JFK activist Robert Groden talks about the authenticity of the Zapruder film

Robert Groden, the JFK whistleblower who brought Abraham Zapruder’s home movie of JFK’s assassination to a national audience for the first time, spoke this week with Jeff Schechtman of WhoWhatWhy.

Groden injected some common sense into a some foolish side issue in JFK discussions. Like Alexandra Zapruder, author of a recent book on her grandfather’s film, Groden emphasizes what matters is the evidence on the film, not speculation about its handling.

“We’ve gotten to the point now where defenders of the Warren Commission and attackers on both sides are saying the Zapruder film was fake. No, it wasn’t fake,” Groden said.

“It couldn’t be fake. Physically, the ability to fake that sort of a thing did not exist then. It would be most difficult even to do now. But once again people get these crazy ideas like the car stopped in the middle of the street, which it didn’t, you can see it just keeps going. Zapruder’s film, Orville Nix’s film, Muchmore’s film, all show that the car never stopped, but for people who want to think that the Secret Service stopped the car so the President could be a sitting target, because of that they have to attack the Zapruder film. The Zapruder film is the single most important piece of physical evidence that we have and it’s absolutely genuine.

Source: Longtime JFK Assassination Researcher: We May Never Know the Truth – WhoWhatWhy



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4 thoughts on “JFK activist Robert Groden talks about the authenticity of the Zapruder film”

  1. The nix film and muchmore film show the brake lights lighting up and in the nix film you see the motorcycles reach the car and back off as they didn’t expect the car to slow to a crawl.

    I love Groden’s work and he’s done a tremendous service for our country but I think he’s off base in declaring it intimating the zap ruder film could not have been altered.

  2. Readers, Please consult YouTube documentaries by Douglas Horne and David Lifton for the alternative view that the Zapruder film has indeed been altered.

  3. Are you aware of Mary Pinchot Meyers and the book by Peter Janney “Mary’s Mosaic”??
    If so…what are your ideas about the Ben Bradlee CIA connect and the entire hard to believe love affair and LSD sessions with JFK??

  4. The car DID slow down to almost a full stop, there are pictures of the brake lights on. If you can’t see that the car did slow down right after the tall dark skinned man waved while holding his walkie talkie frame 234 and the umbrella man flapping, then you really don’t know what you are looking at. What about the man being hit in the stomach area? He went right down holding his midsection. That wasn’t any piece of the curb grazing his face. He was hit and went down in pain. Frames 346-357. Look at the film with the sprockets added.
    All of the witnesses murdered, thank you George HW Bush and the reason why we will never know the truth, it points to the Bush’s.

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