We interrupt our regularly scheduled JFK programming

Snow-Storm in August… for this special announcement.

Beside writing about JFK & CIA, I also write about unknown chapters in American History. Snow-Storm in August tells the story of what happened when a clever man of mixed race heritage came to Washington and achieved unexpected success and popularity, only to encounter a powerful white backlash.

No, its not about Barack Obama. Its the true story of a remarkable restaurateur named Beverly Snow who came to the nation’s capital in 1831.  Snow-Storm is a reminder that the more America changes, the more it stays the same.

Its an exciting read and would make a great Christmas present. You can buy it here and have it delivered free before December 25.




4 thoughts on “We interrupt our regularly scheduled JFK programming”

    1. Yes, he should save the non JFK articles for the non JFK sites, that way those of us who come here for JFK information don’t have to sort through unrelated information.

  1. I used to look forward to checking this site daily, now it’s down to once or twice a week. Soon it will be not at all. Morley is ruining this site with his bastardization of what it had been with his incessant need to interject his political views regarding the 2016 election. Please return to what you intended this site to be, a search for truth and transparency in the assassination of JFK.

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