Angleton: The role of a ‘master bureaucratic operator’ in the JFK story

I think this might be the most cogent radio interview I did about THE GHOST.

(Just because I was on Lew Rockwell’s show doesn’t mean I agree with this politics.)

5 thoughts on “Angleton: The role of a ‘master bureaucratic operator’ in the JFK story”

  1. robert e williamson jr

    Sure Angleton was involved or at the very least knew. You don’t actually believe CIA would have killed JFK without to expressed consent of the Israeli government do you.

    Angleton knew. Since Angleton was Israel’s handler at CIA from about day one. And maybe that is why he knew.

    1. ex-CIA contractor Thane Cesar is a cuban exile and worked as a hotel security guard and shot RFK 4 times in the back while Sirhan Sirhan shot from the front (missing all his shots). Even RFK Jr found out the CIA’s dirty secret in RFK’s murder.

  2. There is no question of Angleton,s involvement in the JFK assassination.He was no doubt involved in setting up Oswald as the patsy-who knows, maybe the CIA even paid him to order the Mannlicher-Carcano mail order “gun”. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Angleton was the one who arranged for the CIA”mechanics” to whack Kennedy.The CIA was used by the Power Elite to take Kennedy out. Kennedy sealed his own fate by stating that he wanted to get ALL of our personnel out of Vietnam, because he saw the war as unwinnable.The CIA set that war up in the first place, as a means for the Power Elite to wage limited warfare and make millions in big defense contracts.

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