The BBC talks to three Warren Commission investigators

Vincent Dowd speaks to three men who worked on the report, now in their 80s – Burt Griffin, Sam Stern and Howard P.Willens – who now openly consider its merits and whether it uncovered the truth.

Source: BBC World Service – The Documentary, The Commission

Howard Willens spoke to JFK Facts couple of years ago. Here is the Q and A.



  1. Bogman says:

    Yeah yeah WC staffers. Just explain to me why the CIA has lied, obfuscated and obstructed on its relationship with the DRE in 1963 for the past five decades and maybe I’ll give your assessment consideration.

  2. Shameful and one-sided. Same old argument. Insignificant ant murders giant and the commoner can’t accept and creates an alternate fantcy. Trouble is the Inlightend aren’t able to accept, conceive or even ponder that their beloved government has done what it clearly has done.

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