The untold story of James Angleton

James Angleton testifies
James Angleton, spymaster

A reader asks about my  biography of James Angleton:

Q. “Is the first “true” biography (and I’m not doubting you) but is that because of the new information you’ve found or is it that you’re giving a more exhaustive rundown of his entire life which the other biographies lacked?”

A: “Both.”

I have found lots and lots of new information about Angleton, none of which appears in the other books about him. You can order the book here.

Only one of those books, James Jesus Angleton and the Craft of Counterintelligence by Michael Holzman is a true biography. The other good books about Angleton (Cold Warrior by Tom Mangold, Molehunt by David Wise, and Wilderness of Mirrors by David Martin)  are accounts of Angleton’s mole hunt in the late 1960s. As my book will demonstrate, Angleton’s career was much larger than that one episode.

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