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  1. S.r. "Dusty" Rohde

    Phil, I could give you a list of questions to ask. I’ll work on making the list later today.
    Let me explain…

    1) The “Pristine” bullet has been proven a lie.
    2) The “Single Bullet Theory” is also proven a lie.
    3) The “Bunched Jacket”…another lie.
    4) J.J. Humes falsely identified a fragment “exit” wound as an “entrance”
    wound to JFK’s back.
    5) Ida Dox did the same thing, (with deliberate intention) during the
    HSCA hearings.

    This is just the beginning. But be sure to ask, “Why did the HSCA drawings by Ida Dox show only a single wound to JFK’s back, when in fact there were four?”.
    Ask…”Why did the HSCA, through the autopsy photo’s make the low back of head wound (but in the hairline)” disappear? This wound location was misidentified by J.J.Humes, but was also testified to by Dr. Boswell, Richard A. Lipsey and indicated on the Harold “Skip” Rydberg drawings. The drawings CE385, CE386 and CE388.These people all identified the wound “low in the back of the head”.
    Ask…Why was the correct “entry” wound (to JFK’s back)was not identified by the HSCA (or the WC).
    Ask…Why was there no explanation or even identification of the three other wounds on JFK’s back?
    Ask…Why do all of the shots that hit JFK from behind have a trajectory that leads to the DalTex building. (With only a single shot with a trajectory from the TSBD, being the one hitting John Connally).
    Ask…Why do those three shots (by their firing order and location) indicate the shots were “walked” up the center of JFK’s body. (A method taught to military and government personnel).
    Ask…Why are the bullet tracts identified both by the WC and by the HSCA (independently of each other)of matching trajectories…one low in the head, one high in the head (even though the trajectories are several inches apart).Both trajectories which in fact lead to the DalTex building.

    This is good for starters, I can provide more later. I would like to hear their answers.

  2. Mr. Morley,
    I attended the discussion led by Pete Baetz sponsored by the Oshkosh Historical Society. The event was fairly well attended by about 25-30 people and lasted two hours. Mr. Baetz served in the investigatiions of both the MLK and JFK assassinations for the Housee on Assassinations Select Committee.
    Mr. Baetz believes that Oswald fired the shots that killed the President. Consistent with the House on Assassinations Select Committee, he also believes that there was a fourth shot from the right front that missed for a total of four shots fired at JFK. He also believes the “near pristine bullet” theory. Mr. Baetz stated that Oswald had ties to Carlos Marcello, and the Mafia motivated Oswald to kill President Kennedy.
    I was very pleased that Mr. Baetz allowed me time to explain topics from the JFKfacts.org website. I talked about the views espoused by his former colleagues (i.e., Sprague, Tannenbaum, Blakey, Hardway, and Lopez). He was vaguely aware of Blakey’s most recent comments in reaction to the Joannides revelation. In response to my information, he told the audience that the “CIA committed pergury” to our committee. I also mentioned your name and your court battles to have the CIA comply with full disclosure and the importance of October 2017. He also allowed me time to give rebuttal facts related to the following topics that he addressed as part of his Oswald did it position: (1) the deformity of the Warren Commission goat cadaver bullistic testing vs. the condition of CE 399; (2) RFK Jr.’s recent statements on the Warren Commission vs. the investigations were hindered because of deference to the Kennedy family, (3) Humes schematic of the “back wound” cosigned by Admiral Burkley coupled with the back wound on the autopsy photo vs. the ‘back of the neck’ wound by Gerald Ford; (4) eye witness testimony of the Dallas doctors and the irregularities of the autopsy x-rays and photos vs. conclusions of the House forensic panel save Dr. Weht.
    Afterwards I urged Mr. Baetz and others to check out JFKfacts.org. I think it would be a good idea to inform historical Societies throughout the Unitied States about the full disclosure campaign of October 2017.

  3. S.r. "Dusty" Rohde

    I so wish I could be present when this takes place…I definitely have a few questions I would love to ask.

    1) Why did the HSCA allow Ida Dox to submit fraudulent drawings representing JFK’s back and head wounds?
    2) Who was the actual person from the HSCA that put forth Ida Dox’s name as the go to artist?
    3) Did Ida Dox have any pre or post connections to the CIA or FBI?

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