Hillary Clinton called for release of JFK files

After JFK Facts asked all 2016 presidential candidates to answer the JFK challenge, one reader pointed out that Hillary Clinton already has.At a January 29, 2008, appearance at Tennessee State University in Nashville, candidate Clinton was asked about whether she favored the release of all CIA records related to the assassination. She responded positively.

“You all deserve to know what your government has done and is doing,” she said adding, she would “do whatever I can to release information consistent with legitimate concerns about national security.”

Actually, “national security,” which is not a factor because it is extremely unlikely that there is any national security information in the remaining classified JFK files.

Will Jeb Bush follow his father on JFK records?

About the National Archives’ plans to declassify 3,600 JFK documents in October 2017.

Politico’s Bryan Bender on Why the last of the JFK records could embarrass the CIA.

What is the JFK Assassination Records Act? 


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