Will Donald Trump continue the JFK cover-up?

TrumpA reporter from Time magazine asked me this week if I thought the Trump administration would be amenable to full JFK disclosure in October 2017. I said, “Just maybe.”

Some caveats are necessary. We really don’t have much idea how the Trump presidency is going to work, at least not compared to any recent president.  Trump himself doesn’t seem to have a clear plan, and on relevant policy issues, like governmental secrecy, he has no fixed policy positions.

The political reality is this: If Trump wants to be seen as the president who ended government’s ongoing, fifty three year old cover-up of relevant JFK files, he has a golden opportunity.

What will President Trump do come October 26, 2017 when all of the government’s remaining JFK files are due, by law, to be made public?

He will presumably rely on the advice of his White House Counsel Donald McGahn, a veteran Washington operator known for hardball money politics. McGahn’s views on governmental secrecy are unknown to me. (If you know otherwise, drop me a line.)

Trump will likely face conflicting pressures.  Will he succumb to pressure from the CIA and other agencies to continue the cover-up? Or will he order full JFK disclosure as mandated by law?

I hope for the latter. I would not be surprised by the former.

The 35th and 45th presidents

Roger Stone
Sometime Trump adviser Roger Stone

Trump’s views on the JFK story are contradictory. He said that Oswald acted alone, a debatable proposition. He also said that Oswald acted in concert with Rafael Cruz, father of Senator Ted Cruz, a false and baseless smear.

Trump, as a master manipulator of public opinion, knows the potency of the JFK story in the American imagination. He could have said that Rafael Cruz was seen at Roswell, or that he was spotted with Elvis, or that he was part of the 9/11 inside job. Trump didn’t do any of that. To make the smear stick–and to attract the flies of cable news and social media–Trump invoked JFK’s assassination.

Roger Stone, a sometime adviser to Trump and advocate of the “LBJ did it” conspiracy theory, favors full JFK disclosure, like two dozen JFK authors and investigators. He told me so himself in a recent email.

But when Miami talk radio host Fernand Amandi asked Stone last week if he would recommend full JFK disclosure to the president-elect, Stone hedged. He knows–as should the rest of us–that Trump is going to do what’s best for Trump.



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7 thoughts on “Will Donald Trump continue the JFK cover-up?”

  1. We would have to convice President Trump that Oswald could not have acted alone. I have a lot of reasons because my ROTC buddy, Phil Ochs and I were investigating the plot before during and after. But here I will stick to the zapruder frames 373 to 381 that show the large wound in the back of the head as described by the Parkland Doctors when JFK is laying out with his back to the camera. Blow these frames up…. the WC did not nor did Jim Garrison or the review board. Can I post the revealing photos and does anybody Care?

  2. Now that Trump is in such obvious conflict with the CIA, what better way to discredit the CIA than to reveal the truth about the JFK assassination?

    1. I’ve always felt that the full truth of the Kennedy assassination will only be revealed when it’s politically advantageous for a power that be to reveal it.

  3. Of the many extraordinary promises Mr. Trump made to American citizens during his run for President (ranging from taking the oil that funds the ISIS war machine away from those lunatics to building a great wall between Mexico & the USA), I don’t recall him promising to end the mystery of the ambushes & deaths of President Kennedy, J.D> Tippit & Lee Oswald 53 years ago.

    Having never experienced the world of wealth & business Mr. Trump has, I suspect many have a ‘wait & see what he’s going to do’ attitude at this point in time.

    I did see on TV in one of Trump’s rallies Mr. Trump quickly turn in the direction of a sudden, loud noise that resembled a gunshot. This suggested to me that Mr. Trump is fearless & faces danger head on.

    Should Mr. Trump avoid the aspirin medication the ‘Oswald did it’ folks have offered the global public the past 53 years, faces the JFK assassination head on & squares with the global public, he will be rewarded in history; perhaps even more than JFK has been since his violent, mysterious & untimely death.

  4. Trump’s willingness to go against the conventional wisdom is what got him where he is. And on this issue, the conventional wisdom, as communicated to Trump by his advisors, would probably be to stop short of full disclosure.
    Trump’s accusation about Cruz’s father suggests that the JFK assassination may be a topic of interest to Trump. Or not. Speculation is useless, especially concerning Trump.

  5. “what’s best for Trump” could be to force the disclosures so that he can say HE was the President who did this. I’d be interested in Trump’s reasoning behind his “Oswald did it alone” belief.

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