Why did Trump delay full release of some JFK assassination files until 2021?

The reason is plain:

“Trump said that all the JFK files will be released, but the truth is that thousands of JFK files are still secret. The clear intent of Congress was to have these released last October and now we’re talking about 2021,” Morley said. “The point is that the CIA wants to keep this secret forever. It’s a very clear statement of intent.”

Source: Why did Trump delay full release of some JFK assassination files until 2021? – The Washington Post

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  1. i’m thinking that they might be sensitive about the possibility of another “jane romano” connection possible, where something as simple as a registry clerk(jane was high up on the food chain) could help decipher annotations that today’s archives reviewers would overlook as and let slip. solution:over-retention.. some of those who worked with the military secret police in mexico would now be in their 80″s. not everyone who cooperated with the CIA in other countries did so with their government’s permission, but were offered cash on the side. that could prove disruptive to comfortable retirements and future cooperation by pay-off

  2. So, what are some of the informed hypotheses about why these remaining files will be kept secret forever? Obviously, there is some VERY sensitive and, perhaps, VERY revealing information in the files. The justification so far has been to protect past (present?) CIA activity, people, methods, etc. Doubtful given that the assassination was over 50 years ago. Perhaps it’s that revealing the information could be very damaging to the CIA as an institution and its reputation must be protected. Was it that the CIA was derelict in its surveillance of Oswald and thus allowed an assassination that could have been prevented? We kind of know this already. Was the CIA more directly involved in the assassination (planning or cover up of true events). I know I’m going down the road of “conspiracy theories,” but I would love to know what people more informed than me think about this issue.

  3. Jeff – check out interview with David Atlee Phillips regarding photos of Oswald via embassy story. Or lack there of. Pges 47-48 (45-46 in transcript. 4/25/78
    agency file number: 014726
    5 embassy visits – no photos
    Phillips steps all over himself

  4. What are the odds that they would be doing this if the documents in question pointed toward Oswald’s guilt?

  5. It wasn’t unexpected.Trump has been very inconsistent on a daily basis since he took office,on just about anything. Still most people who have been following this hoped as I did that he would. Probably since the inception of the law was this small but always a possibility of any sitting president citing National security concerns etc; Most people alive at the time of Kennedys death were children. As they now entering their twilight years. Hope again has diminished. Personally I’m disgusted despite…

  6. The issue is former Bush 41 who was CIA Director in 1975-1077. I believe until he has passed a way their are issues of communication regarding his father as well as him. Look in the book entitled The Devil’s Chessboard 2015 David Talbot. They are not blocking anything out but like the book on General Walker and The Murder OF President Kenned: The Extensive OF A Radical-Right Conspiracy. DR Jeffrey H. Caufield 2015. The information is already out in public view. The CIA has no cvover. Peter Russo

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