A promise broken on JFK files release 

President Trump broke his tweeted promise to release “ALL JFK files,” notes James Kelleher.

While an additional 19,000 documents were released, some 15,834 documents contained redactions, and another five hundred or more were withheld from the release. The president bought into the national security argument and again extended the time for the removal of all the redactions and final document release to October 2021.

Source: A promise broken on JFK files release | News & Views | Irish Echo


3 thoughts on “A promise broken on JFK files release ”

  1. Nothing new here. Trump has some very skilled lawyers. I’m sure that they are advising him on this issue. After all, 55 years later, it is still a BIG issue. There is something a little more than fishy here.

  2. The issue of the JFK assassination is a puzzle what and who is the CIA protecting? Notice 2021 after the Presidential election he will release the resto the files or is that already in authored books and not necessary.

  3. Are we really surprised by this? Stroke of genius adding the “President” clause. What President will EVER want to release documents that may throw the US Government into a bad light? President: “It’s time to release all the documents”. Alphabet Agency of choice: “Not a good time, sir. Could erode people’s confidence in the Government”. President: “Ok 🙂 let’s kick it on to the next guy.”

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