CIA man David Phillips as you’ve never seen him

David Phillips
David A. Phillips

While many JFK files remain secret, some of the new JFK files, released this week, do contain material that has never been seen before. For example, the administrative file of David Phillips. Phillips, a top CIA officer in 1963, later dissembled under oath about what he knew of Lee Harvey Oswald. A trusted CIA agent says he saw Phillips with Lee Harvey Oswald two months before JFK was killed.

Many pages about Phillips’s career that were once secret are now open.

8 thoughts on “CIA man David Phillips as you’ve never seen him”

  1. In Jeff’s Newsweek article Veciana describes the person he was introduced to by Bishop in Dallas in September 1963 as being a pallid, pasty-faced man although when Oswald was arrested only the previous month before in New Orleans, the police noted him as having a ruddy complexion on the description attached to his mugshot.

    Also Oswald’s neighbour at the Magazine Street apartment where he was living at that time said Oswald was frequently outside on the lawn reading and wearing a bathing suit which would not normally be conducive to having a pallid, pasty faced complexion.

    I believe this at least raises the possibility that Veciana was mistaken in his identification of Oswald as being the man that he met in Dallas.

  2. Jefferson Morley. Did you listen to Ryan’s link and do you believe such things? What insanity!

    1. david drewelow

      according to a bio i found online, DAP ‘needed to be free” to defend the agency’s very existence and hit the lecture route, media, radio interviews in defense of the need for secret national security. perhaps he was tasked to this from within and deemed to be more credible off-payroll. his own autobiography, well-written explanation-defense could not be thus viewed as selling copies at government expense. also to consider, the CIA pension plain, designed by Mr DiFelice, was seen as superior to any other in civil service or government. at that time he could have possibly retired fully vested(full salary) with inflation indexing(Di Felice received special commendation for the brilliant accounting work that set up the plan). i have a strong feeling that as was with angleton, work did not quite end on the day of retirement and the hemisphere continued to operate under his vision.

      1. typo and source note: di felice should have been deFelice, one source for defelice’s acievement of designing a pension plan, adam bernstein, obit for DF, april 9, 2004, washington post. worth reading for the wide range of administrative field work handled by DF, including overseeing the FOIA request file for about 10 years. helped families of agents in duress or loss of life under fire. would read the special secret commendations at funerals, exhibit the medals the decesased earned for valor to the surviving widows, then swiftly return them to secure protection to prevent the compromise of mission existence, means and methods.

  3. SECRET in CIA terms means so-so at best. Note deletions on DAP’s assignment after leaving Mexico along with dates and reference to Ellsworth Bunker. This can only mean assignment to the post-Trujillo Dominican Republic. Without Bunker’s name, this would only be guesstimate. Mistake here to release or mistake withhold? Either way, I would assume small beer, very small beer.

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