Will Jeb Bush follow his father on JFK secrecy?

Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush ‘s JFK moment

One question facing Republican presidential candidate Jeb BUsh  is whether he would, as president, allow U.S. government agencies to continue to withhold 3,600 JFK assassination records from public view after their scheduled release in October 2017.

One reader thinks President Jeb Bush would decide in favor of JFK secrecy. He calls attention to what Jeb’s father said on the issue, particularly George H.W. Bush’s signing statement attached to the 1992 JFK Assassination Records Act.

The first President Bush stated:

“My authority to protect these categories of information comes from the Constitution and cannot be limited by statute. Although only the most extraordinary circumstances would require postponement of the disclosure of documents for reasons other than those recognized in the bill, I cannot abdicate my constitutional responsibility to take such action when necessary.”

In the 2008 campaign, Hillary Clinton promised she supported release of JFK records, while leaving  herself plenty of wiggle room for “national security” exceptions.


About the National Archives’ plans to declassify 3,600 JFK documents in October 2017.

Politico’s Bryan Bender on Why the last of the JFK records could embarrass the CIA.

What is the JFK Assassination Records Act? 


32 thoughts on “Will Jeb Bush follow his father on JFK secrecy?”

    1. I agree. Jeb Bush’s help provided to Orlando Bosch in the late 1980’s is simply “Wrong” and not acceptable for a President of the United States. “We the People” need to wake-up …..

  1. Just finished reading “Killers of the King,” by Charles Spencer – brother of Princess Di. It’s a riveting account of the pursuit of those responsible for the beheading of Charles I.The regicides of the 17th century wanted a regime change just like those in the 20th century.
    I kept imagining how great it would have been if there had been such a pursuit in the mid-70’s when it should have happened for JFK. Also, couldn’t stop thinking of JFK, Jr – leading the charge as Charles son, Charles II did.The pursuit went around the world, went on for decades, and stayed uppermost in the minds of those hiding.

  2. If the Lincoln assassination was a model for the Kennedy assassination than the Kennedy assassination in Dallas was the model for the Gore political assassination in Florida.

    The brother of the Mayor of Dallas, CIA Deputy Director General Charles Cabell was fired, forced to retire, along with his boss CIA Director Allen Dulles by JFK, the next possible President.

    The brother of the Governor of Florida, G. W. Bush, family boss, CIA Director G. H. W. Bush, was fired, forced to retire as President by Gore and Bill Clinton. Gore could also have been the next possible President.

    JFK was assassinated in Texas the home state of the next President Lyndon Johnson.

    Gore was politically assassinated in Florida the home state of the brother of the next President G. W. Bush.

    RFK was assassinated in California the home state of the next President, Richard Nixon.

    Since JFK and RFK were assassinated in Texas and California every rival party’s President’s, the Republican President’s, had or were made President by a President that had as their home state one of the two states the Kennedy’s were killed in, Texas or California.

    The last Kennedy, Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy died in Massachusetts the home state of the next President if he had won ex-Governor of Massachusetts Republican Mitt Romney. All three of the Kennedy’s would have died in the home state of the next President.

    Coincidence? Not a coincidence but a pattern.

  3. Perhaps at this point we should be asking what might Donald Trump do about JFK secrecy and, even more important, how would he say it? He is very outspoken, not always diplomatic. How does he feel about national security issues? Anyone concerned about the remaining assassination files should probably concern themselves about how Trump feels about these issues as he would be more likely to take matters into his own hands than would Jeb Bush.

  4. You vote for politicians who claim to represent you, yet once many are in office, they are more than willing to open out their hands for the lucrative rewards at offer from the lobbyists of greedy and power drunk corporations. They support and maintain laws that in no way serve the voters or the greater good; and some of these prostituted politicians become lobbyist’s for these recalcitrant corporations after concluding their career in congress.
    Judge not politicians by what they say, but rather by what they do, by the bribes that make up their bank balances while in office, and when they are no longer in office.
    It is why the United States is the only industrialised nation in the world that does not guarantee medical care to it’s citizens. That medical care is a priviledge rather than a basic right is a tragedy.
    It is why more than fifty years later the United States has failed to carry out a proper investigation of JFK’s assassination.
    Never mind the fact Secret Service agencies are unnaccountable. Never mind the fact that mainstream media generally lacks investigative fortitude. Never mind that many people have no idea of the extent of misinformation they are being exposed to by their representatives. When members of congress have not much interest further than the potential to have their pockets lined by cashed up lobbyists, there is very little apetite for the truth or justice. When seeking the truth means that big feet might require to be stepped on, these members of congress fail to step up to the plate. Like one apologist or liar to another, silence, cover up, legal gobbledegook, and or unclearly defined rhetoric is the order of the day from your spineless Congress.
    Ask not what Congress can do for its country and citizens, ask what kind of cash it would take to abrogate their responsibilities of office.

  5. Politics is the US is a burlesque on TV, just like everything else on the “Idiot Box”, and has nothing to do with reality. Voting achieves nothing. They don’t care what you think, they told you what to think.

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      “Voting achieves nothing. They don’t care what you think, they told [sic] you what to think.”


      Willie: You should clarify that you are referring to your personal experience.

      My experience is the opposite of yours.

      In other forums, more appropriate for personal experiences, which tend to be suppressed in JFKfacts, you and I could interchange those.

    2. Willy, what would you say about voters who already knew who they’d be voting for before candidates “tell them what to think”(your quotes, in so many words).

          1. It is very interesting isn’t it Ronnie.
            We were talking about “The Revelation of the Method” on another forum I frequent called ‘Truth & Shadows”.
            We were actually speaking to this in the context of the JFK assassination, as well as the 9/11 event. A lot in common, in that both ‘official stories’ are actually so absurd that they “give themselves away”.

            So what is the intent of “Revelation of the Method”? – it is a clear and simple message:
            “We are in control and there is nothing you can do about it.”

            I would propose this is the same intent, not of the authors of the report on US Oligarchy, but of the System that allows such academics to finally present statistical evidence for what is obvious to any who are paying attention: The rich control politics, that it is not wealth that drives them, but political power. All of this laid out clearly by Orwell in 1984, and his other political monograms.

  6. Would Jeb Bush keep a lid on any CIA documents or any other documents relating to the JFK assassination? How do you think he would treat Iran-Contra documents and any documents relating to CIA drug smuggling of the 1980’s?

    How do you think Jeb Bush would react to releasing information relating to the murder of CIA drug smuggler Barry Seal in 1986? Barry Seal had working relationships with both GHW Bush and Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas.

    I think we know what all the answers to those questions are.

    1. Bingo Mr Morrow. Considering Clinton is now chummy with GHWB. Too few have read Russ Bakers “Family of Secrets”. Lest we forget the what was his name brother involved in the Savings and Loan scheme in the late 80’s.

  7. To cite “national security” concerns, in itself, proves Oswald was not a lone gunman.

    If he acted alone, what is there to hide?


    1. Exactly.

      How can a lone nut have anything to do with national security?

      Also, as an ex-defector, he didn’t commit or was charged with treason either (ignoring his alleged crime on November 22, 1963)!!!

  8. Ramon F Herrera


    It would be interesting to see Jeb in the campaign trail, facing inquiring voters:

    “Governor Bush: Your father said:


    “The Warren Commission report will always have the final definitive say on this tragic matter. Why? Because Jerry Ford put his name on it and Jerry Ford’s word was always good.”


    “Therefore, sir, there is no need to declassify any documents since we have Jerry Ford’s word instead.



    1. Perhaps an even better question would be:

      “Governor Bush:

      “For the first time in our history, a movie resulted in legislation being enacted. For the first time in recent history, Congress voted unanimously to approve a law.

      “Apparently, your father was the only person in America who disagreed:”

      [Minute 42:00]


      “Therefore, sir, there is no need to declassify any documents since we have Jerry Ford’s word instead.



  9. Folks they’re all the same. Please let’s not get confused with politics and party politics…absolutely no point in differentiating the two. Those on the hill know what went down and to some extent have been briefed I’ve no doubt.
    Politicians across the globe not just the USA are politicians first and foremost for themselves and their families, to line their pockets. They don’t become politicians to seek truth and unearth the horrible secrets and expose the evilest acts of it’s nations dirtiest corrupt security agencies. No politician in their right mind will support the release of the documents firmly exposing the very people who I’ve no doubt are still capable of such shocking and cruel acts.

    Least of all a BUSH. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If the USA vote in another BUSH then you deserve each other and the stinking BS and corruption that comes with it. The Presidency occupied by three generations of one family stinks by itself not to mention it being the BUSH clan. BUSH Snr is drenched in the whole thing….he knew who killed jfk and like so many others in a position of trust he helped cover it up and still insults the world with his staunch support of the WCR and you just know the good ol Americans won’t let us down they’ll be voting in bush snr all over again. Grandpa will pull the strings.

  10. “My authority to protect these categories of information comes from the Constitution and cannot be limited by statute. Although only the most extraordinary circumstances would require postponement of the disclosure of documents for reasons other than those recognized in the bill, I cannot abdicate my constitutional responsibility to take such action when necessary.”~President George H.W. Bush

    Does anyone here know what Bush is talking about in the above? Where in the Constitution does it give a president the authority to withhold information from the people or their representatives?

    1. This is the unitary or unilateral executive theory that was further developed during the Bush-Cheney administration. The argument is that under Article II of the Constitution “The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America”. Also that the President shall be the Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States. The asserted claim is that in these roles the President unilaterally controls executive information, not Congress.

      1. Dan,

        Have you read, EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE: A CONSTITUTIONAL MYTH by Raoul Berger?
        And, PRESIDENTIAL WAR POWER by Louis Fisher?

        These two deeply footnoted books disabuse us of the theory of the “Unitary Executive”. The idea is constitutionally hogwash. It is the product of the Federalist Society, who are in fact a den of fascists.

        1. My favourite quote from Jim Garrison:

          “I’m afraid, based on my own experience, that fascism will come to America in the name of national security”.

    2. Antonio D'Antonio

      When Kevin Spacey was preparing for his role in “House of Cards,” he decided to hang out on Capitol Hill for a while and the experience prompted him to say, “I think it’s performance art and most of them are bad actors.”
      Presidents love to trot out “constitutional responsibility” and “executive privilege” as reasons for them to take certain actions even if they don’t really apply. Unfortunately, those that are willfully ignorant, ill-informed or apathetic will accept these reasons hook, line and sinker!

      1. Antonio D'Antonio

        How could I forget another one of their catch-all reasons?
        In the interest of “National Security!”

  11. I’d say the question is-will a President Jeb Bush be open to the same “wiggle room” that Hillary Clinton appears to be open to?

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      It is fair to assume that the position of the Clintons is the same as that of:

      • John Kerry
      • The Kennedys

      Put it in another way: what exactly does Hillary have to hide here? The only remote possibility that comes to mind is that a young Bill was in charge of recruiting cheerleaders for his admired president, and I am going out in a limb, stretching this as far as possible.

      1. gerry campeau

        Ramon F Herrera There is a link to Clintons and assassination. Bill fired ROBERT GENZMAN who was investicting Iran, Contras and CIA drug smuggling. Genzman had a important lead when he asked COL.Robert E Jones if he knew Peer deSilva at HSCA hearings. Of coarse he was shut down by his politicle masters.

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