Now is a good time to lay to rest the JFK conspiracy theories about George Bush

George H. W. Bush, CIA director
George H. W. Bush, CIA director and future president

(This post was first published on the JFK Facts blog, in different form under a different headline, in March 2013)

The theory that the late President Bush was somehow complicit in JFK’s death has often been heard in the comments section of this site. Exactly how he was involved is rarely explained.

Four claims are adduced to support this theory:


1) An FBI memo from November 1963, which says that “George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” was orally advised by an FBI official about the reaction of Cuban Miami to JFK’s assassination.

2) Bush’s improbable statement, quoted in Kitty Kelly’s biography, that he couldn’t recall where he was when JFK was killed;

3) Photographic imagery of a person purported to be Bush in Dealey Plaza;

4) A 1976 letter to Bush from George de Mohrenschildt, an itinerant geologist who did favors for the CIA and who knew Lee Oswald in 1963.

Bush of the CIA

On November 29, 1963, a week after the assassination of President Kennedy,  an FBI official told the State Department that “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” had been given a briefing on  the reaction of Cuban exiles in Miami to JFK’s assassination.

Read the  memo: “George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency”

When the memo surfaced in the 1988 presidential campaign, the CIA took the rare step of commenting publicly. The agency claimed that the document referred to another CIA employee named George Williams Bush.

But that was just a cover story. The former employee came forward and stated, under oath “I am not the George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency referred to in the memorandum.”

So it is fair to conclude the memo does refer to George H.W. Bush, the man who would become CIA director and president. So what?

If it is true that Bush had some association with the CIA in 1963–and I think he did–that does not constitute evidence of anything about JFK’s assassination. It constitutes evidence that Bush was associated with the CIA and communicated with the FBI. For an Texas oil entrepreneur backed by Wall Street money that is noteworthy but not surprising. It is not necessarily suspicious.


Bush’s inability to remember where he was on November 22, if accurately reported by Kitty Kelly (not the most reliable of sources), is curious. It suggests Bush was not comfortable talking about JFK’s assassination. It raises the possibility that Bush had guilty knowledge about what President Nixon called “the whole Bay of Pigs thing.” But his selective amnesia could have other sources too.

Bush’s whereabouts on November 22, 1963 are known. He spoke at oil industry meeting on the evening of November 21. The next day he flew to Tyler, Texas, for an appearance in his Senate campaign. At some point he spoke to the FBI about a local man who had threatened JFK.

How exactly does that indicate involvement in a murder conspiracy?  It doesn’t.

One can speculate that Bush’s report to the FBI was a cover story to hide his real whereabouts. Maybe it was. It just as possible that it wasn’t. Speculation, however plausible, isn’t evidence.

 Dealey Plaza Look-Alike?

Dealey Plaza mirage
The man alleged to be George Bush in Dealey Plaza. Note the differences in hair color and texture, shape of the sideburns and shape of the nose.(Credit: Two Princes and a King)

The purported photographic evidence of Bush in Dealey Plaza is weak. Verification analysis would do comparative measurements of the nose, eyebrows and chin of the two men. I don’t know that anyone has undertaken this elementary investigative step. Without empirical data, I would say differences between the two men are fairly apparent. Without corroborating evidence, the purported identification fails.

Recall the circumstances too. In November 1963, Bush had been an announced candidate for U.S. Senate for several months. He was known as the son of a Yankee senator. He had been the subject of numerous newspaper articles. There were hundreds of people watching the presidential motorcade pass through Dealey Plaza.  Not a single witness recalled seeing the dashing Ivy League oil man who was running against popular incumbent Senator Ralph Yarboroough–even though Yarborough himself was passing by in the presidential motorcade.

If Bush was in Dealey Plaza that day, how likely is that not a single person recognized him? It is very unlikely.

The Letter

George De Mohrenschildt
George DeMohrenschildt, Oswald’s friend,

The letter from George DeMohrenschildt to CIA director Bush, dated September 1976, is important and noteworthy. DeMohrenschildt was one of Lee Harvey Oswald’s best friends in Dallas in 1962-6

By 1976, the itinerant geologist no longer believed that Oswald had killed JFK. He wrote a cogent manuscript (recently published by the University Press of Kansas) asserting that Oswald was “a patsy” for other people who killed Kennedy.

In the fall of 1976. DeMohrenschildt was under pressure from congressional investigators to tell what he knew–which was a lot. In distress, he wrote to his friend at the CIA, George Bush.

Bush acknowledged that he knew de Mohrenschildt, which corroborates de Mohrenschildt’s story of his close relations to the CIA. But the letter is not evidence of either man’s involvement in a JFK conspiracy. It is evidence that DeMohrenschildt was worried, and Bush didn’t want to get involved.

Bush ignored the letter. Six months later, DeMohrenschildt committed suicide.

The letter shows that Bush was cold-blooded to friends when it suited his purposes. It shows he wasn’t interesting in questioning the CIA’s account of JFK’s death. It doesn’t show he was complicit in JFK’s assassination.


In 2013, I wrote the “Bush done it” conspiracy theory was “quasi-libelous” because the former president, as a living public figure, effectively could not be libeled under U.S. law. But the allegation was so weak and defamatory as to qualify as libelous in an ethical, if not a legal, sense. It resembles the bogus JFK conspiracy that Donald Trump used to smear Ted Cruz.

Now that Bush has passed, libel is no longer an issue, only the historical truth. And the truth is that there is no credible evidence that Bush was involved in JFK’s assassination.

I think reader Bill Pierce has the right take on such speculations.

“Yes, there are lots of fascinating, ominous, backbiting, double-crossing and mutually beneficial interrelationships among powerful people. And there are lots of supportable reasons to ‘believe’ that the listed individuals and hundreds of other powerful people (and hate groups) strongly disagreed with the Kennedys’ policies and personalities. Maybe all of them wanted JFK murdered. Maybe Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller planned the execution because they were jealous about Marilyn’s sexy birthday song to JFK. Maybe . . . but there’s no evidence to support it.”


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  1. I’ve read that In an interview Barbara Bush gave some time in the future a number of years, she stated that she & George Sr. were visiting friends in some town in Texas near Dallas the day of the shooting. I think it was around 70-150 miles away from Dallas. Her statement along with the picture that without supporting evidence could be deemed not him is reinforced by that picture as is the picture reinforced by her statement. Now Anyone who doesn’t say it’s not possible is a narrow minded Democrat. But as we have seen the government has lied or diss informed the public on multiple occasions not for our best interest but for their best interest therefore how can we not say that this isn’t possible that 911 wasn’t the first government lie sold to the American people.

  2. Has anyone ever wondered why JFK Jr named his magazine GEORGE. Being he still had connections to Washington through RFK and Ted Kennedy, I suspect this was his way of outing his fathers main killer. It was JFK who said he would end secret societies while GHW was 33 degree mason as was GW. Howard Hunt was also a friend of George and was supposably in Dallas that day. Howard Huns was a CIA assassin and was the gunman that I believe took the fatal shot from over the brush, where people were looking after the shot. Also, being GW was running for POTUS in 2000, and HRC was running for NY State Senate, isn’t it strange how Jr. decided to fly somewhere he always had a pilot with him. Strange how they looked in the wrong area for so long when the final radar of the plane showed where it went down. Makes me wonder if Q is real and Jr. is still alive, fearing he would have possibly been “killed” if he ran for senate (and would have won) in NY thus taking away the opportunity for HRC to be a senator. Zapata Island also plays a huge role in this. Forgetting where he was when JFK was assassination is crazy. That’s like asking some 40 year olds I’d they remember where they were 9/11. He did this twice as he also did this in Astoria, NY. He said another conflicting answer. And let’s not forget that GHW Bush was the son to Prescott Bush, who was running a bank that was help fund the NAZI’s. This is all verifiable if you don’t mind rabbit holes. Also, Nixon was thinking of leaving office after his loss in 1960. There’s a picture out there showing Nixon, Hunt and Bush together in 1960’ish. Bush talked Nixon to stay and told him he would have a shit if winning the Presidency of he stays. Last thing is after JFK did his speech on NO secret societies and more transparency (JFK hated the CIA), then when Bush Sr. is elected, he flips the script asking for a NWO. Bush Sr. Was alive when the day came to release all the docs (he himself made the timeline), but personally, I believe because it would have been a conflict of interest if President Trump released the whole report when a ex POTUS is still alive. I actually believe that’s what we’re in the letters at 41’s funeral that Jen, George, HRC got letters and looked horrified. They fell out of their programs. I pray we find out the whole truth one day, but the odds of government letting people see a real conspiracy can be the straw that breaks the camels back in this environment. The only way to understand these conspiracies is to have a open mind and be prepared for what you find.

    1. Paul Michael Nejtek

      Its well-known why the magazine was called george. It has nothing to do with the insane stuff youre writing

  3. Unless a proper examination of GHWB can be made he cannot be placed off the hook of potential involvement. I think too many are too willing to dismiss some theories like this one as a means of narrowing the investigative context. I am not convinced GHWB is innocent of involvement, given the degree of his involvement in the CIA leading up to and during the time of the assassination. The fact that so much historical information is still being withheld hints that there could be revealing facts absent from many good faith attempts to find the truth about GHWB, a anti justice and compromised snake of the highest order.

  4. robert e williamson jr


    Bush 41, the man who used sources and methods to conceal his involvement with CIA. Openly stated he would lie to protect CIA.

    The man who used William P Barr to defeat the victory of DOJ prosecutors in late 1993.

    Carried the CIA agenda with him throughout his active working life and beyond, with Bill Clinton.

    Loyalty above all and Justice be damned.

    Thanks Jeff

  5. robert e williamson jr


    The Man Who Wasn’t There ‘GEORGE BUSH’ C.I.A. OPERATIVE, by Joseph MCBride

    Thanks Jeff

  6. robert e williamson jr

    Mr.Lynch you might want to get caught up on your reading.

    He went to Yale and had CIA cronies once “skull and bones” always “scull and bones”. Once CIA always CIA with very few exceptions.

    Mr. Lynch see The Nation, July 1988: “The Man Who Wasn’t There, ‘George Bush’, CIA Operative”.

    Kevin Phillips, “American Dynasty, Aristocracy, Fortune and the Politics of the Deceit in the House of Bush”. Penguin Books 2004

    And last but not least consider the CIA’s constant interest in the oil industry.

    There is your “break”!

    Ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law. That is of course working under the assumption that we have a nation of law. Which by the looks of William Pelham Barr’s record is somewhat suspect.

    And that 30% of MAGA followers now they need educated.
    But that is not what I accuse you of here. More like nostalgic “warm fuzzies” for one’s fallen hero. Whatever, have it your way but you are sorely mistaken on two counts.

    One he was connected securely to CIA and two, what does the 1970’s date have to do with whether or not the man was a despot.

    1. Mr. Lynch,
      Gone are the days when operatives can successfully throw the public off the trail of Bush using only a simple, but total, lie, such as the statement you made here. George Bush’s role in the CIA is documented by Russ Baker, in
      “Family of Secrets” which is a massive work on the Bush Dynasty, and by Dark Legacy”, a film by John Hinkey.

  7. robert e williamson jr

    I’m currently reading Loch Johnson’s “A SEASON OF INQUIRY REVISITED”. One thing I have learned from this work is just how bad CIA needed oversight it never has gotten. Otherwise you would have your JFK CIA file. All of them.

    GHW Bush may have had some of the bloodiest hands to ever leave CIA.

    He managed to hang around or be inside the White House from Nixon until the end of his presidency in 1993. Way too long. We both know George maintained close contact with the agency. Nixon’s appointment to the UN and Ford’s appointment of him to Head of the U.S. Liaison Office to China. The whole time watching over CIA interests.

    He was one of the Old WWII great ones. His later involvement with the Contras and Drug trade seal the deal for me. 4! was no national hero. in fact he likely should have went to jail for his involvement with Iran Contra. He refused to testify or comment about it and obstructed justice in doing so. His recent canonization was another premature act to bury the truth and rewrite history. The CIA charade needs to stop now! 41 may have been the most ardent CIA officer ever.

    1. Thank you for posting an informed, valid contribution to public discourse on these events, which is he event that began tearing our country apart, leading to the precarious circumstance we are in today.

  8. From about frames 250-280 the background could very well be altered. Maybe the limo did stop. Inserting a moving background would make it appear it was moving. I seriously doubt that was beyond the technology of the day.

  9. It is my opinion that you are being a little unfair on Mr Morley here.

    I feel that the Joannides angle of the case is extremely important because it shows how the CIA misled both the Warren Commission and then the HSCA. In the case of the HSCA, it was an obstruction of justice, a felony. The question is why did the CIA mislead these investigations into the assassination. I would hope that someone like Mr Morley would want to know the answer to that, I would hope that we all would.

    Also, Mr Morley has been in a legal battle with the CIA for over 10 years , trying to seek the release of the records of Joannides. He is prepared to take on the CIA in a court room, and I feel he deserves our respect for that and shows that its not just about book sales for him, but about seeking the truth. And in my opinion, if we can get clarity on Joannides’s role in 1963, we will be a lot closer to the truth.

    But dont forget, the Mr Morley needs to eat, just like the rest of us!

  10. It is rather curious of you Mr Morley to be so dismissive of circumstantial evidence regarding Mr. Bush while being such a champion of it when you have a financial stake involved… James Angleton or George Joannides anyone? Perhaps if you had written a book alleging GHWB involvement the items you have dismissed would be equally valid to to that which you have used to indict these two men?

  11. I have a firm recollection of a Pres. G H W Bush response to Australian journalists around the time of the JFK movie. He was ”not curious” about the killing of JFK. Seems like a rather absurd comment by a lifelong US politician (and former CIA Director). Oddly similar to ” can’t remember where I was” comment.
    Evidence of absolutely nothing, but clearly off kilter.
    (online I can confirm a presidential visit to Australia 12/31/91 to 1/3/92. I can find nothing on the press conference).

  12. Correct it is in God”s hands now. if he had nothing to do with it, hopefully he is at rest. If he did have something to do with it, may God have mercy on hos soul.

  13. if Larry Hancock and David Boyland’s recent presentation at JFK Lancer on Carl E. Jenkins’ Pathfinder team is to be believed, then a fair amount of speculation lies at the feet of Felix Rodriguez (among others). I am much more interested in Bush’s connection to Operation 40, Jack Crichton (in the motorcade lead car?), Felix Rodriguez and the rest. I’m also interested in the Houston oil man who was arrested coming out of the Dal-Tex building, the call to the FBI that day drawing attention to James Parrott, and Bush being the source for placing E. Howard Hunt in the Nixon White House along with all the other Bay of Pigs veterans.

    I realize there is no concrete proof tying Bush to JFK’s murder, and bringing it up now is perhaps the most poorly of timed choices. I also respect Morley and John Newman’s stance that only a sound, measured, methodical, fact based approach to the case will bring about a satisfying resolution. Bush’s connections to at least the probable perpetrators is remarkable though.

  14. “…GHW Bush probably was a noc as a young bonesman trying to make his way back in ’63. lord knows a lot of his buddys were CIA. Knowledge is power, period.
    Ask Bush’s nemesis, Ross perot what he knows…what dirt he’s got on ol’GHWB?
    Perot dropped out of the race because “someone” threatened the lives of his family! Hmmm! Wonder who? Someone ask Ross Perot. He Knows!”-DM

  15. George HW Bush was in Dallas the day of the murder of JFK, staying at the Sheraton Hotel. You can find a copy of the hotel receipt online and or documentaries. I do believe that he was involved in the planning along with many other puppets of his father, and his father’s rich and powerful friends who all had an interest in seeing that Kennedy didn’t get in the way of their plans for using our military for their business ends. George HW was a pawn of his father’s just like the other young Yaleys who were plucked by the elder Yaleys to run the CIA. Nixon was involved too, and was definitely a pawn of Prescott Bush’s. We killed JFK, and the fact that it has gone unpaid for by the real murderers especially now that more and more information is available, along with thousands of pages of research, evidence of connection and confirmation of time and place and names – is an insult to our former president and to us as a nation. Where is the media? Where is the outrage by us that this information just stays as conspiracy theories on the internet, when we have so much available documentation now? But, this is the world we live in. The one run by the very same powerful elite that now, thanks to the loostening (that was lobbied very hard for) of our FCC laws in the 90’s, own all of the major media outlets, so it looks like things like this will remain a “conspiracy theory”. SAD

  16. Robert Kennedy also died of wounds apparently inconsistent with how he was attacked by Sirhan. The autopsy report for RFK identifies the cause of death as a small bore bullet wound to the rear of his head. RFK was assassinated at a time when he seemed to be gaining momentum in his bid to be POTUS. If JFK had been assassinated by elements within the US government, it seems to follow that a sitting POTUS, with an abiding interest in getting past the Warren Commission nonsense, might be able to determine the facts. This could have sealed RFK’s fate if the CIA was culpable in JFK. And continuing the saga, we have the interesting election of GWB, with extraordinary assistance out of Florida, courtesy of Jeb, and the startling re-election of GWB, in a time of a fabricated war, preceded by a fortuitous Pearl Harbor event. So many things happening, in a good way, for the Bush family. Allowing a portion of the savings account to buy a huge piece of the Guarani aquifer in Paraguay.

  17. The Truth Seeker

    If We’re Going To Bother Entertaining This Subject & In A Sense Conduct Our Mini Investigations Then Out Of Respect For Our 35th President Lets At Least Keep An Open Mind Please As Anything Can Be A Possibility. Ex. When A Police Officer Is Investigating A Case & Is Searching For Clues & A Lead He/She Will Maintain An Open Mind As Anything Can Be A Possibility & In This Case It Shouldnt Be Any Different. If We Aren’t Going To Accept The “Official” Story Then No One Has The Right To Down Play Anything Strictly Because Of A Lack Of Evidence (“Sometimes You Just Know Even Without Any Proof”)

  18. The rebuttal of the Bush conspiracy appears extremely weak. Why did Bush phone in a tip to the FBI seven minutes after JFK’s death, pointing to a person who was a most improbable individual and who worked with Bush people, the same people who provided an alibi to an obviously innocent Patsi. Talking of patsies all these Dallas CIA cowboys knew precisely who he was, had three different CIA minders orchestrating his every activity.

    So a domestic assassination, the patsy then murdered and then the Patsy’s murderer himself murdered. Who else had the motive and the mean to pull this off. Who else had a track record of assassinations coups and cover stories, how many times does Bush get to lie. The only people who could have pulled this was the Dallas buyers club. All for oil and power. Oil has never looked back.

  19. Here is an article in Veterans Today entitled “Did George H.W. Bush Coordinate a JFK Hit Team” by Richard Hooke & Jim Fetzer.

    Do I think that GHW Bush was physically present at 12:30PM on 11/22/63 for the JFK assassination? No. But Bush was definitely staying in the Dallas Sheraton on 11/21 and 11/22 before he flew back to Dallas on the night of the JFK assassination. I think GHW Bush was in Tyler, TX at 12:30PM.

    I post this article not because I agree with all the allegations in it – I don’t; there is a lot of garbage in this such as Malcolm Wallace being at Yale. Wallace went to Univ. of Texas as an undergrad where he was the student president.

    Have said that there is a lot of truth in this article: truth in a blender mixed with bullshit. You can sort it out point by point. I do think that Lyndon Johnson and his Dallas, TX, oil executives inner circle used their allies in military intelligence/CIA to murder JFK. GHW Bush is a prime suspect as well.

    Again, I disagree with much in this article, but I think its general take on the JFK assassination is spot on.

  20. …just to add, then the post-assassination abuses of power to help cover the tracks of those involved and their true motives.

  21. Although I don’t comment often nor am I as knowledgeable as others here I want to add that I agree that it is not so easy to dismiss Mr. Bush being “involved” in one manner or another which includes perhaps the central crime of this matter and that is knowing that something would probably happen (actual planning on “the ground” by others lower in the food chain) and wanting it to be so.

  22. GHW Bush was appointed director immediately following William Colby and the “family jewels” disaster.

    Was Nelson Rockefeller assigned to contain the fall out? Was George Bush assigned clean-up duty?

  23. And David and Chase Bank, on whose board sat John McCloy among others, are central to America’s history – particularly its imperialism – but Nelson should not be dismissed as a mere “public face” of the Rockefeller dynasty, nor should their brothers or sister Abbey, who married David Merriweather Milton, the power behind Equity Corp and Bell Helicopter with deep affiliations in Texas.

    GM: I have a similar worry with any venue that welcomes open, polite discourse (and is in direct possession, I assume, of one of the earliest collections of hard copy data on the assassination), but designates certain areas of inquiry as taboo, whether ethical or moral.

    Dulles’ daughter is still living, a devotee of Jungian philosophy as was her mother. If one were to be concerned about the ethics of, let alone the pain caused by, accusations then Allen Dulles’ living family should not be disregarded. Nor should the families of others who are being aggressively pursued. The FACT of the matter is, people with power greater than our elected government decided to murder Kennedy and to cover it up, and to date, they have gotten away with it.

    If it is a question of legal concerns for this site, I will respect that, but I believe that concern should be spelled out and framed.

    I trust that there is no conscious effort being exerted to limit the exchange of facts and hypotheses here to those that align with only certain favored theories. I also hope that there is no deliberate intent to inhibit informed debate by headlines reading “lame,” or to steer those who opt to engage toward an undisclosed agenda.

    Maybe I have misread the mission statement of But I cannot imagine Mary Ferrell discouraging any logical, empirical pursuit of the facts.

    1. Here is one of my favorite nuggets of JFK research: John J. McCloy, the chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations from 1953-1970, went dove hunting with Clint Murchison, Sr., the acknowledged leader of the Dallas oil and political environment, in summer 1963.

      “That summer, McCloy relaxed more than he had for many years. He hunted whitewings with Clint Murchison on the Texas oil man’s Mexico farm.” [Kai Bird, The Chairman, p. 542]

      That would be the leader of the American establishment – the “chairman of the board” McCloy hobnobbing with the leader of the Texas and Dallas establishment – Clint Murchison, Sr. Wonder what kind of comments McCloy & Murchison were making abou the Kennedy brothers that summer?

      Clint Murchison, Sr., whose son owned the Dallas Cowboys, was a key inner circle LBJ supporter and a prime suspect, along with H.L. Hunt, in the JFK assassination.

      This next little anecdote, occurring about one most post JFK assassination, will help you determine who had hierarchy between LBJ and Murchison, Sr.

      “Clint was in La Jolla during the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles, in July 1960, and he avidly followed the proceedings on television. The avalanche of superb organization which gave John F. Kennedy the nomination on the first ballot was a huge disappointment. When the word was flashed that Lyndon Johnson had accepted the vice-presidential spot on the Kennedy ticket, Clint Murchison listened in cold disbelief.
      In December 1963, soon after Lyndon Johnson became president following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, there was a soft rap on the bedroom door where Clint was napping. It was Warren Tilley, butler at Gladoak Farms. “Washington calling, Mr. Murchison. The president [Lyndon Johnson] wants to speak with you.
      A brief silence followed. Then through the closed door came the muffled voice of Clint Murchison. “Tell the president I can’t hear him.” Clint resumed his nap.”*
      *Virginia Murchison Linthicum Interview, September 20, 1980
      [Ernestine Orrick Van Buren, Clint, pp. 317-318]

      1. RM: Another aspect of the Murchison pre-assassination party – assuming it took place – is if LBJ had an ongoing relationship with Madeleine Brown, why would he choose that evening to share this with her. Obviously the assassination had long been in the planning so if he were directly involved that much earlier, why wouldn’t the revelation have come over pillow-talk? Maybe he did not trust her? Also, the versions of the story that I have read suggest that he came directly out of a meeting that was held in a side room and walked over to her, suggesting that it was the first time he had solid confirmation the murder would take place the following day. fwiw.

        1. I do not believe in the 11/21/63 Murchison party as described by Madeleine. I think she was embellishing it. What I do believe, however, is that LBJ called Madeleine in the morning from the Texas Hotel in Fort Worth and told her “those g.d. Irish mafia bastard Kennedys will never embarass me again – that is a promise not a threat!”

          I interpret that as LBJ’s foreknowledge of and participation in the JFK assassination.

          1. RM: It has been some time since I have read the details, but I thought LBJ made that statement the evening of the party?

        2. Madeleine Brown reported that LBJ made his ominous JFK comment twice: once at the Murchison party, the evening of 11/21, and again the next morning. The party’s existence has been denied by the Murchison family, but was corroborated by at least one Murchison employee.

          If one believes that the Murchison meeting took place, and that it contained talk of the impending assassination, one must also assume that the meeting and its imminent consequences provoked strong emotions in LBJ. He was conspiring to murder and replace the President, who would be shot before his eyes. He must have anticipated consoling JFK’s widow, speaking to the press, and numerous other difficult activities in the days following the murder. He would also have anticipated investigating the murder while trying to reassure the world that the US Government was still legitimate. Under these trying circumstances, one can easily imagine an impassioned outburst to a confidante.

  24. GHW Bush was lying in his CIA confirmation hearings about not being CIA. Bush had been CIA since the mid 50’s or early 60’s.
    Bush was installed by Ford, who cover up the JFK assassination and was called by Newsweek in 1970 as the CIA’s man in Congress, to provide damage control at the CIA after William Colby had revealed just a tad too many of the Agency’s secrets.

    Later in 1980, Gerald Ford is on the record as saying he helped to facilitate the selection of GHW Bush as VP to Reagan. Reagan did not respect GHW Bush, but Ford had strung out the VP selection process so long that Bush was chosen as Reagan’s VP because he was the last man standing.

    Then – after just one year as DCI – they named the CIA building HQs after George Herbert Walker Bush. In Bush’s campaign against Reagan, he filled it with CIA operatives. The notorious Ted Shackley, with a career filled to the brim with drug dealing and assassinations, was a speechwriter for GHW Bush in his 1980 presidential bid.

    1. Consider the construction of a new CIA headquarters building being named after George H. W. Bush who served the agency in an acknowledged capacity for less than one year.

      1. Kind of like National Airport in Washington becoming the Reagan National Airport. Ronald Reagan only LIVED in Washington(let alone worked there) during the 8 years he was President.

  25. Another data point on GHW Bush is his interesting performance at Gerald Ford’s funeral on October 22, 2008: “After a deluded gunman [nervous laughter, weird smile] assassinated President Kennedy.”

    Web link:

    That is GHW Bush laughing as he pushed the Big Lie in the JFK assassination. After all that has come out, why is this man GHW Bush so invested in the lone nutter fantasy that he would proffer a defense of it 45 years post JFK assassination?

    This is yet another data point that points towards GHW Bush’s culpability in the JFK assassination. Lying (and nervously smiling or laughing when you do it), as you push the lone nutter fantasy.

    The key is GHW Bush was totally plugged into the “Hate JFK” HQ of 1963: US intelligence, especially those involved in the Bay of Pigs, the community of anti-Castro Cuban radicals and Texas oil. I think GHW Bush had some sort of sub rosa relationship with Lyndon Johnson as did Nelson Rockefeller (a Bush ally with deep intelligence connections).

    Let me quote Poppy Bush himself responding to Texas journalist Sarah McLendon in 1992 when she asked: “”What will the people do if they ever find out the truth about Iraq-gate and Iran contra?”

    His reply? “”Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the streets and lynch us.”

    GHW Bush was at the very epicenter of the “out-of-control” Iran-Contra foreign policy of the 1980’s; and there was some epic misbehaving going on there – massive drug smuggling, financial crime, murders to cover it all up.

    Would I bet my life that GHW Bush was involved in the JFK assassination? No.

    But I think the odds are he was one of the plotters.

  26. Yes! George H. W. Bush was a member of 1 of 3 – 12 man MI6-C.I.A.killing teams called “The Assassination Bureau”. They work for the Queen of England’s “Committee of 300″(Illuminati/Bilderburg Group/MI6)Crime Family! Bush Sr. was the infamous “Phone Man” seen in the actual video used in Oliver Stone’s J.F.K. Movie from 1991. “We The People” have a sworn statement, with a picture of Team B. Zebra/Rattler 2., that was taken 1 month before J.F.K.’s murder. The provider is in the picture, along with G. H. W. Bush, Lee Oswald, Jack Ruby, Ed Landsby (Unit Commander), the 3 shooters, Charles Harrelson(the Knoll Shooter), Antonio La Vallue’ (4th floor Book Depository), Frank Sturgis (Textile Building), Felix Rodriguez, E. Howard Hunt, Roscoe White (Inserted into Dallas P. D. 3 months before the killing. And also at the Grassy Knoll). “We” have had confessions from Hunt, Sturgis, our source, and British MI6. (An Officer who worked personally for MI6 Director: Sir William Stephenson. Who drew up the plans, to have 1 “Patsy”/ Oswald, and 3 shooters. He laid this plan out at the Windslow Hotel in 1959 for Elizabeth II.) J.F.K. wasn’t even elected President yet. Getting back to 1963. J.F.K. wouldn’t go along with “The Committee of 300”, so Lizzie II. gave the orders to kill him. Lyndon (London-Our many) Baines (Who gave us the BIG) Johnson, was “inecstrickably complicit”, according to Hunt, and L.B.J.’s Mistress, Madeline Brown! I was offered to work for the East Coast Based: Team A. Cobra/Vector 1. in 1978 & 79. I refused. I have provided all info about evidence that “We” have, to the Dept. of Justice, F.B.I., Secret Service, and others. They refuse to even look at the evidence! So now. You have specific knowledge of Bush Sr. (with his hair, and eyebrows dyed black, to change his appearance, 11-22-1963, and his hunched leaning walk right on video) orchestrating the murder. And then letting his masters know, “Mission Accomplished!” You also have my statement as to the intentional cover up. In short. They are a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization, of Foreign, and Domestic Terrorism, High Treason, Espionage”, and Sedition! Yours Sincerely, Aqua Delta 69 Unit Commander: Brian C. P. Parkinson “The Specialist” GOD BLESS U.S.! Have a great Ressurrection Sunday!

  27. Isn’t there a law that covers the failure to report an impending crime, and is there not a law covering failure to provide personal knowledge of undisclosed evidence after a crime has been committed? The latter is designed to provide relief to those falsely accused and imprisoned, the former to encourage interference with a potential crime.

    I propose that George H. W. Bush could be subject to charges of least one of those crimes.

    To bring a modicum of closure to my argument before this thread is closed: Pearson Garrett, the President of Texas Bank and Trust on whose board sat Murchison and Baxter who owned Rio Grande National, sat on the board of Bell Helicopter with George H. Olmsted. Olmsted was responsible for pulling together the mega-bank empire in and around the nation’s capitol, Financial General Bancshares that would later be related to the Bank of Credit and Commerce scandal that was directly linked to Iran-Contra.

    A few names relating to Olmsted’s FGB and FAB (First American Bancshares) were: Arleigh Burke, Desmond Fitzgerald’s father, and Elwood Quesada, among other high-powered Washington figures. At a critical period leading up to the transition to BCCI, former Ambassador to the UK and Bush confidant Henry Catto sat on the board.

    Catto writes that as a young man he longed for a strong Republican Party in Texas. Fortunately for him, George Bush arrived in Midland at an opportune time. Catto was married to the former Jessica Hobby, daughter of William P. Hobby (known for his willingness to front for the CIA) and Oveta Culp of Houston (who sat on the board of General Foods with Michelle Sindona of Banco Ambrosiano notoriety – a bank reported to have been heavily involved in Somoza’s Nicaragua). Margaret Thatcher was at the Catto home in Woody Creek, CO precisely when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait.

    Arleigh Burke, who also shared a Foster Wheeler board membership with George Olmsted and whose Navy history is well known to most researchers, co-founded the Center for Strategic and International Studies in 1962, only months after retiring as a highly decorated, 3-term Chief of Naval Operations.

    CSIS developed into one of the most prestigious think tanks for military and private industry – a convergence that typifies the ubiquitous Military-Industrial Complex. CSIS headquarters were at 1701 Pennsylvania, the address for the Republican National Committee during the period of Watergate.

    We now have characters relating to one another from the moment of the assassination of John Kennedy, thru Watergate, Iran-Contra and, it is no stretch from there to the first Bush administration, the invasion of Kuwait and Desert Storm, and the second Bush administration, the war on terrorism, and the quagmire we find ourselves in today.

  28. GHW Bush also had a bit “too close” relationship with Lyndon Johnson who was one of the biggest perps in the JFK assassination.

    Here is Kitty Kelley:

    Page 279: George H.W. makes a secret trip to Lyndon Johnson’s ranch to ask the ex-president if he should give up his House seat for a 1970 Senate run. Johnson says the “difference between being a member of the Senate and a member of the House is the difference between chicken salad and chicken shit.” Bush runs and gets clobbered.

    [Kitty Kelley, “The Family,” p. 279]

    Lyndon Johnson did not endorse Democrat Lloyd Bentsen in the 1970 Texas Senate general election. LBJ stayed out of the race. GHW Bush had also been the only Republican to see LBJ ‘s helicopter good-bye when he left the White House for the last time in 1969 as he left office.

    And let’s not forget Prescott Bush’s bitter comments about the Kennedys in a 1969 letter to Clover Dulles, the widow of Allen Dulles.

    He [Allen] tried to make a pleasant evening of it, but I was rather sick of heart, and angry too, for it was the Kennedy’s that brought about the fiasco. And here they were making Allen to be the goat, which he wasn’t and did not deserve. I have never forgiven them.”

    GHW Bush has all the markers for JFK assassination participation: deep CIA long before he was CIA director, some sort of a friendship with LBJ, a 1960’s war hawk, backed by Texas oil the epicenter of hate Kennedy world and close ties to anti-Castro Cuban radicals. There is that Felix Rodriguez association with GHW Bush; there is Fletcher Prouty delivering a Mr. George Bush of Houston 2 boats to be used in the Bay of Pigs invasion; there is GHW Bush’s letting anti-Castro Cuban terrorist Orlando Bosch out of jail (the guy who blew up a plane (10/6/76)carrying the Cuban fencing team. Bush commuted the sentence of the “unrepentent terrorist” in 1990.

    Bush’s family had close personal ties with Allen Dulles.

    Scott Kaiser, whose father Edwin Kaiser was a CIA operative in the middle of the mix of the anti-Castro Cuban radicals, Kaiser says the oldtimers tell him GHW Bush was a recruiter for the Bay of Pigs invasion – I think he was recruiting assassins. GHW Bush would literally give them “Phantom rings” with a skull on it, I guess to build “kill Castro” camaraderie.

    It goes back to that “whole Bay of Pigs thing” that Nixon referred to and which played such a big role in the JFK assassination. GHW Bush like the other CIA guys and the Cubans were highly invested in taking out Castro … and in their mind that traitor/appeaser JFK was the first communist they had to kill before they could get to Fidel Castro (who US intelligence tried to blame for the JFK assassination as per Operation Northwoods).

    On top of all this, GHW Bush says, hey, I don’t even remember where I was when John Kennedy was assassinated. That last data point is the biggest reason I think GHW Bush was one of the murderers of John Kennedy.

    Another red marker is the treasonous October Surprise dealings of the Reagan campaign with Iran to not release the American hostages until after the 1980 general election. My neighbor Bobby Ray Inman told me in 2009 that he had “no doubt” that this treasonous deal had occurred. 1980 October Surprise needs to move from the “conspiracy” category to the “fact” classification.

    The next red marker for GHW Bush would be his participation in the epic Iran-Contra drug smuggling of the 1980’s; this really shows Bush’s “I am above the law” attitude and a capacity of beyond-egregious behavior.

    Then there are the CIA Pegasus assassin Chip Tatum allegations that GHW Bush tasked him to murder or completely terrify Ross Perot in 1992. Google “Chip Tatum Pegasus” for that. Yes, I believe Chip Tatum; Ross Perot was incensed over the CIA drug smuggling and a terrified GHW Bush knew Perot could have him thrown in jail in a couple of years if elected. Perot, in fact, was only running to knock Bush out of the presidency.

    In sum, this is a pattern of behavior of a man Bush who is extremely cynical and who feels that the bounds of decent human behavior do not apply to him in any capacity.

    There is a lot of radioactivity in the (crime) career of George Herbert Walker Bush. The JFK assassination should be seen a just one early (huge)episode.

    1. RM: Respectfully, and given that you have disclosed your proximity to Inman, can you share your impressions of him as a person? And have you had an opportunity to talk to him about his involvement with Eric Prince’s Xe Services? One post on this site pointed out that perhaps Inman had agreed to the position in order to provide oversight. In my view, his appointment was intended to lend the organization badly needed credibility which in effect further rationalizes private military activity. Also would he be willing to reflect on his role in the International Signal scandal?

      1. Inman and I rarely converse. I have only spoken to him a couple of times. Inman is a nice man, but he is very “establishment” which means he is going to cover the government, the Clintons, the Bushes, LBJ. He was once a director of the CFR.

        Inman is a nice, friendly, intelligent sociable. That is not to say I trust him. He also told me that the CIA has never dealt drugs, but that he did and investigation and some folks in the early 1970’s who were former CIA employees did.

        Inman was up for Clintons Sec of Defense… but then the Mossad and William Safire ran a nasty rumor campaign calling journalists and saying Inman a closet homosexual. Inman melted like a candy bar in the hot sun, and withdrew his nomination. He is still stung by that today.

        Inman’s appointment was to give credibility to Blackwater. Inman is totally plugged in with the bipartisan GOP-Demo leaders.

        My charitable take on Inman is that he is willfully ignorant about a lot of unpleasant topics relating to US intelligence. He squirmed in his seat when I start asking about Iran-Contra and Jeb Bush and Oliver North running drugs in Florida (as per Al Martin). And then when I said Allen Dulles was put on the Warren Commission to tend to the Agency’s interest; Inman looked at me like a kid with his arm halfway down a cookie jar.

        He told me if there ever was a coup in America it would occur just like the movie “Seven Days in May.”

    2. After reading alot of material and watching many films about the JFK Assasination I always had the Gut Feeling that LBJ was involved Don’t know if he actually called the shots but By God he was the one with the Most to Gain. No One Would have Voted LBJ President. Plus when watching Ford’s funeral and GHWB comments there his Smirk is undenyable when mentioning the Gunman in Dallas.

    3. Richard Turnbull

      Another famous, or rather, infamous, individual who waffled at first about his whereabouts on 11/22/1963, was E. Howard Hunt, but as Mark Lane argues persuasively in Plausible Denial: Was the CIA involved in the JFK Assassination (1991), the relevant day would be Thursday, November 21, 1963, according to Marita Lorenz in a sworn deposition. She states that E.Howard Hunt was the “paymaster” for (at least one of) the assassination team(s) of shooters. There’s obviously far more to Lane’s book, but as far as Hunt’s whereabouts, I think it is worth considering that he too, at first, said he wasn’t sure where he was.

  29. I am sorry this post is so long, but I want to put Kitty Kelley’s passage about GHW Bush not remembering where he was during the JFK assassination on the record. Most folks have not read this.

    What I would really like to see is the video/audio or transcript of GHW Bush making those utterly ridiculous remarks. I say utterly ridiculous because GHW Bush was staying at the Dallas Sheraton on 11/21/63 and he gave a speech for his GOP Senate candidacy in Tyler on 11/22/63 before flying back to Dallas in the afternoon.

    [Kitty Kelley, “The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty,” pp. 212-213]

    On November 22, 1963, George and Barbara headed to Tyler, Texas (population thirty-five thousand), where he was scheduled for a luncheon speech to the Kiwanis Club, a group of one hundred men, meeting at the Blackstone Hotel.
    “I remember it was a beautiful fall day,” recalled Aubrey Irby, the former Kiwanis vice president. “George had just started to give his speech when Smitty, the head bellhop, tapped me on the shoulders to say that President Kennedy had been shot. I gave the news to the president of the club, Wendell Cherry, and he leaned over to tell George that wires from Dallas confirmed President Kennedy had been assassinated.
    “George stopped his speech and told the audience what had happened. ‘In view of the President’s death,’ he said, ‘I consider it inappropriate to continue with a political speech at this time. Thank you very much for your attention.’ Then he sat down.
    “I thought it was rather magnanimous of him to say and then to sit down, but I’m a Republican, of course, and I was all for George Bush. Kennedy, who was bigger than life then, represented extremely opposite views from Bush on everything.”
    The luncheon meeting adjourned, and George hurried across the street to meet Barbara at the beauty salon for their scheduled flight to Dallas. Before leaving the city, George called the FBI in Houston. Files obtained through the Freedom of Information Act document George’s 1:45 p.m. call to the Houston field office: “Bush stated that he wanted to be kept confidential but wanted to furnish hearsay that he recalled hearing in recent days … He stated that one James Milton Parrott has been talking of killing the President when he comes to Houston.”
    The man George turned in was an unemployed twenty-four-year-old who had been honorably discharged from the Air Force upon the recommendation of a psychiatrist. He was also a John Bircher who had vigorously opposed George during Bush’s campaign for GOP chairman of Harris County. During his interview with the FBI, Parrott said he was a member of the Texas Young Republicans and had been active in picketing members of the Kennedy administration but that he had not threatened the President’s life.
    Years later, when he was running for President, George would claim that he never made the call. Documents were then produced that refreshed his memory. He also claimed that he did not remember where he was the day John F. Kennedy was killed- “somewhere in Texas,” he said. George Bush is possibly the only person on the planet who did not recall his whereabouts that day, although his wife clearly remembered their being in Tyler. She said that at the time of the assassination she was writing a letter in the beauty salon and that they left shortly after hearing the news. They flew to Dallas en route to Houston, and in Dallas they had to circle Love Field several times while the second presidential plane was taking off to return to Washington, D.C.
    “The rumors are flying about that horrid assassin,” Barbara wrote in her letter. “We are hoping that it is not some far right nut, but a ‘commie’ nut. You understand that we know they are both nuts, but just hope that it is not a Texan and not an American at all.”
    George and the three other candidates vying for the GOP Senate nomination suspended campaigning for several weeks but resumed after the first of the year.

    [Kitty Kelley, “The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty,” pp. 212-213]

    1. In essence, you or Kitty Kelly are stating that Barbara Bush fabricated the letter published in her 1994 book? According to Barbara, she was in Tyler at 12:30 pm on November 22, not in Dallas.

      If you have followed Kitty Kelley’s career closely she has a reputation for opportunism. I will say not more.

      1. The key take away is not where GHW Bush was a precisely 12:30 PM on 11/22/63. I think he was in Tyler, TX. The key take away is that GHW Bush, who was a GOP US Senate candidate, says he can’t remember where he was when JFK was assassinated.

        I am sure most of the plotters to murder JFK were not physically present at Dealey Plaza. It is inconceivable that any high level politically active American in the USA on 11/22/63 did not know where he was when JFK was killed. So Bush is hidig something, being disingenous.

        It is not like Bush was a drug addict living in the backwoods of Oregon on 11/22/63. Bush was wired into high level American politics, a candidate for US Senate, and staying at the Dallas Sheraton on 11/22/63 although he decided to fly back to Houston that night.

        I would love to see the actual video, audio and transcript and date/time of GHW Bush making those remarks. Kitty Kelley got it from somewhere.

        It was probably after the McBride article in the Nation magazine came out in the 1980’s.

  30. Do you know what George Herbert Walker Bush did when he read the transcript of the infamous Nixon “smoking gun memo” – the one where Nixon makes references to the “whole Bay of Pigs thing,” Nixon’s code phrase for the JFK assassination?

    What was GHW Bush’s response?

    He broke out in assholes and shit himself to death. That is exactly what Dean Burch said – GHW Bush shitted himself to death in an absolutely hysterical reaction to Nixon’s “smoking gun memo.”

    In my opinion, Nixon is using his knowledge of the CIA’s participation in the JFK assassination and the FBI’s cover up of it as a desperate attempt to keep him (Nixon) from being investigated in Watergate. Nixon is in effect saying, “Don’t come after me or I might spill the secrets on YOUR massive liability in the murder of John Kennedy.

    Yeah, I think GHW Bush was involved in the JFK assassination. At the very least GHW Bush could tell you how the whole thing went down and who in CIA/military/LBJ/anti-Castro Cuban operatives did it.

    Here is author Bob Woodward relating GHW Bush’s hysteria after read the smoking gun tape transcript:

    Briefly Timmons worried about whether Haig had contacted all the key people. “Dean, does Bush know about the transcript yet?,” [Timmons asked].
    “Yes.” [Burch replied]
    “Well, what did he do?” [Timmons asked.]
    “He broke out in assholes and shit himself to death,” [Burch replied.][The Final Days, p.369]

    Here is the transcript of Nixon’s “smoking gun tape:”

    1. What about George Bush’s eulogy for Gerald Ford?

      He smiles to himself when he mentions the JFK assassination.

      Surely by the time of Ford’s death Bush would have known that the Warren Report was completely
      silly. LBJ was slamming it before he even left the White House!

  31. From Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, 3rd edition 1998 p. 638-639]:

    “The Role of deep-cover CIA officer, Trenton Parker, has been described in earlier pages, and his function in the CIA’s counter-intelligence unit, Pegasus. Parker had stated to me earlier that a CIA faction was responsible for the murder of JFK … During an August 21, 1993, conversation, in response to my questions, Parker said that his Pegasus group had tape recordings of plans to assassinate Kennedy. I asked him, “What group were these tapes identifying?” Parker replied: “Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, Johnson of Texas, George Bush, and J. Edgar Hoover.” I asked, “What was the nature of the conversation on these tapes?”

    I don’t have the tapes now, because all the tape recordings were turned over to [Congressman] Larry McDonald. But I listened to the tape recordings and there were conversations between Rockefeller, [J. Edgar] Hoover, where [Nelson] Rockefeller asks, “Are we going to have any problems?” And he said, “No, we aren’t going to have any problems. I checked with Dulles. If they do their job we’ll do our job.” There are a whole bunch of tapes, because Hoover didn’t realize that his phone has been tapped. Defrauding America, Rodney Stich, 3rd edition p. 638-639]

  32. Follow up to Joe Zeppa and the Bush’s flight from Tyler (where they were visiting with the Ulmers) to Ft. Worth to Dallas.

    In addition to Joe Zeppa, Lone Star Steel board members included FNB Dallas President Nathan Adams and Texas Bank and Trust CEO W. W. Overton. Mr. Overton’s president was his relative by marriage, Brenham native Pearson Beverly Garrett, board member on the very limited Bell Helicopter board. Also on the board of TB&T were Clint Murchison and Robert Wiley Baxter. Mr. Baxter was the founder and president of Rio Grande National Life Insurance where Louis Steven Witt was employed. Witt walked from the Rio Grande building some ten or twelve blocks if I recall correctly to position himself at the end of the trail so to speak, in order to taunt Kennedy with his umbrella. TB&T was located on the corner of, or in the block adjacent to the corner, Lamar and Poydras, the direction that Oswald pursued when leaving the TSBD.

    1. And lest it goes unsaid, Joe Zeppa had a history with Jack Crichton, 488th Military Intelligence in Texas when they partnered in an oil operation in 1953. Crichton was appointed head of Empire Trust, on whose board was L. W. Douglas, brother-in-law of John McCloy, in 1964. Reward or coincidence is an obvious question.

  33. Re Bush and the CIA: Here’s a primer on a HUMINT operation circa 1970.


    Case Officer = A

    P. Agent = B

    S. Agents = C, D, E, F, G

    A uses B to spot and assess C. B’s report about C is favorable as to motive and access, etc. A sends B’s report higher up his food chain. A higher-level person authorizes A to recruit C using B.

    B recruits C. C knows something about B but knows nothing about A or his chain-of-command.

    As time goes on, A meets surreptitiously with B and schools B on how to direct C. At NO TIME does A meet with C.

    Hence, the story that David Atlee Phillips (Maurice Bishop) met with Oswald in Dallas is false. Phillips = A. Oswald = C.


    1. Are you suggesting that it was Bush who met with Oswald rather than Phillips or have I misinterpreted your hypothesis?

        1. I’ve long questioned the Phillips/Bishop claim. If you look at the sketch of Bishop and the photo of Phillips, I think one can see that there is room for skepticism. However, if you look at the same sketch of Bishop and compare it to a photo of Jack Crichton, that is another question entirely. Clearly it is in the eye of the beholder, and we see what we expect to see.

      1. leslie,

        A better response.

        No one Oswald knew was manipulating him.

        He was being manipulated, not by Case Officer directly, but by Case Office through P. Agent.

        If the case officer was D.A. Phillips (of which I’m not sure), he would have been manipulating Oswald through a P. Agent.

        Who is the P. Agent? As I survey the field, I know it’s someone who has a cover story to meet with Oswald. I’ve thought Hosty. Also have thought DeM. But neither quite fit the bill, although each has a good cover story.

          1. In an M.I. team, the case officer is always military. The agents typically are not; they can be anyone who fits the bill.

  34. “4) A 1976 letter to Bush from George de Mohrenschildt, an itinerant geologist who did favors for the CIA and knew Lee Oswald in 1963.”

    I am somewhat stunned that your point 4) suggests that deM only “knew” Oswald. Has deM’s connection with the White Russian community lost weight in your analysis? Have you dismissed the connections with Marina and Six Flags and the translator post-assassination? And have you dismissed deM’s suicide just minutes before his appointment with Epstein and before he could meet Gaeton Fonzi on behalf of HSCA? Whether or not those issues around deMohrenschildt necessarily relate to Bush is the debate, not deM’s distinct involvement in the lives of the Oswalds so I think it is important not to rewrite, however unintentionally or subtly, that history.

    Unsubstantiated to date, but I am in pursuit of clarification on this point: ” In the address book (of DeMohrenschildt which Gaeton Fonzi recovered) was an entry for “Bush, George H. W. (Poppy), 1412 W. Ohio also Zapata Petroleum, Midland.”[53][54]. The resident of 1412 immediately after the Bush family moved from Midland to Houston was Dresser employee, Ray Truly. Distant cousin, brother, uncle, or quite possibly unrelated to Roy Truly? I am completely open to the possibility that they were not related because if they were, it would only strengthen suspicion of a Bush (related) involvement in the TSBD operation; if they weren’t related, that does not diminish suspicion that George Bush leads to the originators of the assassination of the president, not because of his later affiliations but because he was already under the influence of those with the power to murder Kennedy.

    1. Let’s accept all of your factual statements as accurate for the purposes of this post. None of it would constitute evidence of involvement in an assassination conspiracy absent other more direct evidence. That’s why I say the case is lame. It doesn’t go anywhere, it doesn’t have any power.

      1. I’m looking for evidence that meets the definition of the word: facts that indicate or prove something to a reasonable certainty.

        1. And when that evidence does not surface – because who in their right mind would document or retain records of a coup d’etat – and the only evidence that satisfies your criteria originates from the very people whom you suspect, then there will be a stalemate in the investigation and a travesty of justice if they are brought to trial.

          I have traveled to Purdue to study the records of specific corporations in hopes of uncovering some thread of evidence or paper trail. Similarly, I have pursued corporate records in Texas to at least establish “opportunity and motive” behind the conspiracy. The motive is quite easily identified, the opportunity is there, but the evidence is and will remain elusive by its very nature.

          I understand and advocate for a new hearing or better yet a trial by jury, but I fear the success will be limited to prosecuting only a select number of persons involved in only one aspect of the murder. The concern over that probability is obvious, that the originators of the plan to murder Kennedy remain at large, even if it is in the grave.

          You cannot suspect Allen Dulles without following his affiliations, thru his brother’s history with Foreign Digest and the family association with Ohio University – home of Spas Raikin who traveled from Ohio to NY to aid Oswald – their collective history at Sullivan & Cromwell, or Allen’s role at Nation-Wide Securities along with Frank Pace, CEO of General Dynamics.

        2. So with “reasonable certainty”, would you say Oswald was guilty of killing the President? Bases on what you’ve said defending Bush,
          Oswald would have walked away easily without any hard evidence…

        3. Sometimes you have to use your god given common sense. Kennedy was killed in a conspiracy period. Way to many coincidence around that. The Warren report and the magic bullet, lol. Bush is the only American I have ever heard of not remembering where he was on that day. So many many things that point to a murder by the CIA and Mafia. Brain missing, Oswald killed, Bush’s name appearing on FBI docs regarding the CIA. His covert oil company. He was working with the CIA since 54….Or you believe they put someone with virtually no relevant experience at the head of the CIA?? You are not in touch with your god given common sense.

  35. Obviously, a close relationship with somebody does not constitute evidence of conspiracy to kill a third person.

    1. Jefferson, you negated to mention Bush lied about when he joined the CIA.

      Bay of Pigs operation and his oil company were both named Zapata.

      One of the CIA ships was even named Barbara.

      Bush started Zapata oil with a member of CIA.

      The only other George Bush on record in the CIA denied it was him.

      Last but not least the photograph is strikingly similar – not just his face,
      but body language.

      1. Bush’s close affiliation and support for the CIA is evidence that he was deeply committed to the agency and its interests. That is not evidence that he had anything to do with November 22. He was indeed the man referenced in the documents and his denials are not credible. But that is not evidence of any connection to JFK’s assassination.
        As for the similarrity in photographs, you should spend some time getting to know the art and science of photo identification. It is extremely difficult and seemingly definitive identifications often prove false. As a reporter I would need more convincing data than a visual impression of similar “body language.”

        1. Another one of those amazing “coincidences” that seem to surround the JFK assassination case. What are the odds that Lee Harvey Oswald’s best friend in Dallas, George de Mohrenschildt, would also have been personally acquainted with the future CIA Director and President of the United States, George H. W. Bush?

          1. Not that surprising if you know that George De Mohrenschildt was a CIA “access agent.” I’ll have some more details on this in a coming post.

  36. Lame theories are the sewer shot theory, or the ridiculously absurd Federal Reserve behind the assassination theory. Or the completely retarded idea that the driver of Kennedy’s car turned and shot the President. Those are just a few examples.

    As for George H. W. Bush’s involvement or not, nothing can be proven, but because of his ties to big oil and to the CIA he looks a bit suspicious. Let’s put it this way: I think it is irresponsible to blame him at this point, but it’s completely within the realm of keeping an open mind to wonder if he had any kind of a link. I see your point however about pointing fingers without having any hard facts.

    1. I actually have a level of compassion for the man, and for his sons. They are products of their indoctrination and have been used as pawns and figureheads by shadowy characters. (I’m thinking of the most recent example of (Bechtel Corp) George Schultz’s role in W’s presidential candidacy.) I am not sure they have the intelligence or courage to maneuver independently, a purely subjective observation on my part.

      1. Eric Hollingsworth

        Yes, but he assassinated the prime minister’s suit. That shows a predisposition to violence towards heads of state. Ergo, ipso facto, etc.

        1. As I said, proponents of a Bush-related involvement in the assassination can anticipate ridicule. It’s interesting that the hypothesis simply will not go away.

          Guilt by association is a dangerous path obviously. Many people (including this writer) tend to avoid it because of their own history.

          The purpose of the exercise of identifying relationships is to establish an ethos of the period, to understand what elements in society would have at the very least, readily succumbed to the propaganda disseminated by the commission and the press because it suited them. Then one can work one’s way backward, what element actually wanted to see Kennedy dead. From there, what element conspired – knowing that a majority of those with extraordinary influence over our democracy would not object – to murder him. Unlike other assassinations, and attempted assassinations, this assassination involved the collective, not only in it’s impact, but the spirit within which it occurred.

          Eventually what will be distilled is the names, the specific names of those responsible. With that knowledge, perhaps in future more and more individuals will proceed cautiously and ethically as we pursue our lives and our form of government.

  37. I look forward to this discourse; it may be an opportunity to put to rest the debate which in my view revolves around a theme of propinquity. Relationships and association are often benign, but in the case of an assassination of a sitting president, that propinquity should not in my view be dismissed without thorough consideration. In the contemporary parlance, why should anyone be concerned about heightened surveillance of their private activities if they are innocent of any wrongdoing. Similarly, any individual who seeks power through government recognizes that close scrutiny comes with the territory. When it becomes libelous rests on a very fine line – one which I believe I and others are treading with honor.

    1. Agree. A good investigator certainly would have looked into Bush because of his anti-Castro CIA activities with Zapata Oil.

      Furthermore, not only is the “public figure” defense to libel under NY Timss v. Sullivan (1964) available re Bush so also is truth. Truth is always a defense to libel.

      1. Richard Turnbull

        The first thing to establish would be exactly that — Bush’s role prior to 1963, since the Bay of Pigs fiasco occurred on April 17, 1961 and shortly thereafter. It follows that when it’s on the record that three of the ships involved in an invasion support role were named “Barbara,” “Houston,” and “Zapata,” allegedly standing for Bush’s wife, city of residence, and his oil & gas company, it might be prudent to keep digging for further evidence.
        Neither his alleged precise role in the JFK assassination nor a complete debunking of any such involvement has been established — for all we know, some of those 30,000 + documents still withheld from release contain valuable clues.

        1. It seems “big oil” still runs the planet. The evidence of their continued dominance is clear. But then, I also believe 9/11 was a total and complete scam – And, as a young adult on 11/22 63 – LBJ’s involvement couldn’t have been more obvious. but – with Op Mockingbird in full flight – the media disabused of any notion that this might be anything other than a lone, wife beating Commie who wanted to be “a big man”.

        2. Richard Turnbull

          Correction: The two ships were indeed named “Barbara” and “Houston,” but there was no third ship allegedly linked to Bush 41, and “Zapata” was one of the code names for the operations involved in the invasion.

  38. Following is a repeat of my earlier post. Recognizing the potential for ridicule by the monitor of this site and others posting here, I did not and do not post this lightly.

    leslie sharp
    March 28, 2013 at 1:35 am
    “As for GHW Bush- he says he can’t remember where he was when JFK was killed – that is quite an indictment of the man who was staying in Dallas at the Sheraton..”

    Have you seen that substantiated? I have read a number of conflicting reports, but Barbara Bush included a relatively detailed description of his whereabouts in her 1994 book, “A Memoir.” She includes a portion of a letter that she wrote on that day, describing their movements.

    According to Barbara, between the time that the assassination was announced on the radio in the Tyler, TX beauty parlor where she was having her hair done and 4:30 pm when she and George H. W. Bush were flying from Dallas to Houston, the following took place:

    “Poppy” picked her up at the beauty parlor (in Tyler), they went straight to the airport and from there flew with “Mr. Zeppo” in his private plane to Ft. Worth, where he (Zeppo) was dropped off, and George and Barbara flew back to Dallas (still in Zeppo’s plane) where they caught a commercial flight to Houston.

    All of this occurred between 12:30 pm and 4:30 pm. Everything had to have run very smoothly to meet this schedule, eg., no impediments to arriving in and/or out of Love Field in the aftermath of the assassination, plane refueling, landing or takeoff (except for a period of circling Love while the 2nd government plane took off).

    Regardless, whether or not Bush was in Dallas preparing to speak at a luncheon but immediately returned to Tyler (in Mr. Zeppo’s plane flying out of Love Field or an area field minutes after the assassination?), OR he was in Tyler at 12:30 and from there the trip ensued is not clear from reading her letter.

    (A side note: Barbara had taken former FSO and CIA agent Al Ulmer’s wife to lunch the previous Wednesday. The Ulmers were in from his London post with Greek shipping magnate Niarchos. Al later partnered with Win Scott and a former British intelligence agent in a private entity, Diversified Services. See: “Our Man in Mexico” and subsequent research.)

    It’s interesting to me that Barbara chose to disclose this information in 1994 to a potentially wide audience after so many years of speculation about where George H. W. Bush was on November 22, 1963. I find it difficult to think she would have fabricated a “letter to the family” for inclusion in this book, so I believe that the original letter is reprinted here.

    Regarding their itinerary, logic and research indicates that Mr. Zeppo was Tyler businessman Joe Zeppa, an Italian immigrant who partnered with three refugees from Russia to form Delta Drilling which operated out of the Tyler/Longview area from the 1930’s. In 1963, Zeppa sat on the board of Lone Star Steel along with several of Dallas’ most powerful bankers. It is odd that Lone Star’s direct bank however was American National Bank and Trust of Chicago, coincidentally the same banker used by Ero Manufacturing, employer of Lawrence V. Meyers. Through ANBT there is also a direct link to Leslie Welding in Ft. Worth.

    Zeppa also sat on the board of an obscure corporation called Petroleum Resources whose headquarters were at 630 Fifth Ave., NYC – Rockefeller’s International Building – the same address that Allen Dulles chose for offices after his banishment from the CIA. 630 Fifth was also the address of the British Security Organization under the leadership of the man called Intrepid. (It would be interesting to know if Ulmer’s associate and former British Intel agent operated within this milieu at any given time.)

    Rockefeller boasted that the International Building followed a similar theme of the British Empire Building and La Maison Francaise in celebration of his internationalism, and that the British and French buildings set within Rockefeller Centre itself were all three symbols of the common interests and good will of the Three great powers. (would that be Britain, France and the United States of Rockefeller?)

    Younger readers should know that Nelson Rockefeller was campaigning for the 1964 Republican nomination — and in some setting (that I can’t put my finger on), it is claimed that Kennedy quipped “we (Kennedys) eat Rockefellers for breakfast.” (this has since been corrected to reflect that it was Bobby Kennedy who made the statement, but my guess is that it originated around the family dinner table!) There is a fascinating story about the selection of Robert McNamara as Sec. Def. that involves the Rockefeller campaign but it is lengthy for this format.

    1. At some point Nelson Rockefeller became a close personal friend of Lyndon Johnson. Nelson pointedly did not endorse Barry Goldwater for president after he lost to him in the 1964 GOP primary. LBJ was actively considering Nelson Rockefeller for his VP in 1968 and after LBJ withdrew from the ’68 presidential race, LBJ was secretly supporting Nelson for president above all other candidates.

      GHW Bush’s family also had close Rockerfeller connections. In fact the east coast Rockefeller/CFR network were big funders of his 1964 Senate campaign.

      Most JFK researchers (and most people) do not know of the important LBJ/Rockefeller connections. Lawrence Rockefeller also worked closely with Lady Bird on “beautification” projects and the Johnsons vacationed out west with Larry one time.

      The LBJ-Rockefeller secret friendship (at that time) is one big reason I suspect Nelson Rockefeller in the JFK assassination. Nelson was also deep CIA, too.

      By 1973 Barry Goldwater was privately convinced that Lyndon Johnson was behind the JFK assassination. I have interviewed someone, Jeffrey Holt of AZ, who Goldwater told that to. Originally, Goldwater was convinced it was a communist leftist.

      1. An LBJ-Rocky ticket would have been good I think-only because LBJ was a conservative Democrat, and Rocky was not a Bush-Cheney-Ford Republican.

  39. GHWB refused to appoint members to the ARRB; was opposed to re-opening the JFK assassination.

    When Gerald Ford died, GHWB made a point of saying Ford believed in the Warren Report and was a good American, and that was good enough for him.

    GHWB lied about his early 1960s CIA involvement and lied about Iran-Contra. Also lied about not raising taxes.

    I’m not a Russ Baker proponent. But GHWB is an established liar; has admitted that if the American people knew what he and other insiders had done, the people would chase GHWB and his buds down the street; and figures in reports about the Franklin scandal.

    Does all this mean he plotted to kill JFK? No. But it does mean he used his power and influence to help cover up the true facts of the assassination.

    1. Jonathan’s claim that GHWB refused to appoint member to the ARRB is false. In fact, GHWB signed public law 102-526, the JFK Act into law in Oct of 1992, a presidential election year. Bush lost to Clinton. The ARRB was not high on the agenda for the new president, Bill Clinton. It was Clinton, not Bush, who was slow to appoint members to the ARRB, which was actually beneficial because it meant more time for the whole issue of declassifying JFK assassination records.

        1. Moonman Fromuranus

          Why would you call it knowledge? The contentions are just somewhat ill-logical illustrations of how circumstantial evidence is meaningless, or that pieces of the puzzle that really fit together don’t mean a damn thing.?
          Deferring to other people’s statements and assuming that they are fact-based logical or or even asking the right question is how we get into these enormous messes I used to be just as naïve as you and everyone else for 50 years. I saw Oswald live on TV get shot when I was 10. I knew then he was obviously preventing him from talking. They killed Ruby with a cancer virus sounds insane? Check it out. You’ll go on a journey that will drive you out of your mind.

          Conspiracy theories get a bad name.
          All projects are conspiracies… collaboration between people the ones that are secret we cool conspiracies you think it’s not appropriate to make something secret when normal people who don’t want power usurped and abused will put up with it?

      1. Quigley’s pupil Clinton was GHWB 2.0, running GHWB & Friend’s yayo through Mena. Does it matter who of these two signed the JFK law and/or who “finally” assigned people to the ARRB? They are representative of those who want one system of control through a two (or more) party system:

        “Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”

        All Clinton did was continue this illusion, just like the Reagan Administration after Carter.

          …..Yet, speaking of history, this conjuring of the appearance of opposition where none actually exists has been mandated by the American political system since the onset of the Cold War. The quadrennial political puppet show, highlighting not opposition but its appearance, is essential to keeping the captive-taking war machine running and to inoculating the American people from the viral knowledge that they themselves were first to be captured….

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