In ‘Twenty-Six Seconds,’ Alexandra Zapruder talks about her grandfather’s film

The film that would come to bear his name “represented a trauma for our grandfather,” Alexandra Zapruder writes. “It was a source of pain for the Kennedys. It was a reminder of crushing disappointment and abandoned plans for my parents’ generation. It was a burden. It was an intrusion. It was a serious and complicated responsibility.”

Source: ‘Twenty-Six Seconds,’ by Alexandra Zapruder – San Francisco Chronicle



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5 thoughts on “In ‘Twenty-Six Seconds,’ Alexandra Zapruder talks about her grandfather’s film”

  1. I ordered this book today. Even with limited reviews. I’ve never studied the Z film in depth. I’ve seen it enhanced frame by frame on the internet.
    That it’s by his granddaughter is interesting from a personal observation standpoint. While that could provide bias it might provide insight.

  2. Antonio D'Antonio

    My recollection of what Dan Rather said about the movement of JFK’s head was not that he “described the presidents head as jerking slightly forward,” as mentioned by Alexandra Zapruder in this article.
    So I went back and checked a video clip of what Rather said he saw and he described the head motion as “The president’s head went forward, violently.”

  3. The Zapruder film(Z-film) is so much propaganda now. The idea that Abraham Zapruder innocently filmed JFK’s assassination, had that film developed, and that original film is what is in the National Archives day is complete fiction, just as the initial story about how LIFE acquired the rights to the Z-film remained hidden for decades, until the ARRB revealed the dual chains of custody; thus, the two histories of “the Z-film.” Some would say Dan Rather gave false reviews regarding what he saw on the Z-film. Prehaps Rather factually stated what he saw before it was edited down to show a split second forward head movement; then, by editing, shows JFK being slammed backwards against the limo’s backseat. This backward motion is more consistent with car acceleration, than with a head shot, which would drive the head (not the body) violently backward. The back of the head shot drove JFK’s head forward and downward into his chest. Absent a forward head shot (or even a forward head-shot occurring later in the Z-film), the car acceleration alone would act on the JFK’s dead body and adhere to the laws of force and motion. I can not accept the extant Z-film as authentic given the black-out spot on the back of JFK’s head corresponding where witnesses say they saw a huge blow-out; and, where film experts conducted high resolution scans to reveal this crude blacking-out. The whole original Z-film was probably longer than 23 seconds; but again, in my opinion, the American people have been duped, ripped off, and scammed over the JFK murder evidence record.

    1. Thanks Avinash. There’s a special place in heaven for JFK Facts readers who moonlight as copy editors. Much appreciated.

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