Who killed Bobby Kennedy? His son RFK Jr. doesn’t believe it was Sirhan Sirhan

What is striking about this article is not only RFK Jr’s trip to see Sirhan and his growing suspicions. What is striking is that the Washington Post treats his views with respect.

“I went there because I was curious and disturbed by what I had seen in the evidence,” said Kennedy, an environmental lawyer and the third oldest of his father’s 11 children. “I was disturbed that the wrong person might have been convicted of killing my father. My father was the chief law enforcement officer in this country. I think it would have disturbed him if somebody was put in jail for a crime they didn’t commit.”

Source: Who killed Bobby Kennedy? His son RFK Jr. doesn’t believe it was Sirhan Sirhan. – The Washington Post

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  1. The evidence seems to be consistent-both men were eliminated. I firmly believe that the “shadow government” hired these assassins, making sure that there were more than one person who could have committed the crime on the scene. I seriously doubt that the truth will EVER come forth from our government. Why else would this still be an issue 50 years after RFK, and 55 years after JFK? They (shadow government) have WAY too much power!

  2. There is persuasive eye witness and photographic evidence that David Sanchez Morales, Gordon Campbell and George Joannides were at the Ambassador Hotel on 6/5/68. Those of us who have long-studied the JFK/RFK murders are very familiar with this trio and the powerful suspicion of their roles in Dallas and Los Angeles. They were, all three, important CIA operators connected to JM/WAVE in Miami among their many other ops around the globe. Morales, in particular, hated the Kennedys, and admitted to friends while in the hours of a drinking binge, that (referring to JFK), “Well, we took care of that son of a bitch, didn’t we?” And as I stated above, he has been placed at the Ambassador Hotel the night RFK was shot.

    1. George Joannides was NOT at the Ambassador Hotel in June 1968. He stationed in Philippines at the time so it is unlikely he would have been in Los Angeles. I have a photograph of Joannides from 1971 and he looks nothing like the man in the photos from the Ambassador Hotel. And, the journalist who first reported that Joannides was at the Ambassador in June 1968 later stated that he was mistaken, that the men in the photograph were employees of the Bulova Watch Company. To repeat, there is zero credible evidence that George Joannides was at the Ambassador Hotel in June 1968.

      1. I accept your rejection of the notion that Joannides was at the Ambassador Hotel that night. After reviewing the photos/videos I agree the man in question bears little resemblance to Joannides. However, Morales, who had a much more sinister background, looks remarkably like the “other” man. I’m not aware of any proof of that assertion but given Morales’ history and character I certainly believe he played a significant role in JFK’s murder and, circumstancially is also a leading suspect in RFK’s as well.

      2. david thurman

        I also accept your rejection of George Joannides having been at the Ambassador Hotel and that Gordon Campbell was already dead (as we found his head stone). You do know the Bulova Watch Company had a 301 file (a friendly/useable entity) … I have wondered how far in advance the Bulova Watch Company event was planned for. Then their was that radio or TV preacher, McIntire in California somehow related to Sirhan; who’s secretary was the sister of Arthur Bremer (accused Wallace shooter).

  3. Well, the WaPo TREATED his views with respect, last week.

    Today, 6/5/18, your old Post colleague, Charles Lane, wrote:

    “Inevitably, perhaps, conspiracy theories about RFK’s assassination still circulate a half century later…despite the fact that Sirhan was captured at the scene literally holding a smoking gun. Sadly, the senator’s 64 year old son, Robert Jr., has recently embraced such thinking.
    “Conspiracy theories impose a kind of order on the actual rush of human events, which may be why otherwise reasonable people sometimes fall for them.”

    Conspiracy theories persist because evidence supports them. No one argues that Garfield or McKinley were killed by a conspiracy, because no evidence suggests it. Lincoln was, because the evidence is undisputed. JFK and RFK may have been victims of conspiracy. Maybe not. But the evidence (what has not been destroyed) is still being sifted, 50 years later. Why do the MSM deny a legitimate curiosity into these unsolved homicides? Perhaps for the same reason the CIA refuses to release 55 year old files on the grounds of “sources and methods.”
    As the Post says, “Freedom dies in darkness.”

  4. Benjamin Cole

    If one goes back and reads the LA county coroner’s report, the coroner concluded the fatal shot was came behind RFK’s right ear by no more than four inches away, and that 12 or 13 shots were fired in and around RFK during the assassination, though Sirhan’s pistol carried but eight rounds. Sirhan was several feet in front of RFK.

    In his book, the coroner, Noguchi, cannot resolve the differences in his conclusions, and that many eyewitnesses saw only Sirhan.

    A reasonable deduction is that there was a second gunman, who waited until just an instant after Sirhan started firing. Naturally, all eyes were on Sirhan, or on escape routes. The second gunman shot quickly, and just as quickly receded.

    This scenario also suggests the second gunman anticipated Sirhan’s action, and thus indicates a conspiracy.

    Still, no one seemed to see a second gunman at the RFK shooting, and the second gunman would be in the line of fire from Sirhan.

    An enigma.

  5. Lee Harvey Oswald(JFK), no trial.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sbR6vHXD1j0). Byron De La Beckwith (Medgar Evers), delayed trial.(https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/beckwith-convicted-of-killing-medgar-evers). James Earl Ray (MLK), no trial.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKJUp0hZIME. Sirhan Sirhan (RFK), no trial. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjFpVhiZy_I). Arthur Bremer (George Wallace) convicted, then released;(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5SeGo1XoGQ). John Hinckly, Jr (Ronald Reagan) insanity and released.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=unC3_PLR85k). Mark David Chapman (John Lennon) life.(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0wwPl7N7OY);(https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/09/16/john-lennons-killer-revealed-details-of-shooting-as-he-was-denie/)

  6. The Washington Post ran this story on its front page on Sunday, May 27. This placement is the result of an editorial decision that the story is important and needs to be addressed by readers.

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