David Kaiser on ‘the new global aristocracy’

We interrupt our regularly scheduled JFK programming for this special message. David Kaiser, a prolific and subtle diplomatic historian, has a piece on his blog,History Unfolding, that is well worth reading. Kaiser’s long historical perspective frames our political realities without pity.

The critical development of the twenty-first century, I am convinced, is the growth of a new global aristocracy, reflecting our new economy.  It is dominated by financial interests, energy magnates, and the leaders of the new technology in cyberspace.  It is allied with, or dominates, many of the governments around the world–including those of Russia and the United States.  (I really don’t know what the situation is, in this respect, in China.)  It is having major impacts on foreign policy and war.  And it is relatively impervious to the workings of democracy, which it has learned, here in the US, to control.

Source: History Unfolding: The Global Aristocracy

3 thoughts on “David Kaiser on ‘the new global aristocracy’”

  1. Where is my comment from several days ago, when I first read this? I think that this article is right-spot-on.The President of the U.S. is a puppet, whose strings are pulled by many more powerful people. Our president is very much a figurehead. Kennedy, however, was a maverick. JFK learned from an early age to march to a different drum, from his narcissist father. Too bad old Joe screwed up and ran his mouth about Hitler and Nazi Germany. Maybe he could have been elected as prez and spared JFK,s life. Oh, well.

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