Will Trump continue the JFK cover-up? (part 2)

A couple of weeks ago, I suggested  that President-elect Trump does not want to go down in history as the president who continued the JFK cover-up, which is now in its 53rd year.

Two readers responded.

Donald TrumpSandy K wrote:

Donald Trump is a phenomenon. It appears he will surprise, baffle and exasperate both his supporters and detractors. In this regard he bears more than a passing resemblance to one John F. Kennedy. It would please me to witness Mr. Trump’s demand of complete and expeditious release of all remaining JFK records. He has called for a new investigation into 911 so perhaps there is hope. I winced a bit when Mr. Trump went into the ditch with the whole Ted Cruz’ father was LHO’s accomplice fiasco. Yet in the heat of a savage primary election contest this dirty trick pales in comparison to what Mrs. Clinton’s emails reveal about her campaign’s dirty tricks against Bernie Sanders. Right now Mr. Trump is becoming immersed in the Deep State. If he is co-opted then all is status quo. If he resists, as did JFK, our nation is then entering uncharted waters.

Bill Binnie wrote:

The Age of Trump has taught a hard lesson that is being ignored by folks who yearn for closure for the JFKA[ssassination]. History is written by the winners. In a different man’s book, G Washington and A Lincoln are terrorists who slaughtered their own people. Facts are established by those who tell the story the masses want to hear. There is a significant portion of US citizens who are hard wired to believe the stories the Government tells them. The Government tells them of the lone nut gunman and they will believe it, even if you show them home movies of the assassins in action.

As we see with Trump, there is no amount of truth or reason which will dissuade a Trump supporter from backing this strange Svengali of a person. Roughly half the people in the world appear to be faith based, and they are some of the most integral beings in terms of human progress. But they will never be swayed to disbelieve the Government- And I am fairly certain that the men who run this country have no intension of compelling them otherwise.

(Click here for a good visual summary of the thousands of JFK records that have never been made public.)

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