcoming then maybe it’s time for the Kennedy family to say “ok, let forensics come and exhume and we’ll find out for all Americans quickly what happened to our 35th president and our great senator and fastidious former attorney general”.

    The more I read about the events in Dallas, the cover-up, etc and the events surrounding the deaths of RFK and MLK the angrier I get.

    maybe it’s time for protests

  6. Based on the nomination for the next Director of the CIA, it doesn’t look like the Trump administration will press to have the records released in 2017.

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