Bobby Kennedy and the promise of rebirth

When there was a second Kennedy assassination, it seemed like the end of hope. Many of Bobby’s followers turned to the right and voted for George Wallace in the general election, a Southern governor who stood for segregation. What made it even worse – if humanly possible – is that there was no attempt for justice for Bobby. Everyone knew Sirhan Sirhan had fired a revolver – but the coroner made a critical finding. “The powder residue pattern on the right ear of Senator Kennedy was caused at a muzzle dis

Source: Bobby Kennedy and the Promise of Rebirth

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  1. Let’s see… 13 shots and Sirhan only got off his full load of 8? This leaves 1 in 3 being on target. Does sound reminiscent of Dealey when again shots were fired from (at least) two directions to blame a single shooter, who also wasn’t guilty.

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