New book recounts the ordeal of George de Mohrenschildt, friend of Lee Oswald

In “Reporting on the Kennedy Assassination,” the late Dutch journalist Willem Oltmans tells the story of his investigation of the JFK’s murder, especially his relationship with the enigmatic figure of George de Mohrenschildt, friend of Lee Oswald and sometime CIA asset.

George DeMohrenschildt

The inimitable George DeMohrenschildt

,De Mohrenschildt came to doubt the official theory of JFK’s assassination and wrote a memoir saying as much. He wrote a letter to his social acquaintance George H.W. Bush, then CIA director in the fall of 1976, seeking his help, an appeal that Bush spurned. In March 1977, de Mohrenschildt committed suicide.

(Fox New host Bill O’Reilly later claimed falsely that he was on De Mohrenschildt’s doorstep when he heard the fatal gunshot. I exposed O’Reilly’s lie on CNN and (rare thing) O’Reilly had the good sense to shut up about his bogus claim.)

Published in English for the first time by the University Press of Kansas, “Reporting on the Kennedy Assassination” is now available for order through Amazon or the University Press of Kansas website.

The publication date is March 2017.


  1. RonnieWayne says:

    I didn’t know Oltmans had passed. Based on his support of the James Files story I’ve wondered for years if he wasn’t a cia asset via Operation Mockingbird. I.E. Disinformation.

  2. Jim Rose says:

    Jeff, you said in a previous post that Oltmans “falsely sought to implicate him in JFK’s assassination.” If so, is reading this book worthwhile?

  3. Michael A. Rinella says:

    The publication of Oltmans’s ten year investigation into the Kennedy assassination received one first-rate review (H-Net) and little other reaction.

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