‘Reasonable doubt’: Kennedy assassin ‘acquitted’ in mock Weymouth High trial 

There are some gems in the new JFK files, which I will report shortly. But first a tip of the hat to the social studies students at Weymouth High School (Mass.) who recreated an event that never happened: the criminal trial of Lee Oswald, JFK’s accused killer who protested his innocence.

Lee Harvey Oswald, 24 was acquitted of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas during a recent mock trial staged by a Weymouth High School junior social studies class that raised conspiracy questions about the crime.


School Superintendent Jennifer Curtis-Whipple served as judge during the trial and she issued an acquittal verdict saying a guilty charge must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

“Judging by the information presented, there is an element of reasonable doubt,” she said. “When there is an element of reasonable doubt, we have to acquit.”

(H/T Russ)

Source: Kennedy assassin ‘acquitted’ in mock Weymouth High trial – News – Weymouth News – Weymouth, MA

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