President Trump on JFK records

In response to a 2016 campaign question, James writes; “It would be a shame if President Trump stepped in and prevented the release of the still secret JFK documents.”

Trump is sometimes advised by Roger Stone, a hard-right political consultant with independent views of the JFK question. Perhaps he can persuade the Donald to do the right thing in October 2017.


What Hillary Clinton said about JFK files.
Will Jeb Bush follow his father on JFK records?

About the National Archives’ plans to declassify 3,600 JFK documents in October 2017.

Politico’s Bryan Bender on Why the last of the JFK records could embarrass the CIA.

What is the JFK Assassination Records Act? 

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  1. Since the political establishment regards Trump as a loose cannon, I would have thought that, if he were to become president, he’s the sort of person who would be most interested in finding out the truth about the assassination, if only to prevent the same thing from happening to him.

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